tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 18

Auntie Mabel Ch. 18


Alison's period was late, her breasts seemed tender and a bit swollen and she had made an appointment to see her doctor.

She had been reading all there was to read, about the early stages of pregnancy.

She realised the danger of putting the wrong interpretation, on perhaps imagined changes to her body.

Still here she was waiting for the results from her doctor.

It was amazing how fast people could do things, when you were paying them big bucks.

Her Doctor came into the private waiting room.

He knew Alison was single, so his face was neutral as he said in a matter of fact way that the result was positive.

'OH MY GOD!! Screamed Alison in stunned delight,' she threw herself at him and kissed his surprised face.

'Thank you Doctor, thank you so much,' she said with a big smile.

Leaving the pleased man standing in the waiting room, Alison ran out of the building and drove back to the Hall on cloud nine.

I'm pregnant. I'm a mum-to-be, I'm having a baby, her thoughts revolved around the fantastic news.

She couldn't wait to tell someone although even in the midst of her unbounded joy, she was well aware that the person she most wanted to tell may be less than pleased.

If Mabel really loves me she will forgive me, and be happy for me, she reasoned.

Mabel had been busy herself during the past weeks. Diana had been a Godsend, as she seemed driven to completely change the layout of Mabel's small house.

In order to clear the spare room, a large wooden shed had been purchased.

It had been set up in the garden, next to the garage where Mabel hid her Jag.

Diana had a list of items that Alison was planning to bring with her, and there were lots of preliminary sketches of room layouts etc.

Little did they realise the utter bombshell waiting to fall on them shortly.

Alison was due to arrive Friday night.

She had arranged for her horses to be cared for at the nearby Livery, until she could sort things out.

She was exited and terrified at what she had done.

There was no going back now, she decided that no matter what, her baby would come first over everything and everybody else.

They had all arranged to meet at Mabel's at eight.

This gave John and Jane time to get ready, after a day at the factory.

Jane couldn't wait to tell Alison about Sarah, with a bit of luck and mutual attraction, she could solve a lot of problems.

John picked up Jane in the mini, and they arrived together.

As Mabel was hugging Jane, Diana had thrown herself at John.

She had wrapped her legs around his waist, and was kissing him passionately.

'Oh Jonny I have missed you so much, I am so glad to see you again,' she said between kisses.

'Hoi hairy arse, where's my kiss then?' asked Jane holding out her arms to Diana.

John put her down, and she ran to Jane and kissed her just as passionately.

'I love to see you too Jane,' she said sincerely.

John swept Mabel into his arms and kissed her deeply.

'God I've missed you May, I'm glad we are back together at last,' he said squeezing her tiny body.

'The posh cunt not here yet?' asked Jane.

'Alison is on her way and should be here shortly,' replied Mabel.

They all went into the lounge and had a cup of tea.

Jane took the opportunity to update Mabel on Sarah.

Mabel was very interested, and encouraged Jane to befriend the woman.

'The sooner she meets Alison the better,' she mused.

Sarah was invigorated; she had cleared her bedroom of all the empty bottles and tidied it up.

She was desperate to make a good impression on Jane the next time she visited her.

She had run out of steam when she tried to make an impression on the downstairs rooms.

In the end she just left them for another day.

Pulling on her muddy boots, she walked out to the stables to converse with her horses.

'Hello darlings, guess who might be coming to see us?

Alison Armatage no less, we had better look our best for her hadn't we?'

Sarah started currying her horses, chatting animatedly as she did so.

Diana was gagging for John; she had meant what she said about her body belonging to him now.

She hadn't even offered herself to Mabel; and wouldn't without his express approval.

Neither had she masturbated since she last saw him, so she was desperate for him.

Jane noticed her hovering over him like a nervous Nellie.

'Oh for fucks sake John, while we are waiting for her nibs, please take Di somewhere and fuck her.

She's getting on my nerves hovering around you like this.'

John looked to Mabel for approval, and saw her nod. He happily took Diana by the hand, and led her into her bedroom.

Diana was bursting with happiness and had stripped off her dress, and flung herself on the bed with her naked bum towards John.

