tagInterracial LoveAttorney Client Privilege Bk. 04

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 04



Lis looked out at the early morning light as the rain fell against the apartment window. The color was a deep grey and the rain somehow made the room feel colder. She shifted her legs together to combat the imagined chill. The movement caused her partner to stir. The large black man rolled over and slid an arm over the blonde's shoulder. Lis turned and faced the man and opened her mouth when he kissed her. Despite the man's corpulent body it had been a good night. Joseph Dakay, Executive VP at the city's largest insurance brokerage was a good lover and she had enjoyed being with him. Unlike so many of the other men she had gotten to know in her new profession Joe was more than a wham bam thank you ma'am kind of guy. He took his time and made her feel good, real good.

"You know it's one o'clock babe." The dark skinned 55 year old man told her.

"Yea I know. I'm sorry I've got to go so early this time. I've got to be at the office." Lis replied as she reluctantly climbed out of the warm bed.

Lis had let only two of her clients in on her alter ego, Robert whom she was now seeing at least several times a month and Joe a less frequent client. She had learned that she could trust Robert besides he didn't even live in the country. She saw him during his frequent visits to the cities. As for Joe the reasoning was easy. He was her former boyfriend, D. J.'s boss. One of the things Lis had feared most had happened. One of her clients had turned out to be someone she had known from her other life. Luckily for her Joe Dakay was fine with the arrangement and why not? Lis was no longer seeing his underling and he was more than happy to slide his veiny black dick into the gorgeous white girl that he had so longed to fuck while she had been dating D. J. When Lis found that Joe was willing to play along she was more than happy to comply with all his sexual demands.

Lis had the doorman hail a cab for her while she waited in the opulent lobby of Dakay's apartment building. She was going to see Robert later in the week and she wanted to put the squeeze on him to introduce her to his friend Carl. Robert had been Lis' client for almost two months and she felt she could push him into taking her on a trip to Jamaica. It was an aggressive move but other than the feeling in her gut and the few leads she had developed over the last few weeks she was no closer to finding out who killed Cameron Sedgewick.


Corrina Everlund sat behind her desk in her office. As far as offices went it was typical government fare. It was smallish with older trim that made the office look antique and slightly decrepit at the same time. Her desk was made of wood but very plain. It was covered with folders filled with paperwork, the result of practically no paralegal help. If a victim of crime ever wanted to find out why they may have not received the justice they felt they so richly deserved all they had to do was visit Prosecutor Everlund's office. She was probably one of the smartest and most mentally agile attorneys in the city but her expertise did little against law firms with huge staffs and endless resources when she had so few assets at her side. Even a lone Navy SEAL stood little chance against an entire army. Still Everlund succeeded more than most and she had earned the respect of every lawyer in the city.

The one unique perk Corinna had over all the private attorneys in the city was the view from her office. She stood and turned toward the large plate glass window that overlooked the courtyard that separated the government building that housed the District Attorney's offices and police headquarters from the city's huge courthouse. It was an unobstructed view of American justice at work. Every police officer protecting the people of the city, the criminals caught by those cops, and the attorneys that defended them passed beneath Corinna Everlund everyday on their way to the courthouse. After what she had just done looking out at the spectacle below didn't make Corinna feel any better. She had thought it was all behind her but she had been wrong. Maybe it would never end.

"Corinna, you have an appointment with Attorney Jones regarding the Vassal Bank robbery in 15 minutes. He's representing a defendant Hank Foster. Do you still have to go to the basement offices? I can tell Attorney Jones you'll be late." Harriet Murray, the one secretary for four of the twelve assistant district attorneys, rang in over the intercom.

"No Harriet. I'm back." Corinna Everlund broke out of a somber daze to answer her assistant.


