tagErotic HorrorArkham Hospital for the Insane

Arkham Hospital for the Insane


This is my entry into the Halloween contest, I hope you like it, please vote. I would appreciate any constructive feed back.

Thank you Blue for editing this for me.


The invitation said wear your hospital robe or doctor scrubs; bring your own booze and straight jacket. Meet at the Arkham Hospital for the Criminally Insane if you dare.

The old abandoned hospital was on the edge of town, having been closed ten years earlier. Most people avoided the place, saying it was haunted, that the patients still wandered the halls. Every year a group of daring college students would party on Halloween eve in the asylum. They moved in with their coolers full of food, kegs of beer, and all sorts of bottles of liquor. Gas generators powered the lights and music in the main hall. Those brave enough to wander back into the cells had to provide their own light.

Conner Devin stopped before the Kappa Omega sorority house, his deuce coupe rumbling in the street. Neva Bainchi ran out to meet him, she wore a modified hospital robe barely covering her ass. They made an odd couple the tall red-headed Irish boy with the long lean Italian girl. She was dark, mysterious, he athletic, affable. They headed off to the asylum, the flat head Ford rumbling out the county road.

The party was in full swing when they arrived, the light streamed out the broken windows, the music drifted on the evening breeze. People were dancing, drinking, and just having a good time. They had gathered some old hospital beds to use as benches and tables for the refreshments.

Conner took Neva to a dark corner, they kissed passionately, he slipped his hand up the back of her patient's gown grabbing her ass check. She swatted his hand.

"What are you up to, grabbing my ass?"

Jack and Nicole came over, "We're going back to the cells, you want to come."

Neva giggled looking at Conner, "Sure let's go."

Conner lit a kerosene lantern and lead the way down the corridor to the stair case leading into the basement. At the bottom of the stairs stood a wall of metal bars, the faded sign read Authorized Personal Only, Dangerous Patients, Keep Out.

This was where the most dangerous patients were kept and experimented on. There were rumors of the tortures at the hand of Doctor Lukather, the sadistic sexual experiments he performed on the patients. The good Doctor was found in his lab, strapped to a table, his throat cut from ear to ear, so deep that his head was held in place by his spine. Few other details were released, but the rumors ran rampant, how he had succumbed to those very experiments.

Conner, Neva, Jack and Nicole wandered down in the bowels of the sanitarium not thinking of rumors or death, they were looking for a cheap thrill, a laugh. Who would be laughing at the end of the night was anyone's guess. They walked the dark corridors, the flicker from the lamp throwing eerie shadows on the walls, deeper into recesses of the insane asylum.

Jack, seeing a shadow move across the room to his left, veered off to follow it leaving Nicole to walk with Conner and Neva. When Nicole noticed he was no longer there, she went back to find him. Conner and Neva found themselves alone in the corridor.

"Where did they go, they were just here a minute ago?" asked Neva.

"I don't know, should we go back?"

They walked back down the corridor, Conner leading, Neva stopped and entered a room to the side.


Neva saw the small Asian girl standing in the side room, she was drawn to her by some mysterious force. She pulled Neva into the next room where an eery glow emanated, kissing her as they went. She pushed her back against the wall, pulling the robe over her head, leaving Neva in just her white cotton panties. She pressed her mouth to Neva's nipple, her ice cold tongue sending shivers of lust to her pussy. The cold hand inched its way into Neva's panties, parting her lips, a finger sliding into her wetness. Neva moaned, the cold finger found her G spot, massaging it, drawing an orgasm from her wet pussy.

Where the red-head came from Neva did not know, but she now had two women attacking her sex, driving her in to a mind numbing series of orgasms. The girls pulled her away from the wall sandwiching her between their naked bodies. Neva stepped from her soaked panties, the Asian girl still fucking her with her fingers. Neva gasp as the red-head slid a finger into her ass, fucking her with it. She had never had anyone do that to her, she felt so dirty yet so turned on.

The two girls eased Neva over to the bench, the red-head attached restraints to her wrists and ankles. She fastened the wrists to the top of the bench and ankles to the stirrups that she placed Neva's legs in. The Asian girl pressed out on Neva's legs locking her spread wide, exposing her pussy and ass to the girl.


Conner surveyed the hall, he lost contact with all his friends,




"Hey guys this isn't funny. Where are you guys?"


