tagInterracial LoveAssassin Ch. 01

Assassin Ch. 01


Lena woke up laying in a spacious king sized bed. The covers were made of silk and so were the pillowcases. She stretched slightly and rubbed the inside of her thighs sending an erotic chill down her spine. The sun shone through the partially open curtains, just enough to warm the bed up. Pulling back the covers she got up out of the bed. Her bikini briefs conformed to the shape of her voluptuous hips and thighs. The sports bra she was wearing hugged her 38 B breasts and she had a fit and tight stomach. Once walking into the bathroom she turned on the light. She wiped the access lipstick from around her mouth and picked up her clothes that were scattered on the bathroom floor. She placed the clothes in a black bag behind the toilet, and walked over to the closet. She shifted through the outfits and picked out her sexy red halter with matching red mini-skirt. The leather lung to her body as she walked again into the bathroom. Opening the medicine cabinet with a cloth, she grabbed her red lipstick. After putting it on, she looked at herself in the mirror. Then she pulled her shoulder length hair into a loose hair clip. After checking herself one more time she quietly walked into the bedroom and picked up her purse. She pulled out a 9mm and a silencer. Slowly twisting it on until it locked. She checked for the bullets…full…

She decided to brew a cup of coffee. She turned on the machine, loaded it and waited for a second. Then she stood at the end of the bed, looking. Still asleep, was her lover? A few years older than her, blonde hair and a great tan. When the smell of coffee entered the room, he quietly stirred. When he opened his eyes he noticed a gun pointed straight at his face he sat up. Behind the gun was a fit and sexy body covered in red leather. Her light ebony skin was glistening in the oncoming sunlight.

“What’s going on?” he asked moving the covers.

“It’s over.” She replied with her natural English accent making itself really noticeable.

“What do you mean it’s over?” he asked again.

“Goodbye lover.” She said unloading in his face. The blood splattered all over the bed and the wall. She looked down at her outfit and saw there was no blood on it. She gathered her things and walked out the door.

“Like I said, ‘it’s over’.” She walked down the stairs and into the driveway. Lena jumped into her red Honda S2000, complete with intake, exhaust and tight ass rims. She adjusted her rear view mirror and noticed something in the passenger’s seat. A vanilla envelope with an “L” on the front was lying in the seat. She opened the envelope slowly. There was a picture of an extremely attractive man with dark brown hair, green eyes and a body to kill for. Underneath the photo there was a note.

Dear Lena,

You know ultimately what you have to do, yet, before you do find out what he knows. Everything depends on it.


She stared blankly at the letter and read an address at the bottom. She pulled away from the curb and drove to the place. Once there she parked on the other side of the street and approached what seemed to be a pretty normal looking house. There was a Ford truck in the driveway and a large oak tree in the front of a green and lush yard. She rang the doorbell once and when no one answered she walked around the back. Everything seemed pretty normal until she noticed another house, like a guesthouse in the back yard. The front door to the guesthouse was double locked. She felt the weight of the locks and realized they would be damn hard to get into. That’s when she heard his voice. He walked out of the back door and into the yard only seconds after Lena hid on the side of the house. She saw him in the almost naked flesh for the first time. There was a strange attraction to him. The sun was lightening his shirtless body. The darkness of his hair was a perfect contrast to his white skin. Her body became weak and she found herself biting her lower lip. Stepping forward slightly she broke a twig. The man heard that and retreated back into his home. Surely he had something to hide. She climbed through an open window and found herself in the bathroom. She walked over to the door only to have the doorknob begin to twist. She quickly retreated into the shower, only to be hidden by a curtain. He walked in and unzipped his pants. What was underneath made Lena suck in quickly, a ten-inch dick with the tip pierced like Prince Albert. Lena tried to contain herself as her body quivered with excitement. Now was the perfect chance to kill him, the gun was strapped to her thigh, but she didn’t. She continued to watch him. He brushed his hair with his hand and stretched, flexing his muscles and making Lena’s clit twitch. He then walked over to the shower, when he pulled it back Lena walked out. Such a smooth transition, he didn’t even hear or see her. Then he turned on the water and took a shower. Lena was still standing in the bathroom and she pointed her gun at him, but first she had to find out what he knew, about what, she didn’t know. She retreated to the bedroom and searched some of the drawers. Lena was searching for what seemed like an eternity. What she didn’t hear was the water shut off in the bathroom. Just as he walked out in nothing but a towel Lena was standing on her tiptoes looking at the top of his dresser. He noticed the gun on her thigh and the tight red miniskirt that gave him a sneek peek at her perfectly round and supple ass. Knowing she was probably sent to kill him, he should’ve been more protected but his penis began to swell and rise to attention.

