tagTransgender & CrossdressersAsh's New Life Ch. 02

Ash's New Life Ch. 02


The next morning I was awoken by Kris coming in and sitting on the edge of the bed next to me. She kissed me on the cheek and said it was time to get up and asked how I slept. I told her great except for the wet spot in my panties where bob's cum had leaked out of me during the night. She then asked if I was ready for a bath I shook my head yes and got out of bed following her to the bathroom.

She told me I looked adorable in my blue nightie and said that she would have fucked me too if I had dressed like that for her. I told her to go to the bathroom and said go ahead as she started the water. So I pulled out my special part and was about to start peeing when I felt a hard smack on my ass. She said' "from now on you will sit like a lady to pee and if you don't you will get more then a mild smack on the ass."

So I turned around pulled my panties down to my knees and sat to pee for the first of many times. When I was finished the bath was full and she had me strip naked and climb in. she washed my hair for me then put soap on a rag and washed me paying extra close attention between my legs. Then she had me raise one leg out of the water and she ran her hand over it. Then said, "I'm going to have to get you waxed."

So she had me get out of the tub and climb into the shower stall to rinse off. She left me to go make an appointment. I stood there letting the waterfall over my naked body thinking about my decision. On one hand I lost my entire man hood, but on the other I was always treated better as a girl and got more attention and felt it was what I was meant to be. All and all I decided it was the right choice and smiled to myself then she walked back in and I turned off the water.

She said all set tomorrow at 10 a.m. I climbed out of the stall and started to dry off while she stood there looking at me then she spoke "how can a hunk like you make such a sexy girl?"

I told her I had no idea and we went into the bedroom. She said, "what I planned can wait a little while. You and I are going to breakfast so we can have 'girl talk'."

I replied, "what did you have planned anyway?"

She said "that's a surprise for another time."

She then walked over to my dresser and opened the top drawer and pulled out pink, silk, string bikini, panties with lace trim and a bow in the middle of the waistband. Then throwing them on the bed opened the second drawer and pulled out a matching bra. Throwing it on the bed next drawer matching garter belt and thigh highs. Throwing those on the bed as well she said "ok enough lingerie"

She closed the drawer and walked over to the closet and pull out a hot pink mini skirt, which I thought was a tube top and then a white T-shirt that said 'angel' on it in hot pink across the chest. Then she helped me start dressing. First the bra and fake breast forms. Then the garter belt and thigh highs. She said it would be easier to go to the bathroom with them on over the panties. Then the skirt then the shirt. She then walked over to the closet and puled out 3" ankle strap heels and I sat on the bed to put them on.

Next it was over to the make up table where she did my make up while I painted my nails pink to match the underwear, not my skirt. Then when she was done she did hers while I watched in amazement. She noticed my staring and said "don't worry you'll learn to do your own one way or another."

I smiled in anticipation. She handed me a small pink purse that matched my skirt. She went to her room and got hers. We then walked outside I started heading for her car, she stopped me and asked where I was going I replied, "I thought we were taking your car I don't have my keys."

She told me to check my purse. I did and pulled my keys noticing there were a couple others I didn't know what they went to as I turned off the alarm and pressed the button to unlock and open the lambo style doors (if you can't tell I am very proud of my 2000 civic si ). We got in and I asked her what the other keys were to as I put the key in the ignition. She said, "ones to our house and the others are to my car in case I have yours and you want to go somewhere."

She then pulled out hers and showed me she had a set to my car as well. I just said ok started the car and we were off. We went to ihop since it was the only place still serving breakfast, being noon and all. We were sat in a booth her across from me we ordered, well she ordered for us. When the waiter walked away she said, "so tell me how long have you been dressing and how did it start? I want to know everything."

I took a sip of my water and started. "It's a long story, it all started when I was twelve. I came across an add in the newspaper for women's panties and wondered what it would be like to wear them. The next time I went to my dad's house I snuck into my stepsister's room and took a pair of her beauty and the beast panties (she's two years younger then me). Went and hid in the bathroom and tried them on I instantly even at that young age knew what I had been missing. I was never like the other guys and felt weird being around them. It went on and I would take a different pair every so often. It soon grew and I tried on her training bras, then her dress and skirts. Once when I was there by myself I even put on her hot pink one-piece bathing suit and went swimming in the pool. I got to a point where I felt more normal in her clothes then my own.

"I knew if I didn't stop I would get caught. I also started to think I was a freak. So I stopped till I turned sixteen. I got a job and a computer, which opened my eyes to a whole New World. I realized I wasn't the only one who did this and that I wasn't a freak I was just expressing myself. So I started up again this time I bought my own panties.

