tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAsian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 02

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 02


The erotic awakenings of a totally naïve Singapore virgin based on certain actual events and a real main female character under fictional disguise. It contains essential extravagant embellishments in parts to maintain sexy pace. First time readers should click on my author's name and read chapter 1 first to understand why the main character Selina is a sitting duck for being suckered.

(In Chapter 1, the not-so-bright but otherwise sexy young virgin applies for a job as an au pair girl to a French couple. The position is with a masterful lover-type French photographer famous for his erotic art work in still photography. His French secretary Josette is to ring Selina's landlord about midday to say if she got the job).


The morning after being interviewed Selina hops out of the bath and walks about her bedroom unable to contain her anxiety. She always runs a cleaning cloth over the huge mirror built into the wall every time she takes a bath and before dressing to make it a habit not to forget keeping it spotless as it makes her room seem larger.

Today is her biggest chance in life and she's asked the landlord to bang on her wall when he receives the call she is expecting. After some tiring clean-up work on a stinking hot day she decides to laze about and read her latest romance novel wearing nothing but her oversize men's cotton shirt for cooler comfort. It comes to just an inch below the tops of her shapely thighs, qute revealing lying down but hiding her buttocks and front area standing up. She always sleeps in these garments as they are comfortable on her and she has no man to please. Without her bra and panties she feels free as a breeze on this hot summer morning. She lies against her pillow to get back into the saucy romance novel she started three nights ago.

The combination of tiredness after a bad night's sleep, a hot day and reading for two hours makes her doze off just before 11 o'clock. She awakes with a fright to a loud banging noise. "What's that!" she calls. Then she snaps out of her slumber and realises it's the landlord banging on the wall to let her know he's answered a phone call for her.

"Oh my God, it must be Josette!" she says aloud, admonishing herself for dozing off and not being ready for the call. She panics. "I can't keep her waiting. What to do? What to do?" I must not let the landlord see me like this, but I must go quickly or she will be impatient with me again"

She banks on the Indian landlord not taking any notice of her attire as many girls wear men's shirts over their underwear and she thinks he is such a kindly old man. Selina always talks to herself as if she has company. It takes away some of the loneliness. "I must run or Josette will think I'm making her wait." She dashes out of the door and around to the corner where the landlord holds the door open for her.

"You have a friend on the phone, someone who must speak to you straight away," he calls to her as she rushes up to him, her firm 36-inch breasts swaying gently from under the thin cotton fabric. She's in such a hurry to answer the phone disaster strikes when she brushes past the landlord. She jags the bottom part of her shirt against a protruding piece of aluminium where the security screen was once damaged by a would-be burglar.

In her rush and forward momentum she realises she is caught so she pulls hard without thinking and her shirt not only rides up her back to show the landlord a perfectly shaped bare bottom she tears a large piece out of the shirt, leaving a six-inch long patch caught on the piece of aluminium. It leaves the left side of her youthfully shaped hips exposed.

Waking up in a panic was bad enough and tearing a hole in her shirt on the way past the door heightens her anxiety and rush to pick up the phone. The Indian landlord can't believe his luck seeing this happen. Catching a glimpse of her naked flesh right next to him sends his pulse racing just as much as seeing her in the nude through the wall over the past 18 months.

He thinks she's dressed deliberately in nothing but a man's shirt to reward him for the goat's milk and pot plants he gives her. He's wrong, but doesn't know that in his chauvinistic desire to see more. He points to the phone where he put it deliberately on the floor hoping to see some leg by her taking the call sitting down.

"There it is. I don't have a pedestal for it so here's a cushion to sit on." He quickly hands it to her making sure it's one not designed to sit on being small and covered in a slippery satin smooth cover.

