tagSci-Fi & FantasyAttack of the Tentacle Monster!

Attack of the Tentacle Monster!


My name is Jennifer Roxy. It was afternoon as I was traveling down the barren Interstate when a blinding light exploded from the sky and knocked my car off the main highway and into a forest.

I sat there in shock for a moment before I began taking inventory of each part of my body to make sure nothing was broken or injured. Once I was sure I had survived the crash I got out of the car to see what happened.

I heard a loud whoosh as my eyes followed the crash site. First I thought a plane had crashed, but I've seen enough Sci-fi movies to know this was a meteorite. There was tremendous steam shooting out of the rock as I approached it. Yes, I know, you're all thinking: "Why approach it? If you've really seen enough Sci-fi movies then you know how something like this plays out!"

Okay, okay, what can I say? I have always been an amateur science-nerd. I couldn't help but see it up close.

As I approached I knew I had made a terrible mistake. The meteor had already split open and something had oozed its way out of it. When I turned back to see how far I had walked I had a feeling that the thing had already made its way behind me and now was hiding somewhere between my car and me.

I had made a classic mistake—one only a fool would make—and yet, I couldn't help it; my curiosity had overridden my common sense.

I was standing motionless in a field that had been made by the impact of a space rock about 50 yards away from the desolate highway in the middle of the day and there was a creature from outer space stalking me!

My view was blocked by nothing and although it looked like I was safe my instincts told me otherwise. I could sense there was something in front of me and I couldn't see it.

Is it invisible? I thought.

A terrible GROWL answered my question.

Yup. And it's right here!

The creature materialized in front of me—it was a big green slick blob that pulsated and gyrated from under an exterior that looked like a gel insert for your shoe. It was shaped similar to a large octopus, but different. It was clearly not a happy polite E.T., but an All Business Critter from Another Universe and the purpose of its business filled me with dread.

In the distance I heard a car pull off the highway and someone got out.

They must have seen the crash too and they can help me! I thought.

I screamed. I screamed louder than I ever have in my entire life. I began running toward the road, but I was immediately knocked to the ground when slimy tentacles shot out from the beast and grabbed my legs. The feelers lifted me against a tree as other tentacles pushed out from the blob and began inspecting my body. They felt up my legs and then between them sending a ripple of fire through my soul like I have never felt before. They slid all over me over my breasts, across my throat, face, and lips—the taste of the slime wasn't as bad as I had expected, but it wasn't great either.

The tentacles had begun to pull my shirt apart and worked the zipper of my jeans down and I suddenly realized what was about to happen—I was going to be raped by a slime freak from across the stars!

I struggled and screamed like a mad woman. There was no chance of escape. I knew my fate was simply to lie here and take it—there was no way to overpower this devil. It began tearing my clothing as I heard someone running toward me.

At this point I have to be perfectly honest—for history's sake. Although I am in no way interested in S&M, or submissive or weird dominant sex stuff, I was, in truth, kind of aroused at the idea of being taken like this. I know it's crazy, and I don't know if I was under some Stockholm Effect, or if the clear goo emanating from the tentacles were some kind of aphrodisiac, but I was suddenly horny as all Hell and I honestly wanted to be overpowered! I know I am betraying all women everywhere by saying that but it IS how I felt.

I am embarrassed to admit that but I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

Anyway, just as I had become resigned to my fate, the bushes in front of me parted and I saw a man standing there. A ruggedly beautiful man—the absolute epitome of the strong stalwart hero who has come to save his damsel in distress. He looked me over and I felt his eyes surveying not only the situation, but also the fact that I was bound and covered only in tattered rags. I wanted to say something, to plead with him to save me, but words escaped me. We caught each other's expressions and his clearly said, " I will save you my Princess, no matter the cost!"

Okay, I doubt he spoke like that, but that is what my terrified mind imagined.

My imagination must have been pretty accurate because before another second had passed he dove forward right onto the blob and began punching it. The blob had screeched and the tentacles that had been pulling my clothes off released me and grabbed him. I was still being held against the tree and I was unable to move, but my hero had at least deflected the attention from me and onto himself.

He fought valiantly against the monster even though more and more tentacles seemed to shoot out of the body of the beast and wrap themselves around him.

All I could think of were the old Tarzan movies when Jane had stumbled upon a dangerous animal and it was up to Tarzan to fight the beast off. The scene before me was right out of the cover of a comic book.

The tentacles had wrapped around his throat and were choking him; they were wrapped around his waist holding him just off the ground and they enveloped his wrists and ankles. He was losing and I began to realize that he was not so much a rugged man as he was a very good-looking boy on the verge of manhood.

He had to be about 20-21 years old—about my age. He seemed older at first because he had the look of strength and purpose, a look of maturity and masculinity. But now that he was losing the battle he looked more like who he was—a concerned citizen, an every-day Joe thrown into an incredible circumstance, a frightened hero whose strong sense of right and wrong could overcome his innocence and youth.

In short, he was kind of hot!

