tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAshley's First Job

Ashley's First Job


Ashley had been working at her first real "grownup job" for 2 months. She had been hired straight out of college as the "Admin Assistant/receptionist/general dogsbody "for a small IT security firm. The interview process had been fairly lengthy-in the current job market, any firm hiring could afford to be picky. She had been convinced that she had no chance, since she had no related experience, but was called back for a second interview, and informed that she would be filmed for the interview, and would be expected to wear the uniform provided.

So, she showed up, changed into the outfit provided, nothing too remarkable, save the extreme tightness of everything, and the shoes were sexy but WAY too high-heeled to wear to work. She was asked to read certain phrases, walk around the room, then bend over the desk, and while standing, to type, awkwardly, in this position. It was odd, it felt more like a tryout for a film part than a test of her admin skills...

She left the interview having no idea how she had fared, and mentally prepared to hit the pavement as soon as she got home to see what else would turn up...

But when she got home, there was a job offer waiting for her in her inbox. She would start the following Monday...

At 22, she was newly-engaged, the youngest woman in the office, and certainly the most attractive. Sparkling, mischievous hazel eyes, full sensuous lips, lustrous auburn hair, and the body of a porn star-she was an undeniable asset to the company as she was the first person that any walkin visitors encountered. She dressed fairly conservatively, professionally, because she wanted to be taken seriously for her abilities, and she really didn't need to guild the lily. Plus, it wouldn't be productive to make the older women in the office hate her more than they already did...

"Ashley, I need to see you in my office, right after you lock up"

"Yes sir, Mr. Scott."

A few minutes after 5, she had shut down the computer, and locked the front entrance as directed. She walked down the hall and thru the antechamber where Mr. Scott's personal assistant, a total bitch named Julia, had worked. Ashley learned that Julia had been terminated over the past weekend. She found herself in Mr. Scott's spacious office. He sat behind an enormous desk, partially hidden from view by the three large monitors ranged on the gleaming desktop.

He rolled himself backward, away from his desk and imperiously beckoned her come around to his side of the desk. On the desk she noticed her copy of the employee manual, her signature across the cover page, and incongruously, a roll of duct tape. "I need you to look at something and then tell me what you think I should do, Ashley." Pointing to the center monitor, he motioned her into the space that he had just vacated. She bent forward slightly, uncomfortably aware that his face was very close to her ass, and peered at the screen.

To her horror and dismay, she saw her personal gmail inbox, Ashley@gmail.com.

"Open that one from someone named Josh , dated just today, if you please," he said silkily.

With trembling hands, she found the mouse and opened the mail. Immediately, as though pressurized, two large thumbnail jpgs of her unfolded on the screen . The pictures had been taken today in the car immediately after lunch.

"Download and open those please, Ms. Bruce."

She did as directed. In the first photograph she was displayed reclining in the passenger seat of her fiance's Scion XB. Her blouse was unbuttoned to below her bra, her jacket was pushed open, and the creamy tops of her breasts were nicely displayed above the sheer lacey bra. Her skirt had been hiked up just high enough to reveal the tops of her thigh highs. The coup de grace was her hands handcuffed behind her head...

The second photograph was taken just five minutes later. It was merely a close up her face. Semen was dripping from her lips, down her chin...

"Tell me, Ms. Bruce, was today some special occasion or do you make a habit of blowing men on your lunch break?"

"He is going away for three weeks. He sent me those pictures from the airport."

"Ahhh. Convenient," he said mysteriously.

"Now , Ms. Bruce, as you know, having just recently been hired, and no doubt having thoroughly read the employee handbook that you signed off on..." here he paused malevolently..."You KNOW that you are still in your probationary period where ANY infraction of company policy is sufficient grounds for termination..."

After a pregnant pause, he continued: "would you like to tell me what policies you have broken here?"

Miserably, robotically, she answered: "No personal business is ever to be conducted on company time. No non-approved application may ever be run on company computers. Accessing personal email is expressly forbidden...No inappropriate material may ever be viewed using company equipment..."

He clapped, "Bravo! That was verbatim! I see in addition to your obvious, uh, other assets you have a photographic memory...what a shame then that we come to this choice:"

From somewhere behind her he produced with a flourish two sheets of paper. Reaching around her so that his arms were encircling her hips, he placed the sheets side by side in front of her on the desk.

"This is a little like the scene in 'The Matrix'...on your right is a standard acceptance of termination letter. It is much like a dishonorable discharge in the military. So, if you choose to sign it, you will be lucky to get a job as a greeter at Walmart..."

Ashley began sobbing quietly .

"But on the left ," he continued, "is an acceptance of 'change of position' contract. IF you choose to sign it, you will in effect be signing away your freedom for the rest of the term of your probation...for roughly the next four months, you will, in effect become my paid slave. IF you choose to sign the acceptance letter, you will be forced to carry this..." here he produced a new iPhone..."with you at all times. You will be forced to do anything I say immediately, complying with alacrity and without hesitation, no matter how onerous, boring, or repugnant it may be. You will wear what I tell you to, and you will come and go only at my command. You will be required to arrange or provide transportation, accommodations and uh, entertainment , for clients and prospective buyers of this firm... If you do not comply immediately, you will receive immediate corporal punishment and likely termination... Do you understand?"

