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At The Office


I was at my desk finishing up the report that was due by the end of the day. I knew that if I did not get it finished I would never hear the end of it from the guys in the office. The guys in the office had been on my case about not going out with them to the bar after work cause I said that I had to work on this report some more to get it done in time. But that was not why I was staying late at the office. I was staying late at the office because you almost always stayed late. After that night two weeks ago when we had sex in your office on the desk for the first time I knew that I wanted it to happen again.

I was just finished up the report as the last of the people in the office were leaving, but I knew that you were still in you office. I could see the light around your door. So I sent the final copy of the report to your email and started to get ready to leave work and maybe catch the guy at the bar for drinks that I had been missing. I was just getting ready to turn my computer off when my mail icon on the computer lit up. Figuring that it was from you on the report I had just send so I clicked on it to open it up.

It read----


Just got that report you sent, and have a few questions on it. If you have not left for the day yet come into my office so that we can talk about it.

Thanks, Amy

I quickly sent back a reply that I would be right in after I finished shutting down my computer for the night. So I shut down my computer and made my way to your office. I knocked on the door and heard you tell me to come in. What I found when I entered your office was not what I expected to see. You were leaning back on your deck with just your bra and thong on.

"Close and lock the door Nick," you said as I stood there staring at you. I quickly turned around and did as I was told to.

Turning back around I continued to look at you as my cock started to harden in my pants. I knew that I want to fuck you again and was really glad that it was going to happen. I walked up to stand in front of you placing my hands on your hips and leaning forward to kiss you. You kiss me back opening your lips so that I can plunge my tongue into your mouth. I push my tongue in and out of your mouth mimicking the act that I wanted to do to other parts of your body.

I move my mouth to kiss your neck as you toss your head back to give me better access. While kissing my way toward your breast I reach behind you to unhook your bra letting I fall down your arm to land on top of our feet. I took you nipple between my thumb and finger slowly rolling them until they are hard little peaks. Moving my mouth down to capture one of them in it. As I suckle on your right nipple and then your left. You ran your hands through my hair and moan.

I continue to kiss my way down your body till I reach your thong. I slipped you thong down your legs so that that too pools at our feet. Kneeling in front of you I push your legs apart as I slowly lick up and down your sweet lips. Parting your lips I run my tongue around your clit then back down toward your opening. I push my tongue inside of you savoring the sweet taste. Pulling out I run my tongue back up to your clit giving it a few quick swipes as I feel your hips buck.

Standing I unbutton my shirt pushing that off onto the floor. Next I undo my pants pushing them to the floor letting my rock hard cock spring lose.

"I want you to fuck my ass Nick."

"Are you sure Amy. Last time you said........," I tried to say as you cover my mouth with your hand.

"Yes I am sure. I want you to fuck my ass."

"Ok. Then turn around spread your legs and put your hands on the desk."

"Just like when the cops search you," you say with a giggle.

"Yeah, just like that baby."

You turn around and get into the position that I told your to. I step up behind you letting my cock rest in the crack of your ass as I reach around and play with your breast. I let one hand slide down your body to your pussy. It is very wet so I reach around and run my cock through your juices to get it lubed up a little bit. I put my cock at the entrance of your ass and slowly push it in. You moan softly as I enter you. I continue to push in until I am about half way then I pull out a little and push back in some more until I am full seated in your ass. I pull out and push back in slowly at first to make sure that I am not hurting you. As I continue you start to push back on my cock and moan.

"Fuck me harder Nick. I need you. Harder, please."

I do as you asked and really fuck you ass hard. Slamming into your ass as you moan loader and your start to breath faster. I am getting close to cumming and I can tell that you are getting closer too.

"I am..... almost........... there," I stammer.

"Oh..... Oh........ I'm cumming Nick. Oh yeah........," you stammer out as I feel you ass tighten around my cock.

I pump once more into your ass as I start to cum too. Working my cock in and out a few more time to get all the cum out of it. Your arm give out and you collapse onto the deck with me on top of you. Both of us breathing hard and unable to more. When I can more again I lift myself off you and collapse into one of the chairs in front of your desk pulling you onto my lap.

"Oh my that was even better then last time. I had no idea."

"Glad you liked it, baby. I love your ass."

"Yes I loved it," she whispered.

"So was there anything about my report that you actually want to talk to me about."

"Nope. I was just trying to figure out a way to get you back in here to fuck me again."

"All you had to do was ask baby. I have been wanting to do this again for the past two weeks."

"Yeah me too."

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