Charlene was intrigued. She hadn't been to the new club yet, and to get a personal invitation from the owner pretty much screamed at her to give it a try. "But how does he know me?" she wondered aloud. She looked at the name: Tivoli Argento. "Argento? That's Tina's last name. Tivoli must be the brother she's always talking about. Well, since its Tina's brother, I guess I'll go, but if I'm uncomfortable I'm not staying", she said to herself out loud in her bedroom.

She put on the short black halter dress she had just purchased from an online boutique and paired it with 3 inch stilettos. Even though she was a plus sized woman, she knew how to play up her assets, and tonight all her cleavage was on display. She added a black wrap and clutch and headed out the door.

Tivoli sat in the limousine with his younger sister Tina. He had listened to her advice and sent out invitations to her acquaintances giving them VIP access to his new club, Arousal. Some of these people he had never met. And one name stuck out at him, Charlene Madsen. He'd bet his business she was going to be as out of place as that blonde girl on The Munsters.

Tina assured him everyone would be on their best behavior and would make his opening weekend the talk of the town, but he wasn't so sure. But here they were, about to make their grand entrance. Tivoli was a little upset that his escort was his little sister, but he had been so busy that he'd neglected his social life, and there was no one else to bring. Besides, he always had so much fun with Tina. "I'll make the most of this night", he thought aloud.

Inside the club there were already at least a hundred people, dancing and drinking, and having a good time. Charlene was in the back of the club near the restrooms, buying a pack of cigarettes out of the machine for a friend who was chatting up a cute guy at the bar. Suddenly she heard two voices, one of whom she recognized. It was her friend Tina with a very handsome male in a very expensive looking grey suit on her arm.

"Hey Charlene!" Tina practically screamed, and let go of the hunk to hug her.

"Hey Tina," Charlene answered and hugged her back.

"What are you doing buying cigarettes? You don't smoke, and especially not my brand," Tina said, and turned to the machine to deposit her own money.

"I'm buying them for Monique, of course. Right now she's too busy trying to land her a date for the evening, if you know what I mean," Charlene replied, then immediately blushed when she noticed the handsome stranger smiling broadly at her remark.

"Ha, I definitely know what you mean," Tina said. As a second thought she turned around and said, "Oh and this is my big brother, the owner of this fine establishment, Tivoli Argento. Ti, this is my friend Charlene."

"Nice to meet you," Tivoli said, and extended his hand.

When Charlene went to shake it, he grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it. His lips felt so soft on her skin, she got goose bumps, and tore her hand from his grasp. All he did was smirk and lock his eyes on hers.

"Damnit Ti, first night in business and the damn cigarette machine is busted!" Tina exclaimed.

"What do you mean, 'busted'?" Tivoli asked.

"I can't get my pack of cigs I just bought. The wheel is stuck." Tina then turned to face Charlene and she again noticed she had a pack of the same brand Tina was trying to purchase. "Oh, Charlene, can I please buy those from you? I'm having a nicotine attack!"

"Yeah sure, have them. Monique is probably gone already anyway, and I have no use for them" Charlene replied and handed the pack over to Tina.

"Ti, pay her for the cigs, will ya?" Tina said to her brother as she tore open the pack and fumbled to get a cigarette free from its confines.

Tivoli took out his wallet and thumbed through the various bills inside, and finally settled on one. He took it out of the wallet and handed it to Charlene.

"Here, this is the smallest I have," he said. Charlene took it, fully expecting it to be a five dollar bill, but when she looked at it she noticed it was not a 5 but a 50 on the front.

"Oh no, no no no, I'm not taking this, not for a measly pack of cigarettes," Charlene said, shoving the bill back into Tivoli's hands.

"Ok then, what can I do to pay you back?" he asked. "Do you want free drinks for the rest of the night, free admission next time you come? Just tell me."

"I want...a kiss," Charlene heard herself say, and immediately felt the warmth of embarrassment encompass her face and neck. Tina turned and looked at her friend, and stepped back a few feet into the main area, grinning.

"A kiss?" Tivoli inquired.

"Yes, a kiss. Is that too much to ask for a pack of cigarettes?" Charlene replied. 'What the hell is wrong with you, have you lost your mind,' her inner voice screamed at her. 'Stick to your guns,' was all she could say to herself. Damn this man was beautiful. And if his lips felt that good on the back of her hand, just think how good they would feel up against her lips.

