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Ashley's Secret


Author's note: I have some very loyal readers that have requested that I write a story such as this. Thanks for the opportunity P & J. Can't wait to write the next chapter. Please leave feedback, as I thrive on what other's have to say. Thanks and have fun!


My name is Ashley Patrika. I am 21 years old and I have the absolute best job in the world. I work in a top scale lingerie store and I get to help women dress for their lovers. Whether they are male or female lovers, the women love what I can do for them. I began working here three years ago and have worked my way into an assistant manager's position. Every once in a while a certain woman walks into my store and I just have to do all that I can for that woman. To me, she is the only customer in the store. Today was one of those days.

Let me back up and tell you a little about myself. I am somewhat petite at 5'4" and weighing in around 110 pounds. My hair is long, brown and straight and the color of my hair compliments my green eyes. I work out daily and keep myself firm and supple. I have to in this business. When I wear my hair down, it just covers my 34D nipples. I wear heels, always, to show off my calves. My legs are very muscular and look great in a pair of stilettos. I can wear six inch heels, but I usually just wear my three inch sensible shoes into the shop.

When I first started working here, I was still exploring my sexuality. I had many boyfriends in high school and most of them afterward were just dating me because of where I worked. I gave up and took a hiatus from relationships about two years ago. I was out to have fun in my life and I wasn't finding that in a heterosexual relationship. I began to wonder if I didn't have feelings for the same sex. Well, this was the perfect job to be in the predicament that I was in. I started flirting with customers and just talking to them like I would like to be talked to in a place like this. Most women are not very open about sexual matters and I would make them feel comfortable enough to open up to me.

After learning that I could turn on the charm with women and get farther than I ever did with a man, I played it to the hilt. I had never been with a woman sexually but I vowed that when I was able to find a woman that wanted to be with me, I was going to know how to please her. I started renting all girl videos from our local rental store and learned all I could about eating pussy and making a woman reach her fullest orgasm potential. I researched on the internet and found out all about my body and what makes me tick. The first time that I found my own g-spot, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. With each orgasm that I gave myself, came confidence that I never knew that I had.

I started getting dressed to the nine's for work. Wearing our products under my work clothes, just to feel sexier, would boost my confidence level up. I was successful in the sales department and was glad because we did work on commission. I was the top seller at my level within the first six months of my hiatus from men. I had regular customers that would come in once a week and then the occasional virgin to a store of this magnitude. I treated them all like I wanted to take them to bed and lavish their bodies. I had boosted my sales in these six months by accessorizing like a bitch. I could get a woman that came into my store to spend $30 on a nightie for their anniversary to actually spend $150 and having them feel so good about themselves, I loved it.

Alright, suffice it to say, I am bi-sexual with heavy tendencies toward full fledged lesbianism. Once I realized that I was soaked every time I left work, I decided to take it to the next level. Within the next two years, I had seduced about 30% of my clientele. They all came willingly and excitedly. And I meant that pun to the max! I had developed a second nature to know who to come on to and who to just innocently flirt. Very few times did I read a person wrong and end up embarrassing myself but most of the time I was dead-on-balls accurate.

So, back to the present, today was a beautiful day outside and not many people were shopping in the mall. After a long hard winter, everyone was anxious to get outside and spend what little time we have with good weather. I was taking inventory and had just sent the two sales associates that I had working for me this afternoon on break. I told them to go ahead and take an hour lunch and not to worry about me. With the amount of sales we were going to show today, I would need to cut some expense. Giving them the added time off would help that out. I would probably send them home early too.

