tagInterracial LoveAuctioned Wives Ch. 02

Auctioned Wives Ch. 02


Stella sat in the control room adjusting the monitors making sure the camera's in Cindy's room were turned on and ready to go.

Stella glanced at the monitor for the second floor hallway and she could see Cindy and Paul standing in a dark corner embracing and kissing. Stella adjusted the camera to zoom in for a closeup and saw they were locked in a heated passionate kiss and she could see Paul had his tongue deep inside Cindy's mouth while he massaged her bare ass with his large black hands.

Stella smiled as she thought back a few months before when the idea for this reality show came up at a meeting. It would be the first reality show to be seen on national television for more than forty years.

Stella had been told that reality shows were hot items around the turn of the twenty-first century. This would be a revival of the last show which appeared back in 2010.

Stella was so lucky to be the producer of this wonderful idea for the 2050 season. She remembered watching some old tapes of some of the shows that were popular back in those days and laughed at how innocent they were.

She remembered a particular show where a single woman would pick a guy out of a group of men with the hope of getting engaged and married.

Stella watched the screen and saw Cindy unlocking the door to her suite and thought about how far things have come since the "Good old days" of television.

She watched as Cindy and Paul entered the suite together and began to embrace again and started to kiss. Stella could see the massive erection of Paul's poking through his thin thong and watched Cindy's hand as she slowly moved her fingers over the large budge.

Stella noticed that Cindy was starring into Paul's eyes and saying something but she couldn't hear what she was saying from the monitors she was watching. Stella looked over at one of the directors and asked. "What is she saying? Can you hear what Cindy is saying to Paul?"

The director turned toward Stella and said. "She seems to be getting could feet again because she just told Paul she didn't think she should cheat on her husband."

Stella could see tears forming in Cindy's eyes as Cindy covered her face in front of Paul. Stella immediately stood up and looked over at the line of directors that were seated at the monitors and said. "I've got to go down there and give that woman some encouragement before she decides to back out of this all together."

Stella walked out the door and made her way to Cindy's suite and fumbled with her keys as she unlocked the door to the suite. She gave a little knock on the door before entering and walked over to Cindy and placed a hand on her shoulder and said. "Honey. What's the matter? You and Paul have been hitting it off really good and you were about to allow him to make beautiful love to you."

Cindy wiped back a few tears that had formed around her eyes and replied. "I couldn't help thinking about my husband again."

Stella patted her hand on Cindy's shoulder and gave her a hug and said. "Honey. It's normal for you to feel guilty about being here with Paul but you mustn't think about your husband right now. You have this beautiful black man waiting to make passionate love to you right now."

Stella continued. "I want you to be the first wife in your group to advance forward to this very important step. Everything will be fine and I will stay here and give you a little encouragement if you would like me to."

Stella gave Cindy a tissue for her eyes and waited for the woman to reply. Cindy looked at Stella and nodded her head in agreement that she wanted her to stay with her and looked over at Paul and gave him a smile and said. "I'm really sorry I cried. It wasn't your fault."

Stella watched as Cindy moved herself forward giving Paul a hug as she slowly lowered her hands to his ass and rubbed his skin.

Stella smiled and said. "Honey. Your doing very good, now just pretend I'm not here and take your man over to the bed and show him how talented you are."

Cindy took Paul's hand and walked him toward the bed and pulled the thong down his legs letting the huge erection spring free. He was solid rock hard and Stella could see the veins on his thick black cock. She almost felt like pushing Cindy away from him and having sex with this man herself.

Cindy took hold of Paul's hands and placed them on the material of her baby doll and he immediately knew what she would like him to do as he began pulling the material up over her head and tossed it over on a chair leaving Cindy completely naked except for the high heel's shoes.

Cindy began kissing Paul's chest and slowly worked her way down his chest and down to his navel until her chin touched his massive cock and took the shaft into her hand and gave the head a soft kiss before getting down on her knee's.

