tagIncest/TabooAshley's Secret Ch. 05

Ashley's Secret Ch. 05


After a long hiatus, and re-reading this story again, I feel that we need to go on with this story. I have had much positive feedback and encouragement so, enjoy!


My mother was gorgeous standing there in a pair of jean shorts and a halter top. Her flat stomach was nice and tan, much like her lover's. I wonder if they tan together. She was wearing a pair of high heeled sandals that accented her tone muscular legs. "Well, c'mon in baby doll. I have a pot of coffee just brewed. Let's sit and chat and catch up the last six months." She closed the garage door as I walked inside. She gave me a big hug as I walked up the stairs and into the house. She held me for a couple of seconds and then pulled back and kissed me on the lips. We embraced and kissed like lesbian lovers with lots of tongue. I moaned into my mama's mouth as my pussy started flowing into my shorts.

I broke apart for some air and we walked into the kitchen. "Wow, Mom, you really know how to greet your little girl, don't you?"

She smiled at me and said, "Ashley, you are a dream come true. I have thought sexual thoughts about you for a long time. I was always afraid to act upon those thoughts but now that we have, I feel that we have some catching up to do. You are so damn sexy and you really have a talent for eating pussy. That orgasm that you gave me last night was incredible and I want to show my baby girl just what I have learned over the last few years. Christie has helped me out tremendously with my inhibitions and I feel that I can finally do my lesbian daughter justice."

"Oh mama, you are so fucking hot and I can't wait to find out some more about you turning lesbian. Let's sit down and drink our coffee and you tell me about your decision to switch. I love that you have come over to my way of thinking mama. And I am a little jealous that you have Christie as a lover, but I am also so very happy that you have some young little slut to make you happy. I have not seen you this happy in years, mama, and it suits you well."

"So, you told us how you met and how the lust started, but please give me some details of making that one time meeting into a glorious sexual and loving relationship that you have now, six months later." I looked at my mom in a new light just then. I looked at her, not as my mom, but as a new lesbian who is hot as hell for her 45 years.

She sipped her coffee and then looked me in the eye. "Ashley, it is no secret that I was very perplexed when you decided to become a lesbian. I was also very intrigued. I had thought about you as a sexual creature for years but when you decided to give up cock, I was confused. I didn't know why but I knew that I lusted after you. After the last asshole that I went out with that had a cock, I was so disgusted that I started renting all of those girl-on-girl videos to see the fascination. It didn't take long for me to see the fascination and I even started looking at other women differently. My co-workers at the hospital, women I saw walking down the street, and girls at my gym."

I listened to my mother intently as she described her transformation. It was very similar to the way that I turned to women, so I was extremely excited to hear my mom describe this to me. She was playing with her coffee cup while telling me this story and I had a chance to really check her out. She wore no bra underneath that halter top and her nipples were extended through that thin cotton material. Her tan was gorgeous beneath the pale yellow that she was wearing and her long hair hung past her shoulders and curled around the bottom of her breasts. She truly was a beauty and my pussy started reacting to what my eyes were seeing in a new light.

"Ashley, I found myself getting wetter and wetter as I would see gorgeous women working out or walking towards me. I couldn't wait to get home and masturbate to women on my TV screen licking each other's clits and sucking on each other's titties. It was like I had hit puberty again. I couldn't get enough but I was so afraid to act on it. My libido drove me crazy to the point of having to hide away in a janitor's closet at work and rub one out when I would see a woman that I thought was hot. I became a sex crazed woman who had to masturbate at least three times a day for a solid two months."

I tried to picture my mom hiding away in a janitor's closet in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the city, rubbing her clit to orgasm. My pussy started flowing with these images in my head. I tried squirming a little in the chair to give me some relief but to no avail. Her words were just super charging my senses as I soaked in her beauty and drank my coffee. I believe that she was becoming turned on just by sharing this with her daughter. Her nipples became more erect and I saw her squirm in her chair a little bit.

