tagSci-Fi & FantasyAshley's Tale 01

Ashley's Tale 01


Note: This occurs in the same world as Jezebel's Tale but twenty years later. You do not need to read Jezebel's tale first, but you might not understand some things as well as if you had. Especially the magic system, although it should become clearer in future chapters as the powers are used.

The first three chapters below contain MF with overtones of FF as well. I hope you enjoy it!

Ashley's Tale

Chapter 1

I look down the barrel of the shaking gun, looking into the wide blood shot eyes of the suspect. We were in a high foot traffic area near central park. I had no idea where my partner was. I started to wonder if my mother isn't right, is this why I put up with all the digging remarks and suspicious looks of my fellow police officers?

It started in the academy. As soon as they found out I wasn't human and would be part of the special task force I was forced to deal with suspicious looks.

The special task force was a mix of humans, and other races. It included mostly Angels or Demons that were cops already and were discovered in the past during the war. We are paired with a human, some idea to foster trusting relationships or some other crap probably. We are simply put there to handle what the normal police can't, usually involving one of the supernatural races.

In a way it is as it's always been, the supernatural police their own. Only now it is done within the human system. That means no more killing crazy ass demons or angels, they get a lawyer now.

Humans as a whole were happy of course, happy that there were no more hospitals, no more worries about deadly diseases. After all an Angel would heal them if they got sick. Or the fact that fires taking many lives and spreading to be large conflagrations are mostly in the past, thanks to both Demons and Angels.

So in a way it was a better world now, 25 years after my mother along with aunt Jezebel changed the world for good or ill by declaring Angels and Demons were real.

I had wanted to make a difference too. But despite the better shape of the world as a whole...

One on one, where humans had to talk to or relate with a demon, angel or witch during the course of their day? Suspicion, hatred and prejudice ran rampant, mostly from fear. I knew it was natural. We were scary to a human without powers. Knowing that didn't really help me though.

So in some ways, the world was a darker place.

Why I could mesmerize someone, or kill them with a dirty look if the thought crossed my mind. Probably in a multitude of different ways as well, which to be fair was true.

Bullshit! Like a human with a gun, or rocket, or a nuclear weapon for that matter wasn't dangerous? Granted, we couldn't be disarmed, but still, it was frustrating.

Then of course there were the crazies, that were convinced this was the tribulation and we had escaped hell. Not that many, but enough to keep me on my toes. I never knew when I would run into some self professed assassin of evil...

I was worse than an evil witch being in congress with a demon from hell, otherwise known to me as mom and dad. I was the offspring.

So here I was on my first day on the job, recent graduate of the academy, with a human pointing a gun at my face. I wasn't that worried, I had a charm that stopped bullets. In fact all the police did, the witches made a killing making these charms that replaced the old bullet proof vests. Problem was there were a lot of people around, I needed to be careful or he could kill one, or take a hostage.

I was half succubus and half witch. I did not get overwhelming powers from either side. In fact, I kind of sucked at being a witch, or at least, certain aspects of it. My mother's main weapon was always gravity, I suck at gravity. I don't know if it's my temperament or not, but I can never get the strength right.

Chances are if I tried, it would either not be strong enough to disarm him and he would go on a killing spree. Or it would be so powerful he would implode to the size of a walnut. Either option was bad.

I had the standard succubus abilities, but no fire. My demon side wasn't that strong. And mesmerizing wouldn't work right now, the guy looked strung out and half insane. Seducing him and pulling his energy was out as well for the same reason. I was deciding if I should use low level lightning to knock him unconscious or just take him with my hands.

Aunt Jezebel had taught me to fight well, among other things, and that I was good at. Plus I knew I was probably too fast for him to react.

Apparently I was taking too long to decide because for some reason he turned and started running. I rolled my eyes when I saw him head into the park. I didn't even bother to move. I might suck with gravity, but I was a witch, and nature was my domain. I wasn't bad at everything after all. I had trouble with primal forces, like gravity, or building a portal.

But life? That I was good at.