' Please take me Jonny, I need you so much,' she pleaded wriggling her bottom in her need.

John had missed his hairy little woman, and so had his cock.

Without any preliminaries he simply rammed it straight into her, and gripping her hips fucked her hard and fast.

Diana closed her eyes in pleasure, as she felt his cock thrusting into her.

'Oi cunt face, get your cock out of her cunt, and put this on, Mabel's orders,' said Jane walking in.

'Sorry I forgot,' said John as Jane handed him a condom.

'I'm sorry too Jane, can I put it on him please?'

'Do what you fucking like, just make sure he doesn't cum in your cunt without wearing it,' said Jane leaving the room.

Diana couldn't wait to unroll the condom, onto John's hard cock.

Once it was on she threw herself back onto the bed, and bent over for him again.

'Where were we?' said John smiling, ' oh I remember.'

He continued fucking her willing cunt with gusto.

He loved to hear her grunt as he slammed into her body.

Soon he was rewarded by her howl of ecstasy, as she came for him.

'Good girl,' he praised her, as she shuddered under him in passion.

John went to pull out of her, but she begged him to take her up her arse.

'Please Jonny I want you in every hole, I have been dreaming about you every night.

Please fuck me everywhere, I beg you.'

John's cock wanted to and so did John, rubbing some KY on his cock he slowly pushed it up her bottom.

'Oh yes Jonny, you feel lovely up my bum.

Please fuck it hard, so I can remember you tonight when I am alone in bed.'

'Stand up Di,' he whispered.

She obediently stood up with her back to him, his cock still deeply buried in her bum.

He held both her heavy breasts and squeezed her nipples.

'Do you like it up the arse Di?'

'Oh yes Jonny, only your cock goes up there now, my arse belongs to you.'

Holding on tightly to her breasts he thrust his hips forwards, driving his rigid cock up her bum with every stroke.

Diana put her hands behind him and grabbed his bum cheeks.

As he thrust forward so she dug her nails into him and pulled him into her arse.

'This feels so good Jonny, I'm going to come for you again.'

Suddenly Diana arched her back, and cried out as she orgasmed again.

Her well buggered anus could still clamp down on his shaft, and he held her tight as her legs threatened to give way.

He was holding her up by her breasts and his cock up her arse, until she regained sufficient control to fall forward off his cock and onto the bed.

Diana rolled onto her back, a big satisfied smile on her face.

'Thank you Jonny, that was worth waiting for, did you enjoy it?'

'Of course I enjoyed it Di, I always enjoy you,' he said pulling off the condom.

'May I kiss your cock please Jonny?'

Alison still hadn't turned up, so John lay down on his back and let Diana suck his cock.

Diana had a lovely hot mouth, and knew just how to suck a man.

She liked to pull his foreskin right back, exposing his knob and licking it like a lolly.

'Are you happy now love, you've had my cock in every hole as you wanted.'

'Yes thank you Jonny you are so good to me.'

'You're good to me as well Di,' he replied.

Mabel heard Alison's car pull up outside.

As Diana was busy being fucked, Jane and Mabel went out to help Alison in with her stuff.

Mabel was met by a radiant Alison; who kissed her soundly and hugged her.

'Darling I missed you so much, I'm so glad to be here.

She turned to Jane and kissed her deeply on the mouth.

'How's my sexy girl? Miss my arse did you.

Well I enjoyed you so much last time, I just might let you bugger it again later.'

Fuck me, thought Jane surprised, she looks as if she's won the fucking lottery.

'Where's my handsome John?'

'Fucking Diana I think,' replied Jane as they carried cases into the house.

'I hope he is wearing a condom Mabel,' queried Alison seriously.

'Yes, from now on you are all to be protected,' she replied.

'Diana, if you have finished fucking John, Alison is here and would like a cup of tea please,' yelled Jane.

Soon they were all gathered around the fireplace in Mabel's lounge sipping their tea.

Diana sat on the floor between John's legs, and rested her head on his thigh.

Now she was with all those she loved, Alison felt a wave of fear wash over her.

What the fuck had she done?

How would Jane feel, when she told her that her boyfriend had got Alison pregnant?

