tagSci-Fi & FantasyAsta Futa Ch. 04

Asta Futa Ch. 04


Asta was 18 when she got her penis. For some futas, the experience was as embarrassing as a human girl getting her first period during class. For many, it was better equated to a boy having an erection while being called on to come to the board. The feeling was as bad as both. Asta had been in class when it fully began.

That morning, she'd had the precursor dream that her sisters had warned her about. She dreamed of holding her future penis, pumping at it as it grew bigger and bigger, before she spotted herself across the room, her pussy open and ready for it. She got to have sex with herself and feel the pleasure of both her engorged penis and her throbbing vagina coming over and over. The dream made her privates pulse and leak with a mild burning orgasm. Her panties were soaked when she woke up and went to the shower. For the first time, the water hitting the nipples of her budding breasts made her tingly, and she fondled them as the water cascaded down her body. Without touching herself, her clit twitched, and her pussy pulsed again with a touch-free orgasm.

She was thinking about both experiences in her history class. She sat in the back, so she could drift off without being noticed. Her nipples poked through her shirt, and she wrote notes with one hand as she squeezed each breast with the other. They were a little bigger than this morning, she noticed. The mounds peeked out of her blouse like beautiful brown hills. She squeezed harder, and her juices rolled down the walls of her vagina, pooling and wetting her panties. Her breath quickened as her bottom warmed with pleasure. Her clit throbbed. She squeezed her legs together and bit her lip as her pussy walls shook with another spontaneous orgasm. Her third already that morning!

But her clit wouldn't stop throbbing now. The heat intensified a little, and she could feel her heart beating in it. It felt like it was starting to swell, unsatisfied feelings packing themselves into it. Asta's heart beat fast as she felt the swelling continue speeding up a little with the pulses her heartbeat sent to it. She looked around casually. The other girls were engrossed in their notes, so Asta snuck her hand under the hem of her skirt, grazed her thigh, and touched her clit. It had swollen past her pussy lips, and it felt like the hood had closed.

Asta quickly took her hand out and raised her bathroom card. She got up and slipped out of the room. Her thighs rubbed against her swollen clit, and it burned hotter. She doubled over and moaned now as her fourth orgasm hit. Her pussy twitched faster and harder, and her inner thighs were now slick with her cum. Her breasts got bigger, and her nipples tented her blouse. Asta hurried down the hall and to the bathroom where she unsnapped her skirt in front of the mirror. Her clit looked round against her now translucent panties, an inch in diameter. She touched it and cried out as it filled with blood and hardened, feeling like a rod sat inside of her pelvis, burning her insides. She felt her clit growing out, and it created a small peak in her panties.

Asta panted now, hornier than she'd ever been and hurting for it. She touched the growing button again, and her knees buckled. She fell as another orgasm shook her. Her clit grew out an inch, tenting her panties and stretching them against her pulsing pussy lips. Asta whimpered in pain as her new head throbbed. She pulled off her panties and looked at it in the mirror. The head turned purple, and she squeezed it and cried out at another body shaking orgasm. Her juices rolled down her butt and hit the floor. Her clit hurt so badly, but her pussy ached with pleasure.

Just then, the bathroom door flew open, and Asta gasped, meeting the eyes of another girl who had run in like she was being chased. For a moment, the girl looked at Asta, then down at her slowly growing girlcock. Asta noticed a shimmering trail of liquid snaking the girl's leg, despite her hands pressed deeply in her crotch. Her nipples pressed against her blouse, her breast heaved, and her face was flushed with pleasure, but sympathy flashed in her eyes.

"I know how to make it come quicker," she told Asta. She locked the door and unsnapped her skirt. Her panties outlined her thick shaft, the head peeking out of her waistband, red and dripping with precum.

At the sight, Asta threw her head back. Her pussy burned and sucked at the air. Her cock grew another centimeter. She grabbed her half-cock and tried to stroke the pain away. "Please do it," she sobbed.

The girl threw down her panties and stepped out of them. Her cock bobbed up and down, and she clutched it with mild pleasure. She hurried over to Asta, who was furiously rubbing her head to no avail. The pain was still there. The girl took Asta's legs, wrapped them around her, and she slowly slid her penis into Asta's vagina. Instantly, Asta's pain melted away, and all she felt was pleasure on her cockhead. Her hand slowed, and as the girl pushed in further, Asta sucked in a breath as her cock grew another inch. The girl pulled out slowly, then pushed back in to her hilt. Asta moaned as her cock grew another inch.

"You're so tight," the girl whispered. She only pulled back a little this time, beginning a steady rhythm in and out of Asta's slick pussy. The faster she moved, the faster Asta's cock developed. By the time the girl was pounding against Asta's thighs, her cock had finished growing at five inches. It started dripping shimmery fluids, and Asta touched it. A jolt of pleasure raced up her stomach, and she moaned and palmed the head as the girl stroked her hard shaft. Asta used her other hand to reach up and squeeze the girl's breast, twice the size of her own. Her pussy was on fire, and she pinched the girl's nipple. They both moaned and panted now. The girl's face was slick with sweat and red with pleasure.

"You feel so good inside of me," Asta confessed, gripping the girl with her thighs and meeting her thrusts. "I...uhhhh." She held the girl's hand and rubbed her new cock up and down with her, only able to moan now. Her stomach was starting to get tight, and her pussy started to stiffen, like she really had to pee. "Coming...Coming..." she panted.

"Me too," the girl panted, and she thrust harder into Asta as her pussy gripped the girl's cock, starting to milk it. Asta felt a mild burn rise up her shaft, and a spurt of her own new cum splashed her in the face. She arched her back in pleasure as spurt after spurt shot out of her dickhead, feeling the spurts of the girl's cum hitting her pussy walls as they sucked it from her. "Ahhhh!!!" Asta finally cried.

The girl fell onto her, and they lay there for a moment, slowly writing against each other to the glorious aftershocks. The girl lifted up and kissed Asta, parted her lips with her tongue and probed her mouth. Asta wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her back, enjoying the feel of her cock still in her, her own spent girlcock leaking out after shots of cum into her shirt as it softened.

"Thank you," Asta whispered against her lips.

"It was my pleasure," the girl breathed. She kissed her again. Then, she got dressed, waited for Asta to dress again, and then they left the bathroom.

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