tagTransgender & CrossdressersAsh's New Life Ch. 07-08

Ash's New Life Ch. 07-08


Chapter 7

At about eleven thirty I was awoken by the sound of voices down stairs. I lay there listening and then mommy came in and told me they were horny and were probably gonna come up and try to fuck me. I thanked her for warning me on her way out she pressed a button hidden next to the dresser and smiled. As soon as she was out of the room I giggled to my self and stripped down to my purple bra and panties. I sat on the bed in a sexy pose and waited.

A few minutes later my door opened and in walked daddy and bob. I looked at them and smiled sweetly saying, "You two look like you could use a hot mouth and tight ass to fuck."

They walked towards me grinning undoing they're pants and taking them off. The stood in front of my bed together and I got on my hands and knees in front of them. I smiled as I took each of their cocks in my hands. I slowly started stroking them and switching between them kissing and licking the heads. When they were both hard as a rock daddy moved to the other side of the bed behind me and slowly slid down my panties as bob grabbed my hair and slowly slid his cock into my mouth.

I felt my panties reach my name and moaned around bob's cock as I felt daddy pushed his cock inside me. They fucked me in both holes oddly for a few minutes and then the got on the same rhythm and pushed in at the same time and pulled out at the same time. They used my holes relentlessly like this for an amount of time. Then all of a sudden the pull out of me and I gasp for air and my ass is sore. I fall to my stomach on the bed and lay there as they switch places.

The left me back up onto hands and knees and pick up right where they left off except daddy in my mouth and bob in my ass. I taste myself on daddy's cock as it slides in and out. They continue they're assault as tears fall from my eyes and I fight for breath. After a few minutes daddy pulls out and tells bob he will be right back and walks out of the room. My upper body falls on the bed as bob holds my hips up continuing to fuck me as I cry and gasp for air.

Daddy came back a few minutes later and I didn't even pay attention to what he had in his hands as I lay there and took my pounding. A minute later bob pulled out and stepped back, I felt something being put around my left ankle then the right spreading them wider then they already were. Then bob grabs my wrists and fishes them between my legs and I feel handcuffs being clicked on. After they are secure and I am let go I try to pull them and they are hooked around the bar between my legs. Then daddy walked around in front of me as bob pulled my panties back up. He was holding a ball gag masked that consisted of leather straps that totally incased my head. He looked down at me and said that I was in for a long night and I was going to make him some extra cash for the bills me and mommy piled up while he was gone. I looked up at him with pleading eyes and said "please no daddy, I'll do anything just don't do that to me."

He told me to shut up and open my mouth it's too late for apologize there are already people waiting for me. I slowly opened my mouth, as my last freedom was take from me he stuffed the ball in my mouth and strapped it around my head. Then bob picked me up as I wrestled against my bounds they took me down stairs and out the front door. Daddy popped the back hatch and bob placed me in on knees and face with my butt facing the back. They closed the hatch as I continued to fight my bounds crying and scared. I heard them get in and turn on the truck and we were off.

We drove for a little while and I have no idea where we were but daddy and bob got out and I heard talking then the back hatch was opened. And someone got up behind me I felt my panties come down and a cock invaded my hole I screamed into the gag as the guy relentlessly pounded my sore hole. It only lasted a few minutes with his speed and intensity and he pulled out and covered my ass with his cum. He then pulled my panties back up and watched for a second as his cum soaked into them. Then he got out the hatch was closed there was a little more talking and we were on our way again.

We got to the next house again heard talking then he got in behind me and slid inside me. I thought I was going to be ripped in half he was at least twice the size of the biggest cock I felt and hit twice as deep. He was at least somewhat gentle up it still hurt like hell. He fucked me for the longest time and as the guy before he pulled out as he started to cum and sprayed my ass with it. He looked at my hole for a second and then daddy and bob walked around and looked and they joked for a minute about how stretched I was and how my hole stayed open. I heard them say they could see way down into it and that now I was loose just like a whore. I cried some more as my panties were pulled up and the hatch was closed again.

We got to the next place and again I heard talking then the hatch was opened and a guy climbed in and pulled my panties down, he instantly told daddy and bob that I was a cheap whore and that I had already been loosened up. He obviously didn't care because as he was finishing his sentence he thrust his dick all the way inside me. He didn't hurt near as bad as the first 2 guys due to the fact I was spread the way I was. He fucked me hard and I felt every thrust had as his pelvis met my ass. He fucked me for a long time and then I heard daddy tell him come on we don't have all night. Like that was all it took he pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my ass. He pulled my panties up as he got out my makeup was all running from my tears as the back hatch was closed.

