tagBDSMAttitude Adjustment

Attitude Adjustment


I am in the mood to ravage you the moment I walk in, but you’re not there when I get there. I’m irritated. I look for a note…nothing. You are going to pay for this tonight.

I watch a little tube, grab a bite to eat. As I get up to poor myself a coke, I hear your car pull up. I know you’ve been shopping, which I generally don’t mind, but you know that you need to get my permission first; you know you need my permission for almost everything you do. If you walk in, disrobe, and kneel at my feet without being prompted, I might have some mercy on you. But you don’t; you try to pretend like nothing was unusual…like obedience to me is not a requirement. That is a mistake.

I think to myself, “Is that an attitude she just gave me? Oh no she didn’t!”

As you walk away, I calmly put my coke down, follow after you, and when I catch up to you just outside the bedroom door I grab you by your hair, jerk your head back, and pull you to me. You momentarily struggle, but when I spin you around so you can see the look on my face…looking deeply and sternly into your eyes…you know that you need to show your most submissive posture. You immediately put your hands behind your back, thrust your breasts out toward me, and spread your legs just past shoulder width in a display of submission (you know how rock hard I get when I see you in this position).

I move in close like I’m going to kiss you, but I don’t. You eagerly prepare to be kissed, but all I do is let my lips touch yours as I begin talking to you.

“Shopping?” I say.

“Yes Sir”

“I didn’t get a call, did I just miss it?”

“No Sir”

Your breath increases as I begin to tease your lips with my tongue while I speak.

“So you now feel like you don’t need my permission to not be here ready to serve me when I arrive?”

With a little more angst, “No Sir…I mean yes Sir…I mean, I know I need your permission Sir.” You begin to rock your hips a little; you can already feel the spanking you are going to receive. Your pussy is wetting.

“So you just decided to disobey me.”

“No Sir…I wasn’t thinking Sir.” Your eyes start to beg.

“Awwww,” I say in a very patronizing voice, “you weren’t thinking?” I am teasing you, and you know it. I love talking to you this way, like I’m talking to a child with a ‘booboo’. Well you know what I’m going to do, little submissive girl?”

“What Sir?”

I lean in and whisper in your left ear, “I’m going to punish you.”

You start to writhe your hips, grinding the air like a wanton slut who can’t wait to be touched. “Oh Master,” escapes your lips.

“I’m going to dominate you,” I continue while you moan, “I’m going to make you understand just how submissive you really are. You need a lesson, don’t you?”

“Yes sir, please, I need to be dominated. Please Sir.”

“You clearly need to be trained to obey me better, don’t you?”

“Oh yes Sir, I need training Sir, please.”

“You need to understand just what a nasty little fuck-slut you are, don’t you?”

“I am a nasty slut, Sir. Please, make me display that to you. I want to show you how submissive I am. Please Sir”

I reach with my other hand and begin to handle one of your tits, palming it, pulling it roughly. “Oh, I know how slutty you are. I bet your pussy is already dripping wet, isn’t it?”

“Yes Sir”

“Isn’t it?!” PINCH

Loudly, “Yes Sir, my pussy is wet Sir!!” you answer.

“I think I want to check for myself.” I pull your head back, bend you at the waist, and lead you bent over into the bedroom by your hair. “Get your ass on the floor!” I say as I push you to the carpet by your head. You kneel immediately and your face goes to the floor near my feet. I get on one knee and begin to roughly rip your clothes off your body, “Get your clothes off slut!” It doesn’t take long until you re completely nude and vulnerable, just how I like you. Like a good little slut, you keep your back arched, forcing your ass as high as it can go in this position, but as I start to spank your cheeks, I see you begin to wiggle your ass and hump the air, wishing there was a cock inside you.

“That’s right, my little slut-slave, you wish I was fucking you right now, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir,” you moan.

SPANK “Don’t you?!”

“Ye-ess Sir!”

“Well, lets just see how slutty you really are” I say as I let my free hand slide down the crack of your ass, lightly circle around your pussy, running once over your clit which makes you buck a little, and then sliding down between your outer lips. You spread your legs a little more and arch your back, trying to make your pussy as inviting as possible.

Without warning, I shove my middle finger deep into your begging pussy, you let out a deep moan. “Aww, look how wet you are,” back in my patronizing voice. “You are such a naughty little wet slut, aren’t you?” I begin to slide my finger in and out of your pussy.

“Yes Sir, I’m a slut Sir. MMM”

“Of course you are, because only a little slut would be this wet, isn’t that right?”

