tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 05

Auntie Mabel Ch. 05


Book Five. Madame Whiplash.

Mabel woke up the next day, with her face and breasts, still stiff and sticky from John's semen. She had made him shoot it all over her breasts last night, and then he had rubbed it all over her face, the cheeky boy. He deserved a good arse whipping.

The thought of him laying face down on a bed, with her whipping his naked bum made her cunt juicy again. She lay naked on the bed, gently rubbing between her legs.

Her mind travelled back, to when she was friends with a dominatrix called Mary, or Madam Whiplash as her clients called her. A corny name, but then so many of them were. Her clients weren't critics, they just wanted their sexual needs satisfied and were willing to pay for it.

Mabel would often phone her when she was bored, and thrilled to hear screams in the background. The screams were usually from clients being whipped, or subjected to some other sort of abuse.

One day her husband Simon had been gone for a month, and she was getting frustrated. She rang Madam 'W', and asked her what she was doing.

'At this precise moment dear,' she replied, ' I have my naked cunt covering a man's mouth, as I drip hot candle wax onto the end of his cock. You would hear him screaming, were it not for my cunt muffling his noise.'

Mabel was fascinated, and asked if she could possibly visit Mary, and try this sadomasochism thing out for herself. They made a date for that weekend, and she went down to the country house in which Mary held court.

Mary met her at the door; Mabel expected lots of leather straps, and thigh length boots. Mary disappointed her, by just wearing a tee-shirt and jeans. She was a very good-looking woman, with ample breasts and prominent nipples. She explained that the other stuff was her work clothes, and she liked to be out of them as soon as possible.

Mabel was very sexual, and liked to experiment with various sexual techniques. She was determined that Simon would not get bored with her, and fuck around elsewhere. To that end, she was here for the weekend, to learn all she could about this fetish.

Mary suggested that Mabel just be her helper, for the first few clients, before getting too involved. There was one due in half an hour, so they just had time to dress for the part. When Mary told her who this woman was she was shocked. This client was a very powerful politician, and her colleagues walked in fear of her in the house of parliament.

These clients liked Mary to work to a prearranged script, but sometimes she ad-libbed a bit to keep them on their toes. When they came out of the dressing room, Mary had turned into Madame Whiplash. She was wearing all black leather and straps.

Two matching silver topped whips were at her hips, and she wore a black leather half mask over her eyes. Her breasts were bare, as was her crotch; she had shaven pubes, and had rouged her nipples.

Mabel was dressed in a similar vein. Her hair had been a problem, until Mary had plaited it into two pigtails, and had dressed her like a Viking . Her large breasts and pubes were also bare, and were lifted up by a steel breastplate. Her golden pubic hair, matched her pigtails perfectly.

They waited just inside the door of the house, a long black limousine pulled up, and an old grey haired woman emerged. She snapped orders to the chauffeur, and strode purposefully up the stairs. As soon as she crossed the threshold, Mary pulled a black silk hood over the woman's head and pressing on her shoulders pushed her to her knees.

'How dare you,' she demanded loudly,' let me go instantly or there will be trouble.'

Mary ignored her, and continued pushing her, until she was flat on her face.

Mabel watched in amazement, as Mary then pulled up the woman's tweed skirt, and revealed her naked bottom. She wasn't wearing any knickers, and Mary delivered a sharp slap to her naked arse.

'You fucking old whore, how dare you walk around without any knickers on.' shouted Mary.

She slapped the naked arse three more times, the crack of her hand against the old woman's soft white buttocks echoed around the foyer.

'Sorry Miss, I forgot again, please don't hurt me, please' she begged. Mary just dragged her across the tiled floor into an adjoining room.

Strip for inspection she barked, and the old woman, still in her black hood, started undressing in front of them. Mary snapped out the articles of clothing that had to be removed.

'Skirt.' she took her tweed skirt off, revealing her naked arse and cunt, her pubic hairs were grey and becoming sparse.

'Jacket,' she quickly removed her tweed jacket, and dropped it on the floor.

'Bend over, and pick your jacket up, you fucking stupid old cunt' Mary screamed at her. The old girl dropped to her knees, and frantically felt around for her jacket.

Mary walked up behind her and slapped her naked bum again, leaving a red handprint on it. She began to sob as she found her jacket, and stood up with it in her hands. Mary took it off her and passed it to Mabel, and snapped out 'Blouse,'

She took off her blouse and stood holding it, naked but for her bra.

