At Antonia's

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I meet the love of my life.
4.2k words

Part 1 of the 4 part series

Updated 08/13/2023
Created 07/18/2023
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Felix and I arrived at Antonia's house at around one o'clock. I did not know anybody there, but Felix knew them, and he had asked our hostess if he could bring me along. As I would soon find out, Antonia was a dark-skinned, slightly built girl of Irish ancestry, a year older than I (I was twenty-seven), and pink hair that contrasted beautifully with her dark skin. She was the sole tenant of the house where we were invited to have this End of Semester Dinner. A couple of blocks off campus, a little large for the typical graduate student digs she leased the first floor, a very spacious place with a large living-dining area, a large kitchen and a large bedroom and bath.

The other guests were Maya, the same age as me, but about three inches taller, a redhead with very large pendulous breasts, green eyes, a pixie haircut, and a smile that would melt an iceberg. Mary Lou, who struck me as a little crazy at first, was not a graduate student, but friends with Antonia because their parents were friends. She was blonde, twenty-two years old and a senior, majoring in who-knows-what. Finally, there was Cindi, twenty-four and Antonia's first cousin. Dinner went smoothly and we all had a few good laughs. Mary Lou had been hitting on me all afternoon, but I was not really interested because, as I said, I thought she was a little crazy.

At around nine, everybody started to get up to leave. Felix had left a little earlier to walk to his dorm before it got too cold. Maya offered to drive me home, and we said our goodbyes to our hostess Antonia, and to Mary Lou and Cindi. On our way to my condo, Maya said she felt like dancing, and asked me if I wanted to go with her to a bar. The city, being a college town, was full of bars geared at the student body. We drove to one she said she liked. Maya danced mostly with me, except for a couple of songs that she danced with a black student who Maya said was a very good friend of hers. When the bar closed, we went to look for a party she had been told about, and which we never found. Eventually she suggested that, since her parents were out of town, we go to their house and sleep, since that place was now a lot closer than my condo. We were both too tired to do anything else. I was game, of course. We slept the rest of the night on a sofa in the den in each other's arms.

When we woke up, she drove me to my condo, and I wondered if I would ever see her again.

My friend Felix called me the next afternoon, and said that Antonia had told him that Maya was totally taken by me, and that I should ask her out. I got Maya's phone number from him, and called her after hanging up.

We went out that Saturday--dinner and dancing--Felix and Antonia accompanied us, although they were not a couple, and after closing time, Maya and I went back to her apartment near campus and spent the night. We got into a sixty-nine and Maya expertly sucked my dick while I ate out her pussy. I suggested we fuck, but she wasn't sure we should do it.

"I don't know whether we should fuck; I have a boyfriend," she explained.

"That's okay, I don't mind," I answered. That made her laugh.

She took out a small plastic case from her night table containing a diaphragm, which she then inserted into her vagina.

We began to fuck, and I came in her. She then said she wanted to eat my cum. She took my cock in her mouth and began sucking it expertly. After I came in her mouth, she commented about how much she loved the taste. Before going to sleep, we agreed that we would move in together. She said she would break up with her boyfriend. I told her she didn't have to do that, but she insisted.

We moved in together the next day. Since Christmas break had just started, my condo roommates left, and Maya and I had two love nests where we could stay: her apartment and my condo.

The next day--the first Sunday of Christmas break--Maya informed me that she had woken up with a yeast infection, so fucking her pussy would have to wait.

"Don't worry, we'll just have to stick to oral," I said.

After running a few errands and having lunch, we ended up on the couch in the living room of my condo, she sitting on the couch, I standing in front of her, as she sucked my cock. I wanted to feel more stmulation, so I took her hand and led it to my anus.

"Touch me there."

"Do you want me to put it in?" I was surprised by her question.


Maya tried to work her finger into my asshole, but it wouldn't go in.

"Here, let me help."

I put her finger in my mouth and made it slippery with my spit, and she tried again. Her finger slid easily into me this time, and she started sliding it in and out of my rectum.

After I came in her mouth, we exchanged a wet, cummy kiss.

"I think I'll have to keep this nail short," said Maya, showing me the finger that had just been in my ass.

I didn't want her to do that, because I really liked her long, well-manicured nails. "I don't think that's really necessary, as long as you are careful."

