Aunt Maggie Ch. 01


Maggie and Gwennie stared in shocked fascination as the young woman seized up Bill's throbbing cock with deft hands; jerking him in a vigorous handjob as the two lovers kissed and cooed; sharing hushed illicit whispers in the seclusion of the bushes. Soon Billy returned the favor as he turned the girl away from him but had her lean back against her as he kissed her neck from behind; his hands groping her milky white breasts and fingering away at her snatch. The girl released a happy whimper and turned her head back; a delighted sigh from her lips. She craned her neck and brought her arm back behind his head, kissing him along his jaw and urging him on with breathless anticipation.

He fiddled her cunny for a few minutes more before the girl spun around she dropped to the ground on bare knees. She seized his cock in her hands and stuffed young William's wedding tackle into her mouth; making little shallow sucks at first, but as her confidence grew - so did the depth and luscious vigor of her suck-strokes. Shortly she had him in up to her tonsils and Bill gasped with delight; his mouth open with his chin moving up and down from the shear bliss of it all! His hands ran through her hair and the young man seized the woman's red mane; making a handle of it to pump and push into her lovely sucking mouth. After a bit the girl signaled to her handsome suitor that she wanted that cock of is to be elsewhere and she rose up to her feet; spinning around with another lewd whisper of desperate encouragement and yearning.

Billy now bent her forward at the waist and the girl brought up her short skirt up and out of the way, presenting the delightfully cheeky moon of her arse to him. A poke and push by Master William against the mouth to her quim, a bite of her lower lip by the young nubile red-head, and Billy slid into his young lady-friend's cunny, straight up to his ball-sack. The girl let out a loud gasping OOHHHHHH! YEESSSSSS! as Bill's rude veiny thobber sheathed itself inside her and Bill whispered caution to her with,

"Anna, SHHHH GIRL! People may be on the trail. We have to be quiet!" He patted her round rump and rubbed her shoulders like she was a lewd brood-mare in an effort to quiet her but it was all to no avail; Maggie and Gwennie already had seen and heard everything from their vantage point from up in the trees!

"Sorry Billy," the auburn haired Anna whispered back over her shoulder, "it's just that it feels so WICKED... so absolutely brilliant! I've waited so long for this - keep going luv!" Her hand reached down between her legs to give herself a "bentover-clitty frig" as young Master William began to plow into her rump with strong hands and thrusting loins. Up the hill, Maggie's hand was already down her unzipped jeans and Gwennie's fingers were working busy mischief up under her skirt under her knickers as well. Several minutes went by with Billy and the girl rutting like two dogs on heat while Auntie Maggie and Gwennie looked-on (fingering themselves and one another with inspired enthusiasm). Finally Anna sensed Bill's rising excitement. She urged caution.

"No Billy," she gasped. She was tempted to let him fill her cunny to the brim with his seed but kept her cool saying, "I'll get pregnant for sure! Calm down luv... don't cum there, (although I'm sure it would be wickedly fun)! You can control your spunking...just calm down and don't fill me up inside!" Young William nodded to the girl. Apparently this was a conversation she'd had with him previously. By the tone of the conversation it was readily apparent she'd also waited a great while for Billy to finally make the move and perform the "naughty vile deed" with her. She was obviously skilled in such activities and did not wish to become impregnated, but she did however offer up a solution to avoid such an undesirable outcome.

She leaned back and said something to him that was quite inaudible to the two spying women at the tree but it became readily apparent what she'd requested as young William nodded and pulled himself out from her cunt. He dropped to his knees as Anna spread her arse cheeks wide for him. He began to lick and tongue-fuck the pretty pink rim of her anus while the two voyeurs silently gasped and frigged-on; watching intently.

Anna tossed her head from side to side, enjoying the tongue that was plying her arsehole. Billy was doing an excellent job of making things nice and moist "back there" for her; lubing her up for what was to come. She giggled and sighed for several seconds as he rooted around between her cheeks like a pig hunting truffles until she then turned her head to him saying,

"Alright Billy, I'm ready!"