Chester Bain took the exit for Route 309 off of the Route 22 highway just west of Allentown Pa. The drive through western New Jersey had been pleasant. Despite a disparaging reputation for the most part the Garden State was actually quite nice. Bain loved the Jersey shore and vacationed down there often. The rolling hills of the western part of the state were a revelation to the 45 yr old black man. Surprisingly things got slightly ugly again when he entered Pennsylvania and drove through Easton and then into Bethlehem. They were once thriving factory towns that had since gone downhill along with the rest of the country's manufacturing base. While the transplanted Brit could see plenty of handsome countryside along the way the past had left its scars. It was only when he reached the more suburban city of Allentown that the peaceful journey returned. By the time Chester Bain got to the western end of the city on the highway did he see how beautiful the area could be. He got off of 22 west and headed south on 309 and then jumped off the highway and headed west on Hamilton Boulevard. It was the main artery of Allentown but Chester headed west into Trexlertown, a small town that was mostly surrounded by farms. After a few miles Chester found what he was looking for. The small café was located just north of the corner of Hamilton Boulevard and Route 100, a main road that ran north and south for miles through several Pennsylvania towns.

Chester saw her as he was parking his Mercedes Benz. After not seeing her for over a year Chester found Ellie Kreegal as beautiful as she had been when she worked for him. He got out of his car and walked towards her from across the street. The short haired brunette was clearing some tables in the front of the small restaurant she had started some months ago. He could see through the large window that she was alone in the restaurant. It was four in the afternoon and between lunch and dinner which was perfect for Chester. He was hoping to be able to spend a few minutes talking with his former call girl. She didn't see him as he passed by the window so he was able to take a good look at her. She was in her late thirties yet was still a gorgeous woman. There wasn't a man on earth that could tell that the tall brunette wearing a light purple blouse and short jean mini skirt wiping down a window table had once proudly sported a 7" penis. She had always been one of his most popular girls. Her sexual persona and prowess in bed were absolutely incredible.

The well dressed black man walked through the door and smiled as the blue eyed woman looked up at him. Ellie Kreegal smiled when she recognized the customer but the smile was mixed with apprehension. She had no idea why her former pimp had decided to visit and more importantly how he had found her.

"Well well look what the cat dragged in. Hello Chester." Ellie kept up her smile as she put down a rag and walked towards the slim black man.

"How's it going girl?" Chester called out as he reached out and hugged the pretty white woman. As it turned out Ellie's nerves were contagious. The black man couldn't help checking out her long shapely legs in the purple high heel pumps.

"What brings you down to this far away place?" Ellie asked.

"Do I need a reason to see my favorite girl?" Chester tried to throw a little charm into the mix. It didn't work.

"Yea as a matter of fact, you probably would need a good reason to leave the city and go on a country tour." Ellie broadened her smile. Chester may have been a pimp but he had been a benevolent one. He had even thrown a going away party when Ellie had retired and moved out of the city.

"Guilty as charged. You could always read me Ellie." Chester came clean.

"You know if you're planning on opening an annex out here I won't be much help to you. You remember I had my balls snipped." Ellie reminded her former pimp.

"I just wanted to ask some questions Ellie. I found out where you were after I talked to Heidi. She still lives near me and when I told her what was going on she didn't think you'd mind." The black man informed her.

"Okay I guess I can forgive Heidi as long as it was for a good cause. You're just going to have to talk while I clean." Ellie said as she grabbed a bus tray full of dishes and moved back to the kitchen.

"I'll help. I don't want to interfere with you getting ready for the dinner crowd." Chester stepped up and grabbed the tray.

"In that sweater?" She held onto the tray.

"Okay let me get this thing off. " Chester began pulling off the cashmere sweater.

"We're in no rush we don't open for dinner on Mondays and my husband is working late tonight." Ellie had won the war for the tray and hurried back to the kitchen with it.

"Your husband! Girl a lot sure has happened since you became a country girl!" Chester was floored by the news.

"They sure have and Chester, he doesn't know." Ellie held up her ring finger as she informed him.

"Secrets safe with me, you know that don't you?" For Chester it was important that the former transsexual call girl trusted her. As it was he felt good that she would have entrusted him with the information.

"I do trust you Chester. So what's so important that you had to become a country boy for a day?" Ellie's curiosity had finally gotten the best of her. She locked the front door and turned the sign hanging in the window to the closed side.

