tagHumor & SatireAssignment: Earth Day 2004

Assignment: Earth Day 2004

byMy Erotic Tail©

The deep-red drapes are shown flowing slowly with black letters, SEXTASY-TV.

Chris Douglas Washington DC~
"Live from Washington DC, I'm Chris Douglas. Happy Earth Day everybody. And welcome to SEXTASY-TV. I'll be your host for today's events and ceremonies for Earth Day 2004." Chris cleared his throat with his agenda in hand.

Chris sat in his tiger stripe bikini briefs. A crisp new black tank-top t-shirt with the SEXTASY-TV logo on the front. Bronze tan and short cut hair with the perfect wave up front. His famous features being his charming smile and long eye lashes.

"If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting? On behalf of SEXTASY-TV, I urge you to Join Earths stage and have more sex. Every creature that walks this Earth has sex or reproduces in some way. Earth has been a breeding ground of species having sex for many many many years. That is how you are sitting there watching this now. So to celebrate Earth Day we encourage you to have more...?" Chris tips his head and ear to the camera smiling. "That's right...sex." Chris smiles and settles into his swivel chair.

"It may take many nails to build a crib but only one screw to fill it. So lets be safe, cautious, responsible and fuck like rabbits. Now here's our very own Jennie Crawford, in New York. Jennie..."

Jennie Crawford, New York~
"Thank you Chris. Kiss you later." Jennie smiled into the camera.

"You're live with, Jennie Crawford. Happy Earth Day 2004 everyone. I'll be bringing you live coverage of the day's events here in New York City." Jennie said holding the cock-like wireless microphone that was a trademark of SEXTASY-TV. Her fingers wrapped around it gently along its base. Its realistic look and color was standard issue for their erotic television station.

Jennie's black hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She wore a black leather mini-skirt with a hot pink tube top that barely contained her breasts. Jimmy the cameraman was even known to zoom the camera they're way every now and then. Her preppy sexy way radiated on the national network. She smiled big as the spotlight from the camera shined on her brightly.

"Here at the Act like an Animal and Fuck Fest, patrons are exhibiting a wide range of ways to act like an animal and fuck. There is a booth where one lady has a sign saying, "Bitch in heat." And yes, there is a line of horney hot dogs." Jennie's hips swayed while walking along the row of booths. Licking her bright-red lips.

"A booth devoted to acting like a mouse and squeak; while fucking. Now I personally thought it sounded like a pig squealing; than a mouse squeaking. What do you think Jimmy?" Jimmy waved the camera up and down in agreement.

"But hey, when theres a nine inch dick rammed up your ass, I bet you don't care if its a squeal or a squeak." Jennie said smiling and tilted her head, then turned slowly.

Signs and banners held by the naked participants that stood behind Jennie. "Doggie style is something to Howell about," and "Sixty-nine over by the karma sutra section." "Love birds nestle," and "A playful Bunny hole." "You could BEE in me and we could make some HONEY. If you got the Money?"

Jennie turned to the couple behind her extending the microphone. "Hi, I'm Jennie Crawford with SEXTASY-TV, covering the Act like an Animal and Fuck Festival here in New York." He was stark naked except for his black socks. Humping his wife doggie style vigorously. The sound of slapping skin came from the couples clashing flesh.

"Sir, what animal are you imitating?" Jennie asked with a straight face but Jimmy the cameraman wiggled the camera slightly from chuckling. The cock-like microphone was held to his lips while waiting for his reply. The man gripped his wife's hips tightly and never missed a beat in his poundings. He was looking out of the corner of his eye as if trying to think of something.

"Rabbits." The man said with a shaken voice. "We're fucking like rabbits." His wife was on all fours swaying to her husband's thrusts. Her curly hair that hung in her face and breasts swung with back and forth motions. Jennie put the cock like microphone to her mouth.

"Have you ever seen rabbits fucking sir?" Jennie asked. Always good with a witty question. Bending over slightly to keep in the camera's small screen. Jennies skirt pulled up high on her ass cheeks and Jimmy zeroed in on her panty line. Putting the cock-like microphone to his mouth.

"Uh, no. Can't say I have." The man replied. He was slowing to a stop with his humping strides seemingly confused. Jennie stood up straight and turned to the camera smiling with her voluptuous plush red lips.

Taking only a few steps and turning to the loud moaning that come from the booth. The sign read: Want to Monkey Around? "This looks interesting." Jennie said while gazeing at the couples that were hanging from a set up of trees.

