Asian Teacher -- Nude Photos

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High school teacher is a secret exhibitionist.
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Elektra @queen__elektra is a petite Asian queen who loves showing off her body and she's an avid fitness enthusiast. She loves being naughty and kinky and exploring light bondage.

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My sexuality has always been different. I've always considered myself a true exhibitionist and voyeur, rather than someone who seeks to have sexual partners. Believe it or not, I can go years without physical sex. Sometimes I wonder if I can go my whole life without it.

What gets me off is being seen in ordinary settings with my large nipples protruding, or even bare. Gyms. Changing rooms. Locker room showers. A full-body medical exam in the doctor's office can send me into a masturbation frenzy for weeks, especially if the doctor pays extra attention to my erect nipples. And yes, they're always erect during exams. That's why I have check-ups regularly.

It's always in normal settings, I don't go flashing myself in public, that's never been my style. It's the subtleness of being seen that gets me going. It often ends with masturbation later, thinking of the eyes that peered at my nipples, either discreetly or not-so-secretly.

Keep in mind that I have to behave myself. Not just because I'm shy, but I'm also a newly hired teacher in a nice suburban neighborhood. On top of that, I'm the only Asian teacher here, so I feel compelled to give proper representation.

I'm sitting at my desk wondering how my life has changed over the last year. To the outside world I'm still the same person, I love my teaching job at one of the best public schools in the state, and I love the people I work with. But I've also had sexual relations with a number of colleagues and students, and pictures of my nipples are all over the internet.

Let me explain what happened. I have a faculty meeting in an hour which is enough time to tell this story. All sexual participants are over the age of 18.


I knew being a full-time teacher would be difficult because I'd been an assistant for three years, but there are things about the modern era that make the profession more stressful. For one, the shift toward technology-based platforms meant new training and updated lesson plans. The increased focus on mental health and student identity meant that our job ballooned into a multifaceted juggling act.

The other thing that caught me by surprise was rapid inflation and the soaring cost of rent. I've always been frugal with money, but these issues didn't exist when I was pursuing this career. I live in a decent apartment, small, one-bedroom, and rent has increased since moving here.

So basically I was stuck. Finding another teaching job is next to impossible and I'm already embedded into a job and community that I love, but mentally and financially, I was being squeezed.

I remember sitting in my classroom late afternoon and Robert walked by and saw me feeling helpless. I think my hands were on my face when he asked if I was okay. He's one of the veterans here, math teacher, a 60-something-year-old black man with the driest sense of humor you'll ever find.

Forcing a smile, I told him that I was alright, then confessed that I was feeling the stress of work. I didn't mention anything about finances, but I got the impression that he understood what I was going through because he knew my current salary.

"You'll be fine," he said. "I'm sure the other teachers will help you out."

Robert kept his straight face and left. I had no idea what he meant until a week later when I was taking a morning walk in my neighborhood and ran into Elizabeth, a gorgeous blonde who's a decade older than me. She teaches English and she's always been a big hit amongst faculty and students for her dazzling smile and bubbly personality. Her eyes went up and down my body when she saw my outfit. I was wearing tight shorts and a small top. A far cry from my more conservative teaching outfit.

She kept complimenting my tan and fit body. She asked if I'd ever done modeling before -- which I thought was an odd question -- I told her no, that I'm actually camera shy. Her eyes went up and down my body again without shame.

"You know, maybe I've misjudged you," she said. "Want to take a walk together?"

"I'd love to."

We've had plenty of conversations before and she was always super friendly, but there was this sparkle in her eyes. Something which made her excited. A mischievous expression. The conversation drifted toward my income and how she understood the rising cost of rent in the area.

There was a park bench with tree shade and we sat down to rest. I could tell she wanted privacy away from the other morning joggers or families taking their weekend walks. That's when Elizabeth made the inquiry. Not all the details, but enough to gauge my interest. She talked about how some of the teachers made extra money selling photos online. The adult themes. Teacher themes. She didn't mention specific websites, but I got the idea.

"Would you be interested in working with us? No face, of course. We never show faces. But we do collaborations. Men love Asian women, there's a huge market for that. Who knows, if things work out, I could help you create your own profile."

I was taken aback by the offer. Declining was the obvious choice, but I made sure to express how thankful I was that she was thinking about my financial needs, no matter how salacious the remedy. And I made sure to convey that I'd never tell anyone about this, that it'll be our secret. Elizabeth smiled and said I'm always welcome to join. We left on a high note that morning.

That day I ended up masturbating twice thinking of what she said. Once in the afternoon, once before bed. The thought of showing my body to online strangers was beyond enticing. I wondered if Elizabeth knew how aroused I was from that conversation. It would explain why she felt comfortable revealing more and more details. She must have seen the curiosity in my eyes and read my body language.

I remember making myself cum in bed. Then afterward laying there in deep thought, wondering which teachers were involved and what they've done and how widespread their pictures were seen. All the teachers are well-educated and wholesome. It's a wholesome, family oriented neighborhood. From that point, whenever I saw a female teacher with a new dress, a new designer product, or new car, I wondered if she was doing sex work on the side.

