tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 11

Auntie Mabel Ch. 11


Chapter Eleven. Weekend at Alison's

At last it was time to go, Jane had been looking forward to this moment eagerly.

She was going to stay at Lady Alison's mansion for the weekend.

As if that wasn't enough she was going to be with John and Mabel, her two lovers, and she was determined to try and fuck them both on a four poster bed.

In her fantasies Jane was fucking Mabel up the arse with a strap on, whilst John was buggering Jane at the same time.

However for that to happen would mean John knowing about her and Mabel.

Mabel already knew about her and John.

Jane wondered what Mabel would say if she asked her to join in a threesome.

She was still too unsure of Auntie's reaction to such an idea.

But being a man "ie. A cock on legs," she was reasonably sure that John wouldn't mind sharing a bed with her and Mabel.

She wasn't even sure how she would feel, if she had to watch John fucking Mabel.

Jane would have to find a way to broach the subject when she was next alone with Mabel.

Perhaps if she allowed Mabel to fuck her up the arse, she might be in a good enough mood to agree.

She then remembered that she had already promised John, that the next time they fucked he could fuck her up the arse.

Oh well it looked as if her poor little arse, was going to know all about this trip.

As Mabel was "officially" a learner driver John would have to sit in the passenger seat whilst she drove the car.

Jane would have to sit in the back seat, she didn't mind too much as she could relax and plot in peace.

They were finally packed and ready to go, with lots of hugs and kisses they said goodbye to their respective parents and they were off.

It was about fifty miles to Alison's home and they were in no rush.

They chatted about inconsequential things, and Jane lay down on the back seat and allowed the movement of the car to send her to sleep.

Jane was dreaming that john was fucking her gently, she could feel her cunt lips being parted, and her legs opened to give him an easier entry to her body.

The car went over a bump, and shook her fully awake.

Surprisingly even though she was awake, she could still feel her cunt being stretched.

Pretending to be still asleep, she peeked down her body and saw Johns arm casually draped over the back of his seat.

He had managed to slip his hand up her skirt, and insert his fingers into her cunt.

Mabel seemed unaware of this, as she concentrated on driving.

Jane was a very clever girl, and she thought of a way to turn this situation to her advantage.

'OH Mabel, you sexy fucker, I'm going to come,' she moaned loudly and writhed about on the back seat in pretend orgasm.

'What the fuck?' exclaimed John, whipping his fingers out of her cunt in shock.

'What?' said Mabel, 'did you say something Jane? I was concentrating on driving so I didn't hear you.'

'What she said Aunt Mabel was, " Oh Mabel you sexy fucker, I'm going to come", why on earth would she think it was your fingers up her cunt when they were mine?' asked John looking suspiciously at Mabel.

Mabel considered all the ways she could answer his question, and decided to bite the bullet and tell the truth.

'Because my darling boy, I have been fucking Jane to teach her about sex, just as I have been fucking you for the same reason.

'What the fuck?' said John, 'You've been fucking Jane?'

'You've been fucking John?' accused Jane.

'Yes of course I have my love's, now shut up and let me concentrate on driving.'

Such was their shock at this news that they did shut up.

Jane was stunned at the consequences of her ploy.

She had intended it to inform John of her relationship with Mabel, by "accident" as it were.

She hadn't thought for a moment, that Mabel had also been fucking John.

John was thinking almost the same thoughts.

He knew he'd been fucking Mabel for quite some time. Although he had seen Jane and Mabel's naked together in Mabel's lounge, he hadn't realised that they had become lovers.

Mabel herself was quite frankly fucking relived; it had been a strain trying to keep both of them well fucked in secret.

She mentally shrugged her shoulders, what will be will be she thought.

'Can I just say this to get it straight in my head,' asked John.

'I have been fucking Jane, Jane has been fucking Mabel, and Mabel has been fucking me.

Therefore we have all fucked each other.'

'By George he's got it,' said Mabel.

'You sexy fucking cunt, Auntie Mabel I should have known John had been taught by you.

No wonder he's such a good lover.'

'Am I?' asked John in a bemused voice.

'Yes fuck you, you are, so shut up and let me speak.'

'Why did you do this Auntie,' asked Jane quietly.

'Because I love you both, and I want you to be happy when I have to leave,' she replied.

'I still love you May,' said John leaning over and kissing her on her cheek.

