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Aslynn and Airis


(A huge thanks to my friends and wonderful volunteer editors who helped me with this story. Feedback welcome! This is the first story I've ever submitted so please be gentle. Thanks again!)

Aslynn shivers as the chilly night air whips across her skin and tangles her long hair. She should have worn a jacket, but then again, she has more important things on her mind, like finding someone who can help fix her car or maybe borrow someone's cell phone or hell, track down someone who can help her find her car. She's practically running, as she crosses the block and turns left at the corner. Her car is still nowhere in sight. This sucks, she thinks bitterly. She's ended up in a twisted maze and can't find the exit sign...

It's been three months since moving to the new city and she's still learning her way around town. If her best friend, Meredith hadn't begged and pleaded for her to move, she wouldn't have, but what are best friends for?

She found a cute one-bedroom apartment and a job at a small coffee shop in record time. The only drawback being that it's clear across town, almost at the borderline, really. Meredith made a point of telling her a few areas in town that she should avoid after dark. Saying something along the lines of Aslynn being as tiny as a pixie and with her black hair, naturally tan skin tone, nice rack, and pretty face, she'd be an easy target to get mugged or worse.

Aslynn really is on the petite side, barely 5 feet tall, with a slender body. She could be swept away by the wind. Her breasts are fairly large, though. Maybe they're what keeps her rooted to the ground. Soft and bouncy, they stand out on her chest so profoundly that anyone who doesn't notice them needs an eye exam. Her tits are a dead giveaway, proving that she's not a kid but a 24 year old woman. And even though she has a great rack, her ass gets a few lingering looks as well. It's a smooth slope, nice and firm and not too plump. It's definitely squeeze worthy.

Aslynn sighs as she rubs her arms, trying her best to keep warm. If this was one of those places on the 'Do Not Pass Go' list Meredith failed to mention it. It's a deserted stretch of land but that doesn't surprise her. All the shops and businesses are closed being that its 1:30 in the morning. So here she is, alone at night, searching for her car, in a neighborhood that might be harboring drug dealers and high-end criminals.

Aslynn pauses, glancing left and then right. Which way to turn now? She's starting to get worried. She's been walking in circles for at least half an hour. This is ridiculous.

Suddenly, a man appears, walking out of the shadows and stopping beside a street sign a few feet from where she's standing.

"Hello," he says. Just a simple "Hello."

She still jumps in surprise, dropping her purse on the ground.

"Oh, you scared me!" she says, a nervous giggle escaping her lips. He looks intimidating as he approaches her.

She swallows, frozen in place as the stranger draws closer, his steps slow and steady. Their eyes meet before he kneels down and picks up her purse. She can feel his dark gaze roaming up the length of her body, starting at her high heels, rising all the way back up to her glossy, mahogany-colored eyes.

Without saying a word, he holds the purse out to her. His fingertips brush against hers as she takes it, and she can't help but gasp. Luckily, he doesn't seem to notice.

"A small, sexy girl like yourself shouldn't be wandering alone in dark alleyways... especially dressed like that." His voice has a mischievous tone to it and he smirks. He's close, so close that she presses her back against the brick building in an attempt to keep their bodies from touching.

"Someone might try and take advantage of that hot piece of ass you have..."

Even though she's scared to death, she wants to point out how ironic his words are, warning her about dangerous sleazebags who whisper sexual innuendoes, when he's doing just that. The man looks like he's between the age of 29 or 30 but definitely not older than 35. He's tall and has a slender frame. Well-defined muscles ripple beneath his lightly bronze-colored skin. He looks strong even though he's not bulky, with thick, bulging biceps. He's clean-shaven and has short brown hair that's styled messy yet spiky and the most striking bright blue eyes she's ever seen. She lowers her gaze to his lips. Despite the cocky grin, they almost look kissable from where she's standing. He's wearing a dark blue shirt, and jeans. The clothing looks sculpted to his body, fitting his frame perfectly. She'd say he's handsome but none of that matters if he's going to hurt her.

"What's your name?"

She doesn't respond. She's too afraid to speak. There's something about him that gives her the creeps. Maybe he'll think she's deaf or something and let her go. Doubtful, but one can hope.

"I said, what's your name? It's impolite not to answer." He looks annoyed, the smirk disappearing.