Anyway, I was engrossed in taking inventory of our crotch less panties and did not even notice her walk into the store. I didn't know how long she had been in there but I was caught off guard when I saw her move out of the corner of my eye. She was tall, 5'7", and slender, probably around 105-110 pounds. She had shoulder length brown hair and stood very provocatively looking at the corsets. I could not see her face but was moving up to her quickly. I checked her ass out and found that it was nicely rounded and very muscular. My pussy started getting wet. She was dressed in heels and a skirt that fell just above her knees. Her legs were very sexy and went from the ground all the way up to her ass. I could see her profile just a little bit with the way that she was standing. She had small breasts but absolutely beautiful nipples. She was not wearing a bra and had a white button up cotton blouse on. Her areola showed through her shirt and her nipples were poking out like it was 30 degrees outside.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter as I rushed to her side. I was definitely in the mood for some girl on girl sex tonight. If I played my cards right, this could be the one. I rushed to her side and touched her elbow lightly.

"I am so sorry, Miss, I did not even hear you come in. Please forgive me for not arriving earlier. Is there anything that I can help you find?"

That's when she turned around and looked at me. I know all of the color drained out of my face, immediately. This woman was one of my mom's best friends. I had not encountered many people from personal life while working here. I grew up and still live on the other side of town. There are three other malls closer to where we live. No one from my school or neighborhood ever came to this side of town.


"Hi, Pam, I can't believe it is you! What are you doing on this side of town?" I asked with disparity in my voice.

"Well, I was over here doing some errands for work and decided to cut out early and not head back to the office this afternoon. When you are the vice president, you can do that." She laughed and embraced me in a hug. "I didn't know you worked over here. I will have to tell John. He will be thrilled."

I was weak in the knees. First of all, I have always had a crush on this woman. I have had many a night of masturbating to visions of eating this woman's pussy. Second of all, my pussy was so wet that I could feel my wetness trickling down my legs. For the first few minutes of this conversation, all of my self-confidence left my very being and left me dumbfounded. I drew a few deep breaths and decided that I was going to feel her out just like I did with every other customer that entered my store. Soon my confidence level was building and I spoke.

"Well, I am sure glad that you found me. So, what are you looking for today? Something to surprise John with, perhaps?"

"Actually, yes, he will be home this weekend from being out of town all week. It has been a hectic week for me until today. I took tomorrow off and thought I would visit the spa and pamper myself and be ready to fuck him like an animal when he comes home on Saturday. So, what can you sell me to help with that, sweetie?"

I looked her in the eye like she was a potential customer, instead of the close family friend that she was. "Well, miss, I will need some information from you first. How wild do you want to get and do you want to be dressed from head to toe?"

She glanced around and noticed that our accessories were extensive. She looked at me and said, "Well, if you are willing to give me some of your valuable time, I would be willing to dress from head to toe. You get me the right accessories and we will be in business. As far as wildness is concerned, I would like to start out sexy and when it comes down to the last layer, I would like to be nothing but a little whore!"

My eyes grew open wide and my jaw dropped. I never thought I would hear such words come out of this woman's mouth. This woman had been with me for my entire life. She was there the day I was born and she was there for every birthday, my parents' divorce and my graduation. I love my job. Women just seem to open up to me as their slutty clothes salesperson.

"Well, I think that we can accommodate anything you want to give a go. Is there a theme that you want to go with? I noticed you eyeing our corsets. Do you want to build around a certain corset or are you going to let me play dress up with you and see what we can come up with?"

She smiled and took my arm. "I want you to play dress up with me and see what we can find. I am yours for the afternoon."

I smiled a sheepish grin to hide the lust in my eyes. "Alrighty then, let's see what we can get you into. Do you have a favorite color that you would like to stay with?"

"Actually, I would love something in a royal blue with black trim. That is John's favorite color and I would love to surprise him and it accents my eyes like you wouldn't believe."

"That's great. Why don't you go ahead in the dressing room and strip down and I will get you some things to try on. First things first, please take these fishnet stockings and go ahead and get into them. Every outfit that I provide for you will need stockings." I handed her the package and steered her to the dressing room. I glanced at my watch and found that I only had about 45 minutes until the girls came back from lunch.

I went to work gathering a couple of different outfits. Ones that I could imagine seeing this stunning woman prance around in. I took the garments into the dressing area and lined them up in order of her trying them on. "Alright, Miss Pam, whenever you are ready, I have some things out here waiting for you."

