At the Moon


"I'm confused," I said to her as she stood on the deck staring up at the moon. It was as if she just wanted to howl but somehow forgot the words.

"It's just like they said," she said, turning her head and looking around in unabashed awe.


"The singers, you know, "I'm just a singer in a rock and roll band..." you know. They said, " is gray and yellow white..."

A shooting star arced across the sky and I thought of days, of the future and the past. She wasn't always like this, she wasn't always so disconnected. No, she was always in control, even when we drank too much she kept us out of trouble. But now it was so different, something happened to her in the accident.

They said she wasn't hurt bad, no apparent injuries, just some bruising where the air bags slapped her. The bruising healed and she seemed fine until four or five months later. Then she started ah... losing herself is probably the best way to describe it.

I looked back at her as she stared up at the moon but instead of howling she simply said, "...we decide which is right and which is an illusion." She then began unbuttoning her jacket.

"Hon, it's too cold out here."

"It's so pure, the snow I mean. So quiet."

"But you need your jacket," I said, catching it as she let it fall to the ground, completely naked underneath.

"Leave it there, on the ground," she said, still looking up at the moon.

The bluish light illuminated her body, accentuating the smooth curves in faint shadow. Her nipples were erect, sticking straight out, larger than I had ever seen them. Letting the jacket fall to the ground as she wanted, I reached out to clasp her breast.

As I touched her she turned away from me, kneeled down on the jacket and then put her hands down, as if posing for me on all fours. She looked back up at the moon and then glanced at me, wiggling her ass a bit. It had been so long since I had touched her that I ached for her, my cock fully erect since I first saw she was naked.

I kneeled behind her, unfastened my pants and pulled them down. I reached out and touched my hand to her hip but she leaned forward as if to pull away. I paused a moment, but she wiggled her ass and leaned back toward me. I reached out to her hip, but she pulled away again.

This time when she moved back closer to me, I grabbed her firmly and pulled her back to me. She struggled to pull away, but I had too firm of a grip on her. I leaned forward and with my free hand worked my cock into her wet pussy. Pushing forward, I felt myself slip easily into her wet pussy.

She tried to lean forward again, so I grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her back to me, thrusting myself deep into her. Moaning loudly, she looked back at the moon and then said, "No, not now, the moon..." She stopped talking and pushed back onto me as I pushed my cock into her. Suddenly jerking forward, she pulled away and spun onto her back as my cock slipped out of her pussy.

Glaring at me she growled, "You fuck, it's all wrong."

"What's all wrong," I asked, grabbing her arms and holding her.

"The moon, this it's all wrong."

"But it's been so long, I just want to touch you, to love you."

Her face changed and she seemed to relent. Her body relaxed and she remained motionless as I moved between her legs and pushed my cock back into the wet warmth of her pussy. She closed her eyes as I began moving my hips back and forth. After a few moments she began lifting her hips in rhythm with mine. I could feel her grip on my arms tightening as we moved together.

I bent over and took a nipple into my mouth, sucking on it and the moving to the other one. Letting my tongue circle around it I glanced up at her face and noticed her looking at the moon again. Then she arched her back, moaned loudly and came, her pussy convulsing around my cock. Pushing deep inside her, I paused, letting her catch her breath for a moment.

When I began moving again I felt her body begin to tense up again and I thought maybe she might be getting close to coming again, but then she growled and dug her nails into my arm. Not sure what made her get so fierce, I kind of liked it and began thrusting myself faster and faster.

"No, this is not right, stop this now," she screamed, slapping me across the face and then bucking her body. My cock slipped out of her just as I was coming and I watched my cum spurt out across her stomach and breasts. She pulled herself out from under me and screamed, "You raped me. I said this was wrong, but you did it anyway. You raped me."

"Hon, what are you talking about? You took off your jacket and kneeled down for me."

"I told you to stop and you didn't. Look at this," she screamed running her hand through the cum that streamed down her body.

