tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAsians for Auction Ch. 02

Asians for Auction Ch. 02


Part 5

"I still don't understand why you won't be there," Amy said in confronting Janet. "This is the fundraiser of all fundraisers and all the officers should attend."

"I know, I know, but you know I did my part to get it all together. It'll be a big turnout and we got plenty of hot gyrls and studs to auction off, and besides you handle the stage better than I could."

Earlier that week, Janet had dropped the hint to her co-chair, Amy, that something had come up at home, something unexpected and "I can't tell you all the details", and that she might have to miss Friday night. She had made the home situation sound vague, yet serious, and now it was Friday, and she had sought out Amy to give her the "sad" news.

In fact, there was no problem at home, but how could she tell her co-chair that she couldn't make their auction, because she had her own to attend in Hollywood, one that she could not possibly miss. This would be the night she would "buy" her own slavegirl, Evelyn Wang.

The Vault was one of many bondage clubs in Hollywood, and the one that James had first taken Janet. Every Friday night they held an auction, just one of many ways a member could live out their fantasy. Actually, two auctions. One was quite real, and the slave on-stage had no idea who would buy her, or occasionally him. The club got half the final bid, and the slave, or the one offering the slave for the night got the other half. That auction started at midnight. Sometimes slaves offered themselves, but more often, a master or mistress would auction their slave as part of the bdsm experience. The slave could not be taken from the premises, but there were plenty of rooms and equipment in the dungeon to make the night quite a real experience. The only rule was that no permanent marks or damage could be inflicted on the slave.

But the 10:00 auction was quite different. At this earlier auction, before the big crowds and big bucks arrived, a master or mistress or simply friend made prior arrangements and was guaranteed they would be the winning bid. For $200, they then had the use of the dungeon until midnight and what happened after that the club could care less. Both the slave and master signed waivers exonerating The Vault of any wrongdoing. Basically, it was an opportunity for a couple new to the bdsm scene to get the feel of an auction, but the outcome was always predetermined.

James had asked Janet to experience this early auction on their second trip to the club. But she turned him down, already sensing that her interests were more in the mistress domain, not as a submissive slave. In fact, she joked that if he wanted to go on-stage, she would buy him!

The moment she heard about this second, predetermined auction, her thoughts turned to Evelyn. Janet thought of herself as bi, with a leaning towards girls. She and various girls in her dorm had had intimate and playful times over the first few years at UCLA. Sometimes it got a little kinky, when one or the other would tie the others' hands with rope and make the play a little more intense. More and more it was Janet doing the tying and playing the domme role. And more and more Janet began to imagine Ev under her control, unable to resist, forced to yield as a slut and slave to her Mistress.

James and Nathan had connected earlier that year, and the previous Saturday Nathan went with James to The Vault. Nathan was hooked almost immediately. He told James about Sophie, his "foreign fucktoy" as he called her, and her unwillingness to offer all three of her holes to him. James, and Janet for that matter, had met Sophie a few times, and thought of her as one hot dish, cute but sexy, with a delicious and innocent-sounding English accent. It was obvious that Sophie was quite submissive to Nathan, so it surprised James that she was unwilling to service Nathan unconditionally, that she had placed her mouth off limits. James told Nathan about Janet's plan to enslave her high school rival, and how Sophie could be convinced to participate. He explained that the ASA Auction was quite real, with flyers all around campus, so all Nathan had to do was get Sophie to willingly participate, and then they would switch auctions. Nathan called Janet on her cell to explain the plan, and she was delighted with the idea, and suggested how they might trap Sophie.

Part 6

"Waddya think Nathe?" Sophie came out of her bedroom to where Nathan was sitting comfortably drinking a bottle of Bud in the living room of Sophie's small apartment. Soph wanted to look good for the auction but not too good. She wasn't prepared to slut herself out for anyone, no way!

"Shorter skirt Soph, put on your denim one, I love that."

"Not a chance Nathan, it's way too short. I'll be so embarrassed."

"Come on girl, I want to be proud of my princess's hot body. Wear it for me."

Sophie sighed. She knew who was winning out here.

"Okay, okay, but what about my top?"

"Top's good Soph," Nathan eyed the tight cut off yellow T, and then said, "but lose the bra."

