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At The Clinic


I have worked at the clinic for some years now. When I first came through these doors I was a young medical student about to donate my sperm. I was nervous and shy but driven on mainly by my need for some extra money earned quickly and, well, easily. I little realised that this place would become such an important part of my future professional life. Within this specialist unit we deal with all aspects of fertility and human reproduction including full fertility treatment for couples who have problems with pregnancy and also the increasing numbers of women who need our discrete skills for donor insemination in a sympathetic personal service.

The patient I am about to see is a typical case, a professional woman in her early 30's who does not want to leave starting her family any later and who came to us searching for trustworthy and discrete donor insemination. After a detailed but relaxed consultation and full examination by one of our gynaecologists, she eventually decided on a course of anonymous natural insemination as the most direct and suitable route to motherhood.

After showering and changing into a fresh theatre gown, I settle down to carefully trimming and filing my fingernails, removing any hard skin and working cleansing cream into my fingertips and hands while refreshing my memory with the patients file. I carefully note her sexual and reproductive history along with her questionnaire answers and finally I take a look at the gynos exam report. I notice from this that the patient has relatively small external genital features and a curved vagina that will not be ideal for my technique, so I will have to be especially careful and proceed cautiously.

As I walk through into the insemination room I can see that Senior Procedure Nurse Debbie Colinson and her nursing assistant Sandra have already prepared the patient. Sandra is just leaving for other duties, and gives me a knowing grin as she passes. I have worked with Debbie for several years and we have developed a mutual admiration for each others professional skills and become a very efficient team As usual Debbie is wearing a neat white uniform that reflects her reassuring manner with the patients and looks every inch the capable professional that she is.

I kick off my sandals and pad barefoot across the warm rubber floor of the insemination room which is a clinical tiled procedure area equipped with everything we might need for virtually all fertility treatments. The insemination couch is similar to the examination table used for internal exams but instead of stirrups for the patients feet there are adjustable pads and rests so that she may arranged in various positions to suit the practitioners needs. Knowing my methods well, Debbie has placed the patient kneeling on her front with her knees on the pads, her naked buttocks up in the air and thighs spread apart. The top half of the patient's body is hidden behind a small screen at the top of the couch and Debbie is standing talking to her in quiet reassuring tones.

One of the many pleasures of my job is that I never tire of looking at female genitals. Every woman is different, although there are distinct types too. As I inspect between the patients shapely thighs and buttocks I can see her small but well-shaped vulva with the labia majora, or outer lips, sparsely covered in dark pubic hair which fans away from the clitoris still hooded in coral pink membrane and peeping out between her labia. Much of my interest is professional; however, I am also a hot blooded male like any other and as I admire the sight of the dark vulva between the trim and well-rounded buttocks I feel the unmistakable beginnings of arousal course through my body and centre in my groin.

I exchange a glance with Debbie that tells me everything is ok with the patient and I also reassuringly pat the bare back and glide my hand gently up and down her spine before kneading the tops of her thighs slowly and deeply. I look upon it as a great honour to help women become mothers and take the responsibility or starting a new human life very seriously as an act of infinite kindness. I feel this deeply as I stroke away any tension in the patient and hopefully get her started on her first orgasm as this is very important to ensure a successful and natural insemination because arousal will enlarge and lift her cervix.

When the patient seems to be quite relaxed I stroke the inside of her thighs and casually let my fingers brush the hairs of her labia. I continue gently stroking her splayed buttocks and bring my fingers ever closer to her waiting genitals. Debbie is now ready with warm scented oil in a small dispenser so as I gently part the patients vulva, Debbie applies some oil to the tips of my fingers and I start to massage and work the labia slowly and calmly, spreading the oil along the main crevice and up and around the small puckered anus. The whole process is designed to first relax the patient and then increase her sexual tension and arousal without making any threatening movements and we have found it to work very successfully with most women.

Once I feel the patient become sensual and a little aroused under my touch, I manipulate her genitals more boldly by parting her outer lips and gently pushing my finger tip inside to tease the entrance to her vagina. I now gently stroke the shaft of the clitoris and then coax it out from its pink hood until it's stiff and throbbing. By now the patient is beginning to stir slowly under my touch and her breathing is deepening so while softly rubbing her clitoris with one hand I push a couple of fingers more deeply into her vaginal opening and stretch the entrance by revolving my fingers around the membrane until I can easily add one or two more fingers to fully dilate the vulva and vagina. The patient is clearly enjoying the process thus far so I spread my fingers inside her vagina and stimulate her G spot firmly. The patients genitals are fully aroused now, the lips darkened in colour, more swollen and prominent, and as I gently circle my finger around her stiff clitoris I watch her vulva spasm into orgasm and hear a small growl from behind the screen.