"The day that Christie walked up to me in the mall, I was on about day 62 of fantasizing about women on a full time basis. When I said she was an answered prayer, I was being completely honest. I had prayed that if this was something that I was supposed to try, then God would send me someone to try it with. Up walked Christie and she has taught me so much that I am indebted to her beyond reproach. She is beautiful and funny and makes me feel good in so many different ways. I feel so alive when I am with her, arm in arm, walking down the street or through the mall. I know you know what I am talking about."

I just nodded my head and looked at her lovingly. This was my mom telling me her biggest secret of our lives to me in great detail. I couldn't believe I was hearing these words come from her mouth. As I watched her continue, I noticed her puffy lips and pictured them sucking on my nipples. My cunt was dripping with those sights running through my brain. I smiled at her and encouraged her to go on with a nod of my head.

"Ashley, Christie is the best thing that has ever happened to me and it was so hard for me to keep this secret between us. I felt like I was betraying you by not telling the truth. I never lied to you but I was never completely honest. It feels good to finally get this all out and in the open. She makes me feel young again. I can't go longer than 24 hours without feeling her and tasting her. We have tried and we both decided that we could not do it again." She giggled a little sexy giggle and her titties bounced when she tried to stifle it. It was a glorious sight. "When she walks in my door at the end of a long day at the hospital, my spirits lift immediately and I get all tingly inside. I think that I am in love with her, Ashley. I truly mean that."

"Oh mama, that is awesome. Have you told her this yet?"

She diverted her eyes away from me and shook her head. "I am so afraid, Ashley. The last person that I told that I loved them was your father and we both know how that turned out."

I got up and walked over to her and wrapped her in a warm embrace. "Mama, you need to let her know how you feel. I can tell how happy she makes you and now that it is all in the open, you might as well come clean with her. Life is too short to not tell her. She might even be in love with you."

My mother looked up at me through my breasts and smiled. "You are so right Ash, I will tell her tonight. I can't live without her and I want to ask her to move in with me. Would that be too hard for you Ash?"

I pulled my mother's head into my cleavage and hugged her tight. "Mama, all I have ever wanted for you was to be happy. You deserve it and so much more. You have worked hard and you deserve a lot of happiness for all of that hard work. I think you should ask her, I know that she is not too happy with her current roommate. She would probably jump at the chance to live in this awesome home that you have made. Now, what do we do about our little situation?"

My mother pulled out of our embrace and stood up in front of me. She pulled me into a hug that was tight enough to feel her nipples brush against mine and made me tingle. She pulled me into a kiss that was like no mother and daughter should kiss. When she poked my lips with her tongue, I opened my lips and invited her in. My mama grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a kiss that was so fucking erotic; I almost came right then and there. I ran my fingers through her hair and pulled her into me and then rubbed my hands up and down her back.

When we broke for air, she pulled back and looked me in the eye and said, "I want to explore every inch of my baby girl's beautiful body. I want to kiss and lick you throughout that exploration. I want us to learn each other's body as we know our own. Let's go upstairs and start that exploration."

I hugged her and smiled. "Oh mommy, I thought you would never ask. Let's go!"

I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the kitchen, up the stairs and into her bedroom. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that things that were lying on the bed. I turned to look at my mom and she was blushing. My pussy started flowing down my leg when I turned back to the bed and saw all of the items that she had picked out. I believe that my mother was a kinky little whore who wanted to be dominated. Or did she want to dominate? I wasn't sure, so I asked.

"Mama, you are one kinky little bitch. Which role do you want to take on?"

"Oh sweetie, I believe that there is a time and place for everything. I like to switch back and forth depending on my day. If I have had a long day at work and have had to make lots of decisions, I let Christie dominate me and make me do the things that make her happy. I like to be told what to do in the bedroom. On the other hand, sometimes I like to make her do things and tie her up and make her helpless to my pleasure."

I was getting more turned on by the minute. I wasn't sure which role I wanted, but both sounded equally hot! I turned to look at her and said, "So, what kind of mood are you in this morning, mommy?" I said that in my most little girl voice that I could muster. Last night's episode with Sara helped me in this department and I wanted my mommy to use me like a little whore.

