tagLoving WivesArresting Beverley

Arresting Beverley

byEnglish Bob©

"I'll get it!" Mike Greeves shouted as the doorbell chimed.

His wife Beverley was still busy in the kitchen. Both of them had only recently returned from work and Beverley was humming along to a tune playing on the radio.

Mike had been in the middle of changing out of his work clothes and the fresh shirt was still open and flapped around his body as he padded barefoot down the stairs. It was unusual for them to have visitors at this time of day and Mike sighed heavily. He assumed that it was probably Jane from next door. Fred had doubtless left her again and she would be looking to Bev for a shoulder to cry on. He knew it was uncharitable, but it annoyed him today. He'd had a hard day at work and the last thing he needed was a sobbing woman in his house running down every man that she had ever met.

Mike opened the door unenthusiastically and waited for the tears to start.

"Hello Ja..."

His words were cut off in mid sentence as he quickly realised that the visitor was indeed not Jane Flemming.

"Good evening sir."

The blue serge uniform and distinctive cap were an immediate give away.

"Oh...er...good evening officer. Sorry, I thought you were someone else."

"Does a Mrs. Greeves live here please?" The cop took a swift check of his notebook as he spoke. The tone of his voice made it clear that this was an official visit.

"Beverley Greeves? Yes, that's my wife. Why? What's the problem?"

"I need a word with her please, Mr. Greeves. May I come in?"

Mike stood back to allow the large uniformed man access to his home. It must have still been quite bright outside because he sported classic aviator style sunglasses that gave his face a sinister and slightly threatening appearance.

Beverley joined them in the front room. She was drying her hands on a dishtowel. Mike saw the cop smile as he took in her beauty.

At only twenty-six, Beverley was a good bit younger than her husband and had a very good figure, which she likes to show off. She had already changed out of her business suit and now wore a low halter-top and short skirt that accentuated her slender body.

"Can I help you?" Beverley asked sweetly. Her smile could usually disarm most men.

The police officer coughed quickly regaining his composure and looked down again at his notebook.

"You are Mrs. Beverley Greeves?"


"And you own a blue Mercedes, licence XFT-4361?"

"Yes." Beverley confirmed again. "Look, what's all this about? I know it's not been stolen. It's parked right outside."

"My name is officer Peters Ma'am." He flipped his ID badge smoothly and looked over at Mike. "I need to have a talk with Mrs. Greeves, sir. In private please."

Mike shrugged resignedly. He was obviously keen to know what was going on, but had been brought up to respect the law and to obey the commands of its enforcers. There seemed little point in arguing and as he left the room he pulled the door to behind him.

"Can you tell me your whereabouts at approximately five-fifteen this afternoon please Mrs. Greeves?"

Beverley Greeves looked pale for a moment. She didn't need to think.

"Driving home." She said looking demurely downwards.

"Along Fishcott Road?"

"Yes." Her voice was now barely more than a whisper.

"There was an accident on Fishcott Road at that time, Mrs. Greeves. It involved a Mercedes with a licence number matching your vehicle. A cyclist was knocked over and injured."

Beverley looked up shocked. A stunned expression slowly crept over her face. Officer Peters could see the tears begin to form in her eyes before she buried her head in her hands.

"Oh God!" Beverley cried. "It was an accident! I...I...I just didn't see him! I was in a rush to get home and...and..."

The rest of her sentence was lost in a flood of tears.

Mike Greeves listened from outside the door in stunned silence. Of course, accidents happened every day. But why didn't his wife stop and check if the cyclist was hurt? He was about to enter the room again and voice that very question when he heard the cop continue.

"Ah..there's another thing, Mrs. Greeves. It seems that there was another person in the car. A man? And that you were both...er...shall we say...involved with each other?"

Instantly Beverley stopped sobbing and looked up at the officer. How had he found out about David? Did he know that "involved with each other" actually meant that she was stroking his cock as they drove? And that David's hand was placed nicely inside the front of her panties? She stared back at the cop, silent for just a moment. She had to think what to say.

"You realise that if you arrest me that my affair with David Bryant will become public, don't you? It will ruin my marriage and probably his as well. Isn't there anything we can do to make this go away?"

The officer watched Beverley squirm. Her eyes look at him pleadingly, silently imploring him to furnish her with a resolution to her dilemma.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am, but what can I do?"

The beating of Mike Reeves' heart was almost an audible sound. At least to him. As he listened through the door to the incredible conversation - more of a confession, really - the thoughts raced through his mind. Beverley was having an affair. She was involved with another man.

Mike had had his suspicions, of course. It was wonderful to have a young and sexy wife but, he had learned, you could never stop other men looking. Now it seemed that he was unable to stop other men touching either!

A part of him wanted to burst through the door and confront her; shout and scream and make a fuss. But he knew that this wasn't him at all. Non-confrontational to the bitter end, Mike Greeves swallowed his pride and continued to listen through the door.

"Well, if you can't do anything, then maybe there's something that I could do for you? Beverley said in answer to the officer's last question.