While Charlene was daydreaming about Tivoli's lips, Tivoli was having his own personal conversation. 'She is so sexy. But what is it? She's beautiful, that can't be denied, but she is not my usual type. Oh to see that luscious body on my bed, naked and waiting for me, that would be a dream come true. Those huge breasts, that soft round belly, those strong thick thighs. His cock twitched with the thought. What the hell? I never thought I'd see someone her size as sexy, but damn, I want her,' he thought to himself.

Charlene cleared her head and looked at Tivoli, who seemed to be in a fog himself.

"So?" she asked again. "Is that price too high?"

"A kiss, a kiss," he repeated, while slowly walking towards her. "No I don't think so; I think I can manage that."

'Oh lord, that accent is driving me crazy,' Charlene thought. 'To hear him whisper things to me, naughty things, now that would be a fantasy.' Just the thought made her pussy clench. When they were face to face, just inches away from each other, Tivoli leaned in and brushed his lips against hers. It was a lingering touch, and Charlene took that opportunity to her advantage. She snaked her tongue out and lightly licked his bottom lip. 'Oh he tastes so good,' she thought, but then he made a move.

Tivoli didn't expect her to do something so sexy, and his first reaction was bold, as he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, and commenced with the most deep, slow and passionate kiss she had ever felt. Charlene almost passed out when he sucked on her lip, then felt her head swim as he engulfed her whole mouth in a kiss so hot, she thought she would melt. 'Ohmigod, what we must look like,' was the absurd thought that crossed her mind. 'Fuck it,' was the absurd thought that crossed Tivoli's mind, and he gently pushed her up against the wall without letting go of her lips. He spread her legs with his knee and could feel the heat coming from her pussy. He cock grew hard with the moist heat he felt coming from her, but he didn't move, didn't break the kiss.

Charlene could feel Tivoli's hardness pressing up against her, and was relishing the pressure of this thigh between her legs. She was so caught up in the taste and feel of him she had forgotten they were in a public place. Then she heard some loud laughter and her eyes flung open, and she immediately broke off the kiss.

Tivoli looked puzzled and asked "What's wrong Charlene?"

"We can't do this, not here in front of everyone," she replied breathlessly, but Tivoli made no attempt to move from between her legs.

"But you feel so good, I don't want to stop," he said, and enveloped her mouth in his again. And again Charlene broke off the kiss.

"Let's go somewhere," she said. "So we can be alone."

"OK," Tivoli replied, and slowly stepped away from her, his erection very obvious, even in the darkened club. Charlene herself felt flushed, and thought that everyone must know what they were doing. Tivoli took her hand and pulled her away from the wall. "I have a place we can go to be alone. Would you like that?" he whispered, his breath sending chills down her spine and igniting her pussy yet again.

She closed her eyes against his cheek and nodded. "Yes, I would like that very much," she replied.

With Charlene in tow, Tivoli made his way through the crowd of people in the club, stopping only briefly to say hello to various patrons, but obviously a man on a mission. When he spotted Tina, he motioned to her and she walked towards him.

"We are going for a ride," he told her. "Can you manage without me?"

Tina looked at Charlene clutching his hand tightly and smiled. "Of course I can, you go and have a good time. Oh, and take your time, I can shut down the place. Everything will be fine." And with a wink to her big brother, Tina turned and walked towards the bar.

"The limo is waiting outside, we can go to my apartment," Tivoli told Charlene as they entered the lobby of the club. "OK," was all she could get out at the moment. 'I must be dreaming,' is what she was thinking in her head, 'this can't be happening to me, of all people.' They walked outside and the chauffeur opened the backseat door for Tivoli.

Tivoli stepped aside so Charlene could enter first. She hesitantly placed her foot inside the car, then took a deep breath and climbed inside. Then she felt a strong hand on her back, and fire erupted in the pit of her belly. She slid all the way to the other side of the car and sat upright, not wanting to look at Tivoli, and suddenly very shy. The door closed, and in 2 seconds the chauffeur was getting into the driver's seat.

