tagInterracial LoveAuctioned Wives Ch. 03

Auctioned Wives Ch. 03


Stella was very happy knowing she succeeded with the first wife but had her work cut out for her as she finally found Jeanette near the pool talking to a completely different black man named Curtis.

Stella walked toward the couple and smiled as she glanced at Curtis first than at Jeanette saying, "Jeanette. I see your talking to another man this morning? Is everything going fine with you?"

Stella's heart almost gave out when she noticed Jeanette was wearing her wedding rings again and regained her composer saying, "Jeanette, can I speak to you alone for a moment?"

Stella took Jeanette away from Curtis who stood patiently waiting and asked, "Jeanette, your wearing your wedding band this morning, I thought we had a good talk last night about the importance of leaving our rings in our rooms?"

Jeanette shook her head in agreement as she replied, "It sort of works in reverse for me because I feel like I would be cheating if I didn't wear them."

Stella placed her hand on Jeanette's shoulder saying, "Your very nervous and unsure of your thoughts right now but I'm here to help guide you along and give you as much encouragement as you need. I want you and the other wives to have the same chance at winning as Cindy right now and don't want any obstacles getting in the way."

Jeanette looked at Stella with a little shyness as she replied, "Do you mean that Cindy has already made love with her black lover?"

Stella nodded her head and replied, "Yes, I'm afraid she has beat every one of you and has gone a step further by disposing of her birth control pills this morning and allowing her lover to mate with her without any use of birth control."

Jeanette expression turned to disappointment as she learned about Cindy but Stella quickly said, "Honey, don't you worry. You still have plenty of time this morning to catch up to Cindy and the other women. Why don't we take Curtis up to your suite and I'll make sure you're comfortable with him and get you started in the right direction?"

Stella motioned for Curtis to take Jeanette's hand and they walked up to her suite together. Stella smiled at them once they entered the suite and said. "Curtis, you're a very fine example of one of our finest studs here and I'm sure Jeanette will be very pleased once you've made love to her."

Stella walked next to Curtis and rubbed the palm of her hand on his muscular chest saying, "Oh My lord. You're a very lucky woman to have picked out such a big muscular handsome black stud to mate with you. Look at his gorgeous body!"

She glanced at Jeanette and said, "Have you taken a look to see what his cock yet?"

Jeanette was embarrassed as she nodded her head that she hadn't as Stella took hold of his satin pants and tugged them down his muscular legs until his huge black cock was exposed.

Jeanette looked to shy to stare at the cock as Stella began stroking the massive shaft with her hand saying, "Jeanette. Have you ever seen anyone this large?"

Jeanette had never seen such a huge member on any human in her life and had to be almost three times the thickness of her husband's penis. It scared her just looking at its size and watched as it grew even larger as Stella continued to stroke it.

Stella let go of the huge cock and walked behind Jeanette and helped her take off the teddy she was wearing leaving her standing naked in front of Curtis except for her high heel shoes.

Jeanette tried to smile at Curtis whom she got to know really well except she still felt shy being exposed to this huge black man standing only a couple of feet away from her naked.

Stella glanced up at the camera's to make sure they were capturing every moment for the show as she took hold of Jeanette's hand and placed its palm on Curtis's chest and said, "I want you to get accustomed to touching his firm body. I want you to close your eyes and pretend your rubbing your husband's chest."

Jeanette massaged Curtis's chest with the palm of her hand as she kept her eyes closed. Stella took hold of Curtis's hand and placed it on Jeanette's tit and motioned for him to massage them. Jeanette had large breasts and the contrast of his dark hand on her tits were even making Stella horny.

Stella watched the couple as they touched each other and spoke softly to Jeanette saying, "Open your eyes and tell me what you see."

Jeanette opened her eyes and looked at Curtis who was massaging her tits making her nipples poke straight out. She was afraid to look directly into his eyes but managed to reply to Stella and said, "I see a handsome black man touching my breasts and making my nipples hard."

Stella smiled as she replied. "Good. He's stimulating your breasts and causing you to be aroused. Tell him you like it and want him to touch you in other places."

Jeanette was shy and only looked toward Stella as she hesitantly tried to look and tell Curtis what she wanted to tell him to do to her.