Cindy placed her hands on Paul's thighs as she continued to kiss the head of his cock until she finally took the large head into her mouth and started to suck on him. Paul moaned when Cindy began to suck on him and Stella said. "Go ahead and tell her how good she is doing."

Paul moaned again and said. "Baby. Keep moving your tongue on my cock just like that and hold onto my balls with your hand."

Cindy did just what Paul had asked her to do and continued to suck on his cock while she reached up and cupped his large ball sack in her tiny hand and began to massage his balls making him moan loud. Paul's head was tilted back as Cindy massaged his balls and held onto his thigh with her left hand.

Stella walked closer to the couple and placed her hand on Paul's large arm and felt his muscles and looked down at Cindy and saw her starring up into Paul's eyes.

She watched Cindy as she positioned her hands on Paul's massive thighs and saw Cindy tilt her head up with the big shaft between her lips as she began to swallow the long shaft until her nose was touching Paul's pubic hair.

Cindy was taking Paul into her throat as far as she could while continuing to stare up into his eyes. From Stella's position, Cindy looked very erotic with the large black shaft deep in her mouth.

Stella could hear Cindy's throat making sounds as she began to back her head off the large black shaft until just the large head remained between her lips. Stella stood watching as the large black shaft was swallowed several more times down Cindy's throat

Cindy was kissing the giant black head of the cock as if it was a baby which gave Stella an idea as she leaned over and said. "Doesn't Paul have a beautiful and powerful looking black cock?"

Cindy was too embarrassed to reply but smiled as she continued to kiss and poke her tongue out at the massive head of the large cock.

Stella leaned very close to Cindy until she was able to whisper into her ear and said. "Paul is a wonderful handsome black man with very dark bronze skin with such wonderful features. Every inch of his body is covered with rippling muscles. He's also a very virile and potent man carrying enough seed to implant into the womb of a beautiful partner and mate."

Cindy's eyes were mostly closed as she stroked Paul's cock with her hand and kept her lips against the black tip of the large mushroom head.

Stella continued to speak and said. "Imagine having a child with such wonderful features that this man has and imagine having him mate with a beautiful white woman just like yourself and seeing the results from that copulation."

Cindy's eyes were completely closed as she kept her hand on the length of the black shaft and had reached up to massage Paul's large thigh with her left hand and she continued to listen to Stella.

Stella reached down with her hand and began to touch Cindy's tit focusing on her nipple squeezing it between her thumb and finger and watched how she responded before she continued and said. "Cindy. Did you remember to take your birth control pill this morning?"

Cindy's mind was half focusing on Paul's large cock at the moment and listening to Stella as she slowly replied and said. "I took one pill yesterday but haven't taken my pill for the day yet."

Stella continued to stimulate Cindy's nipple until she totally cupped the woman's breast in her hand feeling how large she was as she began to massage her flesh in her hand.

Stella finally replied and said. "I want you to imagine that you are the lucky woman to mate and breed with Paul and I want you to imagine your child with all of this man's features along with your beauty. A boy would carry his wonderful physic and become very muscular and virile like his father enhanced with his beautiful white Mother."

Stella continued saying. "A girl would carry both her Mother and Father's features and would become a beautiful woman like yourself with dark bronze features and many of the genes of her father allowing her to be tall and very endowed like yourself and possibly become a model or an actress."

Cindy opened her eyes and looked at Stella and said. "Stella. I couldn't possibly have another man's baby. I'm a married woman!"

Stella placed her hand on Cindy's back giving a gentle squeeze as she replied and said. "Honey. Remember when you and your husband signed all of the release forms so you could come and participate with us?"

Cindy acknowledged Stella shaking her head as she listened to Stella as she continued speaking. "Your husband was aware that anything could happen during your participation with us and he agreed that he would accept all of the terms and any results from your participation here. It's not like you are doing something against his knowledge. Besides. I want to explain something very important to you now."

Cindy listened very close as Stella began to say. "You would be the very first wife to stop taking her birth control pills which would entitle you to another five hundred thousand-dollars. There would be a ten million dollars to the first wife who would test positive for pregnancy but it would have to be within the first thirty days from the time she would stop taking her birth control pills."

