"Ok..." Jan, being the first to regain sanity, spoke, "Who's next?" Everyone laughed together as Jan looked around expecting an answer. "I'm ready to eat...," as Susan spoke she realized what she had said and blushed, "I mean food." All four laughed together and followed Susan into the kitchen.

"That was really something!" Greg spoke as he helped Susan get the trays of finger-food out of the fridge.

"Yea...," Mike added, "I'm on sensory overload!"

"Well, we still have three more fantasies to go...," Susan turned at looked at the others then continued to get things out of the fridge as she continued to speak, "it wouldn't be fair for me to be the only one to get a fantasy."

"Hell, I think we all shared yours quite well." Mike put his arm around Jan and hugged her as he spoke.

"Yes, but...," Susan had finished setting things on the counter and sat on Greg's knee who was sitting on one of the bar stools, "I know Greg still has something he wants."

As she finished speaking she turned and kissed Greg on the cheek. "Aw, that's ok...," Greg smiled at Susan, then turned to look at Mike and Jan, I sure enjoyed what just happened too."

"Hey, let's get something in our stomach's, then see what comes up!" Jan smiled wickedly as she finished speaking, then reached over a got another sandwich wedge.

"I'm not too tired," Mike added as he ate, "I agree that we'd never last for three more episodes like that one..., but I'm sure not wanting to call it a night yet." "Good.., 'cause I want to watch my honey fucking these pretty tits."

As Susan spoke she automatically reached over and felt of Jan's breasts through the towel. "I know he's just totally fascinated with them..., since mine are so small."

"Aw, you're just fishing for a compliment on yours." Jan chided Susan in fun. "You know your tits are super neat, and I'll bet Mike has been really eyeing them all evening."

"Well, I'm sure not ashamed of them...," As Susan spoke she lowered her towel enough to expose one of her tits and twitched the very long nipple between her fingers. "I think these guys just like to have something different occasionally." With that Susan slipped off of Greg's knee and stepped across to where Jan and Mike sat.

"Mike, what-do-ya think? Is this different enough from these?" Susan placed her breast close to Mike's face and at the same time lowered Jan's towel and cupped one of Jan's large breasts. "Yea..., real different." Mike muttered as he got a really close up view of this pretty tit. "May I?" Mike looked up at Susan's face as he asked permission, then looked at Jan also with a questioning look.

"Fine with me." Jan grinned at Mike as she slid off of his knee and moved to the bar stool Greg was on. "But only if I can talk Greg into playing with mine at the same time." Jan let the towel slip completely off as she sat across Greg's leg and pulled his face into her chest. "Ooh, man..," Greg mumbled with his mouth full of Jan's tit, "they're sooo great."

Greg sucked one completely then moved to the other, savoring every inch of Jan's tits and nipples. "Oh Greg, that really feels wonderful..., keep going."

Mike had been wanting to suck on Susan's nipples every since seeing them in the video. He first felt of her small, but shapely, breasts then began to suck on one of her long hard nipples. It felt so good in his mouth. He worked it like he would want his cock to be worked, sucking back and forth on it. He couldn't believe how long it had become. It must be a full inch of just nipple.

Susan loved the feel of Mike's lips on her nipple. She raised one of her legs over his, and as she stradled it, she hunched slightly making her pussy lips and clitoris rub on the soft hairs on his leg. "Oooh..., that's so good." Susan held Mike's head against her breast. "I think I could cum like this..., it feels sooo good." Mike continued sucking one nipple then switching to the other.

Jan was watching Mike sucking on Susan's tits as Greg was devouring hers. After several minutes she pulled Greg's face away from her chest, then slowly kissed her way down, starting at his forehead..., a quick peck on his lips..., then kneeling down she stopped when her mouth was at one of his nipples. With one hand she reached up, found the small nipple and placed it in her mouth where she began sucking and lightly biting. With her other hand she reached down between them and found his now-hard cock and placed it between her tits. "Oh god..., damn Jan..., that's sooo good." Greg zoned out as he finished his sentence and letting his head fall back, closed his eyes, and began a slow, rhythmic, hunching of Jan's tits with his long, narrow cock.