“Hello.” He said in a deep and sexy voice. Lena spun around and pulled out her gun, aiming it at his head. Her heart was pounding for more reasons than one. She wanted to jump on top of him and fuck him hardcore.

“I said hello.” He said again.

“Hello.” She said.

“I like your voice.” He replied noticing the natural English accent. She took a step back and ran into the dresser. “Are you here to kill me?” he asked.

“Maybe, unless you give me what I want.” She smiled.

“And what might that be?” he walked towards her until the tip of the gun rested on his still dripping chest.

“You tell me.” She said preparing the gun to fire. Suddenly he grabbed the gun away from her and pointed it into her chest.

“Who are you?” he asked, Lena said nothing. He started to become impatient. “WHO ARE YOU?” he screamed at her. He threw the gun into the bathroom and grabbed her by the hands. He pinned her hands above her head and planted a huge kiss on her.

“Get off of me!” she yelled.

“So now you talk.” He said pulling at her clothes. Lena tried to fight, but a sudden overwhelming feeling of passion covered her. He pulled her top down and grabbed her breasts in his hands. He realized she had no bra on, so did that mean she had no panties on?

“Unh.” She moaned in reply. His response to this was overwhelming. He grabbed her ass and picked her up. He kissed her over and over again, and then he carried her to the bed. He threw her down and ripped off her clothes. He got off her top fairly quickly. Then it was time for the skirt. Lena started fighting him, punching and kicking but to no avail, within seconds he had her completely naked in front of him. She stopped and looked into his eyes. She could tell her actions weren’t expressing what was in her dark green eyes. He climbed on the bed and then nudged his body between her legs. He eyed her body in its entire ebony splendor. Her perfect breasts, stomach, and waist, which tapered down to a firm and round ass. He even took time to notice her shaved passion. She lay back down, not breaking the eye contact with him when he began to stare at her again. He grabbed her wrists and pinned them up by her head. Her breasts were jiggling and he could almost hear her heart beat. Her breathing became shallow, as she wanted to scream FUCK ME NOW!

“Are you going to tell me what I want to know?” he asked teasingly.

“Never.” She replied. He held both wrists with one hand, above her head. Then he used his other hand to pull the towel from around his body. He moved back into his dominating position and entered her without warning.

“Ah.” She moaned at the feeling of his penis in her vagina, the sudden stretching and pulsating in her body almost made her cry. The piercing was definitely something new, she loved it.

“Who are you?” he asked. Lena said nothing; she just kept eye contact with him. He pulled out and entered her again making her almost scream her answer.

“Lena!” she yelled.

“Who sent you?” he penetrated her body again.

“I’ll never tell.” She said making him bite and lick her nipples before plunging the deepest he could into her body.

“Unh!” she screamed.

“Who do you work for?” he asked fucking her harder and harder.

“I…unh…god…stop!” she screamed.

“Never.” He said releasing her hands and fondling her breasts. Lena’s hands still remained above her head; he had complete and total dominance over her. As he shifted from fucking her to making love, to fucking again Lena just wanted to tell him everything.

“Michael, please…unh god…unh…harder!” Lena yelled gripping the sheets and arching her back. Michael kept on with the unrelenting thrusting.

“You feel so good…” Michael groaned pushing into her and resting for a second. Then he pulled out and flipped her over onto her stomach. He used his hands to pull apart her cheeks, and then he entered her pussy from behind. Lena squirmed and moaned as his persistent thrusting, which caused his cock to move deeper and deeper within her. Lena even started biting her lip until it bled and clawing her fingernails into the sheets.