The monster now had him completely and utterly. He was beaten and he knew it. He didn't stop struggling or give up at all, but the inevitable had arrived. He was lifted up off the ground by the tentacles. His arms and legs were spread apart like the Vitruvian Man and we both came to the same conclusion that I had come to just before he arrived.

The beast was now interested in this new specimen!

It tore his shirt to shreds and exposed his bare chest and stomach. His shoes and socks were pulled off and soon new tentacles were sliding up and under the cuffs of his jeans. The seams of his pants were splitting apart as his zipper was pulled down and the front of his jeans were pealed open exposing a nice bulge underneath his white boxer briefs.

I have to say, as much shock as I was in I had for the moment forgotten the peril we both faced and I began rooting for the monster to strip this perfect specimen of manliness nude and expose his naked body to me!

At this point I realize I was not behaving normally or rationally. Something in me had changed, I don't know if it was the shock of the circumstances or the goo that had secreted itself onto my skin, but I really burned with unhindered desire.

The tentacles worked their way farther up his pants until the denim of his jeans exploded under the strain. He was left in his tight white boxer briefs. The abs on his stomach heaved in and out as he struggled to release himself. His muscles swelled; the veins in his throat protruded when his head flew back as he strained against the clutches of this vile abductor.

The fiend's extremities wrapped themselves around my hero's underwear and my excitement grew uncontrollably (I am so embarrassed about that).

My eyes found their way down to the bulge of his underwear just as it was stripped from his body. His penis and balls fell out as the fabric was torn away. He ceased to struggle long enough to look down at his own nakedness and then back to me in shear horror! I wondered how he could feel ashamed or embarrassed under the circumstances, but he seemed genuinely humiliated.

Take my word for it—he had NOTHING to be ashamed of!

He hung before me completely nude in the bright sunlight—arms stretched out, legs parted, penis dangling, testicles swaying with every slight movement. His body was amazing! He wasn't very muscular, but he wasn't lanky either; the muscles were there and they were straining against the power of his captor. His skin was perfect, his eyes deep and soulful, his hair mussed in front of his face, his veins and muscles exerting under that perfect skin.

He was the perfect man. The one I have been waiting for my whole life and this is how I find him?

The tentacles began seeping out a clear viscous fluid all over his body. I watched as the goo dripped over his shoulders, past his strong chest, down his belly and coating his dick.

At this point I really started to notice how beautiful his dick was. I have never been much for the penis. Its function is necessary, but I never really saw any true beauty there. This one, however, intrigued me. It was smooth and thick, and those balls! Something about his balls fascinated me. They were fairly large and hanging low with a lot of skin around them. One tentacle rubbed around his genitals and I watched mesmerized, as the walnuts in his sack seemed to roll around under his skin.

He was exquisite.

I am mortified to admit that I wished I could feel the testicles that those tentacles were feeling. They explored his body with no fear, no shame, and no reluctance. They rubbed and fondled every part of his nude body. His naked body writhed and undulated under the massage (for the lack of a better word) he was receiving. His eyes locked on mine and I believe he felt the same—wishing it were I who was violating his bare body instead of this creature.

At this point I have to say that I felt a strange understanding with this odd being and I felt that it wasn't trying to hurt us as it was trying to understand how we worked, how we felt and it was trying to feel what we were feeling. I know that is a pretty big leap of faith to guess, but it just FELT that way—I can't explain it any better.

Anyway, back to my guy: I think the goo was having an effect on him because his penis began to grow. In no time at all I watched as his dick inflated with every beat of his heart (by the way, his heart was pounding!) Again every muscle in his body flexed as his dick grew to its apex. He looked up at me again with an untamed lust in his eyes. The blob moved him closer to me and I examined my naked Prince as he floated in bondage before me.

I think that was the moment I fell in love with him.

It was also the moment when the stakes were raised to an uncomfortable level!

His legs were slowly spread apart and a slimy thin tentacle slipped up his leg and then between them. Both our eyes were drawn to this new tentacle as it cupped his balls, lifting each testicle one at a time then it moved behind them. He looked back at me as if he realized what was about to happen before I did and he was horrified.

The small thin tentacle gently pushed its way up into his ass! You think he was embarrassed before—being overpowered, stripped naked, covered in goo, and getting a throbbing erection before a woman he had never met before while having his balls worked over? Well now the final insult had come—a slimy alien space monster was now penetrating his asshole!

Sorry for the vulgarity, but there's no other way to say it.

I felt so bad for him; he was being violated in the worst way a man can be. This was the equivalent of myself being raped by this organism. He basically took my place and was taking everything that would have happened to me. I wanted to tell him I was sorry, that I was grateful, and that I loved him, and he has nothing to be ashamed of. His eyes were shut in horror for the most part, but every now and then they would open and reveal a puppy dog look that made me want to yell at the beast to release him and take me instead.

I was overwhelmed with guilt—this guy was literally taking it in the ass for me!

Then something happened.