Young William immediately sprang up to his feet. He bent Anna over and with stiff determination and applied the head of his throbbing pego to the pink blossom of her now well-lubed pucker. His hands gripped Anna's hips and he strained. The girl's mouth opened wide in a silent scream as the young man plowed himself up inside her beautiful bum. A moment later she found her voice and her lungs released a heartfelt HAAAAARRRRHHHHH! of pain mixed with excitement and torrid foul pleasure!

The two mischievous lovers now began rude rectal rut. Billy plowing his pulsing pego deep into Anna's oh so naughty dung pucker as the red-headed Anna wheezed and gasped with delight! Her mouth and nose became a wanton lust-filled sneer as she threw her head back over her shoulder and raged at him saying,

"AARRRGGHH DO IT BILLY YOU LOVELY BASTARD!... yes just like that LUV! Do me... BUGGER ME ROTTEN! You want to spend in me luv?" He grunted and nodded back at her; consumed with the sensations overwhelming him now and knowing he'd be cumming soon as she frigged her clit and raged on at him with,

"YEAH? ...Well so do I Billy! UUUUGGHHH OHH YEAH!! Give it to me right there... no problem doin' it back there luv in my poo-hole! No muss, no fuss,...UGHH!!... and no babies for us!... ARRRGHH YEAH DO IT LUV!" Bill now doubled his pace up into the girl's well-plowed insides.

Over the course of the next couple of minutes he buggered furiously at Anna's naughty bum pucker until he felt the rush of his spending course through his balls. His face became a tortured orgasmic agony. Meanwhile Anna shrieked in a joyous, EEEYYYAAGGGHHHH!

The girl came in a hard head-to-toe shuddering climax as William grunted with a loud forceful ARRRGGHH; grabbing her hips forcefully with his hands and shoving himself up into the very depths of her bottom-hole; spending himself in piping hot jets of boy-broth deep inside her! Cum-blast after steaming salty cum-blast shot up inside her bum-chute as Billy thrashed his head from side to side; howling triumphantly. On the end of his cock Anna wriggled and sobbed with wanton joy as her cunny gushed the generous splatters of her girlie-gasm onto the dry leaves below.

At last the two felt their shudders subside and they pulled apart. As Billy pulled his horse-cock from Anna's plugged bum he left her pink crater wide and gaping; his seed spilling over the rim of the blasted and battered opening onto the forest floor. It was a stark testimonial to his having been "back there" inside her bum and its torrid significance was not lost upon Maggie and Gwennie watching from the trees beyond. Anna turned to Bill and the two shared a long embrace before gathering their clothes. The two dressed and left the bushes before turning onto the trail and walking away together holding hands.

Maggie and Gwennie looked on at the scene with disbelieving stares and sopping-wet crotches; products of their own shuddering sympathetic spendings. They were both exhausted and at the same time... aroused immensely still. It was a short walk back to the house for them. An hour later in the tub, Gwennie asked her superior a question as she scrubbed Maggie's back with a long soapy brush,

"So Miss Margaret, what do you propose you'll do? Will you take action with young William and inform your sister of his activities?"

"Action?" said Maggie, enjoying the scratchy swish of the bristles on her back, "Hmmm I haven't really decided yet. I know something has to be done. It's only a matter of time before he spends in the wrong hole and he gets that girl or another like her pregnant. Still... I don't know about troubling my sister yet."

"So," said Gwennie dropping the brush into the soapy depths and kissing her mistresses' neck and shoulders from behind as she brought her hands up with a bar of soap to suds Maggie's breasts, "what (kiss) is... (kiss) be done? (kiss) (kiss) (kiss) "

"My sister is taking a business trip in a few days," Maggie said moving her housekeeper's fingers to her nipples and encouraging her to pinch at them, " perhaps it would be an opportunity for my nephew to stay-over at my house where I could watch things more easily? Yes?"

"A good idea Mahm," agreed the housekeeper, "we can prepare the guestroom and we can set the stage for whatever wickedness is rooting around in your noggin."

"Wickedness?" said Maggie spinning her head around and kissing Gwennie on the chin with a giggle, "WHAT-ME? ...What on earth do you mean?"

