tagTransgender & CrossdressersAsh's New Life Ch. 05-06

Ash's New Life Ch. 05-06


Chapter 5

The next day I was dusting the living room when daddy came through the door with a friend. He held up his arms and I went to him, he hugged me tight. Then he introduced me to his friend named bob. Daddy said he was only in town for a couple days and he was gonna stay with us. He told me to show him in and make him comfortable while he went and found mommy.

I take him into the living room, offer him a seat and ask if I can get him anything to drink. He says yes and I go into the kitchen and get him one. I bring it out to him and go back to my dusting. I can tell he is watching me as I bend over to get the lowest shelf. He comes up behind me pushing his crotch against me. He reaches under me and gropes my chest.

Then I hear mommy clear her throat behind me. I jump up and turn to look at her. She says, "ash take him to your room and show him what a girl like you can do. But first walk into the kitchen with me."

We walk into the kitchen and she tells me the cameras are on and to put on a good show. I replied "yes ma'am" with a little giggle and skipped back into the living room. I took bob by the hand and said "come on sir lets go to my room and I'll show you what kind of service I specialize in."

I lead him up the stairs him behind me peeking up my dress to my room. We walk in and I close the door behind him as he walks over and sits on the bed. I get down on my hands and knees and crawl over to him in a sexy manor. I crawl between his legs and looking up at him innocently, I undo his belt then his pants. I pull his boxers down until his cock is completely exposed. I smile still looking up at him then I move my mouth to it and kiss the head lightly with my red painted lips. I then slip my tongue out of my mouth and roll it over the head then all the way down it making him moan. Next I take him into my mouth just the head at first and I lick and suck it. I slowly move my mouth down his cock until all of it is in my mouth and down my throat. I pull my mouth back up till just the head is in and go all the way back down.

After a little while of me doing this he grabs my hair and pulls me off. He stands me up then he orders me to take my panties off and get on hands and knees on the bed. I start to reach up my dress while he watches I stop and ask him to turn around and give me some dignity. He agrees and turns around, I take my panties off turn to one of the cameras and pull the front of my dress up showing that I'm not a real girl and smile big.

I crawl onto the bed on hands and knees while he strips. When he is done he gets on his knees on the bed behind me. He pulls my dress up and slowly slides his cock inside me. I moan loudly as he pushes all the way in then pulls out and then pushes back in again. He moves in and out of me picking up speed with each stroke. He fucks me like his own personal slut for about twenty minutes pulling my hair and calling me dirty names. All of a sudden he pulls out and tells me to move I do as I am told and he lies on his back. He has me stand over him on the bed facing him.

He tells me he wants me to ride him so I squat down reach between my legs and position his cock at my hole. I moan as I slide down on his hard cock taking it all the way in. he reaches up and grabs my hips setting me at a rhythm he likes and I bounce up and down on his cock. As I speed up he reaches up and feels my fake tits through my dress. I ride his cock like a pro and in no time he is moaning and filling my hole with his seed. I scream it feels so good. Then I lay down on top of him, his deflating cock still inside me I look dead at one of the cameras and smile big as I think to my self "I just made my first porn video and I have another to make.

Chapter 6

After laying there about 20 minutes I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I reapplied my make up and walked back into the bedroom and put my panties back on. I went and found mommy in the kitchen drinking some tea waiting for me. She hugged me and said "good girl you just gave us double the pay off."

I stand there smiling not knowing what she is talking about. She tells me her, daddy, and bob are going out to dinner and to the bar for a little while tonight and I will be left here to do as I please. I smile and tell her I am going to go take a shower and dress in something more comfortable. She nods and I go up stairs to the bathroom.

I strip naked folding my uniform and setting it on the counter and I get into the shower smiling to myself happy I made mommy proud. As I was turning off the water mommy came in, dressed to kill, she tells me they are leaving and she left money for me to order pizza, and a copy of my movie is in my panty drawer if I want to watch it while they are gone. She kisses me on the cheek and leaves as I dry off.

When I am dry I go to my room and instantly go in my drawer I pull out the tape and it is labeled 'ash's first porn, act 1'. I smile and put it on the bed and pull out a pair of purple string bikini panties and matching bra. I put them on and the go in the second and third drawers and pull out a black spaghetti strap shirt and very short blue shorts. I put them on and then go over to my make up table and do my make up.

I grab the tape and walk down stairs I pick up the phone and I order my pizza. I pop in my tape and sit there and watch as I wait for it. It is almost over when the pizza arrives and I am extremely turned on. The man delivering the pizza doesn't look bad at all and I notice him looking at my legs. I invite him in for a second and ask him to wait while I go and get the money I don't even realize until I come back with the money to find him staring at the TV I left the movie on. My cheeks turn red as he looks at me.

I smile kind of embarrassed I look down and see he has a huge bulge in his pants. Suddenly I don't feel so bad about it, I look up at his face and say "does seeing me getting fucked like that turn you on?"

He nods and I say, "I'll tell you what 'pizza boy' I'll let you fuck me right here on this couch if you make my pizza free."

He smiles wickedly and says, "I was late after 30 minutes it's free"

I giggle and take him by the hand leading him to the couch. I lay back on it and undo the button on my shorts and take them off I reach up and pull him down on top of me. He kisses me all of a sudden I think of something. I break the kiss and ask if he would rather go to my room. He says it doesn't matter as long as his cock is inside me. We get up and I lead him to my room I lay down on the bed and spread my legs around him as he gets on top of me and continues kissing me as I reach down between us and undo his pants pulling out his hard cock. I pull my panties to the side exposing my hole and position him at it.

He breaks the kiss and says "this won't hurt you will it I've never been with a girl like you, and no one is going to know about this right?"

I smile and say no to both of his questions he then goes back to kissing me and slides his dick all the way into me. It feels huge it has to be nine or ten inches long and as wide as my wrist. He starts fucking me hard and fast as he moves down and nibbles on my ear. I moan loudly "I love being the pizza boy's slut."

He fucks me hard and fast on and on till he finally blows his load inside me I am gasping for breath as he does. He pulls out and we exchange names and he tells me, "anytime you order from there just tell them you want Roy to deliver your pizza and that your name is ash and I will be here in no time"

I get up with him and walk him to the door he kisses me one last time and I close the door behind him. I walk back into the living room put my shorts back on. I rewind the tape to the part I left off on and eat my pizza while watching my movie. When it was finished I went up to my room and laid in my bed and took a nap.

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