As I Remember...


She fit right in with the beauty of the park as if she was meant to be a permanent fixture or even its main attraction. Her hands were behind her back to keep her balance on the narrow tire, her large breasts thrust out into the warm, fake air. Her tits were magnificent, perfectly rounded and large, but they didn't sag, they stood up perkily but not so much as to be offensive. Her dark nipples pointed slightly upwards too. She had a body for the ages and even sitting in perfect stillness she exuded a grace I found arousing. I bet she could have gotten out of a full bathtub without making a splash.

She demonstrated her grace by leaning backwards slowly. I could see her abs and thighs tighten up as she unfolded and came to rest, arms dangling down either side of the tire, just barley touching the sand. She looked stunning, like a sexy archway. Her breasts staid nice and perky too, even though they are so big they didn't immediately sag upwards to her chin. I became inspired and I walked hurriedly through the sand to stand by her side. She was only four feet or so off the ground and she reached out to snake her hand between my thighs and slide her hand up over my ass. Her palm pressed on the small of my back, pulling me close enough so she could kiss my abdomen.

"If this is all a dream will I wake up with cum-soaked boxers?"

Catherine made a face of disgust and shook her head. "No, Clive. It's not like that. That's gross."

She squeezed my ass and I leaned down to plant a strong, upside down kiss on her tits. I felt her nipples stiffen against my lips, just as I had expected them too. They tasted great, and for a while I devoted all my attention to them. I heard and felt her moans rumble against my thigh. I was starting to make her wet.

She started kissing my pelvic bone, taking control, nudging and pulling me until I was standing directly over her face. Because of the tire her head was lower than the rest of her body and it was angled perfectly for what she had in mind.

"This really must be dream," I smiled, petting her jaw.

"It's incredible, isn't it?" She replied, her face reflecting my emotions. She reached back over her head to pull my hips closer. My thickening cock rubbed against her forehead and nose, dabbing smears of gooey pre-cum over her angular features. She started lapping at my balls with her broad, prickly tongue. Watching her was fun. She was very beautiful and very eager. She didn't even touch my shaft, which was completely rigid and bobbing in the air, stretching out like a rocket down past her throat.

Her tongue dashed boldly along the sensitive skin behind my sack, hard enough to make me tingle, soft enough to tease me. I start to throb. I was so stiff my foreskin has pulled back on its own.

I don't remember by cock being so thick and long.

She has such thick, pink lips...

I pulled back on my hips and she took the cue to finally grab onto the head of my dick, pulling it down against pursed lips. She gave the swollen tip a sloppy, inviting kiss before opening her jaw and sucking me down...

...she really did suck me down; her hands stayed rooted on my ass. She just inhaled me. The sensation was so sharp and immediate that I shuddered without warning. I was so deep down her throat that I worried about plugging her lungs, but I knew it was stupid to think that. Even though she didn't need to breathe, she did so through her mouth and the flush of hot air quickly followed by the slap of cold air electrified my cock. She had such a beautiful face and she had the most seductive, eyes-half-closed expression. She didn't look like she was working hard, but when I tried to lean back and pull my cock from her lips I found myself stuck.

Her eyes locked on mine and they seemed to taunt me, daring me to try again. I smiled, touching her face. I didn't want out. I wanted deeper. I wanted to see how much abuse these dream girls could take.

I jammed my hips against her face, thrusting my throbbing cock like a lance into her throat. I pinched her nipples with my knuckles and squeezed her tits together. She gagged and gurgled noisily; spit flew out and landed on my balls and abs.

She let took one hand off my ass and laced it between her golden thighs. She rubbed her clit with the flat of her palm, and then began sliding the cracks of her fingers up and down against the pearl of nerves. She moaned nosily around my dick, thrumming it like a tuning fork. I wanted to feel her throat sliding along my length so I began to pump her mouth like it was a pussy.

I watched her tits bounce, I felt her slap my ass. She kept rubbing her snatch; she liked to take it fast and then slow like a biker peddling up and down small hills. Seeing Catherine touch herself reminded me of Jasmine, my first girlfriend, and how she had let me watch her finger fucked herself once. My cock throbbed with a surge of awakened energy. The vagueness of all the sexual stimulation was now completely gone and I could feel every slobbery smack and gurgled cry of pleasure.

And I could feel my orgasm breaking through its cage and body-check by balls.

And then I came.

Like a fountain.

Rivers of thick, bubbling cum jetted out of my cock and quickly filled up Catherine's stuffed cheeks. It spurted out the sides of her lips as if she were an overfilled water balloon. I pulled my pumping cock out, mortified at how I had cum so soon, and how I was drowning Catherine. Once free of her lips, my cock started to squirt cum like a firehouse all over her face, neck, tits and thighs. It splashed off her knees and careened into the sand around us. It was so thick it made perfect, gooey puddles.

Her face was covered; so much so it looked like a plaster mask, disguising her angelic features. Thick rivers ran down her thighs like waterfalls to mingle with her own flowing juices as she kept rubbing her clit.

"Stop!" I yelled at my cock. Instantly the squirting stopped.

I was dumb-struck by the pure white glaze that covered her. It was so wet and thick...a huge puddle had formed in the hollow of her throat and it was overflowing down the sides of her neck like an infinity pool. When she opened her mouth thick ropes spread like spider webs between her lips. Her beautiful tits were drenched just as much as her face. I was horrified.

"That wasn't supposed to happen," I apologized quickly, I tried to scrape some cum off her lips but was overcome by a bought of disgust. I felt like a freak show. A mutant. But Catherine wouldn't have any of that that.