Would Mabel feel disappointed in her, for deliberately contriving to get pregnant despite her warnings?

Most importantly how would eighteen year old John, feel when she told him he was going to be a father?

She wasn't worried about Diana, even though she knew she worshiped John.

When Alison broke the news, she would take total responsibility for the situation, John wouldn't be blamed.

To delay the inevitable she asked for all the news.

Jane couldn't wait to tell her about Sarah and her stables.

Alison jumped on this chance to delay telling them about the baby.

She asked Jane if she could ring Sarah, and invite her round to the house immediately.

Jane had Sarah's cellphone number, and rang her there and then.

'Hello Sarah what are you doing at this precise moment.' Asked Jane.

'Just currying Isis, why?'

'Alison wants to meet you asap, could you come over to Mabel's house?'

'Oh my God, Yes, I'm wearing my scruffs so I'll have to get washed and changed, but I can be there in 30 mins.'

'That will be fine Sarah, don't forget to wear your sexiest dress will you?'

'Jane you're incorrigible, but I will do my best to look sexy for you, see you soon.'

Jane hung up and smiled to herself; she didn't want Sarah to look sexy for her, she wanted Sarah to look sexy for Alison.

How did you meet Sarah? asked Alison.

Without going into details Jane told Alison that she thought Sarah was a lesbian, and they had made love in her office after work one night.

Better and better, thought both Alison and Mabel.

'Is she pretty?'

'You will have to judge for yourself,' replied Jane.

'She's a posh cunt like you, went to a school called Roedean.'

'Oh my God' exclaimed Alison smiling 'an Old Girl, now I really can't wait to meet her.'

'Yeah right, you can talk about horses, and the last time you had tea with the Queen,' muttered Jane.

'Lovely woman the Queen' said Alison, I met her at Epsom in the summer.'

'I should have fucking known,' whispered Jane to John.

Alison decided to postpone telling them the news about the baby, until tomorrow.

This Sarah was coming round soon, and she wanted her to see a happy group of people.

'Where's the Video John? We could watch it while we wait for Sarah,' asked Mabel.

'I forgot all about that,' said John.

'I have the camera in my bedroom,' said Jane.

'It must have been packed with my stuff, I'll give it to John tonight.'

In the excitement of coming home again John's Video Camera had been put in Jane's case, and was now lying on her bedside cabinet.

It was a relatively old camera; that recorded directly onto full size videotape.

Jane's mum Sue; was dropping some laundry on Jane's bed when she spotted it sitting there.

This must be their weekend holiday film, she thought to herself.

Bill was working late again, and she was very curious about Alison's mansion.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind me having a sneak preview she thought.

She ejected the tape, and took it downstairs to the lounge.

She set up the video player, and settled down with a glass of wine to watch the film.

She smiled as she saw four horses approaching the camera across a field.

It wasn't until the camera zoomed in on the riders, that Sue realised they were all women, and totally naked.

The camera zoomed in on Doreen's friend Mabel; her lovely firm breasts filled the viewfinder.

Her nipples were hard, and her large breasts were bouncing to the movement of her horse.

Although most of her body was covered by her remarkable hair, Sue could still catch a glimpse of her golden pubes.

Mabel was looking straight at the camera, and licked her lips in a most seductive manner.

The next woman was Alison, she was very slender and the camera zoomed in on her small firm breasts.

Again Sue caught a glimpse of her neatly trimmed pubes, as she raised herself off the saddle slightly.

She smiled at the camera and blew a kiss.

Then Sue recognised her daughter Jane, she was smiling at the camera and shaking her big naked breasts at it.

Sue watched in shock as Jane deliberately stood up in the stirrups, and thrust her shaven cunt at the camera.

Sue didn't recognise the last woman, she was dark haired with green eyes and had very large nipples.

Sue could see that she was a very hairy woman, who also had large breasts.

The microphone of the camera then picked up.

'Are all you fuckers happy now, can I get off please?' asked Mabel to the group.

'Did you get everything on film John?' asked Alison looking directly at the camera.

Sue then realised that the cameraman, was Doreen's son John.

'Uhh yes Miss uhh Alison I think I got everything, we will know for sure when I run it back on your telly.' Sue heard him reply.

