Aunt and Cousin's Summertime Visit


My morally modest Cousin Diane, on the other hand, has one of those hot bodies that even when she sits with her knees tightly pressed together, there is still a triangular opening above her shapely thighs that I can clearly see her panties or pussy when she's not wearing panties. If only she knew all that I could see of her, she'd be mortified. She'd be so embarrassed. If only she knew that I masturbate over all that I've seen of her, she'd think me the incestuous pervert that I am. If she knew all that I've already seen of her, relegated to wearing sweatpants whenever around me, she'd never wear another nightgown again.

If I had a mind to and was sufficiently horny enough, which always I am, I could expose my cock to my aunt and cousin while pretending that I'm still sleeping and don't realize that I'm so exposed. Knowing what my aunt would do if she saw my cock dangling from my pajama bottoms, no doubt she'd stare, reach out and touch me, fondle me, or even stroke me. More the mystery is the reaction my cousin would have to seeing my exposed prick. I wondered what my cousin would do if she saw my cock sticking out of my pajama bottoms.

Would she look? Would she stare? Or would she look away? The moral woman that she is, not so much as peeking at it after she noticed my accidental wardrobe faux pas, no doubt she'd pretend that I wasn't so exposed. A good plan, having fun sexually teasing them, I couldn't wait to begin my sizzling, sexy, steamy hot, incestuously sexual summer adventure with my four female relatives.

While imagining the fun I'd have living, albeit temporarily during the summer, with four hot, blood related women, it was when I was covering the couch with a sheet that I found all sorts of sexy surprises that obviously belonged to my whore of a mother. I found her vibrator, Mr. Horny. The battery was dead, of course, from overuse, no doubt. I found her big, black dildo, Tyrone. Wishing I was a fly on the wall, I'd love to watch my mother take this monster in her pussy and/or in her mouth while she twirled naked around the pole that she still has in her bedroom, which is now my bedroom, that is, once my aunt vacates it. I found an unfinished pint bottle of gin, and a Playgirl magazine with certain pages dog eared of men who oddly resembled me.


After seeing the dog eared, Playgirl magazine photos that resembled me, I wondered if my mother had been out here on the couch masturbating over the sexy thoughts of having sex me, her son. Wow! Disturbingly weird but sexually exciting that she had dog eared pictures of men who resembled me at a time before we started having sex, if only I had known my Mom was out here masturbating herself while thinking of having sex with me, I would have set up a camera. Had I known what she was doing, rubbing her clit with a vibrator or fucking herself with her big, black dildo while thinking of me doing that to her, I would have loved to offer her a finger, a tongue, and/or a cock.

Now that we're having sex, her obviously lusting over me was at the time before we were having sex. It was a time before I even knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. If only I had known then what I know now, I wasted a lot of cum masturbating in my hand and in a paper towel that my mother could have collected in her mouth and pussy.

"Wow. Who knew? If only I knew then what I know now I would have been having sex with my mother years ago."

Flattered by her incestuous lust for me, wouldn't that be something if she was sexually exciting herself and getting herself off while thinking of having sex with me in the way that I was getting myself off while thinking of having sex with her? Duh? I thought it was just men who incestuously lusted over women. I never figured women were incestuous sluts too.

What are the odds that a mother would sexually want her son as much as a son sexually wants his mother? Yet with me sharing the same DNA as my mother, I guess the odds are pretty good. Only, now that we've been having sex, now that I know that my mother wanted me as much as I wanted her and as much as my sister wanted me too, with everything now out in the open, the sexual excitement between us is even more electric.

"I love you Mommy!"

"I love you Jack," said my mother.

"I love you Emma!"

"I love you Johnny."

* * * * *

A time just before we started having sex, in the way that I've been masturbating over her, little did I know that my Mom was masturbating over imagining having sex with my naked body. Typical for a son to incestuously lust over his mother but, in my mind, for a mother to incestuous lust over her son was even hotter. Maybe, while masturbating, instead of thinking of me, she was thinking of Trans Am Jack, her Prom date, who was my father and who disappeared or was killed in the war. Maybe she was hoping I'd walk in the living room unannounced or peep on her to catch her masturbating. Maybe she was waiting for me to make the first move. Never suspecting that I'd be the focal point of such incestuous, sexual attention, maybe my sister used to masturbate or still masturbates over me too.


