Ars Goetia: Light and Lust

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Warlock and his succubus corrupt a haughty draenei paladin.
7.3k words

Part 2 of the 2 part series

Updated 06/11/2023
Created 10/08/2022
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A request and sequel to my previous story (Ars Goetia: Seals and Summoning)


"What are we looking for, Master?"

Aedin glanced at his companion--his minion--and allowed his eyes to briefly wander over her body. Sayeni was clad in the strikingly provocative bikini armor that she had been wearing when he summoned her only a few months prior, looking beautiful and wholly out of place within this city of Light worshipping zealots. Her hooves clacked against the ground, and her tail waved with each step she took. She was an odd one, demon or otherwise, but he had gotten used to her... mostly.

The two of them walked side by side through the excessively bright halls of the Exodar, the succubus' hooved gait for once appearing normal amongst the crowd of goat-like draenei populating the fallen ship-city. He had been tasked--by one of the more prominent warlocks within Stormwind no less--to retrieve a certain artifact and deliver it back safely to the clutches of his benefactor. What the relic was he wasn't entirely sure, but the job would pay nicely and that was all the reason he needed.

"Searching for a priest by the name of Caedmos," he finally replied.

"Mmn... It seems strange to me for a warlock to seek out a priest. Is it not?" She asked, her Demonic accent mixing oddly with her Common.

"He's a shadow priest. They are uncommon--especially here--but this one has something I need."

"You mean something that fat man with the curly mustache back in Stormwind needs?"

"Yes. You should pay better attention to such matters when they are being discussed, so that I don't have to waste my breath repeating them. Again."

Sayeni smiled, revealing her oddly sharp set of teeth. She was tall, and her lengthy tail reached up to tease at his hair, the sensitive area behind his ear. "I am too busy paying attention to you, Master."

A tingle shot up his spine and he glanced around nervously to check if anyone was watching. One of the locals gave him an odd look and he scowled, his cheeks flushing pink. "Not now, woman."

"Yes, yes, of course," she said, head waggling happily.

In search of this shadow priest, they wandered the Exodar for what felt like hours, until his feet began to ache and that distinctive feeling of going nowhere finally set in. Initially captivated by the wonder of the city's alien design, their excitement had soon turned to exasperation. The city was huge, with jutting crystals of blinding colors, winding stairways and a verticality that simply didn't exist in Stormwind. They were lost, and few cared to help or provide directions to a warlock and his demonic companion, no matter how enticing she was. Regular citizenry ignored them like they were spreaders of plague, while guards would--so adamant upon their duty to stand vigilant at the single area that they were assigned--simply point in the general direction in which they were apparently supposed to go. Many did not even speak Common, making communication all the more aggravating.

Aedin had little to go off of but a name and a crude drawing, but eventually, miraculously, after only a few more laps around the Exodar, he directed them into a section of the city that was somehow even brighter than the rest. Purple crystals ranging from the size of tiny pebbles to the size of homes rose up like a forest around them, impressively opulent and pulsing with a faint power that he could sense coursing just beneath their shiny surface. It was beautiful. Magnificent.

He wanted to go home.

Still, he was excited over having finally made some form of progress and he allowed his spirits to rise, marveling once again at the impossible architecture of the Exodar. His companion--or rather, his demon--was not fairing quite so well.

"I do not like this place, Master... I feel a power smothering me, as if I am moving underwater." Her movement was sluggish and for once she trailed slightly behind him.

"The light is strong here. That means we are drawing closer to this Caedmos fellow."

Sayeni nodded, looking dejected with her long ears drooping. Not only was she bored, but the Exodar itself seemed to conspire against her demonic nature.

"If you'd like, I can dismiss you until I exit the city?" he offered.

"Oh no, Master! I will not let you out of my sight. Not in this place."

"All right, but if you keep dragging your feet I'll do it regardless."

Playfully, Sayeni slapped her tail against his behind but otherwise did as he asked, mustering her strength despite the oppressive force of the Light's power working against her.

As they walked, the streets were wide and less populated than the rest of the city they had gone through, and those few passersby they did see were obvious adherents of the Light. Glancing around, Aedin spotted an old man whose grey beard was so long he kept it tucked underneath his belt. The man was thin, slightly hunched, and dressed in a simple robe of blue and white. He may not have been human, but if anyone was a priest it was definitely this long-bearded draenei. Even a warlock from Stormwind such as he could see that much.