Poor girl, she's already flustered knowing Josette must wonder what's keeping her after she sleeps in without being fully dressed for the call and then rips her shirt on the way through the door. It's enough to completely unnerve her and she drops the cushion near the phone receiver and aims her bum on to it. As luck (for him) and bad luck (for her) would have it, she misjudges her attempt to sit down gracefully in her clumsy rush. She slides off the back edge of the high cushion and lands on top of the handset receiver, her legs flying up and outwards

It happens in an instant but seems to unfold like a slow motion event for the delightfully surprised landlord as her shirt falls back to almost her navel exposing herself completely. Selina's panic worsens, realising she is on top of the handset. Breathless, she rolls over to get her balance, her head momentarily touching the floor as she gets to her elbows, her bare arse up in the air pointing unintentionally at the greatly gratified landlord. The caller is still waiting after dialling five minutes ago.

The gleeful landlord has remarkably and so unexpectedly witnessed her cherished private parts up close and personal from the front and now from the back as the unfortunate young innocent slips on her left elbow in her rush to grab for the phone receiver. Her conservative nature takes a back seat in more ways than one as she doesn't think about how she is unwittingly exposing herself. Her only concern is to pick up the phone and pray Josette is still there and she gets the job. It's the only thing in her mind dominated by blind panic.

Fearful the caller will hang up, she doesn't try to get up and waste more time; instead she stays on the floor, rolling to one side and grabbing the phone as if she's trying to strangle it. For the landlord this is better than a night at the opera and no need to use little binoculars to see what's on stage. He's in the dress circle position, Selina's feet pointing at him just six feet away and her shirt caught up halfway to her navel. Her gaze is fixed on the phone receiver but his gaze is fixed on the remarkable sight of her hairless pussy, its delectable sweeping cameltoe curve descending between her legs like a bend on a roller coaster. It's a sight to almost send him off the rails.

She trembles nervously as she puts the phone to her mouth and speaks in a tentative, shaky voice. "Hello, this is Selina," she almost whimpers.

"Ello," comes a baritone sounding male voice. She's expecting only Josette's voice and a feeling of despair sweeps through her thinking she's missed out.

"Ello, is that you Selina?"

"Hello," she stutters. Yes this is me, who is calling?"

"This is Jacques Pardie, my secretary Josette interviewed you yesterday. Are you still interested in coming with us? We have a lovely position available for you"

If the Frenchman could see how she is answering the phone and unintentionally baring her personal assets to the landlord's eager gaze, he could have said, "we have another lovely position for you."

Selina is finally coming to her senses. "Oh yes sir, oh yes sir, very much. I am sorry I held you up on the phone, I had to come a long way to answer it from next door."

His voice is so reassuring to her, momentarily mesmerising her. "That is all right. Do not worry about anything. You are going to be my au pair girl. I will take care of everything. Tell your landlord I will pay him three months rent in advance so he can release you from further commitment. I have his number and will talk to him later. I expect you to be ready to be picked up at your front door on Thursday morning 9 am. Can you do that?"

"Oh yes, oh yes. I will be ready. I will tell my landlord, he is here now and I am so pleased. Thank you sir, thank you so much. I am so excited."

"Good," he replies. "It is good to know you can get excited. I look forward to finding out more about you. I expect you to be ready precisely at 9am the day after tomorrow. Good day for now."

"Yes, thank you sir. I will be ready. Good day."

She lies in the same position as if frozen to the spot, still holding the phone to her ear after he has gone hardly believing her luck. The landlord is thinking the same thing from his point of view.

The Frenchman's voice so much captivated her senses she just stares in wonderment about what it means to her. It's a new start, a new future. Someone wants her. The warm calm way he spoke to her when she was so panic stricken sends a little flutter in her heart.

Never before has a French man ever spoken to her and his accent, the tone and commanding confidence in his voice gives her goose bumps knowing he wants her to work for him. Finally, she drags herself to her feet looking strangely radiant for someone so completely clumsy in front of the ever-smiling landlord.

She is still in a state of high excitement though and so is he but in a different way for a different reason. Without thinking, she throws her arms around the Indian and cuddles him talking excitedly. She is still oblivious to the way she is dressed, a rare moment in her life but seemingly overshadowed by an event taking her total attention for good reason.