"Its fine, Clive," she assured me, scraping a fistful of spunk off her face and tossing it into the sand. "This was your first time. You don't have complete control."

Of course it was fine. She was an imaginary girl manifesting as a Hollywood starlet. The cum was fake too, probably even the orgasm, no matter how real it all felt. I could probably have kept showering her perfect tits with cum all afternoon and never lost that orgasmic high. The sand was starting to absorb the dripping mess.

"I didn't even get to fuck you." I said, watching her.

"What you got today was just the filling," Catherine smiled with such an absurd degree of beauty that not even the thick, bubbling cum could dampen her allure. "When you want you can come back for the crust too, if you want."

...As I remember fucking Heidi and Halle

I had the urge to bite my lip when I saw her. She was wearing one of those tank tops made of really thin fabric. Where the weave was stretched tight around her tits I could see the pale undertone of her skin and even slight rumours of her nipples. She was also wearing that gorgeous smile of hers, the one that made me want to play hop-scotch. Even though she wasn't wearing a strapless, gravity defying evening gown she looked every bit as sexy. She had a body for regular clothes, especially tight jeans like the dark pair she had on right then. Bright yellow stitching drew curvaceous lines up the side of her thighs and across her hips, growing into leafy flowers on the bubble of her ass.

I don't think she could have looked ugly to me if she had tried, well, maybe if she cut her hair in ragged chunks or smeared her face with ash or told me she had a list of VD's as long as my dick. I suppose if she had a penis I would have turned away and never thought of her again, but giving the g-string tightness of her jeans I doubted she could have been smuggling any disastrous surprises. Anyways, no wig could have looked as good as her hair did at that moment. It was styled in great billowing curls that reminded me of Columbus clouds, and the whole shiny, sparkling mass of it swayed playfully as she walked.

The world had changed again. I was now laying face down on a long stainless steel hot dog cart. Summer was directly beneath me, leaning against the door that would have held the sodas, had there been need for sodas. I was taking a break from rubbing her shoulders by playing with her curls.

"Why won't you fuck me?" Summer asked. I scoffed

"Maybe I'm saving you, did you think of that?"

"No. I thought you didn't want me-"

"-You're a dream girl."

"Was that an insult or a compliment, Clive?"

"Neither. It was a pun. Of course I want you, but I don't feel any rush."

A looked up as a shadow of hurt passed over her pretty face, dimming her smile. "You should."

The woman who had just walked by was now two blocks down. I stopped twirling Summer's thick hair and touched her temples. She liked to be touched.

In front of us was a pile of objects, mostly familiar objects like plates, DVD's and books. I had been thinking up things all afternoon (or whatever time it was) since finding Summer and the Wacker Ltd. hot dog cart. I thought it was an odd name for a hot dog company. Something about the name made me think about was too fuzzy to pinpoint, but the name meant something to me. I just couldn't remember.

"Try a baseball bat." Summer suggested, "You play ball; that should be easy for you."

"I guess," I nodded, closing my eyes. I told Summer to close her eyes too and concentrate with me. I could feel the skin around her eyes tighten up as she clamped her lids shut. I pictured the bat in the vast twinkling space behind my eye lids and imagined pushing it, as if by gunshot, so far into the distance that it disappeared into a speck. There was a thud and a wooden clatter before us and I opened my eyes.

"Alright, that was easy."

"Now a ball," Summer said.

In a second it bounced onto the pile and rolled down, coming to a rest between Summer's bare feet. She leaned forward and picked it up. She held it in her small hand as if it were an egg that would immediately hatch. I took the ball from her and inspected the stitching.

"Can I fuck her?" I asked. Summer knew who I meant.

"Of course."

I hopped off the hot dog cart and took the ball from Summer's hand and picked the bat up from the ground. I lobbed the ball into the air and swung at it. I hit the ball so hard I grunted, but it wouldn't fly any further than a few feet in front of me. It stayed suspended in the air like it was on a fishing line, gently swaying in the breeze. I scowled

I smiled and softly spoke her name. "Heidi."

She stopped.

"Good choice," Summer said, "Catherine tells me you have enough cock for two women. Why don't you take me with you?"

"Maybe I don't want to share you." I said. Heidi Klum had turned and was now walking back, "I want a bed, something proper. I can't fuck Heidi on a playground tire."

"So, make a bed."

I nodded and rolled over on my back. My head dangled upside-down over the side, directly above Summer's. I watched as Heidi strutted towards me. Looking at her upside down was fun and I smiled.

"Hello," she said, lifting her hand in a wave. I waved to, and smiled...or was it frowned? I suppose in this world is didn't matter. There wasn't an up or a down.

"Kiss me," I said, lifting my neck as she came to a stop beside the hot dog cart. She didn't pause, she leaned over, giving me the briefest flash of her million-dollar cleavage, and pressed her mouth possessively against mine. She was a strong kisser and I didn't argue when she flicked her tongue against mine. I also didn't argue when she put her palm on my chest. Her skin felt hot and immediate, as if there was no fabric between her and me. I broke her kiss and looked down."

"Holy shit," I breathed.

"You're not the only one who can learn tricks," Heidi smiled. Her hand was indeed touching my bare skin, despite the fact I was still wearing my shirt. I watched her glide her hand down. The shirt seemed to dry up and blow away in the form of dust as her hand moved. Her fingers passed my navel, then another six inches down to my crotch. My shorts did nothing to keep her from grasping hold of my dick.

I heard Summer sigh and mutter under her breath, "I guess this is my cue."

She stood and walked away into a store, leaving Heidi and I alone to fuck...

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