"Aslynn, what are you doing without a chaperone?" An amused smile plays across his kissable lips again as if he knows a secret, but isn't going to share it with her.

"My car has a flat tire and I've been looking for someone who can help, but now I can't even remember where I parked." Aslynn suddenly cringes. She probably shouldn't have told him that she's completely lost, as if she couldn't play the helpless victim role anymore flawlessly.

"Really?" He comments as if interested in her dilemma, and takes a step closer, placing the palm of his hand against the rough surface of the brick wall, his tall frame leaning forward. He's less than an inch away from touching her now and she can smell alcohol on his breath.

"Yes, but I really-really have to go, now. Excuse me." She starts to slip past him when he raises his other hand, stopping her in her tracks. He reaches out and touches her, his knuckles softly running down her cheek.

She tenses, swallowing her panic and searches his face. He looks so calm, almost serene.

She tries turning away, but he grabs her chin, forcing her to meet his piercing blue eyes, and then crushes his lips against hers. Her eyes widen in surprise. When she refuses to open her mouth, he squeezes her breast, making her gasp. He touched her breast! She can't believe that he put his hands on her. He takes the opportunity to plunge his tongue deep into her mouth, passionately swirling it with her. His eyes remain open, watching her reaction as he explores her mouth. She begins to struggle, using her small fists to beat on his firm chest, but he's as solid as a brick wall. She'd have better luck, punching the actual brick wall behind her than his muscular torso.

Whimpering, she digs her nails into his forearms but instead of releasing her, he tightens his grip. She'll have bruises tomorrow. He's been kissing her for an eternity before he suddenly pulls away, his eyes roaming up and down her body. Her lips are raw and tingling and she's panting and sweating as if in a daze. Without warning, her attacker rips open her blouse, sending buttons flying all over the pavement. His rough hands zero in on her succulent, round tits, and he starts to maul them like a madman. She wants to cry out but she's in complete shock, a complete stranger is groping her as if it's second nature. He twists and pinches her nipples through her red bra, groaning as he makes the little buds erect and strain against the sheer material. She starts crying as he violates her. His wet tongue trails from her collarbone all the way up to her ear and he gently nips at it. His hands glide down her lithe body, running across her smooth tummy before closing in on her plump ass. The skirt she's wearing is as thin as tissue paper, and he kneads it in his hands, his thumbs slipping under the hem before jerking her hips closer as he grinds against her.

Feeling the large bulge in his tight pants jab into her tummy, she sobs even harder. She can't fend him off; she's too tiny and he easily overpowers her.

Before she has time to react, one of his hands sneaks down to her pussy. He roughly grabs it through her short skirt and she cries out in alarm. Cupping it with his large palm, he gives it a firm squeeze. She wiggles and squirms against him, trying to close her legs, but only succeeds at rocking against his hand. His fingers, thrusting against the thin burier, poke the material into her cunt.

Suddenly Aslynn hears voices. With each passing second, they grow louder. Her attacker must hear them too because once again, he presses his soft lips firmly against hers in an attempt to keep her from screaming out for help, pulling his hand out from under her dress.

"Hey!" a deep voice yells from behind them and a sense of relief overwhelms her. Someone is finally here to save her!

"Airis. What are you doing?" a man yells at her attacker.

"You left 'The King's Sword' five minutes ago, didn't even finish your shot and now your hooking up with a chick? You're hilarious, man, a real Casanova."

Airis breaks the kiss and turns his head as two of his other men arrive at the scene. They start laughing and Aslynn cries harder. These men are friends of his. They must have come to join the party.

"What the hell's wrong with her?" the bald guy asks, a puzzled expression on his face.

"He's trying to rape me!" she cries out, her voice sounding shaky and weak. She struggles to straighten her mini skirt as it rides high up her tan thighs and her button up shirt is a hopeless wreck. She clutches it together in one tight fist, trying her best to cover her chest but is unable to keep her red bra from peeking through.

The guys look back and forth between her and Airis and then start laughing even harder. Airis releases her, taking a few steps backward.

"He'd never do anything like that!" baldy replies, trying to suppress his own chuckle.

"A joke... that's all this is to them, one big joke," Aslynn thinks to herself, her face growing pale.