She smiled at me and said, "Well, I guess the empowerment that last night's orgy gave me, I feel like making you my little fuck slave for the day. What do you say? Can mommy fuck her baby girl like a little whore?"

I smiled timidly at her and said, "Mommy that is what I am here for. I want to be your little fuck toy. I want you to make me do things that you have wanted to for years."

She pulled me into another lusty embrace and kissed me like she meant it. She pulled back and looked me in the eye and with lust in her eyes said, "Ashley, I want to do this like it is our first time, ever. I want to go back years and pretend that I am coming to you in your bed for the first time and you not knowing anything. Can you act naïve, baby girl?"

"Oh mommy, you have no idea. That is one of my favorite role plays. First time incest kept me going for years in the fantasy department." I did not tell her that it was with my Auntie Pam that those fantasies were conjured up about. "I love playing the novice in a sexual relationship. Let's do it mama!"

"All right, that sounds great. You go over to that side of the bed and get dressed and then go lie down in your old bed. I want this to be special and defile you on your frilly little girl canopy bed decked out in pink. It makes me hot!"

I walked over to the side of the bed closest to the window and put on the frilly, lacy little nightgown that she had lying out. I put the baby doll socks on with the little pink bows and threw my hair up in the pigtail holders that she had setting there. I put the little panties on and turned around to see my mama watching me. She had lust in her eyes and her nipples were hard as rocks under her halter top. "You look so fucking awesome Ashley. Now, go into your room and under the covers and feign sleep. Give me ten minutes to come and tuck you in."

I walked to my old bedroom which was still decorated from when I was in high school. I loved this pink canopy bed. I had many a nights masturbating in this big bed. No man had ever entered this bedroom or this bed. I checked myself out in the full length mirror on the back of my closet door and thought I looked pretty damn hot. I pinched my nipples to make them stand erect and poking out of this lacy fabric. I could see that the little panties were already damp from my flowing wet cunt. I wasn't sure what to expect from my mama, but I had a feeling it was going to be hot as hell!

I pulled back my pink comforter on my bed and crawled up in the middle of it just like I used to sleep as a teenager. I rolled over to the side that faced my wall and drew my legs up into a fetal position. This was my favorite position to go to sleep in. I glanced at the digital clock on my bedside table and it told me that I had seven minutes to wait for my mommy to come in and seduce me. I could feel my cunt juices dripping down my thigh and ass cheeks and I wanted to see exactly how hot I was waiting for my mommy to fuck me like a whore.

I reached down between my legs and pulled the wet fabric away from my pussy lips and dip my finger in between my lips. I was amazed at exactly how wet I was and how hot my cunt seemed to be. This was erotic as hell and my body was telling me that in so many different ways. My clit was hard as a rock and poking out from under its little hood. It was as hard as any cock could have been. I touched myself and started moaning quietly. It felt so good and I couldn't wait to feel my mother's lips on my swollen clit. I had to feel inside my cunt and see how hot it was in there. I dipped my first two fingers inside my pussy and felt how tight and hot and wet I was. I slid my fingers in and out a couple of times and relished in the feeling that it gave me. I am such a whore!!!

I lost track of time quickly and before I knew it, I heard my bedroom door open and shut very quietly. I stopped rubbing my pussy and pulled up into a ball and moaned like I was dreaming. I felt her presence behind me, watching me. All of a sudden, I became very nervous. I started breathing a little more shallow and was afraid that I wouldn't be everything that she wants from her little girl. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to perform to her delight. I started weeping and then it started.

"Ashley, baby, is everything all right?" I felt her crawl into bed beside me and put her arm around me and pull me to her. "Are you having a bad dream, baby girl?"

I nestled back into her and could tell that she had her fuzzy bathrobe on. I moaned and nestled.

"Baby girl, it's all right. Mama is here and will protect you." She let her hand graze my tit and linger on my nipple and I stirred "awake".

"Oh mama, it was a terrible dream actually!"

"Tell mama about it. Sometimes it helps to talk about it to take it out of your subconscious and bring it to the conscious."

"Oh god no, mommy, I couldn't tell you about my dream. You wouldn't understand where it was coming from."

