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She had felt "the need" so strongly today. She had felt it deeply and heavily and in every part of her: body, heart, and mind. She had hoped he did too as she unlocked the door and entered.

There, on the table next to the door was her answer: the handcuffs and a note with just a time on it. She smiled and grabbed the cuffs. She checked her watch, saw that she had over an hour to get ready, and took her time getting ready. She was in position and perfectly prepared at the appointed time.

He entered, and saw her naked and kneeling, hands cuffed behind her back, eyes lowered. Her heart thundered. He walked to her and leaned down. He kissed her head and whispered in her ear.

"You please me greatly, my little slut."

The words caught her breath and she could not stop a smile from transforming her face. His fingers tucked her hair behind her ear and lifted her chin as he kissed her deeply and passionately. He sat in the straight backed chair she had placed just before her. As he did, she glanced at the table where she had laid out the small paddle and hairbrush, anticipating their use.

"Say the words, my little slut."

"I need a spanking, Sir. Please, please spank my ass until you're satisfied with its color. Please, PLEASE spank me, Sir."

"And what is required of you, my little slut."

She repeated the rules of the ritual: counting the strokes, being thankful for them, not allowing herself to be pleasured. He smiled and patted his lap, beckoning her to her place. She still struggled slightly getting into position with her hands behind her back this way but she loved the feeling of helplessness.

She tried not to squirm as she felt his hand caress and grope her ass as she waited for the first blow. He started light but steady, slapping each cheek in turn as she counted.

"...eight, nine, ten. Thank you, Sir, for my spanking. Eleven, twelve, thirteen..."

As the blows got faster and harder, she panted and felt her excitement growing. He stopped slapping her ass and rubbed it gently, letting his fingers slip between her legs into the wetness there. He teased her for just a few seconds before telling her to crawl over and bring him the paddle. It was not difficult to pick it up with her teeth and he smiled at her as he took in from her mouth.

"Back in place, my little slut."

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir."

She felt the cool air and the cooler wood of the paddle against her warm backside as he rubbed it gently before starting the blows again. The slapping of it against her bare flesh was loud in the room and she had to concentrate on the counting as each blow made her wince slightly.

"... nineteen, twenty. Thank you sir, for my spanking. Twenty-one, twenty-two..."

He dropped the paddle and grabbed her ass firmly making her shout. She could feel his cock, hard and twitching, against her side as he leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"I'm so very proud of you, my little slut. You're doing so very well. But then again, you always do."

His fingers slipped between her thighs again, gently stroking her and, gently, pressed his thumb between the cheeks of her ass, pushing lightly against her tight, virgin asshole. She tensed briefly then moaned out loud before she knew she had done it.

"Enjoy that, did you, my little slut?"

Too embarrassed to speak she nodded her head.

"Say the words, my little slut," he chided.

Knowing he'd never be satisfied with a simple "yes", she took a deep breath and responded.

"Yes, Sir. I liked it when you played with my asshole."

"Well, we'll see what we can do about that once we're finished here, my little slut. Now, get the brush."

Her insides quivered as she slipped down and shuffled over to the table. The brush was right on the edge of good pain vs. bad pain to her but right now, she wanted, no, needed it. She bent down and grabbed the brush handle with her teeth and shuffled back to him. He smiled again as he took the brush from her and helped her into place. His smile turned evil and he rubbed the bristles of the brush over her reddened ass. She cried out and struggled against the cuffs.

"You picked the brush, my little slut."

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir."

He gave her a few seconds to focus and then he began with the brush. He started gently, almost too gently, but quickly got harder and faster. She almost had trouble keeping up her count but she made it to twenty and thanked him as was the rule. He let her lay there, whimpering and sore, for almost a minute before he pushed his fingers between her thighs and rubbed her drenched pussy, forcing her attention to the pleasure and away from the pain. When her whimpering turned to panting, he slid his fingers up and teased her asshole again and she moaned loudly.

He paused for a moment. They had been talking about trying anal for a while now but she had seemed hesitant and unsure. It was something he wanted very much but he wasn't about to push her past her comfort level about this.

"You really want this, my little slut?"

"Oh yes, Sir, very much."

"What is it that you want, my little slut? Be specific. Be explicit."

"I want you to fuck my ass, Sir."

"Absolutely certain that you're ready, my little slut."

"Yes, Sir, please, please, PLEASE."

"All right then, my little slut. Let's go to the bedroom."