"But you did want it, you came for Christ's sake."

"No, no, no," she screamed, grabbing the jacket and running inside.

I tried to follow her in but she locked the door. I walked around to the other doors but they were also locked. We had a hide-a-key tucked in a plastic rock in the garden but I wasn't about to go plowing through the snow to find the rock. The wind wasn't bad and my jacket was warm enough, so I sat down on one of the deck chairs and waited. Sooner or later she'd have to let me in or something.

About twenty minutes later the "or something" came screeching into my driveway with red flashing lights. I removed my hands from my pockets and placed them on the deck rail so the police wouldn't get nervous. After a few minutes a policeman stepped through the back door and asked, "Mr. Jackson?"

Nodding I replied, "Yes, I'm sorry it came to this, she's never carried it this far before, she's always gotten a handle on it."

"Sir, your wife said you raped her."

"No, no it's all a misunderstanding, you see, she has some mental problems... she's not really crazy or unstable or anything, she just kind of loses focus... hallucinates."

"She has some bruises on her face, do you know how they got there?" he asked.

"Bruises? No, we had sex out here on the balcony, but there was no struggle, no bruises."

"My partner is with her, she's helping her until the ambulance arrives."

"Ambulance? Is she okay? Did she fall or something?"

"She claims you raped her, hurting her face when you forced her down onto the deck here," he said looking at his notebook.

"But the ambulance? Is she badly hurt?"

"Calm down, she has a bruise or two on the face, but we want to get her checked out. They'll take her into the hospital and run a rape kit on her."

"But they don't need to do that, you just need to let her calm down, once she does and is herself again she can tell you what really happened."

"Why don't you tell me what happened?" the officer said, leaning against the rail.

"It goes back about six months ago, when she had the accident."

"Car accident?"

"Yes, there were no apparent injuries, except for some marks on her face where the airbags had hit her. The ambulance drivers treated her on the scene and released her. Everything seemed normal until about a month ago, she started having visions, hallucinations or something."

"How do you mean?"

"I mean she'd just start talking as if something was going on, as if someone else were talking to her, or something was happening nearby when nothing was really happening. You understand?"

"I guess, and tonight."

"We were on the deck together, it was chilly but we both had on coats. She seemed obsessed with the moon, staring up at it and reciting lyrics."


"Yeah, from the Moody Blues, 'Nights in White Satin,' talking about the moon. But it was odd, she seemed nervous, holding her head back and I'd swear she was about to howl at the moon. Anyway, she suddenly pulled off her jacket and she was entirely naked."


"Yeah, except her shoes, but anyway, she threw her coat down, and kneeled down on it. She would look at me, as if she wanted me to... to ah... I mean she moved her body kind of inviting like and well, we haven't had much in the way of relations recently because of her... ah, problem and well, I figured if she wanted to I would. I unfastened my pants and well, kneeled down behind her and we had sex."

"She didn't resist?"

"It was strange, she pulled away saying something about the moon being wrong, but then she'd move herself, like inviting me again. It all seemed like a game, like she was playing hard to get."

"Did you ever hit her, or knock her down?" he asked.

"No, besides pulling away several times after which she seemed to come back, there was nothing physical like that. Again she said something about the moon being wrong."

"Why didn't you stop when she said that?"

"Well, it was like almost immediately afterwards she'd seem to invite me back," I replied.

"She asked you?"

"Not verbally, but in the way she moved her body."

"Okay, look, let me talk to my partner and see if we can figure all this out," he said. "Look why don't you come inside and sit there at the kitchen table."

"Can I talk to her?"

"Wait until we get this straightened out."

I sat down at the table and watched as the police officer walked into the living room. I could hear him talking to a woman, I presume she was his partner. While sitting alone I tried to figure out how she could have gotten a bruise while we had sex, but it just didn't seem possible.