"You there, man!"

The draenei turned to face them, his eyes quickly shifting towards Sayeni in a manner that seemed more appraising than distrusting.

"What is it you demon worshipping pinkskin?" he spat.

Aedin blinked in surprise before opening his mouth to speak.

"I am looking for a shadow priest by the name of Caedmos," he replied, choosing to ignore the man's hostility. "Have you heard of him?"

"Who hasn't?" he snorted. "Stop wasting time and tell me what you need."

"Er, yes of course. Can you tell me how to find him, perhaps even show me?"

"Sure, I can tell ya, just as soon as your demon slave gets her fat tits out of my face," the old man said, waving a dismissive hand at her.

Perhaps he was wrong about this man being a priest.

"Excuse me?!" Sayeni bristled, standing up to her full height and cracking her tail like a whip.

The draenei reached a hand out towards her and she squealed, jumping to the side and away from his boney hand. "Over there," he said, pointing to what had been the area directly behind Sayeni. "In that building."

Aedin turned and looked towards what was essentially a little hut, barely more impressive than a tent. "That one? You're sure?"

"Yes, yes, I'm sure you round-eared--"

"Excuse me, are these degenerates bothering you, old man?"

A draenei woman taller than even Sayeni pushed into their space, one hand on the hilt of a large crystal hammer and the other on a plated hip.

"Who in the blazes are you?" the old man asked, both of his bushy eyebrows furrowed in a glare.

"I am Aressa, a Lightforged Vindicator," she answered, puffing out her chest and smirking in what could only be described as a mix of arrogance and self-satisfaction.

Sayeni cringed away from the woman and hissed like a cat. "Oh, I do not like this one, Master. She is a paladin!"

"And you," Aressa said, running a hand through her long snow-white hair and tossing it back, "are a demon harlot. I am amazed they even allow your kind in this city. Have you nothing better to do than harass old men? Or are you looking to drain his soul from his body?"

Sayeni's blue eyes flared hot pink and Aedin had to pull her back by the tail before she could lunge at the Lightforged woman. He was about to form some sort of rejoinder when the draenei man interrupted.

"Bah, don't be jealous just because she has bigger yams than you do."

"Yams...?" Aressa's eyes widened, her little yellow lanterns flickering towards Sayeni's buxom chest and then down to her own. "How dare you!"

Sayeni grinned and crossed her arms, head inclined in a smug look that had Aedin rolling his eyes. "You heard the old man! Don't be jealous just because my Master fucks my brains out every night while you are too busy praying to the sun!"

"As if I would be jealous of that!" Aressa scoffed, her skin flushing in a confusing mixture of anger and embarrassment. "And I do not pray to the sun!"

"Hmph. I am a succubus, you cannot be hiding your desire from me."

"Enough," Aedin said, quickly thanking the old man and then pulling Sayeni away before Aressa found an excuse to use her hammer. They moved towards the little hut where Caedmos apparently resided, feeling the Lightforged draenei's eyes on their backs all the while.

"You are lucky to be within the safety of city walls!" Aressa shouted after them.

They kept walking and said nothing in response, but Sayeni's head tilted left and right like a pendulum in that happy little gesture she was prone to doing, a bright smile on her face.


"That's it?"

Aedin eyed the succubus, an inquisitive brow raised. "What did you expect? We came here to retrieve an item, not make friends with the man."

"I just thought... I mean, we spent so long traveling and now we're already ready to go back."

Their meeting with Caedmos was preceded by a letter detailing their appearance as well as their estimated date of arrival; the flashing of his benefactor's seal and drawing of a simple shibboleth was all it took for the shadow priest to hand over the artifact he was holding--a talisman of sorts that seemed to pulse like a heart. Its core was a black cube of a similar make as a soulstone with shadow magic swirling beneath, while shackled around it were lengths of silver tube-like chains glowing with Light energy. It was an odd mix of magicks to say the least, and while it was a curious little thing, he dared not experiment on it. He hadn't the faintest clue what it was, nor did he care so long as he got paid: a hefty sum of gold and grimoires just as valuable as any monetary reward awaited him back in Stormwind and, as far as he was concerned, that was all he needed.

"Would you rather stay here longer then?" he asked the succubus.