Stella walked next to Curtis and said, "Please, lay on the bed and we'll see if Jeanette will have the courage to join you."

Curtis dropped his hand away from Jeanette's tits and backed up to the bed and laid down and waited to see what Stella was going to do next.

Stella took Jeanette into the bathroom where she opened the cabinet and got out a bottle of lotion saying, "This is a strawberry flavor lotion and we can use it anywhere on your body or on Curtis. Now let us go out there and have a little fun with your mate!"

They walked back into the bathroom and Stella motioned for Jeanette to climb up into the bed next to Curtis. Once Jeanette sat on her knees next to Curtis, Stella climbed up next to her and gave her the bottle saying, "Put a little of the lotion on his abdomen and gently rub it into his skin for me."

Jeanette's hands were trembling as she slowly squirted a small amount of lotion on Curtis and started to massage it around in small circles. When she thought she was finished, Stella took the bottle away from her and put a dab of it on her own hand.

Stella extended her arm out between Jeanette's legs and cupped the palm of her hand over Jeanette's neatly shaved pussy mound and massaged the lotion completely around her mound. She took a second dab and applied the same amount to Jeanette's inner thighs than another dab on her belly near her navel.

Stella took hold of Jeanette's hands and poured a small amount in each palm and said, "Darling, take hold of his cock and gently massage the lotion into his skin for me and don't be afraid."

Jeanette slowly reached for Curtis's cock and gently wrapped her fingers along the huge shaft and began to move them up and down spreading the lotion along the large pole. Stella reached out and moved Jeanette's hands down to his balls and made sure she was getting the lotion on them as well.

Stella waited until Jeanette covered most of the area she wanted her to do than gave her the next instruction saying, "Honey, I want you to climb on top of him now and straddle his head with your legs and slid yourself back until your pussy touches his chin."

Jeanette hesitantly climbed on top of the large black man and swung her leg over his head and positioned herself above his face as she was told. Curtis immediately gave her inner thigh a gentle kiss sending shivers across Jeanette's body as she felt his lips on her.

Stella leaned down close to Jeanette's face saying, "Wiggle your little ass above his face and he'll know what you would like him to do for you."

Jeanette wiggled her ass and within seconds she felt Curtis's tongue begin to lick her pussy mound. Curtis was expertly working his tongue over the entire mound and skillfully flickering his tongue along the edge of her pussy lips and occasionally touching her clitoris.

Jeanette was than instructed to take hold of Curtis's cock and gently lick the giant mushroom head and along the side than take him into her mouth. She didn't have any trouble licking but when it came time to place the large head into her mouth she looked up at Stella saying. "I've never done this before in my life."

Stella smiled at Jeanette saying, "When your husband watches the show, he'll want you to do this to him. Now slowly take the head into your mouth and flicker your tongue across the head."

Jeanette was still afraid so Stella leaned down further and took the head of his cock into her own mouth and began to show Jeanette what she would like her to do. Jeanette watched the experienced woman as she licked the giant cock and finally positioned herself over the huge cock and lowered her head straight down the shaft until the whole thing was inside her mouth.

Jeanette could hear gurgling noises coming from Stella's throat and watch as Stella moved her head up and down several times. She was having a hard time concentrating now because Curtis was giving her pussy a good workout with his tongue causing her hips to sway over his head.

Stella backed away and said, "Now it's your turn, let me see how well you can suck him."

Curtis was getting her aroused with his licking movements on her pussy and Stella smiled to herself watching the way Jeanette's body began to respond and waited as Jeanette took the large cock into her mouth and tried to repeat what she had done a few seconds ago.

After several short attempts to take the cock into her mouth, Jeanette finally stretched her head out far enough and slowly engulfed the large cock into her mouth until she had it fully embedded into her throat.

Stella helped her along and placed her hand on Jeanette's cheek and gently moved her fingers over her skin as if she were telling Jeanette how well she was doing. Jeanette was aroused very much from the licking she was receiving from Curtis and was now pushing her pussy mound down into his face.

Jeanette was actually moaning now as her hips swayed and she began rotating from each side trying to get in as much contact with his tongue as possible. Her body began to quiver and Stella gave her encouragement as she began trembling much more now and finally screamed out loud and had a powerful orgasm.