"It was weird the first couple of times it seemed like everyone was staring at me and knew my secret. Then after a while it seemed natural, I started wearing panties everyday under my male clothes and every Halloween or costume party I would dress as a girl. That bring me to my wonderful new life as a girl all the time."

I finished as the waiter arrived with our food. We started to eat and I asked her how they ended up with a girl like me. She said. "Well we wanted to try new things and I've always had lesbian fantasies of giving the cock instead of getting is so to speak. And I want a tranny because," she made me promise not to tell, "I'm not getting my fill in the bedroom. That's one reason I talked him into you."

Then under the table she slipped her shoe off and slid her foot up my skirt. Then started rubbing my crotch with it and said, "I know you can please me, he still doesn't know we were an item a couple years ago and that's how I knew about your little fetish. I noticed my panties in the wrong place a couple times and knew."

I turned red as I took the last bite. She finished right after me we finished our drinks got up and walked to the counter to pay. I started to open my purse, she stopped me saying we are on bob's tab today and pulled out his credit card. She handed it to the man as he checked us out she signed the ticket and we giggled to each other as we walked out to the car. I turn off the alarm and open the doors. She grabs my ass saying, "I love how they open like that with just a press of a button."

We got in, I start the car and she pats me on my exposed thigh and says, "I feel like shopping on bob's tab too."

I reply, "sounds good to me."

I back out and we are off to the mall. While there we buy at least one item a piece out of every store. She looks at me at the last store and says, "I'm horny as hell. Are you thinking what I am?"

I say, "I am, my place or yours?"

She replies "yours it's closer and we won't be disturbed."

We practically run to my car and I speed all the way to my place. We walk in and I offer her a drink and she says yes and asks to use my phone and I tell her go for it as I walk into the kitchen. I come back in as she is getting off the phone with bob telling him we are still shopping and don't worry if he gets home before us. As soon as she gets off the phone I hand her the drink. Then she instantly switches to mistress mode and tells me she wants me bent over the coffee table with my panties around my ankles now!

I jump and in seconds my panties are around my ankles and I am bent over the table. She then stands behind me pulling up my skirt she smacks my ass and says; "you have a very cute female ass."

She reaches under her skirt and takes off her panties and puts them on the table. I look at them as she pulls up her mini dress and regains my attention by saying "I've waited to do this for two and a half years prepare to be really fucked."

Then I feel a dick at my sore ass and look back and she is wearing a strap-on and as soon as I realize this she slides the head inside me and I groan in pleasure/pain. She spats at me "shut up and take it like the slut you are.

Then picking her panties up off the table she rubs the crotch against her crotch and then stuffs them crotch first in my mouth. She starts pushing the strap-on further into me slowly until it's all the way in then she pulls out slowly till just the head is in. she then slides back in and then out slowly. All of a sudden she thrusts it in making me cry out and she starts fucking me hard she fucks me till she has an orgasm from the nub inside the harness. Then she pulls out and falls back on the couch in her post orgasmic state.

I stay where I am until she gets up takes her panties out of my mouth and leads me to the bedroom. She takes me in her arms and kisses me then she takes my shirt off and unzips my mini skirt and I let it fall around my ankles. I reach behind her and unzip her mini dress and it falls to the floor. She reaches down and unhooks the strap on while we continue kissing. She breaks the kiss and puts her mouth to my ear and whispers, "I fucked you now I want you to fuck me."

I don't need to be told twice. I lay her on her back on the bed kissing her and she spreads her legs around me. My cock instantly finds her hole and I slide slowly into her well-lubricated pussy. I lovingly fuck her while we kiss and feel on each other's tits. We fuck slowly and passionately for a good hour and a half. Finally I feel my orgasm build and shoot deep inside her. We lay there for a few minutes holding each other till my cock deflates. We get up and get dressed and go back to her place.

Bob is waiting for us when we get there. We walk in and says, "good you're here, lets go to dinner"

We pile into his suv and go to a fancy kind of restaurant for dinner. We talk over dinner and bob tells us he is going on a business trip for a couple weeks and leaves first thing in the morning. We talk about this for the remainder of the night. After dinner we go home and we are all tired and go straight to bed.

I hear them talking through the walls and bobs is yelling asking her who fucked her. She tells him, "I let the poor little slut fuck me because I felt sorry for it."

My eyes instantly filled with tears. Did she really mean that? Was I nothing but a little slut she felt sorry for? I ended up crying myself to sleep trying to answer these questions...

To be continued...

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