Ashley thought quickly, "I can stand anything for four months."

"Yes, Master."

"Oh very good. Then please sign the letter on the left. You really do have the ability to assess and execute...and I must say, I couldn't be more pleased. You may have wondered why, during your second interview, your were filmed wearing that particular costume, and required to leave your hair down? You were selected by an important suitor, a Japanese man with very particular tastes. We interviewed 30 girls for your position and you were the only one to meet his approval. So, my own feelings aside, I would have been very sorry to see you go..."

"Now, then..." he reached around her once again and hit some sequence of keys. Immediately the three monitors switched to three different views of her. Real time video. "...my first order is that you remove your blazer."

Still sniffling slightly after her bout of crying, she shrugged out of her jacket, and silently handed it back to him. She noticed that the monitor directly in front of her was a feed from a discretely- placed camera, positioned to look down at her from the front. With the jacket off, she realized that it was quite a revealing blouse and bra combination. The monitor on the right was a side view. It showed her standing between Mr. Scott's legs, her shapely ass at his shoulder level. The view from the left monitor was down low, looking upward from somewhere behind the desk. Her legs and ass filled the screen. Blushing furiously, and already feeling violated, she waited for his next command.

"Hmm, let me see if I can do this sitting down..." Once more he reached around her, and this time after a little fumbling, found the top button of her blouse and undid it. Then the next, and the next. She was watching his hands, a stranger's hands, dark and alien against the whitness of her blouse. ..a stranger who had his hands, very lightly, on her breasts..."there we go. I think that is about like you had it in the photograph today."

In the monitor, her breasts were mostly exposed, the nipples barely discernible through the lace of the sheer bra.

"Now. For the skirt. Hike it up four inches if you please."

Reaching, she did has he bid, knowing now that her stocking tops and at least two inches of skin would be revealed.

"Oh my. You really are lovely. Do you see just how gorgeous you are, in these three views?" he had his hands on her thighs, on the tender bare skin above her stocking tops. "Two more inches," he purred. Suppressing a shiver, she complied, knowing now that her ass and sex would be visible, as she was commando... "Oh it is like Christmas morning. I should have guessed that you would be commando. Reach back and grab your ass, "he commanded. Pull it apart! Spread your legs! Put your face on the desk! Show me!"

For several long moments, the only sound was the hammering of her heart in her ears and the sound of him panting behind her. Finally, he stood up and reached around her for the duct tape. "Ok. Stand up. Hands together behind your back." He swiftly taped her hands together. Then, for good measure, stuck a piece across her mouth. In the center monitor, her eyes were wide with fear...and more than a little lust.

Now he pressed himself against her. She could feel his hardness pressing into her bound hands. He unzipped, his erection now naked in her hands.

His mouth at her ear, he whispered "I do not believe in the stick only. I am a carrot and stick man. You will receive considerably more money as my personal slave. You will get what may be considered tips for individual, ah, performances, both from me and from those that I grant access to your, ah, assets...Also, you will receive a clothing allowance. You will wear only what I command...but I think you will enjoy that part. Tomorrow, when the mall opens, I will pick you up and we will go shopping together. Because..." he ripped open her blouse, the remaining buttons flying off, then pushed down on the cups of her bra so that her breasts were forced up and out of confinement..."I think you are going to need to replace your wardrobe."

Automatically, without being told,Ashley began to gently pull and stroke his shaft. Making a loose circle with the thumb and forefinger of her right hand, she worked up and over the head.

With his left hand cupping her breast, then pulling on her nipple as his arousal increased, he pulled her hair away from her neck and began kissing and lightly biting the back of her neck and the tender side of her throat. Small tremors, the precursors of her typical grand mal orgasms began coursing through her...

"Yessss, you learn fast. Take care of your master...and he will take care of YOU!" He shouted as he unloaded on the back of her skirt, in her hands, finally wiping himself between her ass cheeks...

He snipped the tape from her wrists, pulled the piece form her mouth, and directed her to scoop up his discharge with her hands. Her moved aside and motioned her into his chair, "Now YOU, " he said. Pushing her back in the chair, he forced her legs wide, up and over the arms of the chair, and had her smear his cum over her lips, using it as lube for her own masturbation. She was already dripping and as she began to frig herself, she begged, "Please master, please suck my titties."

He was only too happy to comply and within moments she too came, screaming in ecstasy, an orgasm recorded with full sound and living color from three different perspectives...

After Ashley left the office, Mr. Scott pulled up a video editing program...grabbed a still of Ashley masturbating, the back of his head visible as he sucked her nipple. Next he re-opend her gmail account, composed a note to this Josh guy: "just another day at the office" attached the jpeg and hit send...

To be continued...

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