“Harder, faster!” Lena screamed and screamed as he plunged harder and faster into her. The beads of sweat were falling down his face and onto her back. Every time his dick pushed against her g spot she would cum a little more. Then it hit her. With one very fast plunge Michael sent Lena into one of the most consuming orgasms of her life. She screamed out his name and her pussy clung to his dick and milked it of every steaming drop of cum. Michael grabbed her hips and held his penis still. As Lena tried to pull her ass away from him, he pulled her pussy back onto his still throbbing cock.

“Don’t move!” he held onto her. She could feel his cock throbbing and shooting cum deep within her body. It seemed like Michael had gallons and gallons of cum. When he finally finished shooting out his load he laid on top of her. Then he rolled over next to her and wrapped his arms around her.

“So, you know my name is Michael.” He kissed her neck and gently licked the sweat from her ear.

“Yes.” She sighed.

“Since we had some fun, are you going to tell me who sent you?”

“Antony.” She replied grabbing his hands and moving them to her breasts. He rubbed her breasts in circles as he replied.

“I know him. So what are you supposed to find out?”

“What you know.” She moaned as he played with her hard nipples.

“About what?” he bit her ear.

“Unh, I don’t know.” Lena shivered.

“Hmmmm. That puts you in a slight pre-dick-ament doesn’t it?” he moved his hands towards her clit.

“I can’t do it.” She said as he skin twitched with every touch.

“What do you mean?” he used his finger to circle her bellybutton.

“Right about now I should know what you know, let you fall asleep, get ready, and kill you using a 9mm and a silencer.” Lena said.

“Wow, how long have you been doing the whole assassin thing?”

“Three years.”

“That would make you how old?”


“Shit, you’re young.”

“How old are you?”

“Twenty two.”

“You’re young yourself.” She said as he started fingering her clit. He began to do it faster and faster. She moaned louder and louder then she came, screaming out her orgasm.

The next morning, Lena woke up before Michael. They were both lying in his bed naked. His arms were wrapped around her, and she knew if she moved he would wake up. She slowly reached for the pair of cuffs lying on the floor next to them. She barely reached it with her fingertips and when she was finally able to reach the handcuffs she grasped them in her hands and turned to Michael. She was able to handcuff his hands to the bed frame before he realized she did it. She sat up and looked at Michael, his hair falling into his face while he slept. He didn’t realize that he was caught until he felt Lena get out of the bed. He opened his eyes and twisted his body around. The way she had him cuffed caused his wrists to cross over each other while he was lying on his back.

“What’s going on?” he asked looking at her naked body. Her hair was falling over her shoulder and almost covering her right nipple.

“It’s all over.” She replied grabbing her gun from the bathroom floor.

“What are you talking about?” he asked as Lena pointed the gun at his head. She prepared the gun to fire and then she noticed something. The sun from the outside shone on his tight abs. She could see the tiny blonde hair on his chest, were glistening and he could tell she was contemplating something. He grinned slightly and said.

“You can’t do it can you?” he said twisting his wrist around slightly.

“Yes, I can.” She said making his face change. He thought she was about to kill him until she dropped the gun and climbed on top of him. She leaned in to kiss him placing her hands on his chest gripping his tight pecks. He wanted to grab her so bad, but he was still cuffed. She broke from his kiss and proceeded to pull the covers off of him. He wasn’t really hard but all she had to do was rub her inner thigh on his dick until it became hard and stood straight up. When she saw he was ready she climbed on top of him. She grabbed her breasts and moaned. As she positioned herself above his penis she started rubbing her fingers through her hair. He lifted his hips and entered her body.

“Ah.” She moaned as she squeezed his cock from inside and finished lowering herself onto him.

“Oh God.” He moaned as his abs tightened with the feeling of his cock inside her. She started riding him like a bull and he grabbed the bed rails.

“Want me to let you go?” she moaned grinding harder and harder.

“Fuck yeah.” He said trying to contain his orgasm.

“What’s…the magic…word!” Lena pushed her pussy onto his cock making him plunge farther into her.