"I know you far TOO WELL my dear," Gwennie said candidly as her hands tweaked and pinched Maggie's swollen gumdrop nipples, "and I can tell when a visit is going to be anything but a visit the way you plan it out. You are not bringing him over here to keep him safe. You're bringing him into your lair!" Maggie giggled at this statement from her employee. The intimacy of sex was not the only thing the two shared; unblinking candor was most definitely something also shared between the two - despite their relationship as mistress and servant.

"Well I guess you know me far too-well Gwennie," she said grabbing one her hands, "in fact you know me so well I think; YOU know best where this hand of yours needs to go!" With that she giggled and shoved the house-keeper's deft fingers down between her legs below the suds and water gasping urgently, "Gwennie Dear... do me just like... THIS luv!"

The next evening Maggie phoned her sister next door; ostensibly for a late night chat and the excuse being she'd not seen her sister in several days. She told her she'd wanted to speak to her ahead of her business trip to Holland where Marion was to visit one of the company's factories. For a younger sister, Maggie was adept at seizing an opportunity and influencing her "Big Sis." She at-first let the phone conversation develop for her and then she just began to "shape things" as the conversation progressed.

Marion asked how she was getting-on and Maggie nonchalantly mentioned some work that needed to be done in the backyard behind the pool. She said it would be best to have some men from the village see to it and she then changed the subject to ask how Billy was doing. Marion expressed a bit of worry.

When Maggie asked what was wrong, Marion said that she's been a bit concerned about something she'd seen a few days before. She knew her son technically was an adult but at the same time she wondered if he was proceeding prudently with his "social connections." When Maggie asked her older sister what it was she meant Marion expressed concern that Bill might be getting-in with people of the wrong sort based on something she'd seen on his phone.

Maggie then feigned surprise as her older sister relayed how she'd snooped a bit while he was in the shower and seen several messages from girls that were quite "suggestive." Maggie then gasped and wheezed quite convincingly as Marion went-on about girls sending him nude photos and how one had even been pestering him to meet her for illicit encounters... a certain girl by the name of "Anna" from the village. Yes Maggie played the perfect shocked concerned aunt, (and an even more perfect shoulder to lean on for her sister).

"Of course," Marion said, "given the business we are both in, I suppose we of all people should not be shocked. Young healthy people will do what young healthy people shall do and all..."

"We were like that," Maggie added.

"Oh please!" Marion corrected, "still are! It's just that ... I really don't wish to see him so close to university and getting some girl pregnant and then ending up in a situation that will last a lifetime."

"Oh..well," Maggie added, "I can understand..."

"I mean," Marion continued, "he's a good looking young man and all. I won't lie about that... and I guess it's only natural that women would find a fellow like that appealing. I must admit I turned red the other evening when I barged again into the shower and saw him wanking and..."

"YOU WHAT?!" Maggie cried into the phone... now no longer acting; but genuinely surprised, titillated, and interested all at the same time.

"Well if you have to know... you have to know I suppose. I was taking up some towels and he didn't hear me step in and well... I could see it clear as day. He was like a gibbon in the zoo - just going to town on himself!"

"And," Maggie asked, "was it.. was it.."

"Oh it was terribly large and something to be proud of," Marion said matter of factly, "for a moment I thought I'd walked in on my late husband! He's veiny and thick like daddy."

"Oh dear!" Maggie gasped, remembering a late night tryst she'd had years before at a party with Billy's father at a party (and with her sister passed out upstairs on a bed with too much "good-cheer" inside her). She tacitly agreed that her nephew DID in fact bear a resemblance to his father in many ways.

She let her sister blabber on and on for several minutes about her worries concerning Billy, then she allowed big sis to do exactly what she wanted her to; all while making Marion think it was her own idea! Marion mentioned that she really didn't feel good leaving Billy by himself in the house with all this business about concerning girls and his phone. She also didn't wish for him to know she'd been snooping in his messages - he could be a bit of a naïve trusting soul in that regard. He really didn't suspect a thing and Marion had been quite rattled by all she'd seen on his phone (of which Maggie had an excellent idea just how much and how hot and sordid it all was from everything she'd already witnessed)!

"Maggie," Marion chimed in suddenly, "you have a great deal of work you need done by the pool, yes?"

