Ashley is a cute 19 year old lady, standing at 5'4. She has light brown hair with dark brown streaks in it. Her lips are rosy pink and her eyes are milk chocolate brown. I am 5'8 tall with short brown hair and blue eyes. This story started when Ashley came up with a little idea she had for a scenario for us to play with.


ASHLEY: I'm standing in the kitchen in nothing but your T-shirt and thong washing dishes from dinner I haven't seen you since this morning, you come stumbling in.

PHIL: I love coming home from work to find you so sexily clad. I couldn't get you out of my mind all day. Catching sight of you in the kitchen I realise you're even sexier than my thoughts could suggest. I walk decidedly over to you, noticing that you haven't really heard me enter as you're still humming softly to yourself. I playfully pinch your ass as it peeks out under the hem of my top.

ASHLEY: I jump and giggle softly smiling as I turn standing on my tip toes to wrap my arms around your neck: "Well hello there".

PHIL: your voice is tinkling, ringing in my ears, your giggle one of the things that attract me to you most, I ignore the little warm water you've splashed on me from your hands and I wrap my arms around you, clinging your shorter body to me and pressing my lips firmly against yours. "Mmmmwahhh, evening gorgeous, nice outfit".

ASHLEY: I smile and kiss your lips again, loving how they feel against mine I pull away and lay my head on your chest listening to your heartbeat "I missed you today" I say slightly pouting remembering how long the day felt without you.

PHIL: I feel your warmth emanating against my chest and squeeze you tighter to me, I glide my fingers through your soft hair and kiss the top of your head "aww baby, I really missed you too, I'm so sorry I had to get up out of bed this morning. I thought I might even skip out at lunchtime and come home, just to get a few kisses from you".

ASHLEY: I giggle and trace patterns on your chest with the tip of my finger " I don't think I'd let you leave if you would've done that" I say quietly.

PHIL: I run my hand down your side and gently cup one of your asscheeks, stroking the warm flesh with my thumb. "Mmm that's definitely true. I was too busy anyway. I was daydreaming about you all the time though baby".

ASHLEY: I shiver slightly at your touch, my hand clenches onto your shirt then unclenches. I run my hand down to the end of your shirt and run my hands under your shirt up and down your chest "mhmm and what did those daydreams consist of?".

PHIL: I let my hand start kneading your flesh as I feel your fingers explore me under my shirt. "They mainly consisted of how we could have spent the day if I hadn't got to go and earn a crust. How I could've spent the whole day with my arms wrapped around the most beautiful girl in the world. Kissing you and making sweet love to you. I hardly got anything done with those amazing pictures in my mind".

ASHLEY: "Mmmm I guess we really do share the same daydreams cause that's all I could think about, I had to start cleaning so I wouldn't drive down to the office and have my wicked way with you" I say as I continue to stroke up and down your chest my free hand going down and undoing your belt then back up under your shirt.

PHIL: "mm exactly, just watching the clock hands creeping around, praying for it to be 5 so I could rush home here to find you.". I let my hand roam above your waist, stroking your hip... then ducking under the hem of my oversized T-shirt to form spirals at the base of your spine. "Come on, I want to get out of these work clothes. They've been restricting me all day".

ASHLEY: I sigh and reluctantly take my hands off of you, I turn and shut the water off realizing I left it on I walk away and add an extra sway to my hips as I head for the bedroom taking a quick peek over my shoulder to look at you.

PHIL: I hadn't even noticed the water, my focus had been all on you. I move to follow you, my eyes fixed on your sultry swaying movements. You looks irresistible how you lick your top lip when you peak at me. I realise that this is no longer a daydream at work, but the real thing. I playfully chase you up the stairs with a teasing growl, as you shriek and bolt for the top.

ASHLEY: I giggle as I run for the bedroom a huge smile on my face I turn and look at you again slowing down slightly raising an eyebrow at you.

PHIL: I see mischief in your gleaming eye as you pace backwards slightly away from me. Reaching out to grab you. "Haha what? Does the blushing bride need to be carried over the threshold?"

ASHLEY: I shake my head no as I glide out of your reach and look at you " oh come on hun you have to be quicker than that" I say teasingly biting my lip as I reach for the door handle keeping my eyes in you at all times.

PHIL: "haha hey" I chuckle as my hand grips at thin air. Your lithe body twisting out of my reach. My eyes are fixed on yours, your winning smile making me desperate to hold you. I come after my most precious prize.

ASHLEY: I smile and walk willingly into your arms "I win" I say as I tug on your shirt bringing your lips closer to me "What's my prize?"

PHIL: Your perfume fills my nostrils with you so close and it makes my head spin. "Your prize is an evening of love and burning passion. After you've returned my rightful property to me." I gesture to my T-shirt, noticing how attractive you can be even in a top of mine that goes way past your waist.

ASHLEY: I step away and take the t-shirt off slowly spinning it around my finger once then playfully throwing it at you. I stand with my hams on my hips in nothing but my lacy bra and matching panties biting my lip as I stare up at you.