“Fuck!” he moaned as Lena grabbed a hold of the cuffs and somehow she unlocked them and threw them across the room. Michael grunted as he flipped over on top of Lena. She grabbed the bedrails as he fucked her harder and harder.

“Oh, God!” she screamed as Michael grabbed her breasts and came long and hard, making her scream her orgasm through his name. Then they both collapsed out of pure exhaustion. Michael realized that she didn’t have the gun. He jumped out of bed and grabbed it.

“What are you doing?” she asked sitting up in bed.

“Just what you were going to do.” He said with his hands shaking.

“Please don’t.” she said covering her body with the white sheets.

“Why shouldn’t I?” he asked lowering the gun.

“I didn’t shoot you.” Lena climbed out of the bed and walked towards him.

“Why didn’t you?” Michael asked pointing the gun straight at her heart.

“Because…” She paused.

“Why!” Michael yelled. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” he asked.

“You reminded me of someone.” She said. Then Michael dropped the gun and pulled Lena to her feet. He grabbed her around the waist and kissed her passionately, causing her to drop the sheet. Suddenly three masked guys broke the bedroom door down. Michael and Lena were standing naked in the center of the room. Lena grabbed the sheet and wrapped herself in them. Michael grabbed another sheet. Then one of the men grabbed Lena and threw her against the wall.

“Leave her the fuck alone!” he yelled making one of the men pistol whip him.

“Shut the fuck up!” he yelled. When Michael finally came to his senses Lena was being cornered by two of the men.

“Michael!” Lena screamed as one of them handcuffed and blindfolded her.

“Lena!” Michael yelled and tried to get over to her. The third man knocked Michael out and Lena was taken.

“Lena, how could you?” a voice said waking her up from her drug induced slumber.

“W...what?” she moved around a little. She was fully clothed and lying on a white satin covered bed. She was still pretty sluggish and was trying to focus on the figure in front of her. There was a tall man, broad shoulders, black, wavy hair.

“Antony.” She said wiping her eyes.

“Lena, you didn’t do what I wanted you to.”

“Which was?” she asked.

“Find out what he knew and killed him. You’re too busy fucking his brains out!” Antony yelled hitting the wall.

“I was going to-,” she said until he interrupted her.

“I was watching!” Antony yelled.

“Well what the hell do you want me to do? You killed him.” she stood up. ”Please forgive me. I’m sorry.” She knew that he could kill her right then and there if he wanted to. Antony murdered her fiancée on their wedding night, in order to get Lena. She knew holding it over his head would only piss him off.

“Absolution will be yours, the moment you kill Michael.” He turned, grabbed her by her neck and pushed her against the wall. Keeping her pinned against the wall with his right hand, his left leg spread hers and his left hand went under her skirt and he stuck a finger into her pussy.

“Unnh.” Lena placed her hands on the wall and closed her eyes. Antony held it there for a minute reveling in her pleasure, and then he said.

“When you kill him, I may spare your life.” He dropped the bomb and kissed her breasts. Lena reluctantly let him and when he let her go she jerked away from him.

“Go now.” Antony said handing Lena a gun. She took the gun in her hands and checked for bullets…full.

“Where is he?” she asked.


Michael woke up tied to a chair. His hands and feet were bound and he had a blindfold on. Suddenly he heard a door open, the sound of footsteps filled his ears.

“Whose there?” he asked.

“I’m sorry.” She said.

“Lena!” he exclaimed as Lena took off the blindfold. Lena’s eyes were filled with tears and he saw a gun was held at her side.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“I’m sorry Michael, but it’s the only way.” She raised the gun to his head.

“What is?” he questioned, and then Antony appeared behind Lena. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

“Absolution.” Antony whispered in her ear. Then Lena fired the gun, shooting Michael in his head. He died instantly, splattering blood all over the wall behind him.

“Happy?” she asked dropping the gun and letting tears fall down her face.

“You’re forgiven.” Antony turned her around and kissed her lips.

“Am I next?” she said breaking his embrace.

“No, not yet. I have another job for you.” He smiled licking a tear from her cheek and left the room.

*Cumming soon, Assassin Ch. 2

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