"No!" she cried. "But..."


"I am thinking that it is getting late, which means you will want to find an inn, yes?"

Somehow, the tall, busty demon with horns and wings almost as wide as he was tall looked like a kitten caught in the rain. Sad, subdued, defeated. The Exodar was not being kind to her.

"No," he said, pretending to consider the matter even though he had already long since determined what they were going to do. "We will camp outside, near the shore overlooking the boat."

"Oh, that is wonderful, Master!" Sayeni hooked her arm around his and smiled, her double set of canines shining like pearly white daggers.

Aedin squirmed but she kept her grip tightly around him. For a succubus, she was prone to unusual displays of affection which, as far as he was aware, was very much abnormal. After their first... encounter, she had been clingy, opting to remain at his side except on the rare occasion where he dismissed her as punishment. She was strong, capable in battle, and seemingly loyal to a fault. Not to mention good in bed, and quite insatiable.

Having collected what he had been sent thousands of miles to retrieve, their main obstacle now was to find their way out of the draenei ship-city. Thankfully, after wandering the crystallized, mechanized halls for only half an hour, they stumbled upon another human who was not so directionless as them. Whether out of goodwill or a desire to ogle Sayeni he wasn't quite sure, but the helpful stranger saw them to the city entrance closest to the docks, where they were greeted by the long-awaited twinkling of stars within the dark sky above and the tintinnabulation of musical insects.

Due to the sizeable reward awaiting him back in Stormwind, he felt generous, and so tipped the man a few silver and then parted ways, fishing a brand out of his pack and then lighting it with felfire as he and Sayeni walked the path leading to the docks. Before reaching the shore, they cut to the left into the outskirts of the wilderness, walking a short ways before Aedin stopped and motioned around.

"We will set camp here for a bit, just until the boat arrives," he said, gesturing towards the shore and the barely visible docks that were illuminated by dim lights of purple and blue crystals. "The elven ferry operates all night long, so we shouldn't have to wait for more than a few hours."

Sayeni nodded and the two of them established camp, rolling out bed rolls and maintaining a green fire that they used to cook pieces of freshly purchased fish. After eating, they washed up as best as they were able within the salty ocean water, using local draenei soap and cleaning each other's bodies in a way that wasn't entirely clinical.

Compelled by the common desire of all men and women, they hurried back to their campsite and to the distinctive sense that something was amiss. Nothing appeared disturbed or out of place, however, and he had kept Caedmos' artifact on him when he left so the possibility of thievery wasn't especially worrisome. He stepped forward into the copse of trees they had situated themselves in, Sayeni beside him, and the cause of their unease made itself known.

"I've been waiting, warlock."

The Lightforged paladin from earlier strode out into the light of the campfire, its green flames doing little to detract from the white, silver, blue and purple opulence of her heavy armor. Within her hands, as she leaned against it, was her hammer, terribly large with a head of diamond-hard crystal that undoubtedly weighed almost as much as he did.

"What do you want?" he asked. "Why are you here?"

"To put you in your place." The draenei waved a hand at Sayeni. "And to cleanse her from this world.

Despite his affinity for dark and demonic magic and the stereotypes that came with it, Aedin wasn't prone to engaging in unnecessary violence. That being said, when the paladin charged at him he was ready with a spell directed at his smoldering campfire. Its meager flames burst in an explosion of blistering felfire, catching the draenei upon her side and drowning her in a swirl of green. A simple trick, often effective, but it came as no surprise when she broke through the fire without a scratch or burn upon her, her body protected by a shimmering aura of gold. He stepped back to put further distance between them just as Sayeni unfurled her wings and took to the air, her whip crackling against Aressa's shield. Ineffective but apparently annoying, the draenei caught the whip and pulled, surprising Sayeni with her strength and yanking it out of the demon's hand. Initially angered over the loss of her whip, she bared her teeth in a smile and began channeling a spell, which, as far as Aedin could tell, was just as helpful as the weapon she had lost. In other words: not very.

Willing himself to be calm, he simultaneously conjured a spell to muddle her thoughts and another that sent a screaming bolt of felfire directly at her, powerful enough to penetrate her shield but not powerful enough to resist her hammer. She swung her weapon with ease, like it was nothing more than one of the many twigs strewn about the ground, striking his bolt of magic and bursting it into tiny wisps of fire that immediately winked out. Another spell formed on his lips with the intent to instill fear within her, to make her run away or give him an opening, but she simply shook her head and grinned, clearly proud of her own mental fortitude.