"Okay, I'll keep it the way it is."

Later that day, when we went out to dinner, Maya suggested we stop by a pharmacy and buy a tube of K-Y. After dinner, we went to my condo and had sex again. She felt self-conscious about me eating out her pussy because of her infection, so I tongued her asshole from behind, and played with her clit with my fingers.

After she came, she said with a smile "let's try out the lube." She went to her pocketbook and took out the tube.

"Lie down on your back and raise your legs," she instructed. She then lubed up her middle finger and slowly inserted it into my rectum. "That went in easy," she exclaimed. With my legs still high in the air, she then lay down next to me and we began to kiss passionately as she finger-fucked me.

"Do you want to stroke your cock while I finger you?"


She took her finger out of me for a minute to put some K-Y on my cock. She gave it a few good strokes, and then went back to fucking my ass. With my cock nicely lubricated, I started to stroke it in rhythm to her finger sliding in and out of my rectum.

"This feels so good, I want to cum but I don't want to cum yet."

"Let go of your cock for a little while then."

I did as she said, and without my touching my cock, Maya continued fucking my ass with her finger.

"Let me try and get another finger in you, okay?"


After adding a little more lube, she slid a second finger into my hole, and she continued fucking me like that.

After a few minutes, she suggested I stroke my cock again, and five minutes or so later, my cock erupted, spraying cum all over my belly and chest.

"Want us to share your cum?"

"Yes," I said. Maya then lapped it all up with a slurping sound and without swallowing it, let it all dribble out into my open mouth. We kissed and cuddled for a while, and then we went to sleep for the night, not bothering to shower or clean ourselves.

The next afternoon, after she picked me up at school, we went out to dinner again. I thought we were spending too much money eating out every day, so we agreed that we would try and eat in at least a few days of the week.

When we got to my condo (our preferred love-nest, it being much larger and more comfortable than her tiny apartment), after getting naked, we sat at our living room sofa and made out while we ate strawberries and drank wine. In charge of the wine, Maya would take a swig, and feed it into my mouth "That's the French way," she explained. From feeding me wine mouth to mouth, we quickly graduated to her feeding me strawberries mouth to mouth.

"Do you want me to chew it up first?" she asked, with a strawberry in her mouth.

"Sure, that would be hot."

Maya chewed a strawberry into a paste and fed it into my mouth. We kept this up until we had finished the bottle of wine and the strawberries, and it was time for sex again.

Her yeast infection seemed to be better, so we got into a sixty-nine and I began to eat her pussy and alternating with tonguing her asshole. She took my cock in her mouth and fucked my asshole with two fingers.

Our days during Christmas break went pretty much this way. Both of us attending to academic work during the day, having dinner at night, and sex. We quickly graduated to four fingers, but other than that, everything stayed the same for those two weeks or so. With very few people on campus, and little pressure on either of us from our professors, Maya and I were pretty much happily alone with just each other.

The day Antonia returned from break, Maya and I went to visit her at her house off campus. We showed up with Chinese takeout, as well as plenty of beer and wine.

As the wine and beer flowed, we all got a little wasted, and conversation--just like it always did--quickly moved to sex. Antonia had been dating a guy named Emile, whom she described as not particularly good in bed, but otherwise a nice guy. Mary Lou, who apparently had hooked up with Cindi shortly before Christmas break, had made a pass at Antonia during break, but the latter was not sure how to respond. Maya and I encouraged her to go for it, of course. Mary Lou was a little crazy, but she was hot, and--Antonia explained--very adventurous in bed. Antonia laughed at our coaxing her, and said she would think about it.

Mary Lou and Cindi were expected to return to campus in a couple of days, and the three of us said we hoped the five of us could get together then. Although I still thought Mary Lou was a little crazy, from listening to Maya, I had grown to believe that she was crazy in a good way, so not dangerous in any sense. And she definitely was very hot.

Antonia, being something of a sex fiend, wanted to know how Maya and I were getting along, sex-wise. "Very good," Maya explained. Martin (that's me) makes me cum every time, and we have sex at least once a day. "And," she added, "he's very sensitive down there," as she ran her finger up the crack of my ass.

Antonia was intrigued, and wanted to know more.