"Listen, you don't have to make up an excuse for being a slut. You guys left the bar to go have sex. No big deal," the other man comments, swaying on his feet.

"It's true! He really did attack me."

Airis doesn't speak; he just glances at her. She can't read his expression.

"She's hot, Airis, but why do you always go for mental cases?"

Pushing herself off the wall, Aslynn runs as fast as she can down the street. She can still hear them taunting and mocking her as she puts as much distance between herself and 'Airis' or whatever the hell his name is. Trembling and sobbing, she finally locates her car parked along a side street. She jumps in, not even caring that the rim of her flat tire is grinding against the pavement as she drives away.

Aslynn stumbles through the door of her apartment. Her head is pounding like a drum, a result from all the crying. Stripping off the torn shirt along with the rest of her clothing she jumps in the shower, turning the faucet on full blast. The water is scalding hot but she doesn't give a fuck. She wants the smell of him off her, it coats her like a dirty blanket and she scrubs until her skin is pink and she's sweating from the humidity in the small bathroom. She brushes her teeth and rinses her mouth out so many times that she has to open a new tube of toothpaste. Once her teeth are sparkling white she calls Meredith who immediately rushes over to her place.

"We should call the cops!" Meredith announces as she paces the room, fuming.

"This is a big city. They won't do anything. Plus, he has three friends to back him up. You should have seen how drunk his buddies were. I'm lucky that they didn't join in. I-I'm just glad I made it home..."

"Want me to stay with you tonight?" Meredith asks giving Aslynn a big hug.

"Yeah. I don't want to be alone..."

The next day, Aslynn remembers that she lost her purse at the 'crime scene' but when they drive back in the morning, they don't find anything.

A couple days pass by, then a week, then a little over a month, the attempted rape is still a stinging, open wound in her mind. But as time passes her attitude over the last month has gradually begun to change. Her feelings of shame, anger, depression, and fear has slowly morphed into getting revenge. Well, maybe not revenge, but she does feel confident enough to confront him. She hopes she is, anyway. Maybe she wants an apology, which is crazy. But she's going crazy the longer she sits doing nothing.

"The King's Sword." That's the bar that baldy mentioned, the one Airis had hung out at earlier in the night. Maybe he's a regular. She feels both nervous and pathetic at the same time. She needs to get a grip, maybe talking to him will give her some peace of mind.

Friday night arrives and Aslynn begs Meredith to go with her to the bar.

"I'm not happy about this. It's not safe," Meredith comments with a frown. "What if he's there? He might attack you again."

"Airis wouldn't dare. You'll be with me, you and your brother, Oliver. I mean Oliver plays music there every Friday night so it can't be that bad."

"I still don't like the idea Aslynn. Just because my brother DJ's there doesn't mean that there aren't date rape creeps lurking around."

"Go with me, please. I can't do this if you don't go," Aslynn says, her voice strained.

"Fine." Meredith sighs, grabbing a pair of skinny jeans and a sparkly halter top out of her closet.

They pull up to the bar at 10:00pm. The place is packed. Loud music can be heard from down the block and there's a long line outside the door. She wouldn't have guessed that Airis would hang out at a place like this. It's almost high class and he seems more rugged.

Calming her nerves, Aslynn, Meredith, and Oliver enter the club. As she glances around, she realizes it's actually a bar and a club, divided down the middle. Some people are dancing to loud hip hop music in the club area, while the bar seems a bit more lower key. Either way, both areas have customers shouting out drink orders.

"We're gonna grab a couple of beers. Are you ok, standing by the table?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine." She hopes.

"Be careful!" Meredith yells before disappearing in the sea of people.

It's been five minutes and Aslynn's mind is racing as she sits alone in a small alcove. She needs to move, get the blood flowing through her veins again. She actually feels like a waiting target. Biting her lip, she wades into the crowd. People surround her, laughing, drinking, and dancing. She scans the room, feeling a little claustrophobic. Sometimes it sucks being small. As she glances around, she sees a pretty blonde girl navigating her way through the mob with Airis following close behind. Aslynn tenses, as her gaze locks on his face. He's smiling, actually smiling, that fucking bastard. As Airis makes his way to the bar, he bumps into her as he passes by.


"Are you?" Aslynn says in an accusatory tone, loud enough for him to stop and turn around. Seeing his face, and hearing his voice, sets her off. She's pissed.