"To my apartment Rico," Tivoli said, and Rico nodded his head in acknowledgement. Then the separator came up, and Charlene found herself alone in the backseat of a limousine with a handsome Italian who kissed like a porn star.

"Come closer to me," he said to her in a low, deep voice, barely audible, especially with his thick accent. But Charlene understood just fine, and slowly slid over to him, the skirt of her dress hiking up to around her thighs.

Tivoli noticed the flash of skin from her thighs and placed his hand on one of them. It was warm and soft, and very supple. Charlene shuddered when he put his other hand behind her head and pulled her into a soul scorching kiss.

She immediately melted into him, pressing her breasts up against his chest, and draping a thick leg on his lean thigh. The hand that was on her thigh moved up to her breast and slowly kneaded it, sending electric shocks through her nipple. She groaned inside his mouth, and his cock twitched again. Without releasing his lips from hers, she placed a hand on his ever hardening erection and began to massage, causing him to moan and groan.

Tivoli finally let go of her lips and looked at her, and Charlene opened her eyes, suddenly missing the feeling of his soft lips and the taste of his mouth.

"Charlene," he whispered, "tell me something about you."

His dark brown eyes looked black with mystery and passion, and his hand kept kneading her breast.

"What do you want to know?" she asked, not removing her hand from his crotch, instead working her way up to the top of his zipper.

"Do you feel what I am feeling? Did you feel it in the club?" he asked her earnestly, then bent his head down to lick her neck from collarbone to earlobe. He then began a trail of hot wet kisses along her neck, which caused even more moisture to build in her pussy.

"Yes I did, the moment I saw you. But why me? There were dozens of beautiful skinny women in the club; you could have had your pick of any of them. So why pick me?" she asked.

Tivoli stopped kissing her neck and kneading her breast, then took both of her hands in his and looked her square in the eye.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You are sexy and sophisticated, and you exude confidence. I am drawn to you; you make me feel things I have never felt before. I do not know how to explain this," he said, then dropped his gaze.

Charlene pulled one of her hands free and touched his cheek. There was an instant spark when they touched, and he looked up at her again to see she was crying.

"Why are you crying? We can stop, we can go back to the club," he said, and went to move the separator down so he could speak to Rico.

"No, stop," Charlene said and grabbed his hand. "I don't want to go back; I want to stay with you."

At that moment Tivoli kissed her slowly and sweetly, and wiped her tears away with his hand. Suddenly the limo came to a stop, and Rico announced over the intercom that they were at the apartment. He then opened the door, and Tivoli stepped out, and then extended his hand to help Charlene out of the limo.

"Thank you Rico, you can have the rest of the night off. I don't think we'll be going anywhere else tonight," Tivoli said with a wink, and led Charlene through the double doors and to the elevators.

Once inside the elevator, Tivoli hit the P on the console, sending them up to the penthouse suite. He then pushed Charlene up against the elevator wall and slipped a hand up her skirt, until he felt the band of her panties lying at her waist. Using both hands and never losing eye contact, he slowly pulled her panties down past her hips, until he got to her ankles, then lifted each leg and removed her panties completely. Then he stuffed them into his jacket pocket and grinned at her.

"These are mine now," he said to her.

"Won't someone catch us?" Charlene said breathlessly, nervous about being caught with no panties.

"No, this is my private elevator, and since my apartment is on the 35th floor, we have plenty of privacy."

Tivoli then pressed his whole body up against hers and Charlene could once again feel his hard dick pressing into her soft flesh. She was so turned on her pussy practically flowed. Tivoli kissed her, pulling her lips into his mouth, and exploring her entire mouth with his tongue. He sucked on her lips one at a time, then gently suckled her tongue, causing Charlene to writhe with excitement.

Tivoli placed one hand on her breast, and the other hand on her upper thigh, slowly moving it up to her quivering mound. When he got to her center, he could feel the wetness and heat coming from her, and his cock hardened even further.

"You are so fucking hot and wet, I want to taste you right now," he said inside her mouth, and abruptly dropped to his knees. He took one of her firm thighs and draped it over his shoulder, and ducked his head underneath her skirt. Charlene's mind was frenzy, as she never was very relaxed when it came to oral sex, and here was this sexy man about to eat her in an elevator. But all her trepidations went away when she felt his breath on her dripping pussy.