"Well I had asked Heidi and she never worked with this girl but she thought you may have. I don't know her working name but he was Cameron Sedgewick during the day. He worked in the theatre . . ." Chester Bain didn't get to finish before Ellie interrupted him.

"I knew him. I worked with him a few times to tell you the truth. I know I was stepping out on you when I did it but I had opportunities that didn't involve you." Ellie said matter of factly as she stared at Chester.

"You refer to the kid as a him?" Chester was surprised. He knew that calling a transsexual a he could get your own dick chopped off. As for Ellie earning money and not cutting him in, well he just didn't care at this point.

"That's because Cameron was a he. He was just a boy trying to make some extra money. He was never into the scene for the lifestyle just the money and the sex. He never wanted to be referred to as a girl like the rest of us. He did want to get laid and often. It's such a shame what happened to him. He was such a nice young boy. I really liked him. " Ellie informed Chester.

"Well the police have been sniffing around trying to pin his murder on me. The pressure wasn't too bad and then they found his body out on the garbage island. Ellie I feel bad for the guy but I am going to be perfectly honest I have to find out who killed him so these cops will leave me alone. Is there anything you can tell me about this guy? Who the hell did he work with?" Chester was almost pleading with Ellie.

Ellie gave Chester a serious look. She had never seen the man use violence against his women. She couldn't see him killing anyone. Besides why would he want to kill Cameron Sedgewick? She was still living in the city when Cameron was reported missing and knowing both men she couldn't see any connection between the two of them. As she had always done she decided to trust her former pimp.

"Well I believe you Chester. Let me think. I'm not really sure what I know that could help you. Cameron and I only worked together a few times." Ellie said thoughtfully as she drew on her memory.

"Anything honey, anything may help me." Chester continued his pleading.

Alright let's see. One thing that I knew that most didn't was that Cameron didn't just stumble into working. The thing is he didn't start hustling because he needed money as much as he liked it. He told me that he had snuck into the city the summer after he had graduated from high school and hit a gay bar. He got picked up and the guy turned him onto dressing. The kid loved it. He couldn't get enough of the high heels and make up although unlike the rest of us he didn't mind turning back into a boy at the end of the night. Next thing you know he's hooked up with a man who has him turning tricks." Ellie told her guest.

"So he was into the scene for more than the money. I thought he was getting out because he had finally made it in the theatre or had some sort of job in show business?" Chester contributed.

"I'm sure that may have changed his priorities somewhat but come on Chester when I was 25 years old I was in a continual state of rutting almost all day long. I can identify with what Cam was going through because I went through it myself." Ellie admitted.

"So he was willing to give up on his dream job to become a woman?" Chester asked.

"Oh no. Cam went by Tammy at night but he went with just a smooth body and make up and he did it well enough. He was able to pull it off as a gay man during the day and a complete woman after hours." She said.

"How is a guy in drag going to compete at that level? I mean you girls were making $1000 a night but you were taking your hormones and seeing all the right doctors." Chester challenged.

"Honey you had to see this boy in a dress. Chester I've taken hormones and seen God knows how many plastic surgeons and I'll brag that I'm the best looking woman in this one horse town and probably Allentown proper. Yet Cam Sedgewick could put on a skirt and wig and walk down Main Street here and I'd suddenly be a distant second. He was gorgeous when he dressed and quite the little actress too. Cam told me that he got into some kinky play acting early in his career. Seems he would work with one of the female whores for some of the clients. They'd go to the client's place with Cam dressed and this woman would work him over pretty good." Ellie told him.

"Maybe that's what happened. Some rough play gone bad." Chester surmised with some hope in his voice.

"No silly boy." Ellie laughed playfully as she looked over her former pimp. "She'd take him with a strap on but nothing too violent except that Cam told me she could fuck like a gorilla in heat. I guess she was a real dyke boss, you know powerful and muscular. It was all sexual though. Cam never got hurt and after the woman got done with him, they would go to work on the client."

"No idea who his pimp was? Or this woman he worked with?" Chester asked.

Ellie shook her head and smiled at Chester.

