I asked Sarah to bring in the milk from the doorstep and on her way back she picked up the packet of photographs. She gave me the milk and said:'You've had your holiday photos developed at last.' and before I could stop her she slipped out the prints and looked at them. A little gasp of surprise escaped her lips and she blushed:'Oh sorry, I didn't realise......' but she didn't stop studying them. 'Is this you Arthur?' she grinned, and he admitted that it was.

I was trying to think of some explanation but Sarah forestalled me:'He is good looking isn't he.' and I felt pleased that she could appreciate Arthur's beauty.

'Would you like one?' I found myself saying.'A photograph that is.' and she grinned and said that she would have accepted but she thought Ian might not appreciate it, and I nodded my understanding. She gave me a hand with the dinner and as I felt my top beginning to creep upwards I noticed that her shirt was untying. We glanced at each other with understanding and left nature to its course. Her shirt fell open, by which time I thought that the lower part of my large areolae would be visible. When it was time to take the food into the dining room, where Arthur was glancing through the papers, Sarah loosely retied her shirt but I did not adjust my top.

As we ate, I took every opportunity to stretch and lean and before long I felt one nipple peep out. Both of the others smiled at me encouragingly and I noticed Sarah give her shirt a discreet tug to hasten its opening. By the time I served dessert my boobs were swaying freely over the table and Sarah's shirt had somehow fallen wide open. 'It's warm isn't it?' I asked, pulling off my top, and was surprised when it was Arthur who agreed and slid off his shorts to display a handsome erection. 'What?' he said,'You've both seen it before.' and he sat down with just the head peeking over the edge of the table.

Sarah giggled, shrugged off her shirt and then stood and pulled down her shorts and pants:'Yes, that's much more comfortable.' and sat down without any embarrassment, so I followed her example. It didn't make much difference while we were sitting at the table but when we moved into the sitting room for coffee and digestifs everything was on display, not least because we two girls were sitting with our legs apart (to keep cool, of course).

We took the opportunity to study each other: Arthur's proud stiffy, my puffy lips and Sarah's pretty pink lips peeking through her sparse blonde hair. The temperature seemed to have risen several degrees and nobody seemed keen to go gardening any more, so we chatted about - I don't think any of us had a clue what we chatted about - and had more alcohol.

A sudden thought of Arthur's cock sliding into Sarah's sweet cunt came into my mind and wouldn't go away, and I have no doubt that similar ideas were passing through their heads. My cunt tingled at the thought of seeing it and my breath suddenly quickened.

'Did you like Arthur's photographs?' I asked after a long period of silence. 'Yes, but I prefer the real thing.' said Sarah cheekily.

Without thinking, I invited her:'Would you like to try it?' and there was a dead silence as we all sat shocked by what I had proposed. They both looked at my scarlet face, then at each other's genitals, then they both smiled and Sarah said softly:'That would be nice.' but before either of them could do anything I interjected:'But I want to watch.'

There was another brief silence and then Sarah agreed:'I think I would like that.' Arthur said nothing but his cock looked as if it would burst with anticipation and I could see fluid beginnning to run down it. Sarah slid to the edge of the armchair and opened her legs wide in invitation, God she did look sexy, even to me, and Arthur went over and knelt in front of her.

There was no doubt about either of them being ready, and Arthur lined up his cock and slid it straight in:'Oh, he's big isn't he.' she said looking at me, and wriggled her hips to ensure that he was fully inside her. He began to slide slowly in and out, almost removing his cock before pushing deeply back. I moved to sit on the arm of the chair so that I could clearly see the action and Sarah put an arm around my hips and sighed:'Thank you.'

I watched for a while and then put out a hand and squeezed Sarah's tit gently:'Mmmm that's nice.' she encouraged, so I gave it more attention, then switched to the other little mound. She shivered with pleasure and began to move her hips to match Arthur's movements. I couldn't resist leaning over to kiss her softly and was surprised when her lips opened and her tongue slid into my mouth. She gave a little groan and put her arms around my neck, pulling me closer.