“Yes Sir, I’m a slut; I’m a nasty little slut-slave.” You say aggressively (and I love sluts who are aggressively submissive). In your voice, I can hear the orgasm that wants to emerge. Your breathing is quick—you are panting. You begin to do your best to grind with my finger. I am amused at your brazenness. I begin to quicken the pace of my finger until I hear you coming close to the apex you desire.

“That’s right, show me what a slut you are, go get that orgasm. You want it don’t you?”

“Yes Sir, please Sir,” You breathe out.

I begin to furiously thrust my finger in and out of you. You wiggle your ass trying to keep pace. “You want to cum, don’t you?”

“Oh yes…please Sir, please…please” You can barely speak, I know you are ready to explode. But I am punishing you.

“I don’t think so.” I pull my finger out, you whimper. I shove my pussy-drenched finger into your mouth, and lean into your ear. “I’m going dominate you tonight.” You moan as you suck on the finger I offer you. “I’m going to humiliate you, make you crawl, make you beg. Just for my amusement, just to let you feel how submissive you are. Do you hear me?” You nod and whimper. “Your pussy and ass are my play toys tonight, you naughty little slut.”

I straighten back up, pull your head up so that you are on all fours, reach between your legs, and begin to spank your clit with my fingers. “Cum for me, slave.” SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. “Cum all over my hands, show me what a naughty little slut-slave does.” You begin to buck wildly, moaning open-mouthed. “Cum like a nasty little girl…right now!” Every slap of my finger-tips against your clit makes you buck in a jerk-like motion, arching and bridging your back, taking you one step closer to the release you want. I flatten my hand so I can now spank your entire pussy; you now feel the slap covering the entire area—your clit, your puffy pussy lips, and the whole surrounding area. “Cum for me, slut—cum while I spank this naughty [SPANK] little [SPANK] pussy [SPANK].” With the last sentence and simultaneous pussy-spanking your muscles tense and your moans turn to short, blasting screams as you reach the apex of your orgasm. The inside of your pussy begins to contract, you bridge your back and lean into my thighs, rocking your head back and forth, pulling at the grip I have on your hair.

“Thank You Sir.” You know that I want you to thank me for every orgasm. I can feel my dominance; my cock is pushing at my pants, struggling to be free.

Before you’re finished with the last orgasmic twitch I stand and pull you to your knees; you instinctively put your hands behind your back and thrust your tits out, presenting them to me the way I like. “Pull my cock out, slave.” “Yes Sir,” you say as you quickly, but with care, undo my pants and pull out my growing member. After it is free, I take a hold of the shaft. You open your mouth and present your tongue. “Look at those hungry eyes you have, you must want this big beautiful cock, don’t you?”

As I slap it across your face, popping it on your tongue a few times, letting you taste it, smell it, anticipate it in your mouth. “Yes Master, please. Please Sir, I want it.”

Without warning, I place it on your tongue and force your face toward my pelvis, burying my cock deep in your throat. You gag a little, but I hold you there an extra moment. Not to be sadistic, just to express dominance. After a short moment, I pull your face back, leaving just the head in, letting you work your magical tongue on my now sensitive cock. I let you play a moment (you know how good this feels), then shove it deep in your mouth a second time. “Look at me!” You struggle to keep my cock in the recesses of your mouth and still raise your eyes to meet mine; it is hard for you to see me being so close to my pelvis. With the glimpses you get you can see in my eyes the sexual desire your obedience brings out in me. You begin to make a sound—a low moaning hum. It’s a combination of a desire and the struggle keeping my cock so far in the back of your mouth. “Suck it good little slut-girl…that’s a good girl.” You do your best, but it’s hard with my cock so deep. I see how hard your trying and decide to have mercy on you; I begin to slide your head back and forth, fucking your face with my cock. You do your best to please me, but without thinking, you take your eyes off mine.

I pull your face off my cock and, with it dangling in front of you, tilt your head back and sternly say, “didn’t I tell you to look at me?”

“Yes Sir,” you whimper.

“Did you forget?”

“No Sir. I’m sorry Sir, I just looked away.”

“Sorry? Crawl over and get my riding crop.” I push you to your hands and knees, swat you a good one on the ass, and send you crawling to the closet where my wide headed riding crop leans against the wall. You crawl as quickly as you can, lean in, pick it up with your mouth, and crawl back. When you reach me, you sit back on your knees, put your hands behind your back, and push your chest out. “Up here,” I say as I motion for you to rise to your knees. You immediately rise up so I can take the crop from your mouth. I grab your hair with one hand and shove my bobbing cock into your mouth again, this time only about half way in, and start to guide your head quickly in a fucking motion.