'I love you too you sexy fuck pig,' admitted Jane hugging her from behind and kissing her other cheek.

'Your mouth is getting worse girl, the sooner John shoves his cock in it the better as far as I'm concerned,' Mabel said with a smile.

'I was thinking more along the lines of him shoving his big cock in your mouth while I fuck you from behind,' Jane replied cheekily.

'As long as it's not up my arse, I can barely sit down since I've been fucking you girl.

What is it about my arse that fascinates you so much?'

'Perhaps because it's just so fucking big Auntie,' replied Jane with a grin.

'You cheeky little fucker, is my arse big John?'

'No May, you have a beautiful tight little bum, and I love to fuck it just as much as Jane apparently does.'

Jane thought she might as well ask her question outright, any chance of a threesome tonight?'

'Yes,' said John instantly.

'No,' said Mabel sadly, ' you are forgetting Alison; she will expect me to sleep with her tonight.

I am going to fucking marry her you know.'

'Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,' said Jane disappointedly.

'John, your cock, her mouth, now please,' ordered Mabel.

Before Jane realised what he was up to John had climbed into the back seat, and pulled her head down onto his lap.

As she opened her mouth to protest to Mabel, she found his cock pushed between her lips.

'Be a dear and suck his cock for a minute while I think about this situation,' ordered Mabel.

Jane bowed to the inevitable, and sucked John's cock like a good little girl.

'Do you think Alison would be upset, if she found out about us?' asked John.

'It's hard to say what she will think, I know she is fucking Diane her maid, so she is hardly being faithful to me.

However we have never spoken about that sort of thing yet. Who knows she may even want to join us in bed, depending on how she feels at the time.

She might even want Diane to join us; that would please you John, it would make it a fivesome.

Diane is very beautiful and sexy, and loves men as much as she loves women.

Alison on the other hand hates men, so may not be comfortable with John in bed with us,' mused Mabel.

Jane took her mouth off John's cock long enough to say.

'Alison is very beautiful, do you think she would like me in bed with her?'

'You are just as beautiful as Alison, and she would love to fuck you.

However she has serious hang-ups about sex, she won't allow anyone to fuck her cunt or arse.

She will fuck yours if asked, but she only likes to be licked and sometimes fingered.

'Does she have a four poster?' asked Jane as she came up for air.

Mabel had sorted things out in her head; she would tell Allison about the situation regarding John and Jane.

She allowed Jane to stop sucking John's cock, so she could see Alison's mansion as they drove up the long drive towards it.

'Fuck me, its fucking huge,' commented Jane as she saw the massive house. 'It must have a fucking four poster somewhere inside it.'

'I'm sure it does have a four poster bed, and as soon as I find it I am going to tie your hands and feet to each post and whip your arse, you foul mouthed little fucker,' said Mabel.

'Ohhh you are making my fucking cunt wet,' replied Jane with a grin.

'It's your fault that I swear more now that I'm no longer a virgin.

You have freed me to express myself as I wish.

Anyway I still don't swear at work, they still think I'm a good little girl.'

Alison was waiting for them, as they pulled up outside the house.

She was immaculate; her dress and hair perfectly done to compliment her beautiful face.

She kissed Mabel on her mouth and then kissed Jane on her cheek, she just smiled at John and invited them inside.

They were shown to their respective rooms and Alison took Mabel away with her, while Jane and John unpacked.

Jane was ecstatic her room had a four poster bed.

She was jumping up and down on the mattress, while john carried her suitcase in.

The sight of her big tits bouncing wildly about made him hard, and he grabbed her and threw her down onto the bed.

He opened her legs and getting his cock out, thrust it into her wet cunt.

John held her down as he fucked her hard; he still wasn't sure how he felt about Jane letting Mabel fuck her.

However he wanted her to realise, that he was the best fucker she would ever have.

Her hot cunt felt wonderful on his cock, and she was lifting herself up to meet his thrusts.

Every time he thrust into her she grunted in passion, and that drove him to greater effort to make her come for him.

'I'm coming you fucker,' Jane gasped, ' don't you dare cum in my cunt.'

He then had to hold on tight as she convulsed in ecstasy, and soaked his balls with her cunt juices.

He pulled his cock out of her cunt to cool off.

John was wondering whether or not to come at all, should he save himself for tonight.