She rubbed up and down my arm and made sure to touch my breast on every stroke up and down. "Try me baby girl, Mommy wants to make her baby girl feel better. Mommy wants to make her baby girl feel real good!"

I turned around and looked her in the eye as I lie on my back, making myself more accessible to my mama. "I was dreaming that you were disappointed in me and weren't proud of me because of the poor performance. It hurt me so bad to be a disappointment in your eyes. I hated seeing the look of disdain from you. I don't ever want that to be the case, mama. I want you to be proud of me in everything that I do and try."

She looked down at me and kissed my forehead and then my cheek. She looked me in the eye and said, "Oh, baby girl that could never happen. I am so fucking proud of you and all I want is for my baby girl to feel good about herself and her mama. Let mama make you feel good this morning. Let me give you a chance to perform for mommy and turn you into what mommy wants from her little girl. Will you let mommy do that?"

"Oh mama, I will do anything you want me to. All I want to do is make you happy and proud of me. Please make me feel good mama!"

My sexy mama put her lips on my cheek and kissed me ever so lightly. She moved over a fraction of an inch closer to my mouth and kissed me lightly again. As she kissed me closer and closer to my mouth, I felt her hand graze over my left breast and lightly circle my nipple. I moaned and turned my head so that our lips touched the next time she kissed me. My mama's lips were so soft and met mine with a light touch that was both sensual and innocent at the same time. My pussy tingled when our lips met for the first time as mother and daughter, alone.

"Oh baby girl, you taste so good. Mommy loves your little nightgown. You look so pretty with your hair done up in pigtails and looking like mama's good little girl." She leaned in and kissed me again, and poked at my lips with her tongue. I opened my lips and invited her in and she took it from there. She slid her tongue into my mouth as she gently massaged my breast. I turned more toward her and she enveloped me in her arms. "I love the taste of my baby girl. Your mouth is so inviting with those big beautiful full lips of yours. And your nipples are so hard. All I want to do is make you feel good, my favorite girl."

"Oh Mommy, you make me feel so good. Please make me feel better Mommy. I want to make you happy in so many ways, Mama. I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel."

She leaned up on her elbow for a minute and looked me in the eye. "You are so beautiful baby girl. Mommy loves you so much and I want to show you just how much Mommy does love her little girl. Let Mommy make you her lover. Let Mommy make you feel good in ways only a mommy can. Open yourself to me baby girl and let Mama rock your world."

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled us into another very erotic kiss. Her hands were starting to roam and I followed her lead. I wanted to feel my mom's 38DD tits. That is the only physical feature that made us not look identical. Her boobs were bigger than mine and were pretty damn firm considering she breast fed me for two years through those wonderful mammary glands. I reached inside her robe to find that she had a leather bustier on and her tits were placed on top of the ledge for the tits and her breasts were bare to my touch. She moaned as I squeezed her right tit and began rolling her hard nipples between my thumb and fore finger.

She repeated my motion on me and went underneath the lacy nightgown that was the only thing between me and being naked. My nipples responded to her touch and I moaned out in ecstasy. It felt so good for my mother to be pinching my nipples while sticking her tongue down my throat. This was so fucking taboo that I got off on just the thought.

"Mommy, I want to see what you have on underneath that robe. I want to see what you dressed like to come and make your little girl feel so good. Please Mommy; I will take my gown off if you take off your robe."

She stood up from my bed and slowly undid the knot that was in her belt. Once the robe opened up and she shrugged it off of her shoulders, my pussy started flowing uncontrollably. There she stood in the black leather bustier, black fishnet stockings, a leather garter belt and six inch stiletto heeled Peter Pan type boots. My mouth watered and I sat up and flung off my nightgown and threw it across the room.

"Oh Mommy, you look beautifully sexy and so absolutely stunning. Come and make me feel good, Mommy!"

I lie back down and quickly took off the soaked panties that were keeping my prize away from my mom. She knelt down on the bed and quickly straddled me and leaned down and planted a strong lustful kiss on my waiting lips. She sat lightly on my belly and took both tits in her hands and started fondling and squeezing. I moaned into her kiss and she pinched my nipples.

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