About a month later I found myself disappointed that Elizabeth never broached the subject again. I still would have said no, but it's the thought that counts. I wanted to feel desired by her asking me. I wanted to know more so I could masturbate thinking of them and imagine what my life would be like.

One day, close to six in the evening, I locked my classroom door and headed to the faculty lounge before going home. It was still bright outside. At that hour, not many people were around except for the cleaning staff and a few teachers.

When I entered the teacher's lounge, there was a closed door but I could see what was happening through the small glass panel. A student named Billy was sitting there with his eyes shut, leaning back. I remember how unusual that looked. Students are never in the lounge area, much less alone.

I approached the room to confront him, but I stopped cold when I saw Joan on her knees. For context, Joan is a booksmart redhead in her 50's, a biology teacher who also handles prep courses for college. It was the most extreme sexual thing I'd ever seen in my life. Her red hair bobbed and I froze there. It took a few moments to realize that Joan had a device propped on the table which recorded the blowjob.

Billy opened his eyes and noticed me standing there, so I walked away on trembling legs. That night was a masturbation frenzy. I knew things would never be the same because Billy must have told Joan that I was spying. And that sight of Joan sucking a student's cock will forever be etched in my mind. I squirted on my bed that night. I didn't bother to wash my sheets.

The next morning Joan pretended like nothing happened, but at lunch, when we walked by each other, she winked at me. I was so surprised by her reaction that I didn't say anything back. I marveled at her confidence.

By late afternoon that day, when my students had left, I went to Elizabeth and told her that I'd be willing to collaborate. She was delighted by my change of heart and wanted to know why.

"Money is great," I said. "But the experience is captivating."

I didn't say more, but Elizabeth understood. I think she could sense a fellow exhibitionist. Perhaps she knew all this time. Maybe she knew from the moment we first met. It explains why she was always so nice to me, taking me under her wing, watching out for me.

She suggested that I start small and take a few faceless pictures in my apartment. Something revealing to gauge my comfort level. After doing some online research later, I went to the store the next day and purchased a tripod so I could mount my camera.

I decided on something simple. An open cardigan with underwear. Nothing else. I took several shots, starting with my hands covering my nipples, then with hands down exposing my nipples. It was my first time taking these sorts of pictures of myself and the feeling was electric. It was a different kind of exhibitionism and I was hooked.


The images were on my phone and I showed them to Elizabeth the next day during lunch break. I'll never forget the look on her face when she saw my nipples. I guess she underestimated the attributes I possess. Her mouth watered. She even licked her lips. Getting that sort of validation from a colleague I respected was amazing. I was aroused, ready to cum right then and there.

"So it's true what they say. Asians do have the best nipples. Yours are so big and... I shouldn't be saying this here. God forbid anyone is listening. Do you mind if I post this online?"

"Go ahead, I'm eager to see the reactions. And thank you for the nice words."

"Send me the pics. I'll email you some information tonight."

I texted that set of pictures to Elizabeth right then, and at night around 9 pm, she sent me an email, giving me free access to her creator page. I was amazed by how many subscribers she had. Her profile bio stated that she was a full-time teacher at a prestigious school and this was her naughty side. The headline picture was of her body, fully dressed, with the classroom board in the background, which instantly struck me by how bold she was.

A set of my pictures were posted at the top of her page. She wrote that I was a fellow teacher and she asked the audience whether they were interested in having me join the fun. There were 28 comments so far and I read each one. The gist of the comments were the same, overwhelmingly positive.

'Fuck yes! Best nipples I've ever seen.'

'Of course we want to see her join, those nips are begging to be sucked.'

'Can you eat her out and suck her tits? Let us know what she tastes like. I want to see her sucking cock also.'

The lengthier comments made me masturbate and I came on my seat. This was a style of exhibitionism I never knew existed. I was unstoppable at that point. Past the point of no return. I knew it was a matter of time before I had my own account.

I scrolled down Elizabeth's page and saw pictures of her nude body and pink nipples. Pictures were taken at her home, the empty classroom where she taught, or the school bathroom for faculty. I saw pictures and videos of Elizabeth having sex with her husband, her sucking cock with her eyes blurred, and pictures of her going down on other women -- with the vaginas being described as 'faculty pussy.'

There were pictures and videos of other teachers at the school. Nothing with real names or what subjects they taught, no faces, but I could identify the teachers based on their hairstyle and body shape and clothes. I counted four different female teachers. I noticed two women who worked in the administration office. Different ages. Some were young, others had streaks of gray hair. Different body types. Some were thin, some were curvaceous.

It was near midnight as I took my time going through Elizabeth's page. The women promoted each other's content and collaborated on scenes. They ate each other's pussy and sucked each other's nipples. Perhaps the most enticing video I saw was Elizabeth and Gabriella (a 40-something year old Hispanic woman who teaches world history) both on their knees giving a blowjob to Elizabeth's husband.

Before going to sleep that night, I subscribed to Joan's page with my credit card. By tomorrow she'd see my name as a customer. I had to find that video of Joan giving the blowjob in the faculty lounge. It had been on my mind with an endless loop and I found it. There she was, sucking a cock with the camera focused on her teacher's outfit and lips. The close-up of her mouth was spellbinding. I scrolled through her page and saw that she made numerous content with that student, Billy, and she described him as a gentleman with delicious cum.