He happened to look up from Jane, and saw a beautiful dark haired woman standing in the doorway.

She had been watching him fucking Jane.

She had dark Italian looks, striking green eyes and large firm breasts.

Her beautiful eyes were riveted on his big throbbing cock

When she saw that she had been discovered, she slowly lifted up her maid's short skirt and allowed him to see her hairy pussy. As he watched she slipped one of her fingers into her cunt, and fingered herself.

Withdrawing her finger from her cunt, she then sucked the juice from it.

She had dropped her skirt, and disappeared back into the corridor before Jane could see her.

John looked down at Jane, she was panting and with each pant he could feel her cunt muscles squeezing his cock.

She was looking at him quizzically, ' How do I compare with her?'

John didn't know who she was talking about and said so.

'Don't be fucking stupid, Mabel who else?'

Oh dear thought John, this could be trouble.

'You are my sexy little virgin,' he replied seriously.

'I was the first man to come in your mouth.

I was the first man to fuck your virgin cunt, and I intend to be the first man to fuck your tight little arse.

I am grateful to Mabel for helping me get you, and I love her. But I think that I love you just a little bit more, my little fuck bunny.'

Jane smiled at him and pulling his head down to her mouth kissed him slowly and deeply.

'Just as fucking well sunshine, or I'll bite your cock off the next time it's in my mouth,' she whispered lovingly.

Alison and Mabel were kissing in her bedroom; Alison's tongue was exploring Mabel's mouth as her hands were undoing her bra to free her big breasts.

As soon as they bounced free, Alison sucked hard on Mabel's nipples until they stuck out firmly.

Mabel's hand was between Alison's legs, her fingers deep in her wet cunt.

Alison was thrusting her hips towards Mable, and moaning in passion as she started to orgasm over Mable's fingers.

'God I missed you,' she said when her first orgasm had slacked off enough to talk.

'I missed you too Alison darling, how are you getting on with Diana, still fucking her?'

'I get lonely here Mabel, she is my substitute for you.

I'm so glad you're here, I need you in my bed tonight.'

'How is your father?' Mabel asked.

'Still alive, just,' Alison replied shortly ' I think he is keeping alive just to piss me off.'

Mabel hugged her tightly, 'I've got something to take your mind off him.'

'A present! What is it?'

'Who is it you mean, it's Jane; she fancies you like mad and asked if she could join us one night.'

'Wow, she is so beautiful, is she a lesbian,' asked Alison hopefully.

'No she is just a sexy young girl, who is exploring her sexuality.'

'Have you fucked her?'

'Yes, and she has definitely fucked me.

She seems to be fascinated by my arse, and loves to ram a strap on up it.'

'Where does this John fit in?'

'John is fucking Jane and me, we appear to have become a threesome.'

'It's a shame that there is a man in the mix, or I may have joined you,' said Alison sadly.

'Perhaps you can ask Diana to keep John company, while we girls get together?'

Alison brightened up at the thought, ' Of course, what a good idea I'll ask her as soon as possible.'

They all sat down at the table for lunch, Jane and John had healthy appetites and devoured everything in front of them.

Mabel and Alison didn't eat much as a rule; but enjoyed watching the young ones tuck in.

Jane noticed that Diana the maid; was very attentive to John.

She had lovely firm large breasts, and took every opportunity to allow him to look down her blouse and admire them.

John being a typical man was mesmerised by them, and Jane was sure he had a hard on under the table.

If she was honest Jane couldn't blame John for being attracted to the maid.

Jane was having difficulty keeping her eyes off Alison.

She was really beautiful, in an aristocratic way.

Every move she made was graceful, her voice was low and cultured, and when she smiled at Jane she felt herself getting wet.

Jane had quite simply got a crush on her.

After lunch Alison had arranged that they all went riding.

There were six horses in the stables and she chose a suitable horse for each of them.

Alison of course was an accomplished rider, as was Mabel.

Jane and John had hardly seen a horse before, let alone sat on one.

By the end of the session Jane's arse was tender, and John's balls would remember bouncing on the saddle for quite a while.

They soon had enough and dismounted.

Alison and Mabel made sure things were put away safely and then raced off across the fields for a proper ride.

Jane watched them disappear into the distance.

'Fucking hell my arse hurts,' she complained.

John looked around the stables and saw that they were alone.

'Would you like me to kiss it better? he asked mischievously.