"Oh oh oh oh Oh OH," Came the cry's of a women laid over a branch while a man drives rapid thrusts into her. Another couple sat there quietly while the man picked thru the womans pubic hair. She teasingly sucked on a banana.

"They're having a fucking good time at the Act like an Animal and Fuck Festival, here in New York. I'm Jennie Crawford, Happy Earth Day everybody." Giving the trade mark pucker for the camera, "Kiss." Jimmy the camera man finished with a zoomed in shot of Jennies hardened nipples.

"Back to you Chris." Jennie said as she lowered the microphone like a spent dick. And Jimmy turned off the camera spotlight.

Chris Douglas, Washington DC~
"Thank you Jennie and thank you...Jimmy." Chris chuckled. Looked down at his papers in hand reading. Then looked at the camera.

"In Alaska there will be a Bizarre event, where the native Eskimos are going to have group sex in an Igloo and try to melt it with their heated love making. This was sparked from a jester the oil companies gave the Indians. When the Native Indians asked for their land and mineral rights back and the companies responded with." Chris paused and looked with a curious brow. "Go fuck yourselves and global warming." Then he looked in the camera not smiling. "They have chosen Earth Day to accomplish this feat."

"A few Earth facts for you on Earth Day 2004. The Earth travels 66,000 miles per hour and not once has she been pulled over for speeding." Chris shuffled in his chair." If the population of China walked past you in single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction. Now theres some people fucking." Chris blurts then looks into the camera.

"A few animal facts for you; belive it or not. The much feared crocodile has problems getting a date because..." Chris smiles. "They can't stick out their tongues." He chuckles. "Did you know pigs can have orgasms that last for thirty-minutes." Chris snickers and re-settles in his seat. "Lions sometimes mate up to fifty times a day. Wow I'm tradeing in my tiger stripes for a mane."

"Dolphins are the only other species than Humans that have sex for pleasure." Chris licks his lips and flex's his muscles grining. "I guess they don't have to have a porpose to have sex." He chuckles at himself. Then reads his aggenda and looks at the camera seriously.

"The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off." Chris paused then smiled. "I like the pigs orgasms better." Chris sets his aggenda down and smiles at the camera.

"On location, at Nude beach, is our very own Nympho, Stacey Lynn, for SEXTASY-TV. Stacey what activities are going on at Nude Beach, U.S.A.?" Chris Smiled as the cameras switched to Stacey Lynn's connection.

Stacey Lynn, Nude Beach, USA~
The camera was turned on its side and the picture seemed dim. It swayed slightly unfocussed while the Mini-Van was rocking back and forth. Its shocks were squeaking from the vehicle's suspension weight distribution.

"Give it to me Tommy, more...More...MORE." Was the first words heard. "Fuck yes, ah ah ah."

Hearing clearly their pants, moans and the Van's squeaking shocks. Then...

Chris Douglas Washington DC~
"Ok...Stacey, we'll be getting back to you. Technical difficulties I'm sure." Chris touched his earpiece as if getting

instructions. "Meanwhile, waiting patiently in Niagara Falls is the beautiful Daphnie Rain. Daphnie, how is Earth Day 2004 in Niagara Falls?" Chris asked and Daphnie was on cue.

Daphnie Rain, Niagara falls

"Yes Chris, it is a great Earth Day indeed. We are celebrating Earth Day 2004 at mother natures orgasm, Niagara Falls." Daphnie spoke into her cock-like microphone with sensual moves of her lips. Her alluring way of licking her lips before speaking was why she was a favorite at SEXTASY-TV.

"Mother Earth gushes her liquids at an alarming rate. The free falling water CUMS gushing over the falls churning deeply in her pool of wetness. I can almost relate." Daphnie said as she touched herself between the legs. Rubbing herself sensually before the camera. The cameraman was instructed to show the Falls from its top to its base. But he kept the camera on Daphnies seductive daydream. Rubbing herself sensually between her legs with her eyes closed tight.

"Hum, cough cough COUGH." implied the cameraman getting Daphnie's attention. Daphnie opened her doe like eyes and smiled.

"Oh yes, Niagara Falls." She shrugged her shoulders and giggled. "We will be waiting for the man in the barrel. He calls himself The Human Egg-stasy from Mother Earth's vagina. He will ride out Mother Nature's orgasm like an egg down the tubes. Now I am told this is very dangerous so don't try this at home."

Shouting from a crowd rang out behind Daphnie. Whooping and hollering shrieked out as a barrel could be seen hanging in the current at the top of the Falls then falling over the edge and dropping dramatically from a great height.