"He loves it when I finger his asshole, he just goes crazy, and cums like a horse!"

"I've heard that guys are sensitive down there, because of the prostate or something," suggested Antonia.

"Must be. I can fit four fingers all the way in him, but my fingers aren't long enough, can't get really deep inside."

By this time, I was pretty hard, and it showed through my pants, and Maya was gently stroking my erection. She was also getting excited, as her voice got raspier, and Antonia was beyond herself. She had started rubbing her mound through her pants.

"Have you two used only fingers?"

"Yes, of course."

"Hold on," she said, and rushed out of the living room.

Antonia came back carrying something, and it became immediately obvious to me, and probably to Maya too, that it was some sort of sex toy.

"Why don't you try this?" she said, almost hoarse with excitement.

"What is it," asked Maya, clearly intrigued.

"It allows a woman to have a penis."

"Where did you get it?" I asked.

"It's Mary Lou's, she brought it to use it on Cindi right before break.

Maya examined it carefully. It was with a rubbery consistency, bright pink, it was shaped kind of like a "J" but instead of having one hook, like a normal "J", it had two.

"How does this work?" Maya wanted to know. Antonia took it from Maya, and explained. She wrapped her hand around the main shaft or body, which was about 7 inches long, and said "this is the penis. It goes into the person getting fucked. "This," she pointed at the first hook, which was fat and shaped like an egg "goes into your vagina, and this other part goes into your ass. It works really well, according to Mary Lou; doesn't flop around as you're fucking your partner, and you get a lot of stimulation yourself. Best design around."

Maya was examining it very carefully, running her fingers up and down the fake penis, as well as the vaginal bulb and anal dildo, discovering its every detail. She looked at me and said "do you want to try it?"

"I think it's kind of big." The main shaft, which was shaped like a penis, with circumcised head and all, appeared to be about seven inches long, and about one and a half inches in diameter. I guessed that about six of those inches would stick out in front of the user and be available to penetrate me.

Maya laughed. "I'm sure you can take it!"

"Mary Lou and Cindi speak wonders of it, they say it gets them off every time," Antonia offered some perspective.

"Ok," I said, "just don't hurt me."

"Don't worry, baby, I won't hurt you," laughing.

"Let's go to the bedroom," Antonia blurted out hoarsely. She was so excited, she could barely speak.

"I don't know, maybe we should do this at home," said Maya, looking at me.

"I don't know, honey, it's Antonia's toy, and she is sharing it with us." The thought of Maya fucking my ass with that strap-on was making me hot as hell, and to have Antonia in the room watching us, was more than I had ever imagined would happen to me. I wanted to do it there in Antonia's home in front of her.

"Please, let's do it here," I insisted. "Antonia is your best friend!"

"I won't do a thing, I just want to watch you two, it would mean a lot to me!" wailed Antonia.

I could see Maya softening a little, and I started kissing her neck and fondling her breasts and mound, as we sat on the sofa and Antonia watched expectantly, barely standing two feet in front of us, panting heavily.

Maya was getting noticeably aroused, breathing heavily, and her jeans felt soaking wet as I fondled her pussy over the denim.

Finally Maya relented. "Okay, we can do it here."

Antonia was trembling, she could barely walk as we headed to her bedroom. As we followed her, Maya suddenly stopped and turned, "wait, let me get the lube, I think we're gonna need a lot of it," she said giggling. Antonia and I waited for her as she got the K-Y from her purse, and then the three of us went into the bedroom.

"I'll bring the wine, be right back," said Antonia, and practically ran out of the room to get the half-empty bottle and glasses we had left behind. She topped each of our glasses and then Maya started to get undressed. Forgetting to take her heels off before peeling off her jeans, she almost fell over, but I caught her just in time. She thought this was really funny and the three of us started laughing like drunken teenagers. When the two of us were completely naked, Maya turned to Antonia, who was standing three or four feet away from us.

"You should undress too; you can't expect us to be the only ones naked here," suggested Maya. Antonia immediately did as she was told. I looked at her, and noticed she had a very nice thin body, with her pubic hair trimmed to form a thin vertical strip, which was dyed blue, just like the hair on her head.

"How should we do this?" asked Maya of nobody in particular.

"You get on the bed on all fours, right here, and facing that wall, Antonia said to me.