Officer Gary Peters smiled. He had left a metaphorical door open for this good-looking blonde woman and she had walked right through it. But he wasn't home and dry yet. He had to be sure that they were both on the same page. And he also had to be sure that they were not going to be interrupted by her pitiable, feeble looking husband!

"Er...what exactly did you have in mind ma'am?" He asked slowly. The look in her eye almost confirmed what he was thinking, but he still wanted to hear her say the words.

"Call me Bev, please. Well, my...er...friend...Mr. Bryant rather liked to look at these!" Beverley replied.

The officer grinned. There was a twinkle in the blonde's eyes but, as she had already started to pull up the front of her top, it was quite clear that it wasn't her eyes that she was now referring to.

Peter's had heard a lot of the other officers at the station bragging that, instead of arresting a pretty looking woman, they were happy enough to receive their "favours" instead. Until now he had never had the opportunity to experience this. But all that looked likely to change now!

Mike was still listening on the other side of the door. It seemed clear to him that both Beverley and the cop had all but forgotten about him. It was as if he didn't exist anymore. He was still a little angry but, slowly, the benefits of his insignificant began to dawn on him. If only he could edge the door open a little - just a crack, a fraction - then he might be able to see what was happening as well as listen. He could feel the solid beat of his heart again as he began, very, very slowly - to turn the door handle.

Beverley stood in front of officer Peters and discarded her top casually on the floor. For a fleeting moment she wondered about her husband and what he would think if he could see her now. She knew that she should have been worried or at least concerned, but she was beginning to enjoy herself again. The little mutual masturbation session in the car on the way home with David had left her still wanting. As usual he had cum - he always did - soaking her hand and leaving a stain on the thick pile carpet of her luxury car, but as they had pulled into his street he had seen his wife in the front garden pruning roses. As he jumped out of the car - rather guiltily - and left her, he had also left her with a screaming itch between her legs!

Her hands now moved to her bra-supported breasts. They were large and as she kneaded them sensually she began to feel a familiar tingle run through her body. She grinned at the staring officer and decided to give him a bit of a show. It would be fun, she determined and, if it meant that she wouldn't be arrested, then all the better!

Gary Peters felt a throbbing sensation growing beneath the blue serge of his uniformed pants. He was happy enough that the woman's husband wasn't anywhere to be seen and licked his lips as she exposed her ample breasts for his pleasure.

"I'm gonna need a little more convincing than that!" He said with a chuckle. He hoped that he wasn't pushing her too fast but she definitely looked like she was enjoying flaunting herself and teasing him.

"Really?" Beverley replied. One perfect eyebrow raised in mock surprise. "I think I can manage that!"

With one smooth movement, Beverley dropped to her knees in front of the police officer. She could smell the starch from his uniform and saw the razor sharp crease that ran down the front of his muscular looking legs. Her fingers moved quickly. Opening his belt and unzipping him, her fingers explored inside, searching and investigating until they found their prize. With a triumphant giggle they wrapped around hot, solid flesh and pulled his erection out into the open.

Mike's breathing had become short and rasping. His throat felt bone dry. His eyes stared fixedly through the crack in the door as he watched his young blonde wife open her mouth and take another man's cock between her lips. He knew he should have felt jealousy or at least something approaching resentment but his feelings were only of excitement. He was extremely stimulated. It actually thrilled him to see Beverley like this!

He could hear the tall police officer groan slowly as his tool disappeared, inch-by-inch into Beverley's mouth. Her hands pulled him closer, resting on his ample rump as if she were actually trying to force more of the solid meat into the depths of her throat. It was one of the most erotic sights that Mike had ever experienced and this was clearly demonstrated by the stiffness that was developing beneath his own conservative underwear.

Beverley's head moved slowly back and forth, bobbing gently in a manner that she knew would please the officer. The itching between her legs had reached epidemic proportions now and she knew that a damp patch of moisture would be forming in the crotch of her panties. She felt sluttish and nasty - but good nasty - and pulled the man closer forcing his cock into her throat and then pulling all the way back so that the head of his cock swelled and throbbed between her painted lips.

As she pulled back her eyes caught his nightstick as it swung menacingly from his belt. The solid blackness of it thrilled her and in her mind it took on a phallic semblance. She couldn't take her attention away from it and it wasn't long before Peters noticed her lack of concentration.

"You think you could find a use for this?" He laughed as he unhitched the object of the Beverley's attention from his utility belt.

He smiled as he let the cold rod trace patterns over her neck and down between her breasts.

Beverly shivered and, letting the hard cock slip out of her mouth, looked up at the cop.

"Mmmmm...oh, I'm sure I can think of something!" she cooed.

Slowly her tongue extended and ran lovingly over the hard black end of the nightstick. She kissed it wetly, almost worshipping the defensive weapon.

"Let me get more comfortable!" She said quickly.

Still well secreted, Mike Greeves slowly stroked his swollen penis as he watched his wife stand and remove her skirt. As usual, her bra and panties matched in lacy black cotton. She kicked her shoes off quickly and seemed to take great meticulousness in arranging herself across the wide sofa that sat by the far wall.