"Nathe, come on my breasts aren't exactly the smallest y'know."

"That I do know girl," he smiled, his eyes twinkling. Sophie smiled an embarrassed smile.

"K, gimme a minute."

When Sophie returned Nathan almost dropped his beer. She looked like a magazine model fresh from the pages of FHM.

"Like it?" she asked giving a twirl. Nathan just nodded as he followed her endless tanned legs until they disappeared into Sophie's faded denim micro skirt. His eyes then moved up over her flat belly and onto the bullet hard nipples poking through the tight yellow top.

"Will I do then?" she asked again. "Fuck yeah," drooled Nathan as he thought how good her belly would look pierced. Still, that was surely only a matter of time away for his poor, student girlfriend.

Nathan could not take his eyes off her.

"Come here," he ordered. Sophie moved her body sensuously over to him and wound her arms around his neck. They kissed and she felt his hard on brush her thighs.

"You pleased with lil ol Soph then honey?"

By way of answer he kissed her again and his right hand cupped her left breast and squeezed.

"Mmmmmmm," the scantily dressed English girl groaned.

"Kneel down for me, Soph."

It was a strange request, but she obeyed and knelt for him, acutely aware that her face was exactly at the level of his groin. He moved behind her and began to stroke her head an play with her hair and 3 inch hoop earrings. Sophie closed her eyes. His touch felt so good.

He moved around again to her front and applied pressure to his girl's head forcing her face into his groin.

"Please, Sophie," he begged. If only she had known that this was her last chance to avoid being sold as a sex slave young Sophie might have given in, but she didn't and so her response was the same as it always is. "No, Nathan, I'm not ready," and she stood and sulked off into a corner of the room.

Ordinarily Nathan might have sulked as well or stormed off, but tonight he knew what lay in store for his girlfriend and so he simply moved to her and offered her a comforting word.

"Okay, sweetheart, no pressure. I knew what you would say and so I shouldn't have tried it. It's just that you looked so sexy and well, I couldn't resist."

Sophie smiled and kissed him again.

"We gotta go soon, Soph."

"Yeah hon, I know. Should I go in this gear or take it with me dya think?"

"Put a coat on over it 'n stay as you are. It'll be so hot knowing how you're dressed underneath."

Sophie smiled a little awkwardly, still feeling embarrassed by what she was about to do and how she was dressed.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you Nathe," she shouted from her bedroom, "Janet's picking us up in a cab. She says the venue's changed cos there's so many people wanting to come."

Nathan just smiled a knowing smile to himself.

Just then Sophie's cell phone rang.

"Hi sis, you ready?"

"Yeah, yeah Janet jus leaving now."

"Good cos I'm outside with a limo waiting for you."

"K, see you in a minute."

Nathan watched Sophie close and lock the door to her apartment and then felt himself getting hard at the thought of what the night would do to his poor little fuck-toy of a girl friend.

Part 7

Janet had told Ev to expect her ride by 7, so she was ready by 6:50, her nervous energy running high. She decided to walk downstairs and wait for the ride in front of her apartment complex.

A few minutes after 7, a minivan pulled up. The back passenger windows were darkly tinted, but two guys were in front. Both doors opened at once, the driver obscured from her view. He walked around the back. The other guy stepped out towards her. He was wearing a sports coat without a tie. At a little over 6 feet tall, his blond hair tossed by the light breeze, he smiled and Ev smiled back.

"Are you Evelyn?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, tossing her hair and giving a winning smile.

"We are here to take you to the auction," as he opened the sliding side door, and reached out for her carry-all bag. He set it inside the van to the left of the passenger seats and then extended his right hand to help her inside. The driver stood to the left side of the door, his hands behind his back, and though she smiled at him, he did not return her greeting. As she moved to get inside, he halted her progress.

"Oh, sec," he nonchalantly commented, and in one rather smooth and swift move, reached out, took her left wrist and clicked a handcuff on it.

"Wha," she reacted in surprise, but by then, the other guy, who had her right wrist, spun it behind her back and the driver closed the other handcuff, locking her wrists behind her back.