“Suck my cock!” [SLAP] The flat-ended riding crop strikes your ass cheek. “Suck it harder!” [SLAP] “That’s right you nasty little slut-slave, suck that cock like you want it!” [SLAP, SLAP, SLAP]

“You like this, don’t you slave?” [SLAP] You nod without breaking your sucking rhythm. “I bet you’d like to play with your clit right now, wouldn’t you?” [SLAP] You nod again. “Wouldn’t you?!” [SLAP] You nod harder and suck harder. [SLAP] “Rub that pussy, show me just how much of a little slut you are!” [SLAP]

Your hand immediately moves to your clit and you begin to furiously rub it while I continue to spank your ass with the crop. It only takes a few moments before your sucking turns into deep inhales and exhales around my cock. [SLAP] “Aww, you want to cum, don’t you?” You do your best to nod in agreement. “Alright, cum for me, right now!” Your hand is moving as fast as it can on your clit as your body starts to buck and writhe. Your face tenses up and you open your mouth to let out a loud scream, muffled a little by the presence of my cock. At the climax of the orgasm, your body jerks hard. At that moment I pull my cock out of your mouth, push your face to the floor, and continue spanking your ass with the crop. “Cum again, right now!!” [SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP] “Cum for me!” Now, face down and ass up you continue to rub your clit. [SLAP] “Finger-fuck your pussy, slut! Now!!” [SLAP] You bury your fingers deep into your pussy, using your palm to manipulate your clit. [SLAP] “Cum!!” [SLAP] “Now!!” Your frantic fingering brings you to another spasm-filled orgasm as you writhe and undulate at my feet.

I can tell you are spent and I let you catch your breath for a moment while I gently stroke my fingers over your back…but only for a moment. “On your feet,” I say, pulling you up. You rise, and I turn you facing away from me, lean in to your ear, and say quietly, “I’m not through with you yet.”

I bend you at the waist and lead you by your hair out of the bedroom, down the hall, and to the “TV room.” To anyone else, it looks like a TV room, and often it is, but when the mood strikes, which happens quite a bit, it is the playroom…and you are about to be played with.

“Kneel.” You immediately drop. I let go of you and go to the locked cabinet, pull out my keys, and unlock it—fur-lined wrist cuffs, spreader bar, wooden ping pong paddle, leash, vibrating back massager. “On your feet, slave.” I look into your beautiful, becoming re-aroused eyes; I pause to take in your beauty for a moment, reach up, and stroke my fingers across your cheeks. You immediately stand in the position that I like; you present yourself to me.

“Turn.” You turn around. I approach you and begin kissing your shoulders, up your neck, and down your spine. My hands slide across your skin, feeling you from just above your knees all the way up your back. With a slight push on your arms, I indicate that I want you to clasp your hands on your head so that I can feel you easier. I feel the goose bumps rise on your skin. After a few moments, “give me your wrists.” You unclasp your hands and present them to me behind your back, allowing me to easily clasp on the wrist cuffs. I go to one knee and secure the spreader bar to your ankles, wide, but not too wide. I swat you on the ass and say, “turn around.” You turn slowly, struggling against the physics of the spreader bar.

Once you are facing me, I begin to toy with your bouncing tits. I love playing with them, and I love watching you react when I do. I lift them, let them drop, pull on them, lick circles around the nipples, blow cool air on them, flick the nipples with my tongue, and eventually suck hard on them (but only after I make you beg for it, you are such a nasty little submissive). Once again, you are writhing your hips, wanting action on your pussy.

After thoroughly sucking on your tits, feeling your undulating body, I lean my face into yours, take a nipple in each hand and pinch, and lift you to your toes. While you are dancing on your toes, I kiss you deeply; the kind of kiss that says “I own you.” When I break the kiss I step back, keeping a good grip on your nipples, and say, “that’s is, on your toes little slut. Now follow me, come on.” I pull on your nipples toward me, making you scoot along on your toes trying to navigate with the spreader bar. You must make short little pads as I guide you by your nipples in the direction I want you to go. I am amused by your struggles. You are so obedient. I am so amused by it I make you move around the room, just so I can see you try to keep up on your toes.

But you come down off your toes, you let your heels touch the floor, I begin to slap your tits.

SLAP “Didn’t I tell you to keep up on your toes?”

You spring back up, “Yes Sir.”

SLAP “Didn’t I TELL you to keep up on your toes?!”

Louder, and with more submissiveness in your voice, “Yes Sir, you told me to keep up on my toes. Yes you did, Master?”