She was beyond excited. She was thrilled. He helped her to kneel on the floor and told her to remain there while he got prepared. She listened to him walk away and smiled to herself. She knew how much he wanted this and now she wanted it too. She had been fantasizing about it so much that it had started to invade her dreams. And now, finally, it would happen.

"Come, my little slut."

She jumped. He had startled her by speaking so close to her as she had been lost in her fantasies. He helped her to her feet and led her to the bedroom. Her "sex music" was playing, not quietly but not loudly either. The lights were low but it was still easy to see. The bed was stripped bare to the sheet but had a couple of pillows lying in the middle of it. He helped her onto the bed and positioned her face down with her hips over the pillows. He licked his lips, savoring the image of her naked, her perfect ass, so red it almost glowed, stuck up in the air, and the cuffs on her wrists behind her back .

"You look so beautiful, my little slut. So utterly submissive."

He took off his shirt and got the tube of lube and the wipes and spread her knees and ankles apart, positioning himself between them. He kissed each cheek several times, letting his finger trail between them gently. She moaned, biting her lip.

"May I kiss you there, my little slut?"

"Yes, please Sir, please kiss my asshole."

He did. Once, twice, three times daintily before letting his tongue circle it and slide up and down a few times. She moaned even more loudly and he smiled, spreading lube in his fingers. He teased her with his index finger for a few seconds before slowly, ever so gently, pressing it inside her there. She tensed up, of course, but he waited and she relaxed and moaned again as he slid his well lubricated finger deep inside her. Letting it slip in and out several times before adding a second finger and causing her to tense and moan at the same time. She had teased herself before but couldn't get this much penetration on her own. It felt full and good.

"More, my little slut?"

"Yes, Sir. Please, more."

He slipped his fingers together as closely as possible and firmly pressed them slowly but steadily into her, eliciting a long, loud moan and, when he could push no further, a "thank you". He slowly slid his fingers out of her and cleaned them with a wipe. He got off the bed and stood beside it with her facing him. She watched with wide, longing eyes as he took off the rest of his clothing. She closed her eyes briefly and moaned when his thick, hard cock was released from his boxer briefs. He smiled, kneeling on the bed beside her, stroking the shaft, squirting it with the lube and rubbing in slowly up and down. He was about to ask her if she was ready when she began to babble.

"Please, Sir. Please, please put your cock in my ass. I want it now. I need it SO much. Please, I need to feel your thick, hard cock inside my tight virgin asshole. Please, Please, PLEASE!"

He smiled down at her, broadly, so proud and excited by her enthusiasm.

"You please me greatly, my little slut. Know that it will hurt some and that I will be as gentle as I can."

She nodded, wanting him to be a little less gentle but he always went easy on her the first time they did anything.

"Until you're ready for me not to be gentle anymore."

He climbed back behind her and grasping his well-lubricated cock, rubbed the tip of his cock around her asshole a few times before pressing the swollen purple head against it. She tensed, as expected, and he waited until she relaxed before pressing harder until it popped inside. She made a little noise, more surprise than pain, and he waited again.

"Please tell me when you're ready, my little slut."

She took a deep breath and told him she was ready and she was. She had never been more ready for anything. He began thrusting, tiny, short, slow thrusts, moving into her a little farther with each. He watched her carefully, listened to her moaning and panting, heard her begging for more over and over again. But still he kept it slow, knowing it was teasing her.

Finally, his hips were pressed against her still red ass and he moaned loudly with her.

"I'm very proud of you, my little slut. You feel so good, so very tight."

He began rocking into her, slowly pushing into her. In just a few thrusts, she was babbling again, begging for him to fuck her ass harder and faster. He grabbed her hips and pulled her up onto her knees and started thrusting deep and forcefully, pulling her onto his cock as he slammed into her. After a few seconds, he reached down under her and let his finger stroke her dripping pussy. She cried out. Focusing, she willed herself not to orgasm and begged to be allowed to cum.

"Please, Sir. Please let me cum. I have to. I'm so close. Please, Sir. PLEASE!"

He removed his hand and placed it back on her hip.

"You may cum, my little slut, after 10 more thrusts. Will you count them for me, my little slut?"

Panting between every word, she said she would. He made them count, shoving himself into her ass as far and fast as he could, making her cry out before she could say the number each time.

"... Unh. Eight. Unnnhhh. Nine. Ooooh! TEN!"