"There he is now, The Human Egg-stasy." The camera stayed on the falling barrel till it plummeted into the churning pool below. "We'll wait and see if Egg-stasy makes it." Daphnie bounced up and down trying to see over the crowd. The cameraman zeroed in on Daphnies jiggling breasts from her jumping attempts to see.

"Well there's no sign of him..." Just then the crowd shouted out as the barrel finally surfaced and bobbed up and down flowing down river swiftly. The camera angled and stayed focussed on the Human Egg-stasy till the barrel was out of sight.

"Well there you have it, the Human Egg-stasy made it. Live from Niagara Falls. I'm Daphnie Rain, Happy Earth Day 2004." Daphnie licked her lips in her traditional alluring way. Then her kiss to the camera and a big smile. "Back to you Chris."

Chris Douglas Washington DC~
Chris sat there with a smile on his face not speaking. His fixed stare was as if he were waiting for the signal to start. "You're on Chris." Some one said. His face was plastered with a smile as sounds of slurping came from under his desk. His eyes lit up and he tried to redirect the attention from the loud wet sounds that came from his lap. His eyes and lips flickered with pleasure.

"Thank you Daphnie, love those lips." He finally said. "Thud," a sound came from under his desk. "Ouch," Chris yelled lightly trying to keep his composure. Then a small lady in a red dress and high heels crawled out from under his desk yelling. Her medium length brown hair looked wildly messed up.

"You like Daphnie's lips? While mine are wrapped around your cock, I don't think so Mister Anchor-man. Men are like toilets. Either: Vacant, Engaged or full of crap. In your case, your vacant upstairs. Come to think of it your vacant downstairs too." The lady stormed off while Chris slowly lost his smile as he stared into the camera.

"Meanwhile in Texas we have Chip Chambers waiting to tell us how the Texans are celebrating Earth Day 2004." The cameras signed off and Chris ran out of the studio after the women. His boner was very evident.

Chip Chambers, Luckenbauch TX~
"Thank you Chris, I'm Chip Chambers SEXTASY-TV." His Microphone was designed as a breast. Torpedo featured with a large protruding nipple on its end. Chip's mouth almost always touched the nipple while talking into it.

"We're live from Luckenbauch, Texas. Where they're having their annual Love Feast to co-inside with Earth Day 2004. The Tents and camps you see behind me are in a field they've laid out for this event. Most of the participants are making love till the cows come home." Chips white t-shirt shone brightly with the SEXTASY TV logo. His sunglasses were dark and his speedos tight. Blondeish hair and sideways smile.

Moans and pants could be clearly heard. He walked up to a medium size deep green tent and fixed himself to be seen in the camera. Then knocked on the material and of course nothing was heard but louder groans from its interior.

"Knock Knock, any body home?" Chip shouted with a smile on his face gazing into the lens of the camera.

"Go away!" A man yelled from inside the tent.

"Chip Chambers SEXTASY-TV." Chip stepped back from the opening as he heard rustling from inside the tent. A large 6'7 barrel chested man emerged through the opening. Bending way down and standing up outside the tent, towering over Chip.

"Oh...hey...you're that TV guy." The man said while standing there stark naked. Putting his ten-gallon cowboy hat on to hide his messed up hair. His enormous cock was slowly going down but still had stiffness to it. He waved at the camera with a huge smile. The cameraman focussed on the monstrous pecker.

"Yes, we're covering the Love Fest and Earth Day events and we were told you have a 14" cock. Is that so?" Chip asked while the camera's zoom was on the large cocks limping way. The man bowed up proudly with a smile on his face, looking into the camera.

"Yea...I do." The man boasted. Looking down at himself then at the camera smiling. Surging the muscles in his cock to make it flex up and down.

"Well that would take an extremely talented women to take care of a monster cock like that." Chip said curiously.

"Oh yea. Daisey, she's sweet as molases but she couldn't pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel. You know, 24 cents shy of having five nickels. A few fries short of a Happy Meal." The man said snickering then turned and poked his head in the tent and called, "Daisey, come on out here." The man opened the tent door for the cute voluptuous country gal with bleached blonde hair and smeared lipstick.

"Hi." Daisey said shyly chewing her gum rapidly. Making a short wave for the camera. Smiling sweetly, naked and curling up into the large man. "Smacking," her gum loudly with her mouth open.

"Hi Daisey, I'm Chip Chambers SEXTASY-TV. We were talking with...I'm sorry sir I didn't get your name."