SLAP, SLAP, SLAP (Your tits jiggle so much when I slap them, my cock is raging hard) “So you’re just going to disobey me now?!”

“Ohh…No Master, it was an accident,”

SLAP “I don’t…” SLAP “…care about…” SLAP “…excuses…” SLAP “…I…” SLAP “…only…” SLAP “…care…” SLAP “…about…” SLAP “…obedience!” SLAP “Do you understand me?”

“Yes Master, yes. I’m an obedient slut-slave, Sir. I am going to obey, Sir. Anything you tell me I will obey.”

I grab your nipples again, “come this way.” I now move a little faster than before, you struggle to keep up to the pace I provide you. We get underneath the hook on the ceiling and hang the loop end of the leash on it. I bend you at the waist, grab your cuffed wrists and lift your arms up, pull the leash through, and lift the clasp high secure it to a loop on the leash, leaving you bent, legs spread, ass out, tits hanging, with your arms reaching upwards behind you. I step back and take in your submissive beauty. I walk around you a few times in silence, letting my fingers trace over your exposed skin.

I then pick up the paddle, walk to your left side and face you, put my left hand on your back, lay the paddle against your ass, and start rubbing it in slow smooth circles. You feel my complete dominance over you; you begin to breathe hard and your ass instinctively starts to wiggle slightly. “That’s right, little submissive,” I say, “I’m going to paddle your ass.” You’re wiggling and breathing increases as I continue, “I’m going to spank this ass of yours until it is red hot, and then I’m going to spank it some more. Do you hear me?”

“Yes Sir,” you whimper.

“Aww, I can tell how much you want this. You want to be spanked, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes Sir, I need your punishment. I’ve been so naughty.”

“Yes, you have. You’re a naughty little slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes Master, I’m a naughty, nasty little slut, Sir”

SPANK “That’s right.” SPANK “You’re a naughty little slut-slave,” SPANK “and you need your ass…” SPANK “spanked!” SPANK

“O-o-o, yesss”

I continue to paddle your ass good, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, telling you how bad you are, SPANK, SPANK, telling you how submissive you are, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, telling you how much you need to be punished. SPANK, SPANK, you begin to violently writhe and moan. Your body begs me to touch your pussy. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.

Finally, after your ass is red hot, I drop the paddle and shove two fingers deep into your dripping pussy. You let out a loud moaning scream and immediately begin to do your best to hump my fingers from this awkward position. My cock is as thick and hard as it can be as I watch this display of utter submission and sluttiness. I begin to spank your ass with my free hand.

“That’s right, hump my fingers slut. Show me what a nasty little thing you are. You want my domination so badly, don’t you?”

“YES!” you scream, “Please, dominate me, I need your control! Rule over me; make me submit! Please Sir!!”

As you approach your orgasm, I pull my fingers out briefly, “Oh, you want to cum for me?”

“AAAH, yes Sir, please!”

I enter you again, but only briefly. “I didn’t hear you.”

Louder, “Ple-eease, Sir! Please, please, please!”

I continue to tease you, keeping you close but not giving you the release. “Aww, your just a begging little slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir, Please Sir! Please, Sir, I’m slave, a nasty little fuck-slave who begs to be dominated and fucked! Please Master, please let me cum. Ple-e-e-e-se!!”

I thrust three fingers into your drenched pussy, and let my fourth drag over your clit and I finger-pound you in and out. With the other hand, I begin to spank your ass cheeks. “Cum for me, you naughty little slut, cum right now!” SPANK “Right Now!!”

You explode all over my hand, jerking violently at the chain that holds you up. “Thank you Sir!” Your knees bobbing up and down as you submit to my command.

But I’m not done, “Cum again, slut!” I continue my aggressive pussy manipulation and ass spanking assault. Almost immediately, the next orgasm grabs you.

“Thank you Master!”

While the words are coming from your mouth, I am undoing the chain that holds you up. I take you to your knees, your face goes to the carpet, and I thrust my tongue deep into your exposed ass, grinding my face between your ass cheeks, all the while still maintaining my three-fingered assault of your pussy. You begin grunting and squealing like a trapped animal. It only takes seconds for yet another orgasm to rush up on you. “Thank you Master, thank you!” you grunt out.

While you are feeling the vibrations of the last orgasm, I quickly undo the spreader bar and wrist cuffs so that I can position you on your hands and knees better. As soon as I have removed them, I pull you to all fours by your hair and begin to slap my cock against your already extremely sensitive, pouting clit. You jump with each slap.

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