"Shit." He says in a low voice as his stunning blue eyes register the girl who's speaking to him. He freezes in place but his eyes dart around the room nervously. For once, she has the upper hand. She's caught him off guard and the look of anxiety in his eyes is almost comical. She'd laugh in his face if she wasn't so furious.

"Yeah, hello again, asshole!" Aslynn glares at him, hatred radiating from her brown eyes.

He gapes at her, stunned and lost for words. He can't believe she found him.

"We need to talk." Aslynn states. Her voice is hard and unwavering. Turning her back to him, she makes her way through the heavy throng of people, finding an empty booth in the corner.

Airis slowly follows and slides into the seat across from her, not meeting her eyes.

"What the fuck was that? Huh? Do you always attack women and try to rape them?"

He cringes as the word 'rape' escapes her lips.

"Listen, I'm sorry about that night. I know this won't excuse my actions but I was wasted and..."

"Normal guys pass out when they're drunk. They don't become rapists!"

"I didn't mean to, really! You looked so innocent and frightened, standing all alone. I was going to help you but... I kind of got overwhelmed."

"You're A Fucking Asshole!"

"I know. I'm sorry." He does look like he's been punched in the gut but think of how she feels. He reaches out, placing his warm hand on top of hers as if to console her and she snatches it away, glowering at him.

"Fuck! I said sorry!" He yells, slamming his fist on the table, making her jump in surprise. "What more do you want?"

"Hey, Airis, there are customers up at the bar and your break was over 15 minutes ago," a gruff-looking man yells from across the room, shaking his head.

"I have to go." Then without saying another word he walks back to the bar, leaving her feeling just as hollow as when she stepped through the door.

Aslynn doesn't sleep well that night. She thought she would feel better after confronting her rapist. She thought that could forget him and move on, but now he's in her thoughts more than ever. He's invading her dreams. She stays at home mostly, keeping to herself. It's like his memory is haunting her every time she sees a guy, any guy...

"What is wrong with you?" Meredith demands. "You can't live like you're in a monastery. You need to get out more."

"I'm fine," Aslynn replies, her voice shaky.

"I tried to tell you to turn Airis over to the police but you wouldn't. At the very least, let me ask Oliver to get some of his friends together and kick his ass. His friends could do some damage, mess up that pretty face of his," she says with a smirk.

Aslynn, for some inexplicable reason, doesn't like that idea. She should jump at it, but even though Airis is a bastard, she doesn't like the idea of him getting hurt. "No, don't do that. I just... I want to haunt him, like the way he's haunting me!" She throws her hands in the air, completely frustrated by the whole situation.

She's pacing around the room when she has an idea... If she put Airis on edge the first time he saw her, what would he do the second time?

Friday night, Aslynn walks into the club. She takes a deep breath, confidence blooming inside her body, filling her up. Releasing it slowly, she heads straight to the bar.

Seeing Airis mixing drinks at one end of the counter, she makes her way to the front of the line and then leans forward.

"A long island," Aslynn calls out, her voice steady, trying to remain calm.

Airis looks up, meeting her eyes.

"Fuckin, hell." He sighs heavily. As he makes her drink, the ease of his hands falter and he spills some of it on the countertop. Her presence unnerves him and he's having difficulty concentrating on his job. He clenches his jaw in frustration. Finally finishing the cocktail and without making eye contact, he pushes it towards her and takes her money.

"You didn't roofie this drink, did you?" she taunts him, watching as a scowl appears on his face.

He growls in response. "I don't need roofies for you."

Asylnn glares at him. She can't believe he said that, a blunt reminder of what he had done. "No, you just need to be drunk out of your mind. Ever heard of Alcoholics Anonymous?"

"Ever heard of Sexual Assault Victim's Support Group?" He remarks, struggling to control his temper.

Asylnn is boiling now. She takes the long island tea and throws it in his face before slamming the glass down. A few fellow patrons look at them, some even snicker. Airis curses under his breath, wiping his face off with his rag, as she storms off.

Even though she is fuming, Asylnn actually feels a little bit better. Maybe this is therapeutic in some way. She gets to confront her attacker in a room full of people, while he's unable to do anything to hurt or stop her.

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