"Oh Mr Singh, I have just got a new job and it sounds so wonderful, I can't wait. I am so excited. I must get my breath. But oh, I must leave soon. I must put on my dress. My new employer is picking me up on Thursday morning and I only have today and tomorrow to get everything ready. Mr Pardie will ring you for arrangements for me to vacate. He will pay you three months in advance so I can leave almost immediately."

The landlord knows his fun is coming to an end but the tail end of her 18 months living on the other side of his bedroom wall seems to be a good consolation. "I will be so sorry to see you go," he says in a sullen tone. "You have been a most happy to have tenant. I will be missing to see you."

"I will miss you too, Mr Singh, but I am so excited just now I don't know what to say. I must get back and start cleaning things up. Goodness, I haven't even made my bed and it's now time to eat"

The landlord is running out of time so he must make the best of what's in front of him. "Yes it is time to eat. I am so hungry I could eat you. Please don't go just yet, I was about to make myself a sandwich so will you please join me? You can spare your dear old landlord just a few more minutes of your time. Allow me to help share your excitement. This must be a big moment for you and you must tell me about it."

She is a sucker for an old dog who likes to learn new tricks. "Oh all right Mr Singh but you must not be unhappy to lose me. You will soon get someone else in my place. There are lots of girls my age looking for budget accommodation. I just hope whoever you get will be as good for you as I hoped to be."

The irony of her comment almost makes him splutter. "Oh yes you were very good. You did please me very much and so much so I cannot say. I will miss you." She's thinking of her virgin qualities as an angel in behaviour and he's thinking of her virgin qualities as a heaven sent angel with devilish desires when aroused.

She follows him to the kitchen as he makes them each a fresh salad sandwich. "Now come with me and sit with me while we eat," he says leading her back into his living room where two armchairs are positioned at angles. He points to the full recliner one. "Here, you sit here and I'll move my chair around so we can face each other as we talk. But first, please eat your sandwich as you need to keep your energy up and tell me about your new job."

She tries to hide the fact she is blushing as she comes to terms with how she is dressed in his apartment, and keeps her knees close together hoping he will not look at her legs. As she bites into her sandwich she glances down and sees how bad the torn shirt looks on her left hip where it is bare, beautiful and for him, so advantageously exposed. She tries to discretely pull the shirt lower than where it sits at the tops of her legs but can't.

Even with her knees close together, her well developed breasts and jutting nipples makes the shirt shorter than it would be on a similarly slim but small breasted girl. The shirt sits in a straight line across the tops of her legs and it's impossible to hide her pussy even with her legs together so between bites of her sandwich she tries to place her left hand in her lap pointlessly trying to disguise her situation just in case, she thinks, he might look there. She is feeling self conscious but tells herself he is such a gentleman and once had a daughter her age so he would surely not be interested in looking at her there.

He cleverly distracts her attention to look at different things in the room so he can look 'there' while she is looking sideways. "Now tell me about your new job, it must be exciting for you," he says as they look eye to eye again.

"It is a new job for a big businessman who travels a lot and him and his partner Josette -- they are both from France -- need an au pair girl to help around their house. I am the lucky girl they chose, isn't that wonderful!"

"Oh yes, that is very wonderful," says the man originally from Bombay. "They will be very lucky to have you."

"Oh Mr Singh I am so excited because as you know I have not had good jobs before and they will pay me well to live in so I don't need to ever rent again. Of course I don't know what is expected of me yet but Josette says not to worry as after a while I could do the job standing on my head. That makes me think it will only be hard some of the time and they will help me learn so I am so lucky to have a boss who will tolerate my lack of work experience."

The Indian can only imagine, believing that many Frenchmen consider themselves the world's most erotic leaders in sex. She looks to him for an answer about au pair roles. "Mr Singh, you do know me for a while now, do you think I can make a good au pair for Mr Pardie being such a busy and successful businessman?

"Oh Selina, that is not for me to say and it will be proven by how you go about your duties. All I can say is that an au pair girl in the French tradition is very much like a French ménage a trios in that she may be seem like a servant but she's not. She is more important to a husband and wife and may even sleep in close quarters."

"What is a ménage a trios? It sounds very nice does it not?"