I began to recognize it wasn't pain he was feeling, or shame, or horror—it was ecstasy. The space alien was not raping him it was massaging his prostate.

I have heard that a man can achieve a stronger orgasm if his prostate is massaged. I have no idea if this is true, but it seemed what the alien blob was doing to his inner bunghole was having an incredible effect on his prostate—probably covering it with that horny-making goo and causing him to feel a sensation like no man has ever conceived!

I looked at the head of his cock and noticed it swelled even further, even more than it looked like is was possible to do. He grunted in pleasure and squirmed with incredible sexiness.

The blob seemed to take notice of my interest in him and it began rotating him around in slow circles like a car in a showroom. I finally saw his incredible shiny wet bubble-butt!

My Lord what an ass this guy had on him!

The butt-poking tentacle slipped out and he seemed relieved as if he couldn't take another second of that gratification.

When he faced me again he seemed on the verge of tears—but good tears as if his human body couldn't possibly handle anymore pleasure. That's when the beast pulled me from the tree closer to my Hero's naked body. I could smell his sweat and almost taste him. The beast lifted him higher so his hard throbbing cock was right at my face level. It loosened on of my arms and I instinctively cupped his balls in my hand. They were warm and soft, his body tensed up as I groped his testicles in my hand. Then I released him. I reached forward with my index and middle finger and carefully slid them up the shaft of his swollen sex organ. He contorted in a pleasure/pain.

I wanted to feel what he felt and the creature knew it. He knew it. I knew it.

I looked into my Hero's eyes and saw how his entire nude body was shivering with desire. The creature lowered him again to face me and we both extended ourselves as much as possible in an attempted kiss, but we were unable to reach.

The creature pulled him back and now it was his turn to watch. I knew I was up at bat, so to speak, and I was scared but excited. The tentacles made no short work of my already torn clothing. My shirt was torn open and my naked breasts exposed. His eyes went right to them.

Guys! They love those boobies!

Tentacles slid all over my bare nipples and dripped their warm goo across my naked flesh. The sensation of that warm slime absorbing into my skin was indescribable. It was as if every little nerve ending in my entire body had been supercharged and could be affected by even the slightest breeze. I couldn't imagine what would happen when the tentacles slid lower on my body. But I was about to find out.

The tentacles pulled my jeans and panties down and I was completely exposed to my soon-to-be lover for the first time. I had no shame, no embarrassment, no fear, only an uncontrollable lust burning through my loins.

Tentacles wrapped themselves around my wrist again and displayed my naked physique as the Vitruvian Woman to my Vitruvian Man.

My legs were spread further apart and I knew what to expect next. He looked into my eyes and I was instantly reassured that this would be amazing.

But something else happened instead. The creature brought us both together and my lover's penis was carefully and slowly slipped into me.

Oh the warmth of that magnificent cock!

Neither of us was in control of our bodies, so we didn't have what you would call traditional sex (although, now that I just said that I can't think of a more stupid statement—obviously this was not traditional sex!) His penis was inside my body, but there wasn't any thrusting, or humping.

We hung there a foot off the ground looking into each other's eyes. We both leaned in to kiss each other and just as out lips grazed one another's we were both anally invaded! Like a gunshot of hot shocking bliss our bodies froze in tormented erotic delight. Swells of undulating orgasms shot through both of our nude figures and we both screamed out in rapturous exultation for a length of time I cannot comprehend.

We must have been quite a sight; two hot naked people covered in slime, suspended a foot off the ground by outer space tentacles, screaming out in orgasmic glee, attached at the genitals, while slippery prehensile appendages invaded our assholes!

That's something you don't see everyday. And I pity you for it, because the sensation is inexplicable!

When I thought we both might die from an overabundance of sensuality my Lover busted his nut—as it were—and his dick exploded with sperm covering my insides with his warm seed.

The tentacles released us and we fell back onto the ground, out of breath, exhausted, and weak. The blob made a low sighing sound and shriveled into dust, blowing away with the afternoon breeze.

My body was pouring with sweat and I was trying to slow my breathing and heart rate.

My Prince managed to crawl his naked body over to mine, even though every muscle in his entire body must have been screaming in agony. He spooned his cold bare skin up against mine as I rolled to lie on my back and face the sky.

I looked over at him and his eyes went right to my boobs.


He smiled at me then leaned in and kissed me on the lips. The softest, warmest, and most heartfelt kiss I had ever received.

Our lips separated and I smiled back at him.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," I replied.

We lay there in the warm sunlight naked and wet looking into each other without saying another word. His hand found its way to my boob and he softly caressed his thumb over my hardening nipple. I felt his penis begin to become erect again. The feel of that warm smooth staff engorging itself against my thigh caused butterflies to fill my lower regions.

He moved in and kissed me again, this time harder and more lustfully.

We fucked again, this time our own way.

I wish I could say it more poetically, but we didn't make love, we didn't fulfill ours desires, or procreate—we FUCKED!

We fucked like wanton animals.

Later I found out his name was Joe.

I like that name.

Thanks for listening.

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