PHIL: I laugh as the T-shirt hits my head before dropping to the floor. Then my breath catches as I catch sight of you, almost fully exposed to me again. Every time is like the first time. Your beauty is still able to take me by surprise. I let my gaze wash over you from head to toe, drinking in every inch of you. Your beaming smile, that coquettish biting of your lip, your sloping chest and firm breasts, your curvy hips and legs slightly apart. Each part of you as gorgeous as the rest and deserving of my attention. I'm already getting very aroused from the sight.

ASHLEY: "Are you going to just stand there all night leaving me to play all alone? Or are you going to join me?" I say as I turn and start to walk away going to the bed as I start to unclip my bra.

PHIL: I eagerly begin unbuttoning my shirt, each button further down affording me more freedom. My fingers are so jittery I almost struggle to manage it. I wrench the garment down my arms and hurl it away to join my other shirt on the carpet. I nearly fall into a heap as I push my trousers down and step out of them whilst rushing to follow you. I free myself from them as I reach the bed, ready to clamber onto it.

ASHLEY: I smile and push you onto the bed and straddle your waist running my hands up and down your chest leaning down and kissing your lips softly my chest pressed against yours sending chills down my body.

PHIL: I kiss you back deeply, letting out a relieved sigh to finally be with you here. Your skin feels so soft and warm against me, now no barriers between us. "Oh my baby" I say before tasting your lips again. I let my hands roam down your back, my fingertips tracing a path to the bottom of your spine. I feel like I want to explore you and touch you everywhere at once.

ASHLEY: I move from your lips to your neck placing soft kisses down your chest then back up kissing along your jaw and nibbling slightly on your earlobe "so my prize?" I whisper as I start the journey back down your jaw and neck until I find your lips again placing a soft kiss.

PHIL: I turn over onto my side, pushing you over onto yours in the process. I let my lips trace a line down to your neck, and as I kiss the sensitive skin there and tenderly lick it with my rough tongue, I whisper to you. "I'll deliver your prize to you right now baby". I gently shift your shoulder so you're laid down on your back, looking up at me. My hardness twitches visibly as I look at you. I couldn't resist you any more even if I wanted so I move on top of you, bringing the tip of my throbbing desire to your warm wetness.

ASHLEY: I moan softly and move my hips to try and get you into me "please" I whimper my arms wrapping themselves around your neck my fingers tangling themselves into your hair.

PHIL: I slowly move my hips forward, feeling the tip of my cock enter you. It parts your pink petals and glides easily into you. I exhale audibly as I feel you swallow every inch of me. I love watching your face as you feel me penetrate you. Feeling you spread your thighs further apart to fully give yourself to me.

ASHLEY: I moan quietly as I finally feel you in me bringing your face down and placing a deep kiss onto my lips as I wrap my legs around you. The feeling of you sliding deeper into me as I shifted causes me to moan in your mouth pressing you tighter against me.

PHIL: Your small body feels amazing under me. I feel my passion for you burning like fire inside and start to move back and forth, long deep strokes, burying myself inside you, then pulling back, only to drive forward and fill you once more. Making up for all the patient hours we'd both spent waiting to have each other again. I love being inside you and I want to show you how much. Feeling us as one, moaning deeply.

ASHLEY: I bite your lip gently my hands trailing down your back my nails slightly digging into your back. I pull away and bite down in my own lip to keep from moaning loudly.

PHIL: the feel of your nails makes my spine tingle. It just serves to urge me to push inside you harder. My eyes are fixed on your expressions. I can always sense when I'm making you desperate to just let go and scream out loud. My breathing quickens. I try to speak but I'm so enraptured that I can only bring myself to utter your name. "Oh... Ashhhley..."

ASHLEY: My attempts to hold in my moans and screams fail as you push harder into me. My constant moans growing louder and louder with each thrust to a point where nothing comes out all I can do is gasp and arch in pleasure. "Phil" I say which comes out in a whimper losing my train of thought of what I wanted to say.

PHIL: I groan loudly as the feelings take control of my sense. The room filled with the sounds of our wild lovemaking. I'm thrusting hard into you, our moans in time and every nerve ending in tune with each other. I give in completely to my flames of lust. I try to shout your name again as I feel the wave of ecstasy wash over me, pulling you to the brink with me.

ASHLEY: I start to become tighter around you than I was before the first wave of my orgasm hits me as you thrust into me, I moan your name over and over again as my whole body feels like it's reached cloud nine and that I'm floating back down. I'm arched against you as my nails dig into you as my hips still meet your in going thrusts.

PHIL: My moans begin to subside as we come down from our joint climax. My thrusting turns to gentle movements in and out of you, before gradually slowing to a stop. I stay on top of you as we breathe hard, our bodies hot and glowing, basking in the afterglow of our mixed passion. I can feel your heart beating fast underneath my chest as I stroke your cheek and give you a gentle peck on your rosy lips.

ASHLEY: My lips turn up into a smile and my eyes remain shut as I slowly unwrap my legs from your waist sighing softly, my fingers running themselves through your hair.

PHIL: I always catch myself at these moments realising how lucky we are, and that I want to experience this with you forever...

ASHLEY: "Oh Phil" I say and kiss you again.

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