Its now time to get on with the insemination and I realise that my penis has been slowly thickening and filling out while I have stimulated the patient. My foreskin feels tight around my glans and as my burgeoning erection pushes out my gown, Debbie is not slow to note and moving behind me pulls open the kimono style gown and fastens it at the back. This lays bare my chest belly and thighs and I take my stiffening penis in hand squeezing the hardening shaft as it thickens and easing back the foreskin off of the head. I stimulate the rim of the bared glans and rub the frenulum lightly. I annoint the thick shaft with pure vegetable oil from the small bottle that Debbie has carefully placed for me and then work my foreskin up and down over the taught swollen head. A droplet of secretion soon appears in the small slit of the head and my shaft is now fully erect and drawn up almost against my belly ready for coitus.

Now I take my stiffened penis in my hand and gently rub the straining head between the patients distended labia. My penis is quite thick with a large plum like glans and I will have to take care with my penetration. I make small rocking thrusts to work the big head in and out of the slick vulva until the patients vaginal opening has stretched around the ridge and my penis is beginning to ease up into the vagina aided by the oil and her secretions. I can feel the patient's internal muscles starting to grasp my penis as I work it gently up into her passage. Once I have the patient half penetrated, Debbie comes round beside me and watches my progress. I can see she has the oil dispenser in her hand ready and a small clitoral vibrator is beside her. The base of my penis is very thick and we both know that things must be taken slowly when I penetrate fully. As I start to stretch the patients vaginal opening more Debbie quickly applies some more oil to the base of my shaft with her gloved fingers and then my penis is sliding right up into the patients pelvic space, filling her vagina and distending her labia as I penetrate her fully. Some deep gasps come from the top of the couch and Debbie goes round to talk quietly to the patient.

I move very slowly in the patient until Debbie looks up at me with a slight nod to tell me that the patient is quite comfortable with being penetrated completely. Now I need to fulfill my function and inseminate the patient. Like all donors at the clinic, I have refrained from ejaculating for three days and I can already feel the semen gathering as my male tension mounts. I take a firm grip of the patients hips and stroke my penis up and down her vagina with long firm thrusts. At the end of each stroke my thick penile base stretches open the labia and I can hear her quiet regular grunts as I press right up into her each time. I need to stimulate my penis enough to ejaculate and inseminate the patient as efficiently as possible. This is not the sex of the bedroom, more of the farmyard and just an efficient coupling to make a start a pregnancy and make a baby.

I now have the innate male urge to thrust vigorously but I am aware that I can easily hurt the patient so caution prevails as I increase the length and pace of my thrusts. I let the soft ridges in the patients vagina pleasure my glans and stretch back my foreskin. I feel the excitement and tension spread into my groin and belly. Soon the tiled walls echo with the sound of my hips slapping urgently against the patients rounded buttocks giving a slightly lewd flavour to the proceedings. The patients grunts are turning to low moans and the pleasurable voluptus is flaring the glans of my penis as it readies for orgasm. Debbie watches me reaching full sexual arousal and sees that I am nearly ready to ejaculate.

The patient is also close to orgasm which will swell and dilate her uterus for ideal conception. I breathe deeply to hold off the climax that is about to take over my whole body. Debbie walks round to me and I feel her small gloved hand press between my belly and the patients buttocks. I look down and watch her oiled finger stir and revolve in the puckered anus as my own fingers strum the stiff clitoris. Our combined efforts are clearly successful as muffled orgasmic screams from behind the screen signify a final big climax and the patients pelvic muscles firmly clutch my hard length and her vagina ripples delightfully around my swollen glans causing my embedded penis to twitch involuntarily as my orgasm takes over my manhood.

As Debbie watches I grip the patients undulating buttocks, pull her hard against my groin and hold her firmly in place as my rigid engorged penis bucks and flexes in her belly and my semen jets forcefully against the end of her vagina and splashes around her cervix. My grunts of release mix with the patients orgasmic cries. The pleasure of a powerful orgasm floods my brain and body but I am careful to get all of the valuable sperms in the right place by forcing my penis right up into the vaginal cul-de-sac as it twitches and jumps through my orgasm.

I pause still inside the patient while my brain absorbs the endorphins. Debbie holds out a surgical wipe and watches as I gently slide my still thick penis out of the saturated labia. I take the tissue and wipe away the residue semen and secretions from my glans before pushing my foreskin forward over the swollen head. Debbie gently cleans the patient, wiping the folds of her labia and around her clitoral hood. As I close my gown and retrieve my sandals, Debbie is already covering the patient with warm towels and settling her for a rest to allow the semen to break down and liquefy in her womb. I exchange a glance of thanks with Debbie and make my way back towards my office. Next week I will work with Debbie again when we help a married couple with infertile husband. We usually get such couples to make love in one of our small lounge rooms and then at the right moment Debbie will help me to supply the sperm,...however that will be a story for another day...

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