Meanwhile Maya was trying to figure out how to put on the dildo, and Antonia offered to help.

"You'd better lube up the part that goes in your ass," offered Antonia. Maya spread a large amount of lube on the second hook of the dildo and bent forward a little to work both parts into her body.

"Here, let me help," said Antonia, and between the two of them, they managed to work both hooks into my girlfriend.

"I'm really stuffed, but it went in!" said Maya, somewhat surprised. Antonia took hold of the plastic penis and pulled at it gently in different directions.

"See, it's really firm!" Maya seemed a little surprised that Antonia had taken hold of her cock, but didn't say anything. She then got on the bed behind me, and I felt her tongue against my asshole, trying to enter me. Then I felt the cold K-Y on my anus, and I felt a finger slip in.

"Do you need any help?" asked Antonia, laughing.

Maya laughed too, and responded "I think I can handle this part!"

I could tell that Antonia wanted to watch Maya enter me, but she took the hint, and, her work done, walked around the bed, and propped herself up against the bed board, sitting in front of me, spreading her legs around me. My face was less than two feet from her wet pussy, and she started to finger herself.

"Lube that dildo up good," Antonia reminded Maya.

When I felt the head of the dildo against my ass, I instinctively pushed against it, trying to impale myself onto it.

"Easy boy, I'm the one doing the fucking here," laughed Maya.

She started to push against my asshole, and the dildo slid right in.

"Wow, it's all the way in!" she exclaimed. She then started to fuck me slowly, as she had done with her fingers many times before, but now with this excellent tool, she quickly picked up the pace, and started fucking me faster. I grunted as she plowed into me and pulled out, enjoying the large object stretching my anus and rectum, and especially enjoying not only the fact that my girlfriend was doing this to me, and obviously enjoying it herself, but also the fact that I was being fucked in front of another person. Although she could not see the dildo sliding in and out of me, Antonia was clearly enjoying what she could see of the erotic show before her. She fingered herself feverishly, her eyes darting from Maya to me and back. I dared not touch my cock, afraid that any stimulation there would make me cum, and put a quick end to this wonderful experience.

After a few minutes of her fucking me, Maya slipped out completely, and almost immediately slid back in. This happened so quickly, I could tell she did it without using her hand to guide her plastic cock.

"Fuck me like that," I said. "Pull out completely, and then put it in all the way."

Maya started fucking me this way, pulling out completely, and then pushing back in, over and over again, never needing to touch her plastic cock.

"Your ass is open so wide, I don't have to do anything," she giggled.

"I know, I can feel it." I was gaping so wide, her plastic cock would just slip into me with no effort.

Antonia had had enough of not being able to see the action, so she got on her hands and knees and crawled around us to our side where she could get a good look.

"Just amazing, fucking amazing!" she said. "This is so fucking hot; I can't stand it."

It was obvious to me that she wanted to do more than just watch and masturbate, but I didn't dare say anything for fear that Maya would not take it well and ruin the moment.

"I'm gonna cum!" Antonia uttered huskily, almost yelling.

"I just came! That was so fucking hot, so fucking hot!" exclaimed Antonia, over and over.

With that, Maya started to fuck me very fast and hard. "I'm gonna cum too," she screamed. She was almost out of breath, not being used to so much physical activity.

"I want us to cum at the same time," I said.

"I'm very close. Jerk yourself."

"What do I do with my cum?" I asked Antonia, the owner of the bedsheets.

"Just cum on the bed."

"For the first time since we got on Antonia's bed, I put my hand to my cock, and gave it a few strokes, maybe 10 or 15. With Maya still pumping into my hole like a maniac, my cock exploded and jets of my cum landed on Antonia's sheets.

"I just came," I informed the two women.

Maya continued to fuck me, and herself, of course, pounding me so hard I had to use all the strength in my arms to keep myself from collapsing forward.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," shrieked Maya. Then she collapsed on top of me, her cock still inside my rectum.

The three of us lay there panting for a few minutes, Maya on top of me, her cock still in our holes, and Antonia lying to our side.

"That was so absolutely fucking wonderful," Maya finally said.

"Yes, it was so fucking hot," added Antonia.

"Did you like it, my dear?" Maya asked into my ear.

"I loved it, I've never felt so good in my life!"