She swung at him, brushing off a dagger thrown by Sayeni that had pierced her shield and impacted uselessly against her armor, and he dodged out of the way, barely avoiding getting crushed. Not even a second later and he was slammed into the ground, looking up at that massive hammer threatening--and intending--to bash his brains in. The paladin's holy shield had all but dissipated, and if he wasn't staring at the crystal-and-metal harbinger of his demise, he may have been astute enough to realize this fact and send another bolt of fel energy her way. Instead, he politely waited for his death, wide-eyed and heart pounding against his chest.

A whisper no louder and no fainter than the fluttering of a moth's wings cut through the gloom of the forest, its tone alien, its tune otherworldly.

"Azhir manari kirel... Zor-arik var telosh allar."

The unholy melody continued, repeating once, twice, a sweet but deadly song that didn't stop until Aressa's body faltered and trembled. She took a step forward, appearing as if she was under great strain, and then groaned a groan so carnal it made his loins stir with desire. Her hand dropped then, and with it her hammer. It fell with a dull thud upon the damp earth, its shaft pointing accusingly up at the sky. The paladin was trembling now, her face holding within it a volatile mixture of emotions: anger, confusion, and something he couldn't quite identify. From behind her Sayeni appeared, and it was only then that he noticed the whip wrapped about the draenei like an overgrown vine, glowing neither with Aressa's light nor his green fel energy, but with a vibrant pink similar in tone to Sayeni's skin.

"Naughty, naughty," the succubus chided.

Aressa tumbled to her knees, her glowing yellow eyes locked on Aedin, but her words directed at Sayeni. "What did you do, you witch?" Her voice shook and her body squirmed as if her armor had been invaded by ants.

"I have made you honest," she replied, and then with a wave of the hand dismissed her whip in a misty puff of pink smoke.

Aedin stood up, kicking the hammer so that it fell level with the ground, and then eyed the two women before him. "Sayeni, you... What did you cast upon her?"

"I drew out her lust--and there was a lot of it!--and now she is dealing with her feelings, only."

"Bitch," Aressa spat.

Sayeni shrugged. "You will thank me one day. Probably today, if I am being honest."

"Is she a threat? he asked.

"No, Master. Horny she is being, but that is all. She wants you..." Sayeni paused and then pressed herself against him, tugging at his robes. "And so do I."

"This isn't the time..."

"It is the perfect time! Look at how she looks at you, the desire in her eyes!"

He did look at her, and he did see the desire now, but still, mere moments ago she had nearly crushed his skull beneath her ridiculously large hammer.

"I don't think this is a good idea," he said, but allowed the succubus to strip him of his robe. She joined Aressa on her knees and fished out his cock from his underwear, giving it a few strokes with one hand, clearly trying to tantalize the draenei. It seemed to be working, for she licked her lips and inched closer to it.

"Go on, Master. She wants you."

"It is your magic that wants me, demon, not her," he protested.

"Do not be silly, Master! I do not control her. I have only uncovered the latent desire that she has repressed for so many years. She wants you!"

"Is this true?" he asked the paladin.

"Fuck you," she replied, not taking her eyes off his cock.

Sayeni rolled her eyes. Despite her anger and obvious discomfort, Aressa was gazing at his cock like it was a holy relic, unconsciously biting upon her plump bottom lip and squeezing her thighs together.

"Taste him," Sayeni purred, her voice a whisper in the draenei's ear, "or we won't give you the satisfaction you crave." The succubus tilted her head in thought for a moment. "And no hands," she ordered, summoning her whip and tying the other woman's hands behind her back with it.

Aressa glared sideways at Sayeni before turning her attention back to Aedin's manhood. It was fully erect and pointed right at her, its silky skin enticing her to at last lean forward and press the flat of her tongue against it, drawing it all the way along the upper length of his shaft. The taste of him, the sensation of his member against her tongue prompted her to moan needily, and she pressed herself closer to him until her pretty blue face nuzzled against his rigid erection. In a lewd display of long repressed desire, she sloppily tended to his manhood, lolling her tongue and varnishing it in a shiny layer of spit until it was slick and ready to be devoured.