Nicole wandered down the narrow corridor to the light that shone through the door at the end of the hall. She pushed the door open to find two orderlies there, they grabbed her pushing her to the floor. Stripping off her clothes, they forced her into a straight jacket, tying it tightly around her. Nicole lay dazed on the floor of the padded cell, looking up she saw the orderlies strip off their uniforms revealing their muscular bodies and their large erect cocks. She screamed, trying to get to her feet so she could run. There was no door to the room, all the padded walls looked the same, she scrambled trying to get away. The cell was small, no where to go, the orderlies grabbed her.

He stood behind her, sliding his cock between her pussy lips, bumping her clit with each stroke up and down. She became wet, excited from the cock at her pussy. The other orderly slapped his cock against her face, rubbing his precum across her lips. He slid his cock into her wet cunt to the hilt, Nicole opened her mouth to scream, the other cock entered her mouth choking off her cries. They started fucking her, one in her pussy, one in her mouth. She had never experienced anything like this, in a straight jacket, being forced to suck a cock while being fucked at the same time. She was so turned on. Why did this make her so horny? She sucked the hard cock in her mouth, making it slick with her spit as it slid in and out of her lips. The tip caressing her lips, then sliding into her throat. Gagging at first, she soon found if she relaxed, let herself enjoy the feeling it would slide easily into her throat, making her more excited. The cock pistoned in her pussy, her wet dripping pussy, the cock in her mouth exciting her, driving her to the first of many orgasms.

Nicole felt the cock in her mouth swell, he drove deep into her throat shooting his hot cum, sending her into a mind shattering orgasm. Her pussy clenched around the cock there sending him into orgasm as well, driving Nicole higher until she passed out from the sensations.


Jack followed the shadow across the room into the room beyond, shadowy figures waited for him there. He shone the weak beam from his light into the dark corners, illuminating the girls waiting there.

"What the hell?"

Seven girls surrounded him, pulling him down on a bed, attaching cuffs to his wrists and ankles. One in a nurses hat and white thigh high stockings, approached with scissors in her hands. She proceeded to cut off his cloths leaving him naked, squirming as the girls rubbed his body.

The nurse grabbed his hardening erection, pumping it to full length. She ran her tongue around the head, drawing a groan from his lips. She slowly swirled around the head, licking his precum out of the slit. The slow torturous blow job, the fondling of his body, had Jack in a heightened state of arousal. One of the girls climbed on the bed lowering her self on his face, rubbing her wet pussy on his nose. Another girl climbed on his erection, slowly working it into her. She fucked him, building speed, bouncing on him. She drew him closer to an orgasm, while hers built to a crescendo, she came hard. Jack was on the edge, she pulled off him with an audible pop, leaving him hanging. The girls caressed him, pinching his nipples, keeping him excited, on the edge. Another girl mounted his hard cock, slowly lowering herself down.


Shadows moved just out of the range of Conner's lantern, he did not know if it was his mind playing tricks on him or there was something there. He swung the lantern trying to light the dark reassess of the rooms off each side. He could swear that there were people just out of the lamp light,

"Neva; Jack; Nicole?"

"Hey! Come on guys I have had enough."

As Conner entered a room a gust of wind blew out his lantern leaving him in the dark. Hands grabbed him, pulling him into the room. He struggled to break free, but the strong hands moved him into the center of the room, strapping him to padded table. He was bent over the table, arms attached to the base, legs attached on the other side. As his eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room he became aware of his captors, two large men in orderly uniforms. He was about to ask what they were doing when one orderly forced a Jennings gag into his mouth, prying his jaws open. The other orderly cut off his cloths with a scalpel, leaving him naked and exposed.

The orderly before him was as black as the night, his teeth glowed as he smiled a wicked smile at Conner. Lowering the zipper on his pants he pulled out the largest cock Conner had ever seen. Conner struggled in his bonds, trying to escape what he knew was going to happen next. He felt the finger poised at his ass pucker, squirming to try and evade the inevitable. The finger slowly probed his ass, spreading a lubricant inside. The finger left him and he felt what he knew to be a cock at his ass entrance. The orderly in front of him rubbed his cock over Conner's face, spreading his precum over his lips and nose. He slid the cock into Conner's mouth and started fucking it. The cock at his ass pushed in, making Conner scream, at least it would have been a scream if he did not have a cock forcing its way into his throat. Conner's body trembled as the orderlies fucked him, a sadistic laugh ring in his ears.