She walked out of the private dressing room dressed only in her stockings. My jaw hit the floor and I immediately straightened up and tried to shake off my surprise at her nakedness. "Wow, Miss Pam, you look outstanding!" Pam was the same age as my mother, 45. Her tits were amazingly firm for someone of her age. Even though she was small breasted, her nipples stuck straight out at attention.

"Well, thank you sweetie. I work hard to maintain this figure. Just in case there is an occasion, such as this, that I get to prance around naked in front of a very attractive young lady like yourself."

That was what I was waiting to hear. I could have this woman be putty in my hands in just a few minutes. I was going to get laid tonight, if it killed me.

"Well, let's see what we can do to enhance the natural sexiness that you already exude. First, I want you to try on this corset. It is very shapely and will squeeze your breasts together to give you some cleavage. I will have to help you lace it up. The laces are in the back and you must get the laces tight in order for the corset to work like it should. Go ahead and step into it."

I had loosened the laces and got it ready to put on for her. If she noticed me gazing at her naked body with shaved clean pussy lips, she never let on. She was hot for someone my mom's age. I couldn't believe that she was here in my shop. I couldn't believe that she was standing before me naked and putting on a corset. She took the corset from me and stepped into it. I had chosen her size perfectly and it was sliding on very nicely. When she pulled it up under her tits and got it adjusted just right, she turned around so that I could lace her up. As I was lacing her back up, she was facing the mirror and I could see that this corset did exactly what I wanted it to do. It pushed her tits up and together and the tighter I got the lacing, the more cleavage she was showing. Her nipples were sticking straight out and standing at attention on top of the shelf built into this thing for her tits to rest on.

Once I got her laced up, I attached the straps to her stockings and turned her around. I gazed at her glistening pussy as she turned and I attached the front straps to the front of her stockings. I was going to touch that pussy if it was the last thing that I did. She was soaked and I could smell her musky scent wafting from her love hole. I stood up and went to the table that I had laid all of her accessories on and picked up a pair of crotch less panties that matched this corset perfectly. I held them out as if holding them for her to step into and she did. I pulled them up her long sensuous legs and positioned them right around her pussy lips. As I was adjusting the straps, my finger slid past her pussy and I got some of her moisture on my fingers. I couldn't wait to put my fingers in my mouth and taste her essence.

"Well, this seems to fit perfectly. I love the color and I think that John will love it too. What do you think, Miss Ashley?" she asked with a grin.

"I think you look absolutely stunning. I would not mind finding you in my bed waiting for me, you look so hot."

She blushed and then turned toward the mirror. "You really think that I look hot? And you wouldn't mind finding me in your bed waiting for you huh?"

I looked into her eyes in the mirror and said, "I would never mind finding someone as fantastic as you in my bed. You are absolutely gorgeous, Miss Pam. And that outfit makes you look absolutely tantalizing."

"Well, thank you young lady. That was a wonderful comment. What else do you have to accessorize this outfit with?"

I turned to the table and grabbed a royal blue bowtie and two black lace cuffs to go around her wrists. I walked up behind her and asked her to lift her hair. With her neck bare of her hair, it was almost inviting me to kiss it. I refrained and attached the bowtie to her neck. I slid the lace cuffs onto her wrists and turned her around. She only needed one more thing and I had the perfect finish. I walked over to the table and grabbed one of the many shoe boxes I had brought in with me. This particular pair was the same royal blue color of the corset and had six inch heels and a platform sole on them. I walked over to where she was admiring herself and kneeled down to her feet. She slipped her left foot in first and as I strapped them onto her ankle. As I did, my hand reached up her muscular calf and back down. She seemed to have moaned. I wasn't sure what I heard but was going to try again on the other foot. As she stepped onto the foot with the stiletto on, she balanced herself on my shoulder. I lifted her other foot with my hand on her right calf and guided her foot into the shoe. I rubbed her calf as she redistributed her weight and put half her weight on the shoe I was strapping up.