"Well yes," Maggie replied, "I just said so a minute ago - why do you ask?"

"Could it all wait until the day I leave for Amsterdam?" Marion asked. Maggie knew what was up but kept her cool and innocently replied with,

"Well I suppose it could wait, but what's the point? If a man from the village comes tomorrow or three days from now or a fortnight later... I don't see.."

"Not a man from the village, BILLY!" Marion interrupted. Maggie offered up a fake protest with,

"Oh I don't see why that could.."

"Now I won't hear of it Sis!" Marion corrected, thinking she had the upper hand in the conversation. Maggie was deliberately playing stupid and exasperating Marion; knowing that her older sister would now want to "have her way," if only to triumph in a discussion with "Lil Sis." She was using the momentum of the conversation and the force of Marion's argument in the same manner of jujitsu grappler who was flipping a seemingly more powerful opponent onto a mat; using the force and the weight of her adversary to maximum potential and advantage!

"But Marion," Maggie whined, "he's just a young fellow and its summer and I should think that..."

"EXACTLY MY POINT SIS!" Maggie interrupted again, "He can't get into mischief or fall into bad company if you have him working on your backyard. He was going to stay with his friend Eddie but I'll just let him know he'll need to cancel and stay with you... his Auntie Maggie, as I'll be away and you'll have things for him to do!"

"I will?" said Maggie sounding shocked and uncertain. She almost over-played her hand by saying, "But won't I run out of things for him to accomplish? Won't he say that he'd eighteen and able to fend for himself while he is away and..."

"I'll tell him," Marion interrupted, "that in addition to the yard work, I will not be there to watch over my sister who I've lived next to for so many years and I worry about you being alone." Maggie's hands and knee's trembled with giddy anticipation. The lad-trap was working better than she'd hoped and it was actually her SISTER who was setting it! She then added coolly with,

"Well it's all sounding very far-fetched to me. I mean, do you think he'll believe it?"

"OF COURSE HE'LL BELIEVE IT," Marion corrected exasperated again, "HE'S A FUCKING MAN! ...Besides I'm his mummy and you are his favorite auntie! You know how fond he is of you and what's more he knows you are very fond of him!"

"Quite," came Maggie's short reply. She was already pouring herself a brandy from the corner bar to one; keep her hands and her voice from quivering and two; bloody well celebrate, as she could feel his cock plowing her furrow already!

"So what do you say Maggie? Will you do this for me - let him stay at your place while I'm gone for the week and you watch over him with Gwennie? She never misses anything! Please ... for me? Your sister?" There was a calculated pregnant pause on the part of Maggie who literally was waiting for her sister's angst and concern to build and truly take-hold; then Maggie released the trap.

"RIGHT! I'll do it - he'll do the yard and he'll stay here."

"OH THANK YOU MAGGIE," came Marion's voice loudly through the phone and nearly waking young Billy up the hall from her, "you don't know how good this makes me feel!"

"Oh you can't imagine," Maggie answered smiling to herself in the bedroom mirror, "how good it feels knowing you chose me Sis!"

It was settled. It was set in stone as far as the two sisters were concerned. The next day Billy had to change his plans with Eddie with regards to staying at his place and Anna received a disappointing text message the same day. The stage had been set.

Which brings us up now to the very day, (two days later), Maggie watched her nephew toiling in the morning sun from the comfort of her lawn chair. A car had taken her sister to the airport a few hours earlier. Now all that was needed was for Maggie to work her mischievous scheme at her leisure by the poolside.

"Billy," Maggie called out to her nephew as he wiped sweat from his brow, "get that shirt of yours off boy! You'll give yourself a heat-spell if you don't and besides... you could go for a bit of sun on your shoulders!"

"Alright Auntie Maggie," he called back to her from across the water. The shirt came up-over his mid-section and off over his head shoulders and arms to land on the concrete pool deck away from the grass where he was working. From behind those dark sunglasses of hers; Maggie watched every sinewy shirtless movement, every twist of musculature, and every drop of sweat from the body of her eighteen- year- old nephew as he strained and grunted. She had time - no need to rush; he'd be here all week... and so would SHE!

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