Mary snatched it off her, and snapped out 'Bra'

The old woman slowly and reluctantly undid her bra, and allowed it to drop on the floor, she was now totally naked. Her breasts were still reasonably firm for her age and quite large. The cold of the room and the excitement had made her nipples harden. Mary walked up to her, and getting hold of both her nipples twisted them sharply. The woman screamed in shock and pain.

'Fucking untidy bitch, assume the position,' Mary ordered, whipping off the hood. The old woman stumbled to a set of stocks set low to the floor. They had been set low, so that anyone in them would have their heads lower than their backsides, for maximum debasement. Mary locked her into them, and studied the effect.

The old woman was now kneeling naked on the floor, with her head and hands locked into the stocks. Her large breasts were dangling so that her nipples brushed the floor, and her naked arse was exposed to view. The stocks made it impossible for her to turn her head and see behind her. Mary and Mabel walked behind the woman, until they were out of sight.

Mary whispered to Mabel, that as long as her client didn't see her she could have a go at punishing her. Mabel beamed in delight, and picked up a schoolteachers cane. She stood behind the woman, and looked at her bum sticking up in the air so vulnerably.

Mabel couldn't resist giving that naked bum a whack with the cane, she squealed and sobbed, as the cane left a red mark on her buttocks. Mabel then knelt down behind her, and put her hands on her arse. Slowly she pulled her bum cheeks wide apart, so she could see her cunt and arsehole clearly. The old girl's cunt had a thin covering of grey hair on it, but her small pink arsehole was still smooth and tight.

Mabel pushed her face between the old lady's bum cheeks, and stuck her tongue into her anus. She licked around the rim of her arse, and then pushed her tongue into her vagina. Next to the stocks was a jar of Lubricant, and she took a liberal portion onto her fingers.

She stuck one finger deep into the woman's cunt, feeling it grip her finger tightly, as she began rubbing the grease into her cunt lips. The woman wriggled about trying to avoid Mabel's fingers, but she only succeeded in turning Mabel on more, as she watched her naked bum moving in front of her face.

She then turned her attention to greasing the old girl's tight bum hole. This was even tighter than her cunt, and she could feel it gripping her finger tightly. Mabel moved her finger in and out, until the old woman's bottom was well greased. She sobbed in embarrassment, ' Why are you doing this to me?'

Mabel selected a slim vibrator from the assortment available, and switching it on, she worked it up into her bottom. It was a very tight fit, and the woman moaned as it went up her arse.

'Ow! that hurts my bottom' she complained sulkily.

Mabel then pulled the slim vibrator out of her bum, and replaced it with a slightly thicker one. Again she moaned, when it was pushed completely into her. Mabel didn't want it sticking out of the old woman's bum, and interfering with her fucking.

Mabel walked to the table at the side of the room, and selected a strap on dildo. She always preferred the ones that had two cocks. One went up the user's cunt, and of course the other one was for the client.

Mabel positioned herself between the woman's legs. Her rubber cock was in just the right position to enter her from behind. She put the cock between the old dears cunt lips, and thrust firmly into her hole. The dildo had two big balls dangling from it, they slapped up against her naked arse as Mabel fucked her hard for a good few minutes.

After a while Mabel pulled out of her cunt with a lovely squelching sound, and slowly pulled the dildo out of the client's anus. She pushed her greasy finger up her bum, and wiggled it around to make it as wide as she could. She then inserted the end of the cock into the old girl's bum, and pushed hard.

The big rubber cock thrust up her arse hole, made the old woman gasp. The grease and stretching had helped prepare her hole, but it was still small and tight. It hurt a lot, and she started to sob loudly. The sound of her crying excited Mabel, and she fucked her bum even harder.

The woman's arse gripped the cock tightly, as it rammed in and out. Mabel pulled it out of her bum with an audible pop, and thrust it back into her cunt. She took a firm grip of the woman's hips, and rammed the cock deep into her over and over. Mabel's tits were bouncing madly as were the old woman's, and as she was fucking away, Mabel looked to see what Mary was doing.

Mary had been watching the show, and liked what she saw. Mabel obviously had a talent for dishing out punishment. Mary wondered if she could take it as well, she wouldn't mind a go at her bum. In fact watching Mabel buggering the old woman, had really turned her on.