Jeanette kept screaming as Curtis expertly used his tongue on her pussy until Jeanette finally relaxed and caught her breath and whispered to Stella saying. "I never had an orgasm with a man licking my pussy."

Stella laughed as she replied, "Honey, you're in for many more treats from your mate so enjoy every moment of it. I want you to turn around and straddle his legs and lean down and kiss your man and tell him how wonderfully he made you feel just now."

Jeanette quickly turned herself around and leaned down and kissed Curtis on the lips. Stella watched as the kiss continued as saw their tongues mingling and thought to herself that she wouldn't have to coach her very much on kissing.

Jeanette repeated what Stella had told her only in her own words saying, "Curtis. Your tongue felt so good down there. I never had a man lick me to orgasm before, you seem to take your time and hit all the right spots for me."

Stella was smiling as she spoke out to Jeanette as she watched them kissing again and said, "You'll have many new idea's to take home to your husband when you leave here so learn as much as you can and enjoy yourself."

Stella continued and said, "honey, I want you to scoot yourself back until his cock is sitting between your legs and just touching your pussy mound."

Jeanette moved until she was in the portioned that Stella had wanted and watched as Curtis's cock slipped up and touched her belly leaving a wet trail of pre cum on her skin. Jeanette didn't appear to be as nervous now but Stella knew she would have to give her encouragement to get her to impale herself on the giant black shaft.

She began saying, "Jeanette. I want you to raise yourself off his legs now and take your hand and reach down and hold it near your pussy lips. Once you get him in place I want you to start rocking your body and moving the head between your pussy lips until he lodges himself inside you."

Jeanette took her hand and grabbed the cock and raised herself off and positioned herself so she could place the cock head at the entrance of her pussy. She had to raise herself off more than she figured and Stella helped steady her as she slowly began moving the large head in place.

Jeanette asked, "Shouldn't I have him put on a condom?"

Stella smiled saying, "Honey. Your taking birth control right now so there is nothing to worry about at the moment. Go ahead and lodge the head inside your pussy and be prepared to feel it stretch your muscles. Once you get accustomed to his size, I'll have you work yourself down his shaft."

Stella watched as Jeanette worked with the giant cock and saw her body stiffen as the head lodged itself inside the small woman and said. "Its all right, it will stretch you at first but I want you to and enjoy it and you'll soon find out what I mean."

Stella was very surprised as she watched Jeanette work her little white body down on the big cock, Curtis was giving her a little help but allowed Jeanette to work it inside her pussy at her own speed.

It didn't take long before Curtis was fully impaled inside Jeanette and Stella leaned over and kissed Jeanette's face saying, "You did it! Now I want you to sit straight up and allow Curtis to hold onto your hands as he flexes his hips up and stretched your pussy. Don't be afraid of Curtis, he'll be very gentle with you and try not to let it hurt."

Once Jeanette had fully impaled herself, Stella moved herself on the bed and sat right next to Jeanette and began speaking.

"Do you feel comfortable sitting on that large black cock?"

Jeanette responded by nodding her head as she rotated her hips above Curtis and must be working her pussy muscles on his cock because Curtis was moaning and Stella responded saying, "Good. You're very talented and I knew you wouldn't have any trouble once you got him inside your pussy."

Stella encouraged Jeanette, "Keep moving your little ass for your mate and lean forward so he can lick and suck on your tits."

Jeanette didn't hesitate at all as she leaned forward and Curtis began sucking on each tit and gently bitting on her nipples causing her to moan. Stella was surprised to see Jeanette's body began to tremble and shake again until she let out a loud scream and had another orgasm.

"Oh . . . God . . . Yes . . . I'm . . . cuming . . . "

It took several minutes for Jeanette to calm down and Stella whispered in her ear saying, "I want you to do another thing for me. I want you to gain as many points as the other wives and allow Curtis to take your wedding rings off your finger. Will you allow him to do that?"

Jeanette nodded her head and agreed as Stella took hold of her left hand and handed it to Curtis and he immediately started to twist the wedding rings off Jeanette's finger until it slipped off completely.