Stella helped Cindy up off her knees and looked over at Paul and said. "Paul. I want you to make love to Cindy and I'm going to allow you to do anything she may ask of you regardless of what she may ask. You will not be held responsible for any results that happen from your actions today."

Cindy's mind was very busy at that very moment thinking about all of that money that Stella had mentioned. Paul was busy himself as he sat of the edge of the bed and pulled Cindy onto his lap where she straddled him facing him.

Cindy had both of her knees on the mattress and had raised herself high enough so that Paul was able to suck on her tits. Paul's large black cock was poking up in front of Cindy and rubbed her belly and was leaking so much that it was leaving the area above her navel wet.

Paul laid himself back onto the bed as Cindy leaned forward until she was able to kiss Paul's large broad chest and concentrated on licking his nipples making them hard.

Cindy was leaning forward so far that Paul's cock was trapped between her body and his stomach as she continued licking his nipples. Cindy was trembling now as she raised herself back and slid forward a few inches and kissed Paul on the lips.

It was a long passionate kiss as their tongues mingled and saliva coated their faces around their lips until Cindy raised her ass off Paul's legs and reached down between her legs and held the giant shaft in her tiny white hand.

Cindy moved Paul's shaft back and forth along her pussy slit which was soaking wet and kept moving him until the head was positioned between her slit and finally put some pressure on it with her body and allowed the head of Paul's cock to enter her pussy making her stiffen for a few seconds until she got more accustomed to his massive size.

She continued moving her body allowing more of Paul's large cock to enter her tight pussy until he arched his hips in the air making himself enter her pussy a little faster than she had expected.

Cindy's eyes were closed as she moaned from feeling the huge shaft entering her tight pussy stretching her beyond anything she had ever been in the past. Paul was almost twice the size as her husband's cock and she knew she would have to stretch for this man before the night was over.

Cindy stopped moving while her pussy tried to accustom itself to the thick shaft that was now impaled inside her tiny tunnel. Paul raised his head and licked Cindy's nipple than moved to the other side and worked on that tit allowing his tongue to move in large circles around the little hard bud.

Paul raised his head a few inches more and gave Cindy another long passionate kiss than placed his hands on her ass so he could control her movements much better and begin to raise her tiny body on his shaft and lower her back down a little further until she had completely taken as much of him as she could and there was still more that remained.

Paul kept moving her up and down his shaft making her yelp with each thrust up inside her tight pussy. She was moaning and yelping in a high pitch now which reminded Stella of a little kitten playing at the moment.

Stella leaned down to take a close look behind Cindy's ass and could see Paul's large cock slicing up and into Cindy's tight stretched out pussy. Her pussy lips were stretched out like tiny rubber bands around Paul's massive black cock and there was plenty of their wetness keeping the shaft coated for lubrication.

Paul was moving her tiny body much faster above him now making her tits swing back and forth with each thrust he made deep inside her tight white pussy. Cindy was still moaning but her voice began to sound like all the air was being shoved out of her stomach each time Paul thrust himself inside her pussy.

Paul held onto Cindy's back as he lifted himself up off the bed and stood up holding the small white wife in his arms with her legs wrapped behind his back in mid air. Paul cradled her little ass in his big black hands and began moving her body up and down his shaft as he stood next to the bed.

Paul was a large powerful black man and only a man who worked out and conditioned his body could screw a woman in this position without making it appear like he was putting very much effort into the task.

Cindy was gasping for air each time Paul thrust her back down on his large black cock but she held him tight with her arms wrapped around his thick neck while her legs wrapped themselves tightly around his waist.

Stella had an idea as she watched this couple mating in mid air and yelled out some encouragement at Cindy and said. "Honey. You've turned this man into a wild stallion for you. You should tell Paul how much you are enjoying his wonderful black cock inside your pussy right now."

Cindy didn't need any more encouragement from Stella as she yelled out. "God. Yes. Paul. Fuck me hard and make me cum for you. I want to cum on your cock while you're deep inside of me."