The main reason that young girls love to ride a horse, is because the movement of the horse rubs the saddle against their cunts.

This is often the first time that a young girls cunt is stimulated in such a way.

The result is that their cunts get wet, and they feel really nice between their legs.

Jane's cunt was already wet, from watching Alison's breasts bouncing around as she rode up and down the paddock.

Alison had been wearing jodhpurs, and the material had clung to her arse like a second skin.

Jane and John were also wearing jodhpurs, and she thought secretly that they showed off John's firm arse very nicely.

Not to mention his manly bulge.

She decided that perhaps it would be nice, to have her poor little bum kissed better.

Grabbing him by the hand she led him into the stables.

Finding a suitable hay bale Jane undid the fastenings of her jodhpurs, and knelt down with her bum towards John.

Jane had a lovely young arse, and in jodhpurs and riding boots it looked even better.

John pulled her pants down to expose her little naked bum.

It was too much trouble to remove them altogether, so he left them pulled just below her crotch.

He intended to simply kiss her bum, and possibly lick her arse and cunt.

However the sight of her kneeling on the hay, reminded him of the time that he had buggered Mabel on a similar hay bale.

His cock became so swollen that he had to release it from the confines of his jodhpurs, and it stuck out from his groin ready for action.

He noticed that Jane's bum cheeks were indeed red, where the saddle had rubbed and slapped them.

He looked around to see if there was any sort of ointment he could rub on them.

Amongst the riding tack was a tin of saddle soap, it smelt nice and felt creamy when he opened it.

He took a small amount, and gently rubbed it onto Jane's bum cheeks.

It felt nice and cool on her bum, and she relaxed as he ministered to her sore bottom.

'Ohhhh that feels much better,' she said moving her bum against his hands.

John remembered that he was supposed to kiss her bum, and dutifully knelt down behind her and parting her bum cheeks kissed her little tight anus.

'Oh John, that feels so good, I love you kissing my arse,' she purred.

John's cock was really throbbing, and demanded a share of the action.

He knelt behind her and holding it firmly in one hand, he rubbed his juicy knob between her bum cheeks and over and around her anus.

Jane was moaning with pleasure, as she felt his big hard cock playing with her bum.

John thought he would take a chance and dipping his finger into the saddle soap, slipped it into her anus and gently stirred it around to stretch it.

Jane gasped in pleasant surprise, as she felt her bum invaded.

The saddle soap was acting as a lubricant, and his finger was sliding in and out of her anus smoothly.

Soon he had two fingers up her bum, and as she relaxed he inserted another.

His cock really wanted to get involved now, and rubbing some soap on his knob he offered it up to her anus.

With a steady gentle pressure his cock slid into her bum.

Jane gasped quietly as she felt his cock stretching her arse.

He continued to push until his entire length was up her arse.

'Ohhhhh keep still a second till my arse gets used to your fucking great dick,' Jane groaned.

John was quite happy to keep still; he was looking down at Jane's sweet little arse, and could see his big cock stretching her arsehole.

She was so fucking tight that every time he made his cock twitch, she groaned as it stretched her arse a bit more.

Soon she became used to the size of his shaft, and began to sway her arse from side to side so as to stretch her anus to fit.

He commenced to gently fuck her arse; he loved the feeling of her arse hole gripping his cock as he pulled it out.

He loved it more when he pushed it back deep into her bum.

Soon he was fucking her arse, as fast as he had fucked her cunt.

Jane was holding on to the hay bale for dear life, as he buggered her.

She wondered if she would ever be able to fuck Alison up her bum like this.

That thought triggered her orgasm, and John heard her yell as her cunt juices splashed down her legs and soaked into her jodhpurs crotch.

Jane's arse contracted on his shaft squeezing it delightfully, he almost shot his load up her bum.

At the last minute decided to save it for later on, when with a bit of luck he might get Mabel and Jane in bed together.

He knew if that happened, he would need every drop of cum in his balls.

He pulled his cock out of her arse and replaced it with two fingers up her bum, and the remaining fingers thrust into her cunt.

He kept stirring his fingers in her holes, to prolong her orgasm.

Eventually she had to beg him to stop.

'Fuck me John, stop fucking doing that for fuck's sake, I'll fall off this fucking bale if you keep on,' she asked politely.

He had mercy on her, and pulled his fingers out of her arse and cunt.

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