"Ah my young friend, I am sure you will face many happy moments ahead and as an au pair to them you will be shown what to do and sometimes even helped. A ménage a trios is like, you know, in love the eternal triangle. Imagine a man, a woman and another woman in harmony."

"If it means loving my job and working for the man that must be what you mean so I can be in harmony with them. The eternal part sounds like it could be a lasting position, not like my previous jobs. I can't wait.

"Josette, his secretary says my job requires being on hand morning, afternoon and night in case I'm needed. I must show I'm capable in the job if I come quickly when they need me; not like today. That was shocking of me; I am lucky Mr Pardie did not hang up just waiting and waiting."

"Selina, you should not worry too much. I am sure you will come when they want you. Yes, I am positive you will satisfy them as your beauty will carry you through many great moments in your life."

"Thank you for your faith in me, but that's why I must live-in and maybe get a bigger room than here. Oh, I will miss the wonderful big mirror in my bedroom, ha sorry, your bedroom as you own it not me," she laughs, never to know the irony of her words until years later.

"I remember you saying it cost you a lot of money being so big and actually built into the wall quite different to other mirrors. Being so special like that I make it my daily habit every time I have my morning or evening bath to clean the mirror top and bottom and side to side even before I ever get dressed from my bath. I do that by habit as once I get out of sequence I might forget and mirrors can be hard to clean once they get dirty."

"He grins broadly. "I must agree with you sometimes mirrors can get very dirty. Your attention to detail there will hold you in good stead in your new au pair job I am very sure."

She blushes at his modest praise. "Oh dear Mr Singh you say the kindest things, but I must try to be most attentive when I start my new job. This is my best chance in life. Do you know they interviewed about 30 others for the job and I won? I still can't believe my luck."

"It may not be luck my friend, it's because you have the looks of a beauty queen and your sheer innocence for your age makes you like sweet candy with such a pleasing manner."

Selina smiles appreciatively but is lost for words when it's about herself. "Mr Singh I always try hard but sometimes I get things wrong and get angry with myself. But I think I am just lucky for once as many girls would be more attractive than me and be more confident. I am not a very confident person as I always think if someone is looking at me when I am doing something I feel guilty as if they are judging how good I am. Yes, it does make me a bit nervous but I must not show them that side of me."

"No, you must not. You are not at the check-out counter of the supermarket now, but I feel I know you well enough to be sure they will see the best side of you. The part that makes you stand out and will please them for selecting you, not someone else."

Thank you for thinking of me in such a way. Yes, I will put my best foot forward and not be clumsy like I was when I rushed to the phone and looked silly in front of you by falling over. I must be more elegant and show more maturity."

"Do not punish yourself too much Selina, you are better than you believe you are. I for one think you are maturing very nicely into your adulthood. Be proud of yourself." He sees she is more relaxed now as she wriggles backwards to lean against the support of the recliner armchair, not noticing he set it back at a 30-degree angle.

For a moment when she feels no immediate support behind her and suddenly fears she is going to fall over again. A look of relief comes over her face when she feels the armchair support now against her back but she is leaning back far more than she intended, her feet barely touching the floor and her shirt riding up slightly higher to the top of her nicely raised pubis mound.

"Oh, I seem to have trouble sitting down today don't I," she laughs nervously, belatedly putting one hand in her lap to disguise her situation. "I did make such a fool of myself falling over on the floor after running into the door on the way in," she says apologetically.

"You were just in a hurry; it happens," he replies trying to keep her sitting here so awkwardly for as long as possible. Only a naïve, gullible girl unsure of herself, eager to please and not wise to the world of voyeurs like Mr Singh would sit it out in such a compromising position in the hope he can't see her genitals. Selena is a classic example.

He is staring at the way her nipples are poking out against the flimsy white cotton of the shirt. He is wondering how he can get his hands on her breasts, even if just for a moment after seeing her up close in the mirror from his side of the wall. Then he gets a fright. His bedroom door is open and he must shut it in case she can see into his room and realise he can see directly from there into her bedroom through the two-way mirror built into the wall, one that works like a mirror while on his side it's just a clear picture into the other room.

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