The Asian girl knelt between Neva's spread legs, licking her from the bud of her ass to her throbbing clit. The red head leaned over her, sucking her nipple into the cold wet mouth. Neva shook as an orgasm ripped through her again. The girls snapped metal clamps on Neva's nipples making her scream in pain. The Asian girl held up a strange device made of steel, she greased it lewdly, then forced it into her ass. When she screamed again the red head forced a bit gag into her mouth. A wire was attached to the probe in her ass, then connected to a panel, along with the wires from the clamps on her nipples.

Out of the shadow stepped a Doctor, Neva thought how odd he looked, a red mark circling his neck. She drew a breath as she saw him rubbing his cock in his hand. He stood between her legs, eased his cock into her, causing Neva to squirm in her bonds. He began pounding into her open sex. The Asian girl pulled another clamp from the table and closed it around Neva's clit, sending spasms through the girl's body. She plugged the lead into the electrical box turning up the current into Neva's sex. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, body convulsing, shaking as if she was having a seizure.


Nicole became aware of her surroundings, she was hornier then she had ever been, she had been used, but wanted more. The men did not disappoint her, grabbing her roughly from the floor the he stuffed his cock in her mouth, she could taste her pussy on is dick. She felt the hard cock press into her ass easing its way in, she bucked and squirmed. They started to fuck her again, causing her orgasm. She was in a constant state of excitement, her mind could not get enough.


Jack wanted to scream, they had been teasing him for what seemed like hours, not giving him release. Pleasing themselves, but denying him his. His cock was so sensitive that the merest touch made him tremble with lust. His brain was fogged with need, all he could think about was the ache in his balls. The nurse approached taking him in her mouth, sucking his cock, sliding two fingers in his ass. She massaged his prostrate sending him into a mind numbing orgasm. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as his balls emptied themselves into her sucking maw. She did not let up, sucking, massaging his prostrate keeping him erect bringing him back to the edge.


Conner's jaw ached, his ass hurt, his cock throbbed with the need to cum. Cum ran out of his mouth, down his inner thigh, yet not a drop had left his cock. The orderlies seemed to never lose their erections or the desire to use them on him. He felt the cock enter his ass, slowly sliding in, his was stretched the cum lubricated him so the pain was no longer so intense. The speed increased as the orderly built up his arousal. Conner felt the hand grip his cock, pumping wildly, ripping the orgasm from his body.


Detective Cavan Burke strode down the corridor to where the uniform stood, he turned into the room where Jack Massey was being removed from the bed he had been bound to. He had hoped to question him about what had happened there last night, but the young man was incoherent.

He moved into the next room, the paramedics were trying to remove Nicole Holst from the straight jacket. She squirmed under their touch, eyes distant, body quivering. Her body covered with cum, oozing from her orifices. She would not be of much help, she couldn't even tell him her own name.

In the next room he found Conner Devin, he had been tied to a table, and sexually assaulted. He too had a faraway look in his eyes, he had said nothing since he was released from his bonds. The paramedics had wrapped him in a blanket, and getting ready to move him outside.

"Where... where is Neva?" he whispered.

"We have her, she is ok." was all Cavan said to him.

Conner let the paramedics lead him out.

Cavan went into the final room, Neva was there shaking, her body convulsing. She had been found strapped to the table with clamps on her sex, high voltage pulsing through her body. She too showed signs of sexual assault, both from a male and female sex. She would be of no use to his investigation, she had that far away look in her eyes as well.

Mercedes Torres gathered all the information they had collected, compiling it into a notebook to present to Cavan. He walked from the asylum, shaking his head, this was very puzzling.

"What do we have?" ask Cavan.

"Nothing good." replied Mercedes.

"We have four victims, all sexually assaulted, by multiple assailants. We have male and female assailants, how many exactly we don't know. We have no witnesses other then the victims who are all so out of it that they can't tell us anything."


Dr. Lukather stood at the entrance to his lab, his sadistic laugh echoing off the walls, he had enjoyed his evening. Arms reach out, dragging him back into the darkness of the lab.

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