The stimulation worked - she was soon jerking and giving little cries of pleasure as her orgasm arrived. It started to abate and then suddenly she came again, her cries sounding surprised this time. Arthur and I continued our attentions and after a while she came again, and then soon afterwards a fourth time. After the last she slumped in the chair as if exhausted and I drew back from her, although Arthur kept his cock deep in her cunt without moving.

'Oh fuck,' she moaned,'What have you done to me?'

After a minute she recovered and Arthur started to move again:'No please, no more.' she pleaded, and he gently withdrew, his cock dripping with slimy fluids, which I quicky cleaned off with my mouth. I noticed that Sarah was watching with interest so I proceeded to give him a blowjob: not surprisingly he came quickly, presenting me with a mouthful of man milk.

Before I could swallow, Sarah asked:'Does it taste all right?' I carefully pulled Arthur's cock from my mouth and moved up so that my mouth was over Sarah's. I couldn't speak so I took her bottom lip in my fingers and pulled it down until her mouth was open wide, then I let the spunk dribble from my mouth into hers. She put out her tongue to lick the strings from my lips and then closed her mouth to sample the spicy spunk. She obviously didn't find it unpleasant because she pulled me down and gave me a kiss during which she attempted to lick all of it from my mouth.

I lifted my head and looked at her: her eyes sparkled and she had a happy smile on her face. I assumed that Ian would be benefitting from her discovery (but I found subsequently that it was he who didn't like oral sex, poor man).

'I ought to be going home.' she explained and I let her go and find her clothes. She dressed and came back:'Thank you for lunch and Arthur,' she said to me. 'Are you going to tell Ian?' I queried and she frowned:'No I think it's best that....' I gave her a hug:'We understand.' and she went home. Arthur and I went to bed for a siesta.

When we awoke we went out and did some more gardening until it began to cool, then had tea with toasted crumpets dripping with butter. Having washed up the dinner things we settled down to watch a porno video; well Arthur watched the video and I lay with my head on his tummy playing with his cock, just so that I could look at it some more. I realised that I was becoming rather obsessive but I just found it so amazingly pleasurable. Not only did it please my eyes but it also made my cunt so hot and wet.

I was fascinated to watch a bead of seminal fluid form at the tip and then slowly drip onto his belly, leaving it attached by a thin slimy string. I licked it up and cleaned the head of his cock with my tongue, enjoying the flavour of his nectar, and then waited for the next emission.

Before the end of the video Arthur clicked it off and persuaded me to go to bed. I protested but Arthur pointed out that I could still look at his cock while he enjoyed studying the details of my cunt, an idea that immediately had me even wetter. We put on the top light as well as the bedside lamps and arranged ourselves for the best views: he lay straight out while I put my lower leg under his head and my upper leg across his chest so that he could get a close look; I put a pillow under my head and settled within licking distance of his lovely cock.

We put on Classic FM and made ourselves comfortable. After some time Arthur observed that he could look at my cunt for hours: it was already swollen and open but at this it trembled and became even more wet. He gently slid his tongue along its length and drew even more warm liquid from my hole. I reached out with my tongue and licked off his latest offering and then gave his helmet a suck to keep it hard. 'I would like some photographs of your cunt like this.' murmured Arthur and I came with delight, only a minor orgasm but it felt so good. This was the signal for us to start pleasuring each other in earnest until he gushed in my mouth and I came in repsonse.

We cuddled up together and celebrated a wonderful weekend with a good night's sleep.

I set off for school on Monday morning still enjoying the buzz of the weekend's activities and thinking about the picture of Arthur's cock that I planned. I had not done much painting recently but was really looking forward to this project. I was trying to decide what to use as a background: a plain colour would make it too like pornography, a phallic symbol like Nelson's Column would detract from the significance of the erection, something like a street scene too surreal.

I was lucky in my job - the art I taught was a selective subject so I rarely had disruptive or unruly pupils to try and deal with, and most of those in my classes had at least some ability. I tried to give them a mixture of work, to develop both the basics, like draughtsmanship, and their creative skills.

I also gave a couple of specialist classes in pottery and photography, with occasional after-school sessions for those with particular enthusiasm. I would like to have done a life class for the latter but it seemed risky to give hormone drenched teenagers any extra stimulation (still, the idea of stripping off in front of them did have its attractions).