Going to work the next day was a reinvigorating experience. Everyone acted normal in the teacher's lounge and in the halls, but both Joan and Elizabeth gave me subtle glances here and there. This was nothing we could talk openly about. But we knew. Word had spread that I was going to be joining their club of teachers who made extra money selling sex content. They undressed me with their eyes, probably fantasizing about doing all sorts of things with me. I'm sure they'd already seen my topless pictures as well.

During lunch I stayed in my classroom because a student-group was preparing a fundraising event and I let them use my place for a last minute meeting. It's normal for students to eat or hang out in classrooms and I love being around them.

Elizabeth came and she sat by my desk. There was this unspoken vibe between us, like we both knew what the discussion was going to be about, but we couldn't openly say it because students were around. She had this distinct look in her eyes.

"What did you think?" she said.

"I literally spent hours looking through content."

"Not surprising. It's a different world."

"And I can never look at my fellow teachers the same way again."

"Does this mean you're interested?" she asked.

"Interested in?"

Elizabeth reached out and held my hand. "Listen, why don't you have lunch at my house this Saturday? My husband is a great cook. Our kids will be out, they're going to the mall with friends, so we'll have privacy."

I winced and looked around. There were small groups of students scattered around the class, laughing amongst themselves and having normal conversations. And the truth about students during lunchtime is that no one cares what teachers are talking about.

"What does your husband think about this?" I asked.

"He thinks it's great, really. The whole thing was his idea."

I wanted to ask what she meant by that; if it was her husband's idea to invite me, or if her husband was the mastermind behind her online sex work. But it wasn't the right time for that sort of in-depth conversation. In the back of my mind, I imagined them working as a team, plotting every move, planning every picture, obsessing over every cum shot. I'd met her husband a few times and they were like spiritual partners.

The wait until the weekend lunch was excruciating. None of this topic was mentioned in the meantime, not with her, not with the other teachers. I filled that void in my life by going through all her content. The same with Joan. They each had hundreds of different pictures and videos made over the last few years and it was breathtaking. Each night's masturbation was intense, especially when they did things on campus.

I arrived at her home around 10:30 on a Saturday morning and she lives in a picture perfect neighborhood. I still remember her answering the door, she looked like the ideal housewife, domesticated and mannered. A striking contrast to all those videos of her sucking cock and doing things with other teachers. That's what made it so exciting.

She gave me a tour of her home as if this were a friendly afternoon, but we both knew that it was more than that. Her husband was super nice and it was our first time meeting outside of campus. He stayed in the kitchen preparing lunch while Elizabeth took me upstairs to finish the tour of their home. Excitement was brewing and there was this nervous energy between us.

When we got to her bedroom, there was a matching pair of silk bra and panties placed on the bed. Green color. The panties were crotchless on the bottom. The bra didn't have any cups in the front. Elizabeth let me wander the room, but I could feel her presence, her gaze in my direction.

"For me?" I asked.

She smiled, "I was hoping you'd want to try it. You know, something to get our appetites going before lunch. I picked them out for you. I guessed your size."

I got naked in her bedroom and I'll admit that it was terrifying. It was like an out of body experience. She stared at me, smiling, as I removed all my clothes and wore the 'outfit' she had purchased for me. My size exactly. Her eyes were fixated on my nipples more than anything. Although she didn't verbally compliment them, her expression and liplicking spoke volumes.


Elizabeth got her phone and had me strike poses. I did what she asked, but it was difficult. My body was tense and I did my best to relax. I was learning something new and exploring a new side to my exhibitionism. It was the first time in my life that my body was directed by another person in this way. She had to keep telling me to put my hands down, to be proud of what I have.

"Your nipples are divine," she said. "Big and dark. Imagine how many people will see them. Your fellow faculty members. Maybe a few of the students who are old enough."

That comment sent me over the edge and she knew it. Her eyes lit up. My reaction made her smile and she took more pictures. With each pose, I was exploring myself deeper and Elizabeth loved going along for that ride. I was her pet project and she had all the experience.

She asked me to lay on the bed for more pictures and I knew she wanted more than that. After taking a few shots, she undressed and tossed her clothes on the floor, which I thought was so erotic. Seeing a colleague nude in person is like crossing into the forbidden. Her pink nipples were erect. She got on the bed, right between my legs which I opened for her, and she went down on me. With her tongue action and the exhibitionism of posing for her, I only lasted a few minutes before I came in her mouth. She swallowed everything and made a purring noise.

The dazzling orgasm left me speechless and she kept kissing my pubic mound, but it wasn't over, it was only the start. As I laid there she positioned her pussy over my face and squatted down. I saw everything in that position, looking up at her. Her spread pussy. Her asshole. She lowered herself until my pussy pressed against my mouth. It was my first time eating a woman and she gave me a crash course. Keep in mind, it was a quick experience, 'something to get our appetites going' before lunch. She taught me how to use my tongue, how to stroke with it and push it inside. How to tease her most sensitive areas.