tagLoving WivesAt Last I Am Pregnant

At Last I Am Pregnant


I looked at the home pregnancy test. Negative again!!!! What was wrong? I had now been married to my husband for a year and still no joy. We had tried every position known to man but for some reason it just wasn't happening. He was starting to get angry with me and blamed me for it. On many nights now I would come home from work to find him not there and out drinking with his mates. Last month I had been to the doctor and he found nothing wrong with me and told me that it takes time and not to be so anxious about it, as this was having a negative effect on our chances.

A week later I woke to the noise of my husband snoring. Today was the day I was ovulating again. I was fertile and in need of some baby making sperm. Slowly I reached down into his boxers and started playing with his cock. My pussy started to drip in anticipation. He moaned and pushed my hand away. Then I smelt it... the smell of stale alcohol on his breath. He had been drunk again and was hung over.

Fuming , I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower. Sitting on the toilet I began to cry. My pussy was wet, ripe for some cock and all my husband wanted to do was sleep. While sobbing I noticed that my hand had protectively covered my pussy. Well fuck him. From now on he would have to beg for it. Feeling a little better I got into the shower and prepared for work.

At work I have a great friend called Dave. Nothing has ever happened between us but we are so close, people in our department refer to us as a couple. In fact he has often referred to me as his work wife. He came into my office to get me to do some typing for him. "Another great day in New York" he said smiling at me. Straight away I burst into tears. The next thing I knew I had a comfortable arm around my shoulder. Soon I was telling him everything. How we had been trying for a year to have a baby with no success, how my husband was starting to ignore me. By now my head was resting on his shoulder and he was stroking my hair, consoling me in a hushed tone. I told him how I had gone to the doctor for a check up and come back with a positive result. Then he said something that I had not thought about. "Maybe the problem is not you"?

The more I thought about it the more I realized he could be right. My husband didn't have the highest libido at the best of times. Our sex wasn't great or not according to what I heard the other girls talking about in the canteen. As he was my first boyfriend and only lover, I didn't have anything to compare him to. But surely once a week and twice while I was fertile was too little? Also he had refused to see a doctor!

While Dave was talking to me I suddenly started to notice how manly he was. Yes that sounds stupid but is the only way I can think of explaining it. It must have had something to do with the fact that I was ovulating, but my nipples started to harden and I could feel my pussy start to tingle. Dave must have sensed something, maybe what they say about pheromones is true. He looked deeply into my eyes and must have seen the lust in them. I was a woman who was fertile and needed a cock. All he said tome is "Are you sure"? My pussy was now starting to swell, preparing for what was going to happen. I just nodded.

He went over and locked the office door. I couldn't believe what was about to happen but at the same time so happy I had worn my sexiest underwear. Had my subconscious prepared for this?

He was back. In seconds we were kissing...deeply. His hands were roaming all over my body. This wasn't a time for making love. We were like two animals and I was a bitch in heat. Within minutes he had picked me up and put me on my desk. My skirt was up around my waist and he was pulling my panties down. I was starting to moan. He looked at my pussy and made a deep guttural sound. Next thing his head was between my legs and he was kissing me. This had never happened before and I nearly fainted. His tongue was licking up and down my swollen cleft, preparing it for the cock that was about to come. I was swollen, so swollen and ready. Next his tongue moved upwards and began slowly lapping at my clit. I grabbed his head and cried out as I came all over his face.

Instead of feeling satisfied I wanted more. I wanted his cock. While eating me he had also been removing his pants and was now naked from the waist down. He stood up and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste myself and this made me even hornier. My pussy was on fire and I had an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. I reached down to touch myself as we kissed. Before my hand even reached my belly button I felt it. It was huge. I couldn't help myself and broke from our kiss and looked down. Reaching up was a huge cock, twice the size of my husbands. Suddenly I was nervous, but my pussy was not. It started to pulsate, further lubricating itself for the invasion to come.

My hand was now wrapped around as much cock as it could fit and was slowly moving up and down. I could feel his precum starting to lubricate it. "I don't have a condom" he said. Now was when I should have stopped. I was fertile, I was ovulating, before me was a large cock that was not my husbands. But my pulsating pussy would have none of it. I found my hand was starting to direct the hard cock towards my very wet opening. Soon it was rubbing on my pussy hairs then I directed it lower until it was aimed directly at my wet slit. I pulled it closer and it touched my wet opening. I looked at Dave and said "I am fertile today so don't come in me, but I need to feel you inside me just for a short time"

The look on his face said it all. Slowly my hand tightened and I started to rub him up and down my wet slit. My legs were widespread and my feet were on the table. My pussy was open for him. He looked down and groaned. Slowly his hips started to thrust forward. The huge head was now forcing my cunt lips open. As I looked down to watch I had a fleeting though of my husband lying in bed nursing a hang over. Instead of feeling guilty I felt elated... Fuck him I thought as I watched the huge cock slowly pushing into me, into the pussy that should have been reserved for him.

Dave began slowly thrusting in and out. Stretching me, making my pussy adjust to its huge size. My overflowing pussy and his pre cum was helping but it was still a struggle. My pussy just wasn't used to anything so big. We were both looking down, watching his cock pushing in and out of my pussy. It was so fucking erotic that I orgasmed again.

That did it. The extra juices made the journey easier and in one long thrust he was fully embedded in me. So deep. I was in ecstasy and my pussy felt like a vice clamping down on him in continual orgasm. I could feel his crispy pubic hair rubbing against my belly. But it was not for long, he withdrew and plunged into me again. Then like rutting animals we began to fuck...hard...soo... hard. He was pounding into me The slurping sound my pussy made every time his cock withdrew and forced himself back in was the sexiest noise I have ever heard. A huge orgasm was beginning to build we were both moaning, oblivious to where we were.

"I am getting close" he moaned. My hands reached down and grasped his large swinging ball sack and began to milk him. "Need to pullout soon" he said. All the while continuing to pound into me. "Little bit longer" I whimpered as I felt my orgasm building and building.

Just then I heard the phone ring, or maybe it had been ringing for a while. It went onto voicemail and I heard my husband's voice. "Hi Honey sorry I missed you this morning, I have just got up"

Here I was with my legs spread , a huge cock deep inside me with my husband on the phone. Now surely I would stop. Instead I wrapped my legs around Dave, pulling him deeper into me and grabbing his shoulders and holding him tight. My pussy had a massive cock in it and I wasn't going to stop. I told him to fuck me, to come in me, to impregnate me and give me his baby.

As my husband continued to talk I looked up at Dave the veins in his neck seemed to stand out and he threw his head back and grunted. I felt the huge cock inside me begin to swell. Then to twitch and spurt it's virile semen into my waiting womb. Again and again it spurted. I held him tightly ,keeping his cock as deep as possible, as my orgasm pulsated through my sore pussy and drew his virile sperm upwards to meet with the waiting fertile egg. As my orgasm subsided I could feel a warmth spreading deep inside me. I held Dave close and kissed him. Then I looked down , my pussy was red and swollen, luckily my husband wouldn't be seeing it for a while as he would surely notice. Dave's cock was still deeply embedded inside me. "Keep it there", I murmured , "while we wait for your sperm to impregnate me"

We had done it, we had not made love. We had mated and soon my belly would be growing with our offspring. "Bye" I heard my husband say as he hung up.

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