After a few minutes the officer returned and said, "Look, Mr. Jackson we need to work out a few more details here. I wonder if you wouldn't mind coming into the station with us."

"And my wife?"

"We are going to send her to the hospital, more a precaution than anything. Of course they will run a rape kit when they are there."

"Can I see her?"

"Not right now," the officer said, firmly placing his hand on my shoulder as I began to stand up.

Sitting back down I said, "Okay, I'll come into the station, but can I get cleaned up first, change my shirt and all?"

"We'd prefer if you remained as you are."

"Okay, I'll grab my keys. Should I follow you?"

"No, don't worry about driving there, you can ride in the car with us."

"Am I under arrest?" I asked nervously.

"No, no, we just need to ask some more questions to try and work all this out."

The officer led me out the back door after assuring me they would make sure the house was secure. He walked me through the snow out onto my driveway where I passed the ambulance and several of our neighbors. I simply looked down at the ground, embarrassed by it all.

I wasn't arrested and wasn't wearing handcuffs, but it was still humiliating walking with the officer past my neighbors. Anyway, I rode into the station and followed the officer past a number of desks to a small room where I sat down in an uncomfortable chair. I was there for about thirty minutes before a man and a woman stepped into the door.

"Mr. Jackson, I'm Detective Mills and this is my partner Detective Andrews," the man said in a very official tone. "Do you know what you were brought in for?"

"Yes of course," I replied. "I'm here to help straighten out the confusion over my wife's story about what happened tonight."

"And what did happen, Mr. Jackson?"

"It's just like I told the police officer, I was on the back porch and well, my wife was wearing a coat and nothing else. She took off her coat and well, one thing led to another and we had sex. Afterwards she got mad at me, rushed inside and locked me out."

Detective Andrews squatted down next to me and said, "You wife says you raped her."

"No she is confused, it's like I told the officer, since the accident..."

"The accident, the car accident?"

"Yes she was hurt, something in her head or something, she gets confused."

"She gets confused?"

"Yes, you see the airbags..."

"Mr. Jackson," Detective Mills began loudly, "Wasn't it you that was in the accident?"

"No my wife..."

"Mr. Jackson," he said loudly again, "I've checked the records, your wife was not in the vehicle, it was you who had the accident."

"No it was her, she gets confused... hallucinates, says things..."

"Mr. Jackson, were you in a car accident?"

"No, it was my wife. I wasn't... no it was... it was... yes, a car accident, I was in a car accident."

"Aren't you the one who has been treated for hallucinations?"

"Me? No you see she... the airbags..."

"Mr. Jackson, did you perhaps have a hallucination tonight, perhaps misunderstand your wife?"

"No, no, she looked at the moon, pulled off her jacket."

Detective Mills paused a moment running his hands over his chin. I could hear the light scrape of his fingertips over his whiskers. He then asked, "When did you have the security system put in the house?"

"It came with the house, some new fangled automatic system. We never could get it to work right, we finally disabled everything except for the alarms at the doors."

"Did you know you had closed circuit surveillance cameras?"

"Yeah, they looked out over the yard on each side of the house, but they never worked right and we shut them down."

"Well, it appears at least one of the cameras was working, one that was trained on the balcony."

"No, no when we first used it, the camera was trained out on the back yard, but I shut it down."

"Mr. Jackson, the camera was apparently working tonight and it was trained on the deck. What do you think of that?"

"It couldn't have... wait, if it was then you could see what really happened."

"We did see what really happened."

"Oh good, I mean you can see how she was. I mean, well we had sex... I didn't force her. You can see that, you saw that right?"

"Oh we saw the recording."

"Okay, well I need to get a ride, home so I can get my car and go to the hospital."

Detective Andrews reached behind her back, pulled out some handcuffs and said, "Mr. Jackson, you have the right to..."

She continued talking but I couldn't focus on what she was saying. No, I couldn't focus on anything but her hands slowly unbuttoning her blouse...

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