I closed my eyes and connected to the world around me. I could sense every blade of grass and tree within the park. Most would think that would be overwhelming, but a witch's mind will expand when using power. I was connected to a million different things right now and all of it was crystal clear in my mind.

All the humans in the park were pinpointed by the blades of grass they stepped on, or the bark of the tree they leaned against. Including the crazy one with the gun. I simply waited until he ran close enough to a tree. I commanded the roots to shoot up from the ground, wrap around his legs and hold his arms to his sides. Then I disarmed him.

I opened my eyes and snickered.

That's when I heard my partner Bonnie scream out in frustration, "Ash!"

I turned around and watched as she ran the rest of the way and felt a little guilty. Maybe I had run a little too fast for a human, I hadn't wanted crazy gun guy to get away. Okay, way too fast for a human.

Bonnie was gorgeous, I had seen her in the locker room earlier. She had long raven hair and blue eyes. She was about five foot eight and had a generous set of C cups.

She was three years older than me at twenty six and had been on the force for three years. I had a feeling I was her first rookie break in. I could see her C cups bounce as she ran over with a scowl on her face.

She hid her attractiveness well though in the professional clothes. In the special unit we do not wear police uniforms, much like detectives. I think she did it on purpose to be professional. Once the work clothes came on she was almost androgynous with her long hair put up, no makeup and clothes that hid most of her curves.

She had been nice to me most of the day, apparently one of the few people not bothered by super naturals. But now she looked pissed, and I probably deserved it.

Crap. I definitely deserved it.

I said softly, "Sorry, I wasn't thinking. I didn't want to let him get away." God, my voice sounded like a whiney five year old. I shuddered.

She glared. I ignored what that did to my center. I would not be hitting on my partner. No matter how hot she was. I would not hit on my partner. Damn succubus libido. Nope, not hitting on the partner. It was like a mantra to hold back my inner succubus. Stupid slut.

She growled, "Damn it rookie, how many times were you told never to leave your partner. And you do it on the first damn day too."

She sighed in exasperation and continued in a more normal voice. "Look Ashley, you can't ever leave your partner. I don't care if you can fly or run around the world in two seconds, you just can't do it without me. I will let this one go, it is a first day for us both, of sorts. But if you do it again I will report it and you will be done, understand?"

I nodded slowly in answer. I wondered how long I would make it before they kicked me out. I knew she was letting it go because she knew the captain would take almost any reason to drum me out.

After all witches weren't in law enforcement, I was the first one, half or not. I don't think he knew how to deal with me. He was grudgingly accepting of the demons and angels, especially since he had unknowingly been friends with a few for years before Angels and Demons came out.

But a witch? Those beings made the special handcuffs to suppress power, the bullet proof charms, and knockout charms. They built and sold stuff to the government to help deal with super natural criminals. They were nebulous and hidden for the most part. They were also the most powerful of the super naturals, relatively, and it freaked him out.

Witches weren't supposed to be enforcing the law. Not until me anyway.

Just because I understood why though doesn't mean I excuse it. I hate the fucking prick. But hating your boss is normal, right?

I said, "Umm, he is this way." I pointed into the park.

She lifted her brows in question, "I thought he got away when I found you alone."

I smiled and said with a hint of mirth, "If you ever run from a witch Bonnie, don't pick the woods."

She snickered and I led her to the tree. We got the cuffs on him and patted him down before I returned the roots to the ground. He was out of control and screaming bloody murder as I put the weapon in an evidence baggie. Bonnie kept trying to put him unconscious with a charm.

Night sticks had been replaced as well with charms to put someone unconscious, but it wasn't working. Something about a better way to subdue a suspect without excessive violence. It was probably right because since it wasn't working, I wanted to kick his ass until he shut up.

I said, "Yeah, I think he is insane, I couldn't get him to go peacefully either. Something about an insane person's mind works differently. I could always knock him out with a light charge of electricity, but that would probably get us sued for brutality."

She shook her head. "This should be fun," she said sarcastically, "Let's get him brought in, or better yet, call a patrol car in since this guy is human anyway, not our focus."

I made the call, and suggested they find some tranquilizers...