I loved the feel of fishnet stockings on a muscular female leg. It turned me on to no end. My pussy was dripping by now and I wasn't sure exactly how to move forward. If this was any other female client of mine, I would have no hesitation. I was afraid to push her too far this first time. I didn't want it to backfire. I wanted to sleep with this woman tonight and I was going to take it slow to make sure that this was exactly what she wanted. I stood up after getting the straps adjusted and turned her toward the mirror. I followed her eyes as she looked herself over and smiled.

"Wow, I didn't think that it would make me look like this. What do you think, Miss Ashley? How do I look?"

I wanted to say 'good enough to eat', but I refrained. "You look absolutely stunning Miss Pam and I would be proud if someone as hot as you had bought an outfit like this to surprise me."

She smiled that smile that lit up a room. My mother would flip if she knew that I was standing her seducing one of her best friends. I couldn't help it. This woman was gorgeous. I glanced at my watch and saw that the girls should be returning in the next 10 minutes.

"Listen, sweetie, I have got three more outfits for you to try on. They are all lined up here. I am going to step out into the store and wait for my sales associates to come back from lunch. I am going to send them home because of us being so slow. I can finish things up here without them and it will give us a little more time to see exactly what you want. I'll be back in about 10 minutes. If you need anything, just give a holler."

She smiled at me and said, "Well, I will definitely take this entire ensemble. I love it and I believe it will suit its purpose. You go ahead and do what you have to do and don't worry about me. I have tried on and worn all of these types of garments before and I can help myself."

I turned to leave the dressing area and glanced back one more time. She was standing in front of the mirrors admiring herself and I wondered what was going through her thoughts at this point in time. I went over to where I was doing inventory and gathered up all of my paperwork. As I walked it to the counter, I heard the girls coming back down the mall aisle. They were giggling and carrying on, like normal teenagers.

When they entered the store, they looked up at me and immediately straightened up. At work, with my associates, I was very professional and almost intimidating. They respected me and I respected them. As much as I would love to lay either one of these young teenagers down and devour their pussies, I never hit on my employees. I could lose my job and I wasn't about to give up a position like this.

"Oh Miss Ashley, it is so pretty outside. You would not believe how nice it is," said Tiffany, the little blonde.

Christie looked at me and said, "You should really go outside and see what the weather is like. We don't have many days like this in April here." She was a tall brunette with huge DD tits and all of the curves in the right places.

I looked up at them and said, "Well, listen girls, I have a proposition for you. Seeing that it is so nice outside and it is slow in here, I am going to give you the rest of the evening off, with pay. You go ahead and get out of here and enjoy the rest of the evening of nice weather. I will get finished here and head right out at closing time."

They giggled and bounced up and down and my pussy ached from watching their firm supple tits bounce under their blouses. They never wore bras to work and it drove me crazy. My pussy was flowing as they hugged each other and said, "Thank you Miss Ashley, you are the best boss in the world. We'll see you on Saturday. Have a great day off tomorrow, you deserve it!" And they rushed out the door.

I breathed a sigh of relief that they had jumped at my offer. Now, I was alone in the store with one of my most favorite women in the whole wide world. I had two more hours before I could close up the store. How was I going to keep her here until closing? I contemplated that as I walked back to the dressing area.

As I walked into the dressing area, I saw that Miss Pam had the second outfit on and was admiring herself in the mirrors. Much like she was when I left. This was a purple and black bustier that fit her perfectly. My pussy was dripping at the vision before me. I was definitely going to have to be a little more assertive here with her. I was not going to let this woman go home alone tonight. I was going to pleasure her like she has never been pleasured before.

"You look absolutely titillating in that get up, Miss Pam. I think that John will absolutely love to see you in that. I know that I sure love seeing you in clothes like this. You look like a completely different woman dressed like this. I knew you were always beautiful, but damn, like this, you are phenomenal!"

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