Paul didn't let up with his driving force and kept moving her tiny white body on his cock until Cindy finally let out a very loud scream and Stella knew she was having her first orgasm with this black man inside her.

Paul had to hold onto the woman as tight as he could even with her small body, she was bucking around on his cock like a cat in heat kicking her feet straight out and digging her nails into his large shoulders as she finished having her first orgasm.

Cindy was sweating and breathing very hard as she continued to hold onto Paul as tight as she could as she tried to catch her breath after having such a powerful and intense orgasm with this man.

Stella was ready to introduce them to her exciting idea and moved close to the couple which was still screwing next to the bed and said. "That was so wonderful and exciting to watch and I can't wait until I see Paul shot his very potent seed deep inside your womb."

Stella continued to speak and said. "Cindy. I want you to ask Paul to carry you into the bathroom while he keeps his cock embedded inside you and have him place you on the counter next to the toilet."

Cindy was still trying to catch her breath but didn't hesitate as she replied to Paul and said in between her deep breathing. "Paul . . . Please . . . Take me into the bathroom . . . Like Stella said . . . Keep screwing me . . . Please . . . "

Paul walked into the bathroom holding Cindy in his big arms and placed her onto the counter next to the toilet as she had asked him to do with her as he continued moving his large cock inside her stretched pussy.

Cindy still had her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs were semi-wrapped around his waist. Her heels were sort of resting on his ass with the heels digging into his skin but it didn't seem to bother him and maybe it turned him on because he didn't even seem to wench from any pain that it must have been causing him at that moment.

Stella opened a drawer on the vanity and walked over next to the couple and held up Cindy's packet of birth control pills so she could see them and say. "Cindy. Are you ready to discard these pills today and maybe become the first wife to have a chance to breed with her black boyfriend?"

Cindy was breathing hard as she glanced at the packet of pills as she worked her tight pussy on Paul's big black shaft.

Stella spoke again and said. "It's totally up to you now and if you want a chance too win that large sum of money than now is the time to make your decision."

Paul was working his cock into Cindy's tight pussy which appeared to be distracting her from thinking straight and keeping her from making a decision. Cindy gasped for air and took a deep breath before she made her reply and blurted out and said. "OK . . . Yes . . . Fine . . . I'll do it . . . Yes . . . Through them away . . . I won't take them any more . . . Get rid of them . . . "

Stella smiled and chuckled as she held the packet of birth control pills in the air near Cindy's face and said. "Why don't you tell Paul that you would like him to take hold of the packet and punch all of the pills out and toss them into the toilet for you?"

Stella waited to see if Cindy would follow through with her directions but didn't have to wait long as Cindy kissed Paul on the lips and continued kissing his face as she whispered to him and said. "Take the pills from Stella and punch them out into the toilet like she said to do with them."

This shocked Stella because she had thought she would have to do more talking and maybe Cindy would change her mind but she seemed very determined to go through with this as she handed Paul the tiny packet and watched as he held the packet out next to him and over the toilet and started to punch out the tiny pills into the water until they were all gone.

Paul gave Stella the empty packet and she held them up in front of Cindy's face and said. "That was very good! Now there is nothing that is going to stop you from trying to be the first wife to become pregnant with her black boyfriend."

There wasn't any reply from Cindy nor Paul as he picked her tiny body back off the vanity and walked back into the bedroom and placed her onto the mattress and climbed on top of her and mounted her as easily as he had before.

Within seconds, Cindy's legs were wrapped tightly around Paul's ass while she kept her hands on his big shoulders digging her nails into his back as he screwed her as hard as he could. Cindy was having another orgasm as she yelled out to Paul to keep Fucking her harder.

Paul started to groan loud and Stella knew he was about to shoot his load of thick seed inside of Cindy's pussy and watched as the big man kept driving himself down onto the tiny white woman and finally let out a very loud yell and held himself down and deep into Cindy's pussy as he released his thick load inside her womb.

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