Mary was sitting with both feet up on the chair, exposing her shaven pubes. She was rubbing her clitoris, and every now and again she would slip her fingers deep inside herself. Seeing this turned Mabel on, and she felt herself getting wet. She pulled the cock out of the old dear's cunt, and rammed it back up her arse again.

By now the old woman was sobbing in earnest, and her tears were running down her face and dripping onto the floor. Mabel didn't care; this was nothing like the lesbian love that she had shared with her old Gym teacher. This old woman wanted to be punished for something, and she was only too happy to bugger her senseless.

Suddenly the old woman started to moan loudly, and as Mabel was still buggering her she orgasmed. She was a noisy old bag when she came, she shouted,' I'm coming, I'm coming, Oh fuck me I'm coming,' and collapsed on the floor.

Mabel pulled the cock out of the old girl's bum, and sat back on her heels to watch her twitching and groaning, as her orgasm flooded through her body. From her position directly behind her, and between her legs, Mabel noticed that she didn't seem to be very juicy around her cunt area. She assumed that when you got old, you simply dried up down there.

Finally Mary called a break, and walking in front of the sobbing woman, released her from the stocks. There was a glass of whisky on the side table, and Mary handed it to her client who gulped it down.

When she got her breath back, the grey haired old lady looked up at Mary with a radiant smile on her face.

'That was wonderful Madam, it was worth every penny, and I will include a bonus as well.

You really know how to fuck and bugger a woman, and you aren't even sweating,' she said in an admiring and respectful voice. The old lady pulled on her skirt and jacket, and holding her blouse and bra in her hands, walked out of the room and back to her life outside.

Mary informed Mabel that the next client was a man, a new customer. As she had done such a good job with the last one, Mary would let her try her hand at dominating a man.

Mary's basement had been kitted out like a torture chamber, so when he arrived they chained him to a hook in the ceiling and stripped him naked. Mary and Mabel both stood next to him, and took turns fondling his large cock and firm arse. He was rather effeminate looking and had a slim body. When he felt their hands on him he became quiet and started to tremble.

'You have been a bad boy Vince ,' admonished Mary, 'and we are going to punish you'. Mary put a blindfold on him, and checked that the chains were nice and tight. While she was doing that Mabel fancied a suck of his cock, it was nice and big and was just hanging there minding it's own business. She wasn't having that, so she knelt down and took his dangling knob into her mouth.

He jumped in surprise as he felt her hot mouth on his cock, and she heard him moan quietly as she sucked hard on his knob. As Mabel was busy, Mary picked a medium sized vibrator from the table and rubbed lubricant on it. Mary asked Mabel to reach around him, and pull his bum cheeks open while she continued to suck his cock.

When his bum cheeks were pulled as far apart as they would go, Mary inserted the vibrator up his arse. As Mabel sucked his cock, Mary rotated the vibrator in his bum; soon he was ready to orgasm. However as soon as Mary noticed the tell tale signs, she pulled out the vibrator and told Mabel to stand well back.

The next thing Vince knew was the freezing shock of iced water being poured over his throbbing cock. He screamed in shock, and his cock wilted immediately.

The women dragged the sobbing Vince over to a contraption in the middle of the room, and secured him to it with leather straps. Mary explained to Vince for Mabel's benefit, that this framework allowed them to place him into any position they desired, so they could punish him with ease.

Mabel couldn't wait to see it work, and watched as Mary arranged Vince so he was spread-eagled in midair. His arms and legs were spread wide, and his cock and balls were dangling and vulnerable. She picked up another vibrator, and pulling his bum cheeks apart again thrust it up his arse. Mary stood back and looked at the man suspended in the straps with the vibrator sticking out of his bum and smiled.

'I think it's time you started fucking him,' she said to Mabel, 'I'll just watch this time around.'

Mary readjusted the straps so Vince was sitting in midair, with his legs up as high as possible, giving easy access to his arse.

Mabel strapped on a dildo again and stood behind him, she pulled the vibrator out of his bum, it had done it's job and his anus was well stretched. She entered him from behind, and held on to his shoulders for support. He groaned as the big rubber cock slid up his bum, once it was right up as far as it would go, Mabel started to bugger him furiously.