Daisey giggled then said, "Thats ok I do that all the time, like when I stop to think, and forget to start again?" Smacking her bubble gum and licking her lips. Chip went to stick his hand out to shake with the man but withdrew it when he thought about where his hand might have been. "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things, I always say. Mr.?" Chip put the breast like microphone to the man's mouth.

"Bubba, every body just calls me Bubba." The man said smiling from ear to ear. His cock was slowly becoming withered. "Hey want to see something?" Bubba asked excitedly.

"Sure." Chip said then turned to the camera and gave a shrug. Bubba whispered to Daisey and she rebutted his request but soon fell to her knees and began sucking Bubba's cock.

The camera followed her as she began engulfing Bubba's dick with short shallow pumps of her head onto Bubba's stiffening rod. She slurped and gasped as the cock grew enormously. Daisey opened her mouth wide and took half his hardened muscle. Bobbing on his stiffness with faster stabs into her small mouth. Bubba gripped her head and held her tightly as he began to fuck her face. Driving his cock deeper between her lips.

The camera zoomed in on Daisey's stretched mouth and his wet cock. The humping thrusts he made at her face brought more than half of his 14" cock in her mouth and down her throat. Daisey choked and gagged as Bubba held her head tightly while jerking from his release. Quivering, he let go of Daisey's head and she fell back coughing and gasping for air. White streaks of cum connected her lips to his cock in wet strands. Licking her lips and Bubba's cock for the creamy delight.

Bubba had sweat beads rolling down his face and chest, smiling. His eyes rolled with a gaze to them. Chip turned and looked into the camera.

"There you have it, everything's bigger in Texas." Chip smiled while walking away from the tent. The camera swings from the Texas size pecker to Chip. "This has been Chip Chambers SEXTASY-TV, Earth Day 2004. At the Love Fest in Luckenbauch, Texas. Back to you Chris." Chip pulled the tit like microphone from his lips.

Chris Douglas Washington DC~
The large black letters SEXTASY-TV logo on the back drop of deep-red drapes.

A leg comes into view of the screen. A long slender slightly tanned and freshly shaven leg dangled before the camera. Then a lady steps before the camera in plain view walking slowly towards the anchor desk. The woman has her back to the camera wearing a gray skirt and white blouse. Wiggling her hips a bit and then letting her hair down. Shaking her head making her ass shake too.

She sensually whipped her hair from side to side with jerks of her head. Glancing in to the camera then flicking her head the other way and looking again deeply into the lens. Licking her plush red lips from top to bottom.

Pulling the skirt up slowly with both hands as her panty's are shown slightly then she let go. The skirt fell back to its natural form. Bending forward and leaning onto the Anchor desk as the camera angled to she her pink panties that showed brightly.

The woman began unbuttoning her skirt. Slowly twisting her body she fingered the buttons till they were undone. Smiling, she finally turned to show her pretty face and seductive grin. Leaning back onto the Anchor desk and letting her skirt slip down her legs. Pulling up her blouse tails and showing her panties as she kicked the skirt away. Then kicking her high heels off, one at a time.

She spun around and pushed her ass up to the camera and shook her derrière'. Wiggling it back and forth and slowly unbuttoning her blouse and smiling. Whipping her shoulder out as soon as enough buttons were undone to allow her to do so. Then back to the task of freeing the blouse from her. Running her hand down between her legs then trailing back to her lips and licking them sensually.

Spinning around and twisting in a circle she pulled the blouse off and tossed it out as she slowed to a dizzy stop. Leaning back into the desk again she teased a shoulder as she pulled the bra strap off one side. Her panties glisten from its silky way in the beams and light of the studio. Her long leg pulled up along the other one to the knee then back down again.

She pulled the other shoulder strap off her shoulder and spun with her back to the camera. Reaching behind her and unfastening her bra. Pulling it off and sending it sailing. Holding her breasts with her arm and slightly waving with the other one. Her pink panties crawled up her ass cheeks from her constant wiggles. Spinning back around and cupping her breasts. Her hands were over her nipples, with a big smile the women removed her hands swiftly...

Her face is shown up close as she licks her lips sensually. Deep blue eyes and rose red lips saying, "You want me?" She blows a kiss with her luscious red lips. "Watch SEXTASY-TV." The woman winks.

The SEXTASY-TV logo is shown.

Jennie Crawford, NY~
"You're live with, Jennie Crawford. Happy Earth Day every one." Jennie's lips were poised at the cock-like microphone. Walking around the groups and couples fucking. "The Act like an Animal and Fuck Festival is fully under way here in New York." Jennie adjusted her breast in the tight pink tube-top and brushed back her ponytail.

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