Definitely, with my aunt and cousin living with us in these cramped quarters, a kitchen, a living room, and two, small bedrooms with one, small bathroom, this living arrangement could make for a sizzling, sexy, steamy hot, incestuously sexual summer. Pretending this was our little, summer cottage hideaway, a bungalow instead of a small apartment, our primary and only living space, I couldn't wait to see my aunt and cousin walking around the house in their sexy, sheer nightgowns with nothing underneath. I couldn't wait to see my aunt and cousin sunbathing out back by the four foot pool that we installed last year. I'd love to hose down those two smoking hot broads while frolicking in the pool with them before putting suntan lotion on their nearly naked bodies. Being that none of the doors, other than the front and back doors have locks on them, I couldn't wait to catch them in their bedroom dressing or undressing.

"Oops, sorry, my apologies. I didn't know you were in here dressing. Please forgive me for opening your bedroom door and catching you in your bra and panty, topless, or naked. Had I known you were getting dressed or undressed, I never would have barged in the way that I did without knocking. I'm so embarrassed and I promise that it will never happen again, that is, until later today or tomorrow," I imagined thinking and saying while continuing to engage them in conversation while ogling their sexy semi-naked or naked bodies longer, especially my cousin who was as dumb as a stump.

Hoping to see one or the other or both of them naked, making my entrance somehow appear accidental, I couldn't wait to catch them in the bathroom taking a shower or luxuriating while taking a bubble bath.

"Oops, sorry, I didn't know you were in here naked taking a shower or luxuriating while taking a bubble bath. I thought the door was closed to preserve the air conditioning," I imagined saying to my aunt or my cousin. "Please forgive me. I'm so embarrassed and I promise that it will never happen again, that is, until later today or tomorrow," I imagined thinking and saying and while covering my eyes with my splayed fingered hand.

Just as I would when barging in their bedroom while they were changing their clothes, I imagined engaging them in conversation while ogling their naked bodies longer while they showered or bathe. Playing my game of voyeurism with their exhibitionism, maybe they'd engage me in conversation as their excuse to expose their naked bodies longer to me. Maybe they'd ask me to wash their back or towel them dry when they're done soaping up their hot bodies. Especially my aunt who has breasts as big as my Mom's breasts and my cousin who has a better body than even my hot sister's body, I'd love to see one or the other or both of them naked.

Naked, naked, naked, in the way that I couldn't wait to see my mother and sister naked, I couldn't wait to see my aunt and/or cousin naked. I wondered how they'd react to me seeing them naked. Naked, naked, naked, in the way that I want to see my aunt and cousin naked, I can't wait for them to see me naked. I wondered how they'd react to seeing me naked.

* * * * *

A long, hot summer, especially with our puny, little air conditioners working around the clock to cool the place, there never seemed to be enough BTU's to make much of a difference. Perhaps because the women were so hot was the reason why our apartment was never as cool. Beginning from the first night of their arrival, things started quickly heating up between the four of us, especially with the addition of my aunt.

My cousin, not seeing the flirting and/or the teasing was oblivious to what was going on between her mother and me. She was in her own world. How can my cousin who looks so hot and so sexy not be sexual? If only by the addition of my aunt, so long as we were discreet for my cousin not to know that we were having sex, I just knew that this summer was going to be the best summer of my life.

Never shy about exposing myself, especially after my mother and sister have already seen my big prick dozens of times, my personal litmus test, I walked around in my boxer shorts with my ever present erection that physically foretold my lust for my female relatives. Tit for cock and a sexy sight to behold, my aunt walked around in her short, sheer, sexy, low cut nightgown. Not one to disappoint me, she was always flashing me something that I hoped to see and with a body as good as her twin sister's body, I was always looking.

Taking a cue from my sister and from the first night they were here, with my sister freely walking around in her bra and panty, surprisingly and shockingly my cousin walked around in her panty and bra too. The first time seeing my cousin in her low cut bra and sheer bikini panty, I couldn't believe my eyes. A woman who wanted to be a Catholic Nun when she grew up, Saint Diane is what we used to call her, I couldn't believe my sexy cousin was already so exposed.