He watched as she slowly opened her legs. Her eyes were staring directly at the cop; locked onto him. There was a lustful twinkle in her eye as she pulled the leg of her panties to one side and exposed her clean-shaven pussy.

Officer Gary Peters held his breath as he looked on. The blonde's pussy looked beautiful and, although he was longing to plunge his erect cock deep into her depths, he was all for a little kinky fun first.

He watched her fingers as they slowly opened the lips of her sex. Her eyes bore into him. Her mouth fell open as she gasped. Her finger popped the hood that protected her clitoris and the little bud sprang upright like a miniature penis. Her eyes closed as she rotated a digit slowly over it.

"Now...please, now!" she gasped. "Put it in me now!"

Gary knew what she wanted - what she needed. Moving down to kneel in front of her he positioned the tip of the nightstick at the entrance to her sex and pushed gently. Beverly's fingers held her lips wide open and she arched her back deeply.

"More...MORE!" she cried out.

With a smile officer Peters obliged. Another five then six inches slipped easily into her willing vagina. Then eight. nine...ten inches had disappeared!

Beverley grimaced as she fought with the deep intrusion. Her pussy felt more filled, more replete that she could ever remember and as she slid her finger quickly back and forth over her engorged clit, she came with a shudder of lust.

Peters grinned as he saw the woman's back arch deeply and heard the long, low moan of satisfaction escape her pretty lips. He watched her dainty toes curl and he felt her entire body quake as the waves of orgasm washed over her leaving her looking flushed and replete.

"Hope you enjoyed that!" Peters laughed quietly. "Because now I think its time for a good old-fashioned fuck! Bend over the back of the sofa, baby, I'm gonna take you from behind!"

Mike's cock was throbbing in his fist as he watched through the door and masturbated. His stroking thus far had been limited to a slow rhythm but now, as he looked at his sluttish, cheating wife, bent over the back of the sofa with her vagina so open and displayed, his hand began to move at a more frenetic pace.

The cop was standing behind her mimicking Mike's own masturbatory progress as he rubbed his cock up and down the folds of her juicy sex. Both he and Beverly were moaning in anticipation and Mike held his breath as Peter's suddenly stuffed the entire length of his cock deep inside her wet hole.

"Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Beverley cried out in her lust as the officer began to slam his cock in and out of her pussy.

Peter's grunted on each downward thrust. He marvelled at the way the blonde wife's pussy held him tightly; her internal muscles contracting around his shaft and causing the most spectacular sensations.

But he was in no mood for niceties now. He thrust deep and hard, slamming himself with abandon into the woman's lithe body. He could feel her tremble again beneath him and as soon as he felt the warm trickle of juice oozing out onto his balls he knew that she had cum again. He wanted to cum badly himself and could feel the delightful vibrations as his balls began to contract.

"Let me see it!" Gasped Beverley suddenly.

Peters was astonished that she had been able to tell that he was so close. He thought that he'd managed to control himself almost perfectly. But, if she wanted to see it then why not?

Pulling himself clear he spun the blonde woman around. Compliantly she dropped to her knees once again. Her head tilted back, her eyes imploring; almost begging Gary to release his seed.

Her tongue lapped along the underside of his cock as his hand massaged the hot, swollen flesh of his shaft. He could feel himself cumming now. His mind reeled, his head span. He felt his knees weaken and tremble as a torrent of sperm flew from his cock-head. With a groan he cried out as Beverley's mouth locked around his glans, forming a tight seal as the precious fluid jettisoned and not wasting a single drop.

As he watched the cop climax into his wife's suppliant and willing mouth, Mike Greeves let out a long, quiet breath and allowed his own cum to splash silently onto the white painted doorframe. The emission trickled down slowly and he watched the tiny river of fluid as it meandered while he tried to control his breathing.

He waited while the cop tucked away his cock and Beverley rearranged her clothes quickly. He gave them both chance to organise themselves before he opened the door.

"So, what's going on, Bev?" he asked nonchalantly as he entered.

It was hard not to see the embarrassed flush that adorned his wife's face and even harder not to notice the pungent aroma of sex that wafted around the room.

"Er...nothing..I think." Said Beverley quickly. She turned to look at the officer. "I think we have it all cleared up now, don't we?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I'm completely satisfied that you've done nothing wrong. Yes, completely satisfied!"

Mike noticed the clandestine grin that Beverley and the cop exchanged and smiled himself. He knew he had a choice. Should he tell his errant wife what he'd seen and heard? Should he inform her that he was aware of her infidelity and that he wanted a divorce? Or, should he just keep quiet and commit to memory the scenes that he had witnessed?

As he showed Officer Peters to the door and then returned to his wife he saw how radiant she looked. He noticed how her feet were still bare and how her long, slender legs extended gracefully from under her skirt. As he imagined how juicy and wet her pussy would still be he felt his erection return. He by now knew the answer to his question and was already looking forward to his wife's next seditious betrayal!

The End

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