Some first day, I blushed remembering my screw up. It was pretty late. I knew there would be a lot of paperwork in this job, but not that much.

I got changed into some everyday clothes. The clothes I had for work were nice, but too nice. I pulled up a pair of jeans and threw a pink tank top over my head and looked in the mirror.

I was shorter than mom, just five foot two. I did however have her long light blonde hair and blue eyes. My breasts were an average B size and I tended to let them stay that way, I got hit on enough as it was. At least until they find out I am not human, then they usually find somewhere else they need to be.

People have told my face is a cross between cute and sexy. This had gotten me a little flak in the academy. In addition to being not human I was cute and petite with a little sexy thrown in. Who would take my authority seriously? Of course that stopped when I swept the class in self defense, after I kicked all their asses they went back to the nasty looks.

I knew I could release pheromones to make my life a little easier, make people inclined to overlook the nonhuman issue all together. The truth is if they couldn't deal with what I was, then I didn't want to know them.

I am not dating anyone right now, and Sam, my sometimes lover, was off god knows where. I kind of missed him but he was in homeland security, so we never did get together, at least not more than a few days at a time. He was out of town too much.

I knew my succubus was hungry if I was pining for Sam so I went out to feed. Sometimes I went to triple X theatres to feed, sometimes to a tit bar. The truth was though I wasn't up to a sleazy pickup line right now and a club was filled with just as much lust if not more to tell the truth. Not that I wouldn't get a pick up line in a club, just probably not as crude. There was something about women walking around half naked that seemed to make men believe a sleazy crude line would have me spreading my legs. I didn't get it. Not all of them of course, but enough to make it not worth going.

I knew a place with a ladies night on a Monday, so I went over and inside.

It was a slow night, but there were plenty of horny young men out there looking to score. A few women as well seemed to be deciding who to go home with.

I let my succubus energy loose and hooked into about fifteen people and started to take a little from each. My nipples tightened and my breathing picked up as I fed, I both loved and hated the feeling.

I hated I didn't have a choice. I was a slave to my nature and needed to feed. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the rush or the erotic stirring of my center however. When I took a bit of life energy from each I moved along to the next group.

"Drink?" the bartender asked.

I ordered a screwdriver and started sipping on it. By the time I was done with my drink I felt well fed and desperate for a good fuck. Not because of my need to feed, I was full now, but because of what feeding had done for my libido.

I put down the drink and left before someone hit on me, knowing what would happen at this point if confronted with temptation.

I love sex of course. I am a succubus, and also a young healthy woman. I just tried to avoid meaningless one night stands. I was mostly successful. Especially being twenty three now I had a better handle on it. I wanted more than cheap tawdry sex with a stranger.

Some of it was training as well, Aunt Jezebel had gone over all the stupid shit she did and regrets when she was younger. Giving my inner succubus free reign would be a bad idea.

I sighed as I pulled up to my condo high rise. I was tempted to go back out and search for Mr. right now, or even Miss right now, but I had to be up early for my shift. I took the elevator up to my floor. I had a pretty nice place for my salary, mostly because I had family money.

I almost cringed when I ran into Lou getting off the elevator, my neighbor. He was thirty two and six feet tall, a little overweight but not obese. He found out what I was a few weeks ago and has been trying to get me in the sack since. He wants to know what it's like to fuck a succubus. I might have shown him too, if he wasn't so damn creepy about it. He was fairly attractive after all.

He said suggestively, "Hi Ashley, anything I can help you with?"

I almost smiled, that was the most subtle line I heard from him, ever. But I didn't want to encourage him so I kept it in.

I said pleasantly, "No thanks Lou, I'm doing just fine."

I went in to my apartment, drank some wine and felt lonely. I knew I didn't have to be, but I was being picky, maybe too picky? Maybe I was being too stubborn, overcompensating for the succubus inside me? No, I did have my affairs. I loved sex, just refused to be a one night stand. I went to bed frustrated, after an hour or so I managed to sleep.

Chapter 2

I woke up about seven and jumped in the shower. I was still feeling frustrated a bit so I spent some extra time working things out, after all I had that nice hand held showerhead and a place to sit and some time before work.