He reached down and stroked her swollen and slippery clit and kept thrusting. She exploded into her orgasm, her helpless hands flexing and closing in the cuffs on her back, screaming out and thanking him over and over until it subsided and she lay panting. He continued the thrusts, groaning loudly as he approached his climax.

"Do you want it, my little slut?"

"Yes, Sir, yes. Please. I want your cum in my ass. Please fill my ass with your cum. PLEASE!"

He grunted and pulled her against him as he filled her ass with his thick, white cum, pulling harder with every spasm and spurt. Gently, he slid the both of them down to the side, holding her close as their breathing got back to normal. He warned her that he was going to pull out and that it may hurt, asking if she was ready. She said she was and he slowly slid his cock out of her, causing her to make a little noise. He reached back and cleaned them up with the wipes, tossing them in the wastebasket beside the bed.

"I'm so proud of you, my little slut. You did so very well. You are my wonderful, beautiful, little slut."

They laid there together for a while, naked and close. Finally, he got up and got the keys and opened her cuffs, laying them on the bedside table, and fell asleep wrapping her in his arms.

He was awakened by her mouth on his cock, gently sucking and licking it while she played with herself in front of his face. He grabbed her hand and pulled his cock away from her.

"Now, my little slut, you know that I'm in charge of your pleasure. Did you think that pleasuring me would allow you to get away with this?"

She whimpered in reply, having known she was wrong but still filled with need. He reached into the drawer and got the leather cuffs and tossed the pillows from the bed. Gently, tenderly, silently, he fitted the cuffs on her wrists and ankles and then clipped them to the chains hidden under the corners of the bed. She whimpered again, though she knew it was useless, and dreaded the long teasing she knew was coming.

He began by trailing his fingers lightly up her legs from ankle to thigh, outside and inside, always stopping just short of her exposed and dripping pussy. Over and over he stroked her soft, smooth skin and teased her additionally with his words.

"Oh, my little slut, how wet and ready you are; so excited and needy. It's very tempting but you must be reminded with whom your pleasure lies."

He slid his hand up and traced the small patch of pubic hair she left when she shaved. His fingers played in it, pulled individual strands, blew across it. Finally, he let just one finger trail between her swollen and soaked pussy lips which caused her to moan loudly and flex her hips up towards his hand.

"So, my little slut, you want more do you? Perhaps something like this?"

He slid his finger along the side of her slick folds of flesh, caressing and tenderly stroking her ever so close to where she longed for him to touch. She pressed her lips closed, knowing that begging would only make him stop at this point and willed herself to lie still. He continued his slow, gentle patterns, avoiding her throbbing clit but moving teasingly closer every time. Suddenly, his fingers circled directly around her clit, spiraling over and over again with quick strokes which pulled a cry of pleasure from her lips and... then he stopped and removed his hand from her entirely. She whimpered again and almost cried until she felt the warmth of his breath between her thighs.

He blew softly up and down across her drenched pussy, his lips so close that she felt their heat but he did not touch her... yet. He whispered words of longing and desire and told her how wonderful her scent was. Finally, his lips grazed her there, barely. He made her ask for it, waited until she begged... pleaded then let his tongue follow the path his fingers had run before. She squirmed and writhed in the cuffs and moaned and pled loudly but he continued his gentle assault. On and on he went, teasing her ever closer to the edge over and over again then stopping. Her pussy was so swollen and tender and sensitive by the time he stopped that she thought she might explode if he touched it again.

He climbed on top of her, letting his thick, throbbing cock graze the soft, wet flesh between her legs.

"Do you want it, my little slut? Remember, specific and explicit."

Her voice erupted in a flood of desire and need. She begged him to fuck her, hard, fast, and long. He leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"You may cum at will, my little slut."

All at once, he slammed into her tight pussy. Wet though it was, she cried out from the force and the feeling of being torn open. Her body erupted in a series of mind numbing orgasms, she stopped counting at 3 because her pussy had become so sensitive that it began to cause her pain. She started to whimper and was about to use her safe word when her own words came back to her.

"So hard that it hurts."

She relaxed and focused on the pain. Every thrust was a sensation beyond the last. She began to feel "that way", the sensation outside of her body, outside of her mind, outside of reality. She let herself float away on it and finally, slowly, came back as he cried out her name and emptied himself inside her.

Exhausted, he withdrew slowly and panting, unfastened her cuffs, curling them together in a twist of naked arms and legs, speaking the words she longed to hear.

"Good girl."

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