In the first class we were discussing possible subjects for the pupils, and I was as usual sitting on my desk rather than behind it, when I noticed one of the boys studying my legs, and my thoughts went back to my flashing in the pub on Saturday night. A tingle ran through my cunt and I felt my nipples perk up. I slid further forward and then slowly crossed my legs, and saw him take an even keener interest - the way I was sitting he could probably see all off the underside of my thigh almost up to my bum.

Soon I noticed that most of the boys were appreciatng the view - and a couple of the girls too. I found this a major turn on and took the opportunity to go a little further when I needed to refer to the notes I had written on the chalk board. I slowly uncrossed my legs, hoping that I had shown them a glimpse of my knickers, and then put one leg on the floor and rested my other thigh along the front of the desk, so that as I turned my legs opened and my skirt rode up. They could now see most of my legs and I hoped that those in the front row could make out my underwear.

When I turned back, I left my skirt pulled up and crossed my ankles so that my knees fell slightly apart. I doubted that they could see everything but I was sure that they would be trying. By now my cunt was damp and throbbing gently and I thought that I had better get them working on their pictures.

When they were all at their easels I walked around answering questions and making suggestions as usual, taking the opportunity to press a tit against their arm or shoulder (girls as well as boys - one has to treat them equally in these PC days) as I leaned to look at their work. I could see a couple of firm erections in response to my behaviour.

By lunch time I was feeling really sexy and my cunt enjoyed the sensations as I strode along the corridor to the staff room. The first period in the afternoon was free so, after telling the Secretary I had to pop out, I went to one of my favourite clothes shops and bought a coupe of very sheer bras, that I hoped would let my tits swing a little and allow the shape of my firm nipples to show, and a couple of tight, thin tops with the low neckline that is fashionable nowadays.

I hurried home that evening to try out my new attire and was delighted to find that it not only did every thing I had planned but in the right light I could even see the dark circles of my areolae. I felt a shiver of anticipation run through me. I was feeling so excited that I decided to give Arthur a treat.

I took off all my clothes and as soon as he stepped through the door I pinned him to the wall and gave him a thorough blow job. As he recovered he asked:'What was that for?' I walked away from him to the kitchen, swinging my hips invitingly, and said:'Just pleased to see you.'

He insisted I stay naked and followed my example. After dinner he washed the dishes, with an apron on, and I took out my sketch pad and the photographs of his cock. When he came into the sitting room I was making a selection and he picked up those I had discarded and looked through them:'These make me look good.' he commented. 'You do look good,' I replied,'Now perhaps you'll understand why I like looking at your cock.'

'Can I photograph your pussy?' he pleaded and suddenly all of my interest in drawing disappeared. I ran to fetch the camera and loaded it with one of the rolls I had luckily bought at lunchtime, then lay back in an armchair, with my legs over the arms. I knew this was going to take a while because he studied photography at college and can't take a snapshot - each picture has to be bIanced and framed correctly. He confirmed my expectations when he went to find the tripod, but I was happy lying with all my intimate details on display. Then he went away again and came back with a lamp on a stand.

Having set up the camera and lighting to his satisfaction, he knelt in front of me, leaned forward and started sucking my prominent labia. He stretched them out (oooh it felt sooooo good) and then sat back and studied them for a while, then reached up and arranged them - I can think of no other way to describe it. "Mmmm - like a beautiful flower.' he commented, and my cunt got even hotter. He took some shots with different exposures (oh that word sounded so good!) and them moved the camera a couple of times and took some more.

He vanished for a short while and came back with a bottle of baby oil. He covered one hand in it and came back to me:'This may feel uncomfortable,' he warned,'but you have to suffer for your art.' and he pushed his hand slowly but firmly into my cunt. He stretched it wider than I had ever been before but the initial discomfort was soon replaced by pleasure. I moaned and he stopped:'Does it hurt?' he asked with a look of regret but I took his hand and pushed it further into me.