Tivoli had never been so turned on by a woman like this before, and he immediately went to work. He snaked his tongue out and licked the wetness from the inside of her thighs, causing her to tremble. He smiled at the effect he had on her, and decided to go a little higher. With two fingers he spread her pussy lips apart and licked the entire length of her slit, sending waves of pleasure through Charlene. Her legs were trembling harder now, and she could barely stand, so he came from underneath her skirt and looked up at her, smiling. Just then the elevator bell dinged, and the doors opened.

"Just in time," Tivoli commented, and rose to his feet, taking her hand in his.

They walked into the living room and he began to shed his jacket.

"This way my lover," Tivoli whispered to her, and continued to lead her through the apartment to his bedroom, which has an immense caramel colored room.

The walls were painted a cashmere shade, the furniture various shades of tans and coffees. And the bed! A four poster king sized bed with silk bed sheets in a delicious shade of caramel. It even smelled like caramel inside the room. Tivoli released her hand once they entered his bedroom and turned to close the double doors. He then lit two candles that were situated at the top of the headboard, and turned on the CD player to his favorite Robin Thicke song.

"Oh you like Robin Thicke too?" Charlene inquired.

"Yes, its very sexy and soulful, like you," Tivoli answered, and then he dropped onto the chaise lounge and removed his shoes.

He had left his jacket and tie in the living room, so Charlene walked towards him, and put her wrap and clutch on the chaise, then stepped out of her shoes. Before she could do anything else, Tivoli grabbed her around the waist and kissed her like she had never been kissed before. It was so raw and full of sexual energy that she grabbed his ass in return. He moved towards the bed, not letting go of her mouth within his, and turned to lay her down on the comforter.

"Now to finish what I started in the elevator," he said with a smirk, and brought her skirt up around her waist. He then spread her thighs apart, marveling at the glistening wetness between her legs.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered, and lowered his head to taste her. He spread her lips apart and licked her clit very lightly, causing her to shudder. He then took the whole clit into his mouth and began to suck, while inserting two fingers into her wet pussy.

Charlene was writhing in sweet agony, and when he felt how tight she was, he lifted his head and asked her, "When was the last time you made love?"

She hesitantly said, "It's been a few years."

He then smiled and said, "I will be gentle then, at first anyway."

He continued to suck her clit, almost bringing her to orgasm, then let go and licked her folds, sucking and blowing on her fevered flesh, all the while working her wet pussy with his fingers.

"You taste so good, I could eat you forever," he said out loud, and went again attacking her clit until she couldn't take it anymore.

"Please stop, I'm going to cum if you keep doing that," she managed between moans and groans. "Come on baby, cum for me, I want to feel your pussy tight on my fingers. I want to taste your cum, please baby," Tivoli commanded.

Just then a powerful orgasm rocked her, causing her back to arch and her legs to tremble.

"Oh yes, Tivoli, yes," she screamed over and over again. Her pussy clenched his fingers tightly, almost causing him to cum with her, and her juices flowed over his hand. After several seconds she finally relaxed, and he slowly slid his fingers out of her tight wet hole.

Charlene then sat up, and Tivoli climbed on top of the bed and kissed her. She found herself even more turned on from tasting herself on his lips. He reached around her head and untied her halter straps, and brought them down around her waist.

While he was doing that she began to unbutton his shirt, and found that he wore no undershirt underneath. His tan skin was hot to the touch, and she removed his shirt and drew one of his nipples into her mouth. He inhaled sharply and put both hands on her breasts and began to knead and fondle them. She then got to work on his pants, and since he had already removed his belt, (when did he do that, she wondered) she just unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and slid them down to his knees. His erection was straining against his boxers, so she ordered him to get off the bed and strip completely.

"Only if you do it too," was his answer to her, so she lifted her dress over her head. She then removed the strapless bra she was wearing and threw them onto the heap of clothes that had accumulated on the floor. When she looked up again, Tivoli was staring at her.

"You are a vision," he said, and climbed back onto the bed.

"Right now, I want you to see stars," Charlene retorted, and pushed him flat onto the bed.

Slowly she slid her way down his long lean body, her big soft breasts rubbing him the whole way. He closed his eyes when she got to his cock.

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