"What are...," but they were already propelling her into the back seat. She had no way to resist, her arms helpless. As the sliding door began to shut, she yelled at the top of her lungs, "Stop!!!!! Help!!!!!!!", hoping someone would hear her cries. Only then did she realize there was another guy in the back, hidden by the tinted windows. Her scream was cut short when he shoved a wad of cloth into her mouth.

"Relax, slut," ordered the passenger in the front seat, the one that had seemed so friendly. "It is all part of the auction experience. It's about a 45 minute drive in traffic, so just relax and enjoy."

"Enjoy?" she thought. "And why 45 minutes?" she continued to think in random spurts, struggling to spit the wad from her mouth and at least get to a sitting position. She knew the ASA Auction was at most 15 minutes away in downtown Westwood.

"Stop twisting. You might bruise yourself," advised the guy who had gagged her. But then he helped her to a sitting position. He took another cloth and pulled it tightly across her mouth, forcing the other rags deeper into her mouth, and tied it at the back of her neck. She looked out the window and saw they were going east and had already left Westwood.

She momentarily paused in her struggles, but then began to scream into her gag, repeatedly yelling "Stop" and "Nooooo", but all that came out were moans of distress.

"I love it when they fight the inevitable," spoke the driver. "Show us her attributes, Jeff."

The kidnapper who had helped her to a sitting position, reached over her shoulders to loosen her tie-up blouse. She fought the intruder, but when he reached under her blouse and painfully pinched her right nipple, she screamed and stopped twisting, just arched her back to relieve the pain.

"Stop fighting and I will let your tit go," Jeff said, and began to loosen his vice-like hold on her sensitive nub. She corresponded by stopping her struggles. "That's better. Just relax," and he finished untying the loose knot in her blouse, unbuttoned it, and pulled the blouse to the side, revealing her now fully-erect nipples.

"Kinda small," said the passenger in front, "but typical of Asian sluts that have not had the full beauty treatment. They always look like they are 10 years younger than they are." All three men laughed their agreement. "I bet anything when we get to her pussy, it will be shaved and smooth like a middle school girl."

For the first time, Ev's eyes began to tear up. She was in a helpless position, being taken to an unknown location. They were assessing her breasts like she was not there, like schoolboys rating girls as they walked by. And they were right about her pussy. She did shave it!

She tried to block out the humiliation and looked out the window. They were on Sunset, driving east along the Strip, headed towards Hollywood. What was going on? Did anyone know where she was? How was she going to get out of this? Her mind was spinning randomly and she had already decided that she would not escape this situation with her virginity, that they, whoever they were, would not stop with humiliating her.

After an eternity of driving and additional lewd and crude comments, they arrived and pulled into a parking lot in the back of a place called The Vault. Neon signs around the building showed the outline and profile of naked women, not unlike those that drifted across the screen of a 007 movie during the opening credits. Ev's heart began to beat faster. She had not attempted to speak or give them any reason to further her humiliation. She had sat there for the past 20 minutes or more, blouse wide open, drool beginning to form at the ends of her gag, wrists locked behind her back.

They had arrived, but what was this place and what was going to happen next?

Part 8

Janet had already arrived at The Vault when they brought in Ev. She watched from the shadows as her rival was hustled into the back door, her eyes wide with fear and apprehension, her blouse opened and pulled back over her shoulders. "No bra, fuck what a slut," Janet thought.

She had made all the arrangements with the very professional and accommodating staff of The Vault. They knew their stuff, she had to admit. It had cost an additional $50 to have Ev physically kidnapped and brought here, bringing the total to $250, but it was so worth it!

Jeff had Ev by the hair and forced her head to be bowed as he propelled her along duck walking her down the hallway to one of the many "cells" provided by the club. Edgar walked behind, toting Ev's bag and additional items Janet had provided. He noticed Janet to the side and gave her a smile and wave. Having moved the van to the club's garage, Matt had yet to appear. She knew all three guys from her visits to The Vault with James, and made her arrangements. None of them went to UCLA so there was little chance that Ev would know them.

They walked Ev into the cell and pushed her up against the far wall. Jeff whispered menacingly into her right ear. "I am going to release your hands and take out your gag. I don't want to hear a word, not one word. I want you to strip off your pants and if you are wearing panties, take those off also. Take off your blouse and put on whatever you plan to wear tonight at the auction. Is that clear?"