Stella motioned for Curtis to give them a toss on the floor and he responded and tossed them on the floor. The sound of the wedding band and engagement ring could be heard throughout the room as he began pushing his hips up faster into Jeanette's pussy.

Stella was very pleased at what she was witnessing and knew that she had one more task to accomplish today. She whimpered into Jeanette's ear saying, "I'll be back in a moment. Keep fucking Curtis until I return, your doing very good."

Jeanette continued to ride his cock as Curtis began pushing himself into her with more force. When Stella returned to the bedroom, she could hear them breathing heavy as if they were in heat. Stella knew that it wouldn't be long before Curtis shot his load of black baby seed into Jeanette and wanted to prepare for that stage as soon as possible.

Stella climbed back on the bed next to Jeanette and saw how wet Jeanette's pussy had become from the fucking she was getting from this huge black man.

Stella had the couple change positions and waited until Curtis mounted Jeanette and sunk his cock into her pussy until his balls slapped against her white ass. She was very excited herself and reached down and massaged the huge balls and felt the wetness around the massive cock.

Jeanette's pussy lips were stretched very thin like a rubber band around the massive shaft. Jeanette had bent her legs and rested her feet on Curtis's giant thighs as he slowly fucked her pussy.

Stella paused for a few seconds until she thought of another idea and turned toward Jeanette saying, "OK, you can start encouraging your mate to cum inside your pussy. I want you to tell him you want him to plant his seed in you."

Curtis kept screwing Jeanette with more force as she rested her feet on his thighs and dug her nails into his back. Curtis knocked the wind out of her lungs with each shove he made inside her tight pussy. Stella watched how expertly this man made love to this woman.

It only took a few more minutes before Curtis began to tighten his body and Stella watched as the man shoved himself into Jeanette a couple more times than let out a loud scream that he was going to cum

Stella placed her hand on his ass and felt Curtis jerk each time he shot a stream into Jeanette. He continued for several more seconds and held himself inside her pussy for another minute than started to back out until Stella stopped him.

Stella held her hand on his ass while she leaned down saying, "Jeanette. I'm going to give you your birth control pills and I want you to give them to Curtis and allow him to flush them into the toilet for you."

She gave the packet to Jeanette who was trying to catch her breath and looked at Stella saying, "If I don't take these pills, I could become pregnant with a black baby."

Stella replied, "Honey, the other wives are going through with this just like you and your husband signed an agreement with us so he will know what to expect when you return home to him."

Jeanette looked upset as she held the packet in her hand and looked down toward her pussy knowing a huge load of black seed was now inside her.

She slowly moved her hand giving the packet to Curtis and Stella immediately responded and said, "Good. Now you go and flush those down the toilet while I stay here and hold Jeanette's legs in the air. I don't want any of this seed to escape until it has time to reach its destination."

Stella held Jeanette's legs in the air as they watched Curtis plop out of her pussy and get out of the bed and listened until the sound of the toilet flushing could be heard in the room. Curtis walked back with the empty packet and gave it to Stella.

His cock was still rock hard as Stella gave him his next instruction saying, "Curtis. I want you to push your cock back into Jeanette and push your seed deep into her belly. You can continue pushing it inside her until you cum again."

Curtis positioned his cock between the folds of her pussy and pushed himself inside Jeanette. Stella had been watching a large thick pool of cum trying to escape Jeanette's pussy a few seconds ago and now it had disappeared back inside her.

Stella watched as the big black man continued fucking Jeanette until Jeanette began to respond again and reached another orgasm kicking her feet high into the air.

Curtis kept screwing Jeanette for several more minutes until he shot another thick load of seed deep inside her belly.

Stella gave her encouragement to Curtis saying, "That was so wonderful, now you can enjoy each other the rest of the afternoon."

Stella got out of the bed and stood watching them screw again and just as she was about to leave the suite, Jeanette had another orgasm.

Stella smiled as she walked out of the room leaving them alone and pulled a tiny pad out of her pocket and wrote another remark next to Jeanette's name. She was on her way to find out what the other wives were doing and decided she would focus on Diana next.

She had to wonder to herself if she had taken the show too far this time. She shook her head thinking about these wives walking around the mansion with swollen tummies'. They were going to have some explaining to do when they got home and the show aired.

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