"You guys mind helping?" Jan had released Greg's nipple and was now holding both of her tits together to make a suitable cleavage for Greg to fuck. "Not at all." Susan answered, and a little too soon for Mike's liking, moved over to Jan and away from Mike.

"Here, let me hold this one." Susan's hand replaced one of Jan's and began to feel of Jan's large breast as she pushed it towards her husband's cock in the middle.

"Mike...," Jan looked at Mike still sitting on the other stool looking slightly rejected.

"Would you mind...," Jan looked at Mike lovingly then continued, "would you jerk off on me while Greg fucks my tits?" Mike immediately knew what Jan wanted. She had always enjoyed watching him masturbate and cum, and one of her favorite fantasies was to have two guys jacking off together while she watched. This was real close to that fantasy. Mike stepped over to Jan and, with his cock close to her face, began to stroke it slowly.

"Maybe if we give the guys some oral encouragement?" Susan leaned her head closer to Jan's breast as she spoke.

"Yea..," Jan responded, "that'd be nice." As she finished Jan began to lick the head of Mike's cock each time Mike's hand slid back on the shaft exposing it. Susan moved in as close between Greg and Jan as she could manage and began to lick the long shaft between Jan's tits. Susan also took the opportunity to lick and suck Jan's large, hard nipples as well.

Mike was jacking off with Jan now regularly sucking his cock head with each stroke. Greg was into a steady fucking between Jan's tits. Both men were into their endeavors and gaining towards their final pleasure. Susan was sucking on Jan's nipple and had moved one of her hands to her own pussy and was really starting to feel her own climax building. Her other hand had found it's way to Jan's pussy and joined Jan's hand in fulfilling Jan's lust.

Mike was the first to lose it. Watching the three below him was too erotic..., and now Jan was really sucking his cock as he continued to stroke it. He closed his eyes as he felt his cock shooting semen onto Jan's face and into her mouth. He released his grip, allowing Jan to take is shrinking cock into her mouth and finish sucking the rest of him out. He finally signaled for Jan to release his now flaccid cock, and watched as her head laid back and her eyes closed. Mike could tell by her expression that she would likely be next. He knelt down, and found her tit with his mouth and began to suck the nipple while he watched Susan suck the other. As he sucked he felt Greg's cock, now fucking with a mission, just inches away from his own mouth.

Susan's eyes were now shut as she continued her sucking and licking and he noticed that she would also lick Greg's cock every few strokes. By her expression, he guessed she was also nearing the end.

Without warning Greg's cock began to spurt it's triumph. Jan, feeling the cum on her chest, leaned her head forward and took the head of Greg's cock into her mouth and sucked as best she could. Susan was now vigorously fingering herself and Jan at the same speed, bringing both women closer by the second. Mike kept sucking Jan's tit and, reaching around Greg, began to squeeze one of Susan's long nipples. The two women began to climax at about the same time. Mike continued his manipulations of their breasts until he was certain they'd finished and could no longer take the sensations. Susan finally let her hand slip away from her own dripping pussy, then with some reluctance, removed her other hand from Jan's.

Four very sexually spent, sensually satisfied, and extremely exhausted people finally regained enough energy to realize that for them the evening was over. Mike and Jan put what little clothing they had worn back on. After thanking their hosts, exchanging kisses and hugs, the two friends and lovers of so many years got in their car and headed back to their campground.

"You still need to be fucked..., don't you?" Mike squeezed Jan's shoulder as she laid her head against his chest in the car. "You know me so well." Jan whispered.

"Well, I should after all these wonderful years." Mike remained silent a few minutes as he drove. "And, I'll do my best when we get to camp..., it sure was fun, wasn't it?"

Jan smiled as Mike finished then replied in a very tired but happy voice. "Yea..., it was..., but the best will be next..., can you drive a little faster?" With this last thought Jan began to massage Mike's cock through his sweat pants.

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