Mary began to rub herself, as she watched the big cock thrusting in and out of his arse. Mabel's large firm breasts were bouncing wildly, as she pounded away at his arse.

She eventually had to stop hammering at Vince's bum, and pulled the cock out of him. While they were resting, Mary managed to adjust the straps so Vince was kneeling on the floor with his bum in the air.

Mary strapped on the rubber cock as Vince watched. She slid the internal cock up inside herself, and tied the straps tightly. She knelt down in front of him and said 'It's my turn now; I'm going to fuck your skinny arse.'

Mary knelt behind him and thrust her fingers up his bum, the rubber cock was fine but she couldn't feel with it, and she liked to feel Vince's hot throbbing bum hole. She kept adding to the number of fingers up his bum, thrusting them into him, until she had her whole hand deep inside his arse. Vince groaned softly, as he his bum stretched to accommodate her hand.

Mabel was astonished that Mary could do this and said so.

'Don't worry dear, Vince is Bi sexual, and loves fisting. His arse has been fucked so much it stretches easily.'

Mary closed her fingers into a fist, and began to ram it in and out of his arse. Mabel could see his cock getting hard as Mary fisted him.

This really excited Mabel, and she found her cunt getting hot and wet. Walking over to Vince she knelt down on the floor in front of him, so her naked bum was in his face.

'Lick me,' she ordered, and pushed her cunt onto his mouth.

He started to lick her golden haired cunt, as Mary was ramming her fist up his arse. Mabel could feel herself getting really wet now, and ordered him to lick her arse instead.

The feel of his long tongue probing into her anus, was very erotic and she felt an orgasm coming. With a loud cry she squirted her juices all over his face, and into his mouth. After her orgasm Mabel just knelt on the floor with her head bowed; her cunt juice was running down her legs.

Mary, seeing this, pulled her hand out of Vince's arse, and moved over to kneel behind Mabel. She reached out and grabbed a golden pigtail in each hand. She pulled Mabel's head back, and she thrust her strap on cock, deep into her cunt from behind.

Mabel was still feeling her orgasm, when Mary started to fuck her. Within a few strokes she was coming again, and thrusting her cunt back towards Mary, trying to get the cock as deep as she could into her cunt. As Mary was fucking her from behind, her tits were bouncing onto Mabels back.

Mary was really getting hot now, and pulling the cock out of Mabel's cunt, she spread her arse wide and pushed the big rubber dick up her bum. As Mabel opened her mouth to complain, Vince pushed his now swollen cock into it. Mabel found herself being arse fucked by Mary, and mouth fucked by Vince.

Another orgasm swept over Mabel, and seeing her writhe in pleasure, made Vince shoot his cum deep into her throat. The strap on cock inserted in Mary's cunt, had done its job too, and she was in the grip of her own orgasm.

Eventually they all managed to stagger to their feet, and went to the bar. After a stiff drink, Vince declared himself very satisfied with their performance. He promised to visit Mary again with all his boyfriends. After fair consideration, Mabel decided that she wasn't totally enamored with S&M, but had enjoyed the experience.

Mabel had never forgotten that experience, she decided that she liked John's tight little bum the way it was, and had no inclination to introduce him to arse fucking or fisting.

The biggest thing going up his bottom, if she had anything to do with it, would be her tongue. Although thinking about it, she might slip a finger up his bum, the next time she was sucking his cock. A bit of prostate massage, might be a good experience for him.

John was working today, so she wouldn't be able to see him until tonight, when hopefully he could come round and give her a driving lesson. She had yet to tell him, that the whole business of buying him a car to teach her to drive, was just an excuse to spend time with him.

Mabel could drive already, and her own car was hidden in her large shed at the bottom of her garden. Neither John, Sam nor Doreen knew she could drive, and that suited her fine. Mabel didn't want to waste good fucking time, driving aimlessly around the countryside.

She wanted his hard young cock in her mouth, cunt, and up her arse as many times as possible. The phone by the side of her bed rang, it was Lady Alison Wainwright. This was her late husband's sister, and despite his parent's disapproval of Mabel, she had always been kind and friendly towards her.

She was in her early thirties, and was a very pretty woman; being an heiress she had plenty of male suitors, but still hadn't made the decision to get married. She asked if Mabel could pop over and see her today, as she had a very tricky problem to solve.

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