Feeling a lot better I got dressed. I dug out the professional looking clothes but wore a nice lacey matching set of black panties and a bra underneath.

I grabbed a bite to eat quick, just eating in the kitchen and took off out the door with a full coffee. I made it in plenty of time for eight and wondered who I would be partnered with today. Could be Bonnie, could be someone else.

That's when I heard my captain's voice call out, "Price, get in here!"

Oh crap, now what. Only my second day, I felt like I was off to the principal's office.

I could feel the annoyance radiating from him as I entered the office. I would need one of his hairs or something to actually read his thoughts, but emotions I could pick up from anyone close by. As long as I wasn't blocking it out that is. It could really get distracting in a crowd.

"Yes Captain?"

He didn't look happy about me being in his office. Perversely that made me feel much better, I figured if I was in trouble he would be radiating satisfaction.

He said without preamble, "Did you hear about last night? Joe Tiernes, a beat cop, was shot last night in the shoulder. His partner got him to a healing center and he is okay."

I looked up in surprise, there hadn't been a cop shot in a long time. Not since the charms were put into use. It didn't make any sense.

He frowned at me, as if what he was going to say was painful, "From what I understand there are very few things that can do that. My choices are limited as we do not normally have access to a witch, we would have to send the bullet to the FBI. I do not want to do that, I want the son of a bitch that shot my officer. I need you to go down to ballistics evidence and see if you can figure it out."

Oh, son of a bitch. He is annoyed because he needs my help, the help he has been trying to stonewall up until this point. Asshole.

Still, I was curious.

I just hope it wasn't elven. They still haven't shown themselves to the humans and I didn't want to be the one to do it. Mostly because they would kill my ass. I couldn't imagine a witch would do it either, but what exactly did that leave?

I said, "Yes sir, I'll get right on it."

He said, "Take Linder with you, she is your partner again today."

I nodded and left his office. Bonnie was over at her desk so I went over and filled her in on what the captain told me. We took the elevator and headed down. I looked her over quick. She had on black flats and a grey woman's suit. It looked really bad on her. Sadly it turned me on a little. Seeing the hints of the curvy beautiful woman I knew was hiding under the professional clothes turned me on.

I will not hit on my partner, I will not hit on my partner...

I wondered if she wore sexy lingerie underneath like I did. I know for me it made me feel more feminine and sexy, despite the annoyingly conservative clothes we were required to wear while on the job. The elevator took its sweet time getting us to the second floor.

Or it could have been her scent driving me crazy and the elevator was moving just fine.

Evidence told us the bullet was already being examined for fingerprints or anything else useful in Ballistics by Eddie. I imagine they were trying to see if we had the fire arm used in the database as well. Bonnie and I headed into ballistics, Eddie looked up and smiled.

He said, "Captain called down, said you were on the way. I assume you need to touch it?"

I said, "Doesn't have to be with my fingers, but yes."

He sighed, "Just a sec, need to make sure there are no partials on this thing first, then we need to fill out the paperwork on it."

I groaned. Why did I want a job with all this paperwork again?

He chuckled but said, "You know how it works, only a witch can break evidence procedure and actually touch something, but it needs to be recorded. Otherwise we risk the perp getting off on a technicality."

I agreed and waited for him to get done. Then I filled out the paperwork. To be fair at least it was electronic now, it didn't take that long to fill out. Then I had him drop it in my palm.

It felt... Wrong. I knew instantly what it was and called up to my captain.

"This is Price sir. It was a demon curse, no way to mistake it. I felt it as soon as it hit my hand."

Captain said, "Demon curse? Why don't I know about that, what is it?"

I thought about it for a moment, putting my thoughts together. Truth be told, I was relieved by what I found out. If there had been a rogue witch out there the human response would probably have been excessive...

"You probably haven't heard about it because it is rare. As you know sir only some demons are powerful enough to cast fire. Well even less have the power to do a curse, and even then not until they have exceeded a thousand years of life. Whoever did this is very old and dangerous sir."

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