"That's a shame because the police don't know either. It would be a big break and if not I could always use a creative woman like that." Chester chuckled as he finished his sentence.

Ellie moved towards the black man her long muscular legs flexing as the purple pumps clicked on the hard kitchen floor. When she got to him she put her arms around him and gave him a kiss. "You never had to depend on imagination Chester. This was just fine." She reached down and gently squeezed the man's groin.

"This doesn't seem like appropriate behavior for a married woman." Chester commented as he let the tall brunette handle him.

"Well you know what they say about us white girls. Once we get a taste of the dark meat we always come back and I haven't had any chocolate in such a long time." Ellie began kissing Chester. "Oh and before I let you fuck my brains into scrambled eggs and I forget, Audrey used to work with them before she wandered down to your stable."

"Audrey! Really?" Chester's mind raced as his former whore kissed him all over his face and undid his pants. "I haven't seen her in a year. She got all fucked up and I had to cut her loose."

"You'll find her. Now if you don't lay me out on this butcher table and fuck me I'm going to explode. This pussy has hardly been used and it sure hasn't been stretched by a black man yet."

Despite seeing yet another avenue to the answers he was looking for, Chester was more than happy to relent. Ellie Kreegal was one of the sexiest shemales in the city and she and Chester had done it every which way that it was possible. Now he was going to get to taste her as a real woman. Although he was a slim man Chester was able to hoist Ellie up onto the butcher table. Then he climbed up on top of her and mounted her. His erect penis sank in easily and he began banging away on the sweet brunette just like the old days. Only this time he was taking her pussy. It felt good. Ellie always did. She wrapped her legs around the black man's pumping buttocks and began to moan. Truth be told she had always loved Chester. He was always her man. Yet she wanted her womanhood and ultimately she knew that was something he wasn't interested in. So she had left him rather than live in turmoil after she had made the change. Still as the black man leaned down and kissed her and stuck his tongue into her mouth while he fucked her at an increasingly hectic pace, Ellie knew that all Chester Bain had to do was tell her that he wanted her to go with him and she would have gladly left everything behind.


Xavier Washington's escort business worked in a unique manner in that it accepted clients on a referral basis only. His advertising budget was set at $0. He spent nothing. His women were that good. X demanded that an escort be able to handle just about any social or sexual situation. Events like dinner dates in high end restaurants, trips overseas and parties such as the embassy party Lis had attended were all possibilities for the escort as well as the typical visit to a hotel to meet a married man. And once in the bedroom, anal sex, bondage and lesbian encounters were not off limits. As a result there were wealthy men lined up by the dozens willing to pay up to $7500 per night for a woman X had turned out.

With so much money on the table X's escorts had to have something more than just sexual prowess. They had to be at the uppermost pinnacle of what a man would consider beautiful and perhaps most importantly she had to have the necessary social graces. In short she had to be just about everything that a man would want to be standing next to him in public.

If X could take all these attributes and come up with a woman he was fully aware that she would very closely resemble Lis Rome. She had quickly moved up the ladder to become one of his top girls. As far as he was concerned X couldn't have been happier with the way he had played the gorgeous blonde.

Lis' social life now included being seen in public on the arm of a mature black man by some of her country club friends. It was inevitable really. When she ended up escorting in public Lis wouldn't end up in a dive bar. She went to the same restaurants and clubs that she went to when she dated D. J. As her supposed new dating habits became known many of her former friends drew obvious conclusions as to why she broke up with her white boyfriend. Comments like "She's got a bad case of jungle fever.", "We won't see Lis much anymore because you know once you go black . . ." and the most unique and untrue assertion that Lis would be stretched so wide that she would never be satisfied with a white man again began spreading through her former social circle.

While it was somewhat painful to Lis she knew that this was going to be an inevitable result of her decision. Yet despite the apparent embarrassment, in a perverse way Lis got turned on by all the unusual attention. She was also enjoying the sex. While it wasn't always intense orgasms for the most part it was very enjoyable. From the dirty role she played as a whore to the many different ways she was used sexually it was all new and exciting for her.

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