Daddy and bob got in a minute later and we were on the road again. Daddy called back that we were heading home but I still had 2 more cocks to cover my ass with they're cum. It was a long drive home I just stay there in the back tears running down my face thinking about the anguish I was just put through. Also how I was going to make him pay for it.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway daddy and bob came back and took me out of the back. Bob carried my quivering body in and put me on knees and face on my bed. Daddy came in a minute later with something my eyes were blurry and I couldn't see. Then I felt bob pull my panties down and slide his cock into me he pounded me for only a few minutes before pulling out and spraying my ass. Then he pulled up my panties and daddy let it soak in for a few minutes as bob left the room for bed.

When daddy decides my panties had soaked up enough he got on his knees behind me and slowly pulled my panties down. He told me what a good slut I had been tonight and that he made quite a bit of money off my little ass even if it was stretched pretty badly now. Then he told me that just means I can fuck you like a real slut now and not worry about hurting you. He shoved his dick inside me without warning. I cried out into my gag and he yelled at me to keep it up he loves it when sluts beg him to stop through a gag.

He fucked me relentlessly trying to hurt me for a good 30 minutes before he lost it and came inside me. When he was done he walked over to the dresser and picked up what he carried in with him. He walked over and grabbed me by the hair forcing me too look at it. It was a huge purple double-ended dildo that had to be twice as wide as the 2nd guy's dick. He looked down at me and said, "I like you stretched so you will stay that way."

Then he walked behind me and worked it deep inside me I cried out in pain and he just laugh he pushed it in as far as it would go then he bent the rest of it forward and pulled my panties up over it. He touched it through my panties and said, "now you look like a slut with a cock."

He laughed as he walked to the door flipped off the light and said, "I hope you're not to uncomfortable tonight." And he walked out leaving me there fully bound on knees and face on the bed and a huge dildo in my hole. I cried and fought against my bounds until I finally passed out from exhaustion.

Chapter 8

The next morning I was awoken by yelling. I was still tied up gagged and stuff there for all I could do was lay there and listen as mommy and daddy argued loudly. A few minutes later daddy stomped out the door I know this because mommy came in shortly after. First the she pulled my panties down pulling the toy out of me. Then she untied me and took me into her arms apologizing for the abuse he put me through. She looked down at me and smiling she said, "it will be over when he comes back."

I lay there crying with her holding me until we heard his car pull back into the driveway. She went to the closet and got me a cotton mini dress she sat me up and helped me put it on. Then she helped me up and I could barely walk so she helped me down to the living room. I sat down on the couch while they started at each other again. After about five minutes mommy picked up the remote to the VCR and pressed play.

Daddy stood in shock as he saw what came on the TV. It was him fucking me he was lost for words. Mommy said, "caught. Here is the deal if you don't want the world seeing this tape you will leave MY house. You will leave me ALL of MY money and I will never hear from you again. And as for your buddy bill." She fast forwarded it, "if he doesn't want his marriage to be non existent he will be sending me five hundred dollars a month. Now get your clothes and your friend and get out."

He was shocked and scared that she would stand true to her word of sending out the tape. He went up stairs and woke bob and got his clothes while mommy sat down on the couch with me and hugged me. Once they were gone she got up and locked the door. she went to the kitchen and came back with some wine and 2 glasses. She poured us some and said, "a toast to us and my love for you." I smiled and we drank our wine.

After have a bottle we went upstairs and climbed into her bed. We cuddled for a while and then she pulled me on top of her kissing me. She broke the kiss and stripped me naked and said three words "fuck me RJ". I slowly slid her jeans off and then her shirt and bra and then finally her panties. I moved my head down between her legs and began to lightly and slowly lick her pussy. I moved my tongue from the top to the bottom slowly then I took her clit into my mouth sucking and licking it and teasingly nibbling. I let it rtract out of my moth and I slid my tongue into her hole and slowly moved it in and out.

I smiled up at her as I pulled my face away I moved up and kissed her letting her taste herself. Then I reached down and grabbed my cock and slid it inside her pussy slowly her moaning as I enter. I moved my mouth to her neck and lightly bit sucked liked and kissed it as I slowly moved in and out of her. I would pick up a little bit of speed every time. After a little while we decided to change position to one of my favorites I pulled out and laid her on her right side. I got on my knees over her right leg then took her left leg and put it on my shoulder and slid back into her. We fucked lovingly and passionately till we exploded I collapsed on the bed next to her and we lay there cuddling for hours. And I just thought 'now we can be like this forever.' I smiled to myself as I went to sleep next to her.


I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this story and you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I can't say this story is over because you never know but for now I am done there are bigger and better things to write.

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