Considering her face was pushed up against the wall, Ev did her best to nod a sniffling "Yes." She saw no way out of the situation at the moment.

"Good," Jeff confirmed, and loosened the gag and pulled the sopping rags from her mouth. Edgar handed him the key to the cuffs and he released those and stepped back, giving Ev some space. She rubbed her sore wrists and then turned, to see her two of her three kidnappers staring at her. She hesitated, then saw her carry-all on the ground beside her. Did they expect her to strip in front of them? She looked around the room for a closet or bathroom, but there was none.

"Come on," urged Edgar. "Let's see if I was right about the shaved pussy."

Matt arrived and said, "Hey, did I miss anything?"

"Please," she begged, planning to ask for just a little privacy. Jeff was on her in a flash. He knew she could not avoid speaking, and this was the moment to drive her situation home with an exclamation mark. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards the cot, twisting her sideways as he sat and pulling her over his lap. She fought and screamed bloody murder, but he was too strong.

"A little help with her jeans, please," Jeff asked his two friends, who gladly each took one side of her waist and pulled her jeans down to her ankles. "Nice," purred Jeff, in double admiration of her tight ass and black thong. Ev had stopped screaming, but was alternating between sobs of frustration and deep gasps of fear.

He held both her wrists in his left hand and used his right hand to twist her face towards him. "I told you not to say a word, and you disobeyed. Slaves do not disobey," and with that released her hair and began to spank her bare ass with his open palm.

The first slap caught her totally by surprise. It took a moment for the pain to register. She had never been spanked before, never. By the time she realized how painful it was, Jeff was already raining down his third and forth slap.

"When" SMACK "I" SMACK "tell you" SMACK "something" SMACK "you" SMACK "obey" SMACK "do you" SMACK "understand?" SMACK

She tried to speak clearly, but it came out in sobs and spurts. "Ye..." sob "Ye..." sob "pleas..."

Jeff dumped the shocked and horrified Ev to the floor and with his foot rolled her partially over. "Now, do as I said, NOW, change into your auction clothes, NOW," he screamed at her and she struggled to her feet, staggering back to her carry-all, dumping it out on the floor, pulling off her thong, and immediately pulling up her hot pants, but not before Edgar crowed, "See what I told you. All Asian sluts shave their pussy and they all look 5 or 10 years younger than they really are!"


Ev looked up in shock. Matt had taken her cell phone from her carry all when her back was turned, and had taken her picture in the nude as she had stood up trying to pull up her leather shorts. She almost said, Please No, but as her mouth was opening, Jeff barked, "Not a word, slut! Get into your slut clothes NOW!"

Ev did her best to ignore his comments, now regretting the clothes she had chosen, horrified that they were taking her picture. They had captured her with her blouse open, her pussy bare, and the shortest pants about half way up her legs.

When she tried the shorts on before, she had left the sides laced, but loose, so she quickly tightened and tied the leather strings on both sides. She picked up the tube top, and quickly taking off her blouse...


Again, Matt had taken a picture, her breasts bared as she prepared to slip it around her back. She had completely unlaced the front, and now had to suffer the agonizingly slow process of lacing up the front while the three guys snickered and made crude comments about her small breasts, and while Matt took another picture.


Finally the boots. Her sandals had been ripped off her feet prior to her spanking, so she moved over to the cot, and sitting pulled first the right, then the left boot up to her knees, tightening the side buckles on both. Suddenly she felt more naked with this outfit on than without. It revealed so much skin, her navel piercing and hoop earrings completing the now embarrassing ensemble.

Edgar then stepped forward carrying a gym back that had been provided by Janet. He pulled a black collar from the bag, a dog collar to be exact, with studs all around, and a D ring in front. "Lift your hair, slut," he ordered Ev, "so I can buckle on your collar." She hesitated for just a moment, but Edgar bellowed, "Now!" and she obeyed.

She felt totally degraded as he buckled the collar around her neck. Then he reached into his bag and brought out two wider black cuffs. He took first her left, and then her right and buckled the cuffs around her wrists. Each had several rings around the cuff. Finally, he brought out a chain leash, and snapping it onto her collar, he began to pull her up from the cot.

"Stand there, with the leash hanging between your breasts and give us the sluttiest smile you can," Edgar commanded, as he stepped away.

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