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Asian Men Have Really Big Dicks


My name is Mitchell Lee. A young man of Chinese descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I am told that I am considered an anomaly. In the Confederation of Canada, I'm that rare Canadian-born Asian guy who wasn't bred to kowtow to anybody. I hold a bachelor's degree in business administration from Carleton University and I'm currently in the Telfer MBA program at the University of Ottawa. I think I'm just as good as anybody on this planet, including the almighty White guys who think they rule the world. This is my story of finding success, defying the old order and establishing myself as a force to be reckoned with. You've been warned.

My girlfriend Stella Michaels looks at me beatifically after a night of passion. The six-foot-tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed Englishwoman smiled to herself. I really laid it on her, and she knew it. Lying next to her, I stroked my nine-inch, uncircumcised Asian cock and hairy balls. The first time Stella saw my dick, she almost passed out. A lot of women out there, especially White women, are surprised to discover that lots of Asian men have big dicks. I'm a well-endowed Chinese stud, ladies. And that magnificent cock of mine has been in the mouths, pussies and assholes of Black women, Native women, Asian women, White women, Hispanic women and Arabic women. My cock doesn't discriminate. Pussy is pussy regardless of the colour of the woman it's attached to. A hole is a hole, you know?

Stella told me she was going to get us some wine. I smiled and watched her big, sexy White ass as she made her way to the kitchen. When I met her at my cousin Dennis Wong's birthday party at Algonquin College, she seemed taken aback by me. According to the Unwritten rules of Minority Life in North America, Asian men are supposed to be meek and nerdy. Eternally in awe of White men, those same White men who steal all the Asian women and feel threatened by the keen intellect and natural discipline of us Asian men. This Englishwoman was surprised when I approached her boldly and started flirting with her. Right in front of the tall, muscular White guy who was talking to her. The White dude, I think his name was Shawn or something, seemed shocked that I stepped to his lady. I flat out told him to beat it, and he took a swing at me. I knocked him out with a single punch. Since that day, arrogant White guys don't bother me anymore.

If you're wondering how come I am the way I am, the answer is simple. I grew up in the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario. My best friend Luther Brownstone is a Black man from the United States of America. He works in real estate these days. Unlike the other dumb fools of the Asian community of Toronto, I actually went out and made friends with other minority types. My friendship with Luther Brownstone, the only African-American guy I knew in Toronto, actually changed my life. Luther is from the City of San Francisco, California. He's got a lot of Asian friends in his hometown. He's married to an Asian lady and has two sons with her. Luther taught me a lot about life. He made me realize what most Asians, especially us Chinese, fail to acknowledge. We are all minorities in the Continent of North America, whether we're Aboriginals, Asians, Blacks or Arabs. The White people have all the power, and they hold it because they stick together. As long as different groups of minorities keep fighting each other, the racists who hate all of us collectively will keep holding onto their power. If we were to unite against their racist, imperialistic ways, they wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. This was taught to me by my good friend, a strong Black man.

Luther Brownstone is a super cool guy, man. I try to encourage my fellow Asians to stop worshiping White people and start making friends with other minority groups, especially the most misunderstood ones like Blacks and Arabs. I've seen so many White folks say negative stuff about us Asians when they thought we were out of earshot. They pretend they're our friends but the truth is that they feel threatened by us. We're too educated and adaptable. They don't like that. The same way they feel threatened by whatever minority types have any intelligence or ambition. Why do you think they hate Black men and Arabic men so much? Black men and Arab men have fire in their blood, and they're proud of themselves. They don't go around kneeling before White guys, and the White guys hate and fear them for it. Us Asians should try to be more likeThe behaviour of my fellow Asians disgusts me sometimes. We're a strong, smart and supremely adaptable group of people. And we are numerous. We're just as good as the bozos of Europe. We should hold our heads high instead of bowing down.

Maybe the day will come when my fellow Asians have the epiphany I've had, thanks to an amazing Black man from the United States of America. I've lost count of how many Asian women I've seen with White guys. And these Asian chicks always act like the White guys are so damn special. The funny thing is that these White guys refer to all Asians, both male and female, as chopsticks whenever we're not around. Just because a White guy is sticking his dick into a minority woman's pussy doesn't mean he's not racist. Of course, Asian women don't know this. That's why I've forsaken them. My mother keeps begging me to stop dating women of other races. She wants me to bring a nice Asian gal home. My mother doesn't get out much. She doesn't realize that ninety nine percent of Asian women worship White men as if they were demigods. What are we Asian men supposed to do? Sit around masturbating, praying that Asian women will come back to us? Fuck that! I say that if Asian women don't me as an Asian man, then to hell with them. I will find someone else to love and cherish me. Let her worship at the altar of White men if she wants to. I think I'll take a White woman, thank you very much. I could care less if one hundred percent of Asian women went out there and married White guys. I don't date Asian women anymore. I'm that rare Asian man who loves White pussy. And to hell with whatever White guys or Asian chicks have a problem with that.

Stella comes back with twin glasses of red wine. I take one from her and nod gracefully while smiling. Then I take a sip from my glass. I simply love red wine. Stella simply lies there and looks at me, fascinated. In case you're wondering what she's looking at, I supposed a description is in order. I stand five feet eleven inches tall and weigh two hundred and twenty five pounds. I have short hair that I keep in a permanent buzz cut. Prior to enrolling in university, I served the Confederation of Canada as an officer in the Canadian Forces. I did tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I served alongside the United States Army's top guys and gals. And I was damn good at what I did. I'm proud to have been to war. However, these days all I want is to be successful in business. After getting my MBA from the University of Ottawa of course. And the Canadian government is footing the bill because I risked life and limb for their foolish causes in the Middle East. Paying for my university education is the least these hockey-loving freaks could. My services don't come cheap, you know?

Oh, well. I'm often accused of focusing on business rather than pleasure. Stella looks at me, and I know that she's ready for round two. I stroke my nine-inch cock and wave it at her. Eagerly she comes to me. Stella kneels before me and begins sucking on my big cock like her life depended on it. I smiled at the sight of this tall, blonde-haired White woman guzzling up my thick Asian cock. I made her polish my cock with her wicked Englishwoman's tongue, then I came all over her pretty face and blonde locks. Stella licked every last drop of my cum. Just like a good White slut should. Afterwards, I spread her sexy thighs and gave her blonde pussy a good licking. Then I put on a condom and shoved my dick inside. Holding Stella's legs in the air, I pumped my cock into her snatch. Hard and fast I pumped my cock into her pussy. I made her squeal my name as I hammered her pussy with powerful thrusts of my cock. After a while, I put her on all fours and took her like this. Face down and big White ass up.

I spanked my White slut's ass before fucking her pussy from behind. Then I switched things up and slid my cock into her asshole. Hard and fast I pumped my cock into the Englishwoman's asshole. Made her yield to the often underestimated power of my almighty Asian cock. You should have heard her scream, folks. It was absolutely frigging awesome. Afterwards, she thanked me for a wonderful time and fell asleep in my arms. I lay there, feeling thoroughly satisfied. Tomorrow, I'm taking Stella to the gala that Ottawa University is organizing for relief efforts in Japan. There's going to be lots of White guys there, with their token Chinese girlfriends in tow. I'm going to enjoy making out with Stella in front of them all night long. Show them that a new day is dawning and us Chinese men are no longer bowing to anyone. We're the bosses now. Peace.

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