tagInterracial LoveArrogant White Woman Punished

Arrogant White Woman Punished


Black Cock Addiction. It can happen to any one of us white women. I used to swear it would never happen to me but I was wrong. Dead wrong, actually. My name is Mariel Bethany Walker. Friends call me Mary-Beth. I'm a tall, chubby, busty and big-bottomed white chick with blonde hair and pale green eyes living in the city of Stoughton, Massachusetts. I've got something to confess to you folks today. I'm an arrogant white bitch who thinks she's all that. And by my own admission, I am desperately addicted to strong black men. I love to be dominated and humiliated by black men. Especially the big and strong black men who don't think much of white bitches like myself. I need a strong black man to tame the over privileged white bitch in me. I want to be on my knees before the black man and worship at his altar.

I found this unique black man in Evander Aurelius. A big and tall young black man I met while visiting some friends in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. He doesn't think much of white women like myself. He hates white people and thinks all of us, especially the women are nothing but a bunch of arrogant whiners who need to be put in our place. And that's why he loves to punish me for being an arrogant and brazen white bitch. And I love it! I love to be put in my place and punished for my white arrogance by a dominant black male. It's my biggest turn-on!

Presently, I'm on my hands and knees. Face down and fat white booty up. Evander is standing behind me, holding a leash which he's attached to a collar around my neck. According to Evander, white women belong on leashes. He says we've had our asses kissed by the entire world for centuries and it's time for us to learn that we need to stop thinking our shit don't stink. In his other hand, he holds a long black leather belt. He smiles wickedly as he brings the belt down on my fat white ass. I yelp in pain as Evander starts to whip me. It really hurt. Evander laughs and continues to whip my fat white ass. He tells me that he's the black master and I'm his white slave whore. I nod with my head down and take the punishment I know I rightfully deserve.

Evander rants as he punishes me. He tells me that for centuries, black men and black women have suffered at the hands of white men and white women. For this, he hates us white people. And he loves to punish us for our unjustifiable arrogance and conceit. Evander firmly believes that white men and especially white women should be made to suffer at the hands of dominant blacks for the wrongs committed against black people in the past. He whips my ass, my back, my breasts and even my face. Turning me around, he spits into my eyes and smacks me hard across the face. It stings and I moan in pain. Evander tells me to shut the fuck up, and then he smacks me again. He reminds me that black people weren't allowed to squeal while suffering under the whip of the white slave master. So to punish me for my squealing, he beats me some more. And I've got no choice but to take it for he's my black master and I'm his white slave whore. I'm his bitch. His own personal bitch. I'm his property, to do with as he pleases.

Evander grabs my long blonde hair and looks into my eyes. He spits into my face some more. Then he turns around, spreads his ass cheeks and orders me to lick his ass clean. I am quite stunned by this. Evander tugs on my leash and I've got no choice but to obey him. So I pucker my lips and press my tongue against my master's asshole. I'm a white chick licking a black man's asshole. Do you have a problem with that? I didn't think so. And now if you'll excuse me, I've got to clean my master's asshole with my tongue. That's how a white female slave should ask her black master for forgiveness, according to my master Evander. And I obey him because he owns me and everything he says goes.

This righteous punishment which I'm receiving isn't the first I've gotten from my lord and master Evander Aurelius. When he first acquired me, he told me that I would have to undergo certain changes. First, he shaved my head bald and treated it with a toughening treatment to make it look more stringy because this appealed to him. Also, he branded me. In centuries past, black slaves were routinely branded by the white men and white women who owned them. So to commemorate my newfound status as the white female slave of a black master, Evander branded me. He carved his initials into my back. The mark is there permanently. From now on, everywhere I go, everyone will know that I'm the white slave whore of Evander Aurelius, the strongest and most demanding of black masters. I cried the day I was branded but these were tears of joy. I couldn't wait to show the world that I was now black owned!

After punishing my fat white ass for the better part of an hour and calling me everything from a stupid white bitch to a black cock-addicted white slut, master Evander Aurelius decided to exercise his lordly right of ownership by sodomizing me. He made me get on all fours and spread my plump white ass cheeks wide open. Without further ado, Evander Aurelius unzipped his pants and whipped out his dick. His nine and a half inches of thick and uncircumcised black man power. He spat on my asshole, then pressed his dick against it. With a smooth thrust, he penetrated me. I grunted as my naturally tight big white woman's asshole opened to receive the anal benediction of a superior black cock. I felt the magnificent black dick enter my asshole, and push its way into the forbidden depths of my shit hole. Luckily I always cleaned my ass before any sessions with my illustrious black master.

Gripping my wide hips, master Evander Aurelius thrust his big black dick deep into my asshole. I simply took it like a champ, without grunting. The master loves to fuck me in the ass. He says that's what useless white bitches like myself deserve. A good fuck in the ass to remind us that we're not goddesses and the world doesn't revolve around our sorry white asses. He's berating me but I don't really hear it. I'm too focused on the deliciously hot pain I feel deep in my ass. I love getting fucked in the ass by my dominant black master. His cock probes my ass deeper than ever before. It hurts, but also feels wonderful. And I love it.

One time, I accidentally farted while getting fucked in the ass by my master. He was surprised, to say the least. He gave me ten lashes with his belt as punishment. I swore to him that I would never fart during anal sex again. And it's a promise I intend to keep. Still, it's not easy. My master's cock is so long and thick. It fills my asshole completely. So much that sometimes I lose control. Like now. It's been building up inside of me quite slowly. What is it? The incredible orgasm I experience sometimes while getting butt-fucked. When it happens, I scream loud enough to wake the dead. Annoys the hell out of my master but I can't help it. That's the power of black cock for you. I have tears in my eyes as my master cums, shooting his manly seed deep inside my shit hole. Looks like he enjoyed himself with me today. As the black master's obedient and devoted white female slave, what more can I ask for?

A few minutes later, I shower and leave my master's apartment. He doesn't want to see me until next week. Sometimes, I see something in his eyes. He doesn't hate me as much as he says he does. Yes, he beats my white ass ten ways to Sunday and fucks my asshole while berating me like I'm a cheap prostitute but in some way, he needs me. My black master is an educated and accomplished business. He has a beautiful African-American wife and two sons. Yet he needs a submissive white bitch to dominate, demean and degrade. And I'm a married white female professional who's unsatisfied with wealth and power. I want to be dominated and brought to my knees by a strong man. And black men are the strongest men out there. We need each other. Weird, huh?

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