Fuck me! Be still my hard-on. What was she thinking? Or was she too dumb to know that she was arousing me? Maybe being that she saw my sister walking around me like that, she figured it was okay for her to walk around me in her bra and panty. Obviously, she must not know that I'm having sex with my sister as well as my mother. Obviously, no one shared that important information with her and she's too dumb to notice.

Whenever she was oblivious to my stares, which was most of the time, if I stared long and hard enough at my cousin's panties, I could see her blonde, trimmed patch of pussy hair when she stood and her ass crack through her nearly transparent panties when she leaned forward. If I stared long and hard enough, I could clearly see the impressions that her nipples made in her sexy, low cut bra. Because it was so hot in our small apartment, especially with five, hot people living there now, even with the overworked air conditioners blasting, I knew the appearance of her erect nipples wasn't because she was cold.

Knowing that my Aunt Kathy was, I was hoping that my Cousin Diane was as sexually excited seeing my erection that tented my boxers as I was seeing her in her bra and panty. A big deal for my modest cousin to be walking around in her sexy underwear, able to imagine her naked, I was enjoying the sexy show. More than once, with my cock rubbing against my aunt's nightgown glad ass and my cousin's panty clad buttocks, I accidentally on purpose dry humped my aunt and my cousin while squeezing by them in our small kitchen or while trying to reach over them for something.

I so wanted to pull my aunt's nightgown off and over her head to feel every part of her curvaceous body. In the way that Jack Nicholson did with Jessica Lange in the remake of the Post Man Rings Twice with John Garfield and Lana Turner, I so wanted to pull down my cousin's panties while bending her over the kitchen counter and fucking her right there. I so wanted to lift up her bra to grab their big tits while really pounding her pussy. Not one to miss a sexual opportunity, not shy about me touching her and feeling her, whenever I squeezed by my aunt in the kitchen, she'd just grind her ass against my boxer short clad cock.

Knowing my cousin was embarrassed by me brushing my erection across her panty clad ass, I could feel her body tense whenever I did that to her. It felt so good to slide my cock across her panties. If felt so good to rub myself against her. I could only imagine what it must feel like to have sex with her. It took all the control that I had not to shock her by taking her in my arms and kissing her while touching and feeling her where no cousin should ever touch and feel his cousin.

* * * * *

As if it all happened yesterday, I'll never forget how quickly the sex with my aunt and then later with my cousin began. It was a hot Saturday night and, cooler outside with the breeze than inside, we were all sitting on the front porch talking, laughing, and drinking. My Mom, my aunt, my sister, and my cousin were still out there talking and laughing while I was inside making another round of drinks when my aunt walked in the kitchen. Even more sexually aggressive when she had been drinking, I knew she was trouble as soon as she walked through the porch door.

"Make mine a double," she said. "I want to get drunk tonight," she said throwing her arms in the air and dancing in front of me as if she was a stripper at a party.

"A double coming right up," I said grabbing for the bottle of bourbon.

"Actually Johnny, I'm horny," she said staring at me while provocatively dancing. "Not only do I want to get drunk tonight but also I want to get laid tonight," she said rubbing her nightgown clad body against my boxer shorts.

She wrapped herself around me as if she was on stage and I was her pole. If I didn't have an erection before, I had one now.

"Aunt Kathy, they can see us. They can hear us," I said looking over her shoulder to see if there was anyone there looking.

"Do you want to fuck me?" She stuck out her tongue to lick my face. "I bet you'd love to fuck your sexy aunt," she said gyrating her hips into me as if we were already fucking while I stopped what I was doing to rest my hands on her hips.

I so wanted to reach down and grab her ass. Even though she just propositioned me, even though I've been having sex with her sister and her niece, with my cousin on the front porch, I was afraid she'd see or hear us having sex. I didn't want my cousin to know what an incestuous pervert I was.

Immediately I had an even harder erection with the thoughts of fucking my aunt. A real hottie, as hot as my mother, I so wanted to have sex with my aunt. What made our incestuous exchange even more salacious is that my aunt was not just open to my sexual advances but also aggressively forward in her own determined way in trying to seduce me.