Soon he was past his knuckles in my welcoming cunt and I was beginning to move my hips:'Sorry darling, I had better stop now.' he apologised, and withdrew his hand, to a cry of disappointment from me. He studied his subject closely and made a couple of adjustments that had me trembling with lust, then hurried back to the camera. 'I think you're going to like these.' he commented as he clicked away. This time he took some more from further back as well.

Next he coated my cunt and around it with baby oil, even including my bumhole, which tingled pleasantly from the attention. He studied the result and seemed satisfied, because he fired off some more shots. Then he made me slide further forward on the chair and took another set.

As he changed the film, he instructed me to get on my hands and knees in front of the fireplace. He looked at my pose and then said:'No that doesn't look right.' and fetched some kitchen roll and wiped off the baby oil: the rough surface on my soft flesh nearly sent me into orbit. 'Right, let's try again.' Posing me in this position seemed more difficult and it took some time before he seemed satisfied. He took the camera off the tripod and shot off a number of frames.

'Now look over your shoulder at me.' I did as he requested but he didn't seem happy. 'Look at my cock.' he ordered so I gazed at his long shaft, hard and dripping. It must have been the right stimulus because he quickly took some more shots.

Net he made me put my head on the floor with my face turned to the side and my bum shoved up in the air. He grunted appreciatively and then asked me to imagine that I was sucking his cock. The resulting photographs are among my favourites: my cunt is on offer to the world, plumped labia framing an erotically open cunt, tits hanging invitingly down with nipples like bullets, and me with half-closed eyes and pursed lips. I will never understand how he resisted fucking me; I am sure that I couldn't have if I had been him.

He took several more of me in different poses and places, including half way up the stairs and spread on the kitchen worktop. Finally he had me back in the original pose in the armchair and touched up my lips with the baby oil. 'Try not to move.' he said and slid his cock into me. 'Oh fuck!' I screamed, surprising both of us because I hate swearing and am not usually vocal during lovemaking. Now I couldn't stop:'Oh you fucking bastard, push that fucking cock into my fucking cunt.............oh fuck I love it.........don't you dare fucking stop.....aaaaaaaaagggggghhhhh!!!! and I came so hard that I swear the earth did move. I clutched on to the arms of the chair to try and stop myself bucking, and then suddenly I was coming again. I moaned with pleasure and felt my cunt clutch at his cock. He gasped and jumped at the sensation and I opened my eyes to see sweat pouring down his chest.

'Keep still.' he forced out through gritted teeth and then he withdrew until just the tip of cock was in my twitching cunt and then with a roar he came, his hot spunk squirting into me for what seemed like minutes. Looking absolutly shattered he staggered to his feet and peered around for the camera. His cock was still erect, rearing up between his thighs, smeared with juices - I don't know how I resisted leaping up and taking it in my mouth. He took several shots, most of them from very close up, and then fell on his back and lay there recovering.

I took my opportunity to cllimb off the chair, stiff from my posing, and take his fabulous cock into my desperate mouth. 'Jesus, Sue, he groaned,' you are so fucking hot.' It was obviously a day for swearing, but I didn't comment because I had a mouthful of cock to clean. I worked hard at my task and then, inspired by our activities, I tried to deep throat him. I had been unsuccessful before but now seemed like an opportunity to try again: he was so shagged he couldn't move and I was feeling like the sexiest woman on the planet - there was nothing I couldn't do in this mood. Gradually I eased him into my throat, but felt myself gag. I tried again and got a little further. Arthur had realised my intention and was lying absolutely still with his eyes shut. Gradually I persuaded my throat to relax and take a little more until finally, if a little uncomfortably I felt my lips touch his tummy.

As I held the position and taught myself to breathe with a throat full of cock, I felt Arthur move and say:'Please stay exactly where you are.' I opened my eyes and peered sideways and saw he had the camera in his hands. He fiddled with it and I heard the whine of the flash charging up. I closed my eyes and concentrated on breathing then heard the camera and saw the flash through my eyelids, then again.

I could no longer stay with my throat blocked and slid back up his cock, concentrating on the tip. There were a couple more flashes before I heard Arthur put down the camera and then he said hesitantly:'You are a star Sue - do you think we could try something new?' I was willing to try anything tonight, the way I was feeling, so I let go of his prick and asked:'What do you want to do?'

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