Lowering my hands from her hips to her ass, she offered no resistance to me feeling and squeezing her firm, round butt through her sheer, thin nightgown. Then raising my hands from her buttocks to her breasts, right there in the kitchen, she allowed me to grope her big breasts and finger her erect, hard nipples. Naked, naked, naked, I couldn't wait to get my aunt naked but not here in the kitchen. With my cousin always there in the background, the wet blanket that she is, seemingly she was always there listening and watching.

My Aunt Kathy stood in the light dancing to an imagined music. In the way that she slowly moved and gently swayed, I could clearly see through her nightgown as if she was naked and she was naked beneath just that thin cotton material. Turning my erection away from her while trying to make the drinks, I stopped what I was doing again to watch her dancing before reaching out to put an arm around her slender waist again to pull her to me. I couldn't help myself from holding her, touching her, and feeling her.

As if we were dancing to music, we slow danced while she grinded against me and I humped her. Actually, with my aunt grinding me and with me dry humping her, our dancing felt more like fucking. Another one of my sexual fantasies come true, I felt as if we were having sex right there in the kitchen. I so wanted to French kiss her but not here and not now. Not wanting my cousin to see me kissing her mother, I needed to keep my composure. I needed to get her alone. Perhaps later, when everyone is sleeping, she'll come out to the living room and we can have some sexy fun.

With my hand poised at the top of her sweet ass, I so wanted to reach down and cup her ass cheeks. Forgetting about caution and forgetting about my cousin, it was then that I kissed my aunt. No surprise, she didn't shock me when she surrendered her tongue. I was French kissing my Aunt Kathy. Different than kissing my mother, she seemed hungrier for my lips. Nonetheless, my aggressiveness and her forwardness, something so sexually exciting, as sexually exciting as the first time that I French kissed my mother and my sister, I couldn't believe that I was French kissing my aunt, my mother's twin sister.

If French kissing my aunt was this hot, I couldn't wait to fuck her. If French kissing my aunt was this hot, I couldn't wait to French kiss and fuck my cousin. Like mother like daughter, her daughter was even hotter than she was. As if that would ever happen, the chance of my cousin French kissing me was slim to none. No doubt, she'd slap my face and knee me in the balls if I tried. I'd have to get her drunk for me to do anything to her. At the very least, I'd so love to feel her hot body. Maybe once returning to making the drinks, I should make her daughter a double too. I imagined both mother and daughter coming out to the living room later that night to give me sex while my mother and sister slept.

"You feel just like your sister," I said reaching down to grab a handful of my aunt's ass while reaching up with my other hand to feel her ample breast in my hand and finger her nipple through her nightgown.

"My sister warned me about you," she said reaching her hand down to feel my cock through my boxer shorts before sticking her hand inside.

Not wasting any time, in the way that my sister did the first time she French kissed me, I couldn't believe my aunt had her hand wrapped around my cock.

"What did my mother warn you about me?" Playing it cool, I played her game of seduction.

"You're such a dirty bird having sex with your mother and with your sister," she said. "Shame on you but I love it. You make me wish that I had a son that I could fuck and suck while he licked me too," she said whispering in my ear.

"You make me wish that I was your son, Aunt Kathy."

"How would you like to have sex with me? Would you like that?" She stuck her tongue in my ear and twirled it around. "Would you like to strip your aunt naked and pound her pussy after fucking her mouth with your big, hard cock?"

As if punctuating her words with big, hard cock, she squeezed my cock with her enunciation of every word. As soon as she wrapped her fingers around me, she pulled out my cock and started stroking me while looking down to stare at my prick. Leering at my cock in the way that I've leered at my aunt and cousin, my aunt was giving me a slow, firm hand job. As exciting as it was for my aunt to see my cock, it was even more exciting for my aunt to feel and squeeze my cock. Running her fingers over the head of my prick while cupping my balls with her other hand, I couldn't believe my aunt was giving me a slow hand job.

Taking her hand job as my invitation to have my wicked way with her, my hands were all over her body. In the way that I reached beneath my mother's short skirt to cup her pussy when she returned home drunk and horny from the CFNM club, I reached beneath my aunt's nightgown and cupped her trimmed, blonde pussy in my hand. Then, hoping that no one would walk through the porch door and see what we were doing, I reached my other hand down her nightgown to feel, fondle, and caress her big tits, while fingering her hard nipples, first one and then the other.

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