The camera was then placed on something, but was still recording.

Sue watched as Doreen's son John walked into the frame.

He also was naked, and he appeared to be helping Lady Alison off her horse.

Sue guiltily noticed, as he stood sideways to the camera, that he had a lovely tight arse and a very large erection.

She was further shocked to see that when Alison slid into his arms, his cock disappeared between her legs.

Alison had wrapped her legs around his waist and whispered something to John, and then allowed him to lower her to the ground.

Sue clearly saw his cock pulling out of Alison's vagina.

'My turn you sexy young fucker,' said Mabel holding out her arms towards him.

Sue watched as John ran to catch her, as she jumped off her horse into his arms.

She was so tiny compared to him, that he was able to spin her around until she squealed in delight.

They whispered something that the camera didn't pick up.

However it certainly picked up the next woman.

'John you fuck pig, give me a fucking hand down from this fucking horse.

My fucking arse is tired of this saddle and I need a hug,' shouted Sue's daughter Jane.

John held out his arms to her, and caught her as she carefully slid down her horse's side.

They also whispered to each other before he released her.

Jane walked over to join Alison, leaving John looking up at the hairy woman.

She seemed to be too scared to jump off her horse, so turned sideways on her tummy, and slid off the horse with her bum towards John.

They were on the side of her horse facing away from the group of girls.

Sue saw the woman's naked bottom sliding towards John.

Again it appeared that his cock entered this woman from behind.

His hands were under her breasts, and he was rubbing her teats between his fingers.

The microphone picked up her saying,

'Ohhh Jonny I really need you, I love your cock in me,'

'My room is next to Alison's please come and see me tonight if you can,' she begged.

John hugged her tightly, then stepped back pulling his cock out of her cunt.

Sue then heard her daughter say 'Come on John this is our chance for a quickie,'

The video camera was picked up, and followed Jane's naked bottom into the house, and up the stairs into their bedroom.

'I was thinking about you,' she said, 'and got very wet, I want your fucking big cock in me now.'

Jane threw herself on the bed, and opened her legs for him.

The camera was put down on the bedside cabinet, and filmed John flinging himself between her daughter's welcoming legs.

Without need of any foreplay, John rammed his cock into her.

'Fuck me John, Fuck me hard, hard as you can, I need to feel my man inside me' Jane demanded, lifting her hips up to meet his every thrust.

Seeing her daughter being fucked by her friend's naked son not only made Sue blush, but also made her become very moist between her legs.

The scene then jumped to another room, all the women were sitting naked on a bed.

They were drinking wine, and chatting about fucking Alison's arse.

Sue watched in guilty fascination, as Alison knelt down on her bed.

Jane, and Sue assumed it was the maid Diana, knelt either side of her, stroking her back and gently fondling her breasts.

John knelt in front of her, and kissed her slowly and lovingly.

Her hand slid down to his groin. and stroked his big cock.

It was ready and waiting for its cue.

'Suck my cock Milady,' he whispered to her.

Alison bent down lower, and took his thick knob into her mouth.

Sue watched as Mabel was using a vibrator on Alison's arse.

Alison then asked Jane and Diana, to help her suck John's cock.

Sue saw all three girls sucking away at the young man's cock.

Mabel had stretched Alison's arse ready for John to fuck it.

Mabel put a condom on Johns cock, and he commenced fucking Alison up her bum.

'God Jane you actually like this?' moaned Alison loudly enough for the camera to record it..

Sue heard her daughter reply

'It takes a bit of getting used to but when you experience your first multiple orgasm, you will realise it was worth all the discomfort.'

Sue watched the rest of the film in disbelief.

It showed John, and then her daughter Jane buggering Alison.

Something about John was niggling Sue, she stopped the tape and ran it back a few minutes.

It seemed a small thing, but as John pulled his cock out of Alison's arse, he bent down and kissed her bum.

A while ago, Sue had finally allowed her husband Bill to bugger her arse.

During the sex session he had asked to blindfold her, and tie her up.

This had disorientated her slightly, but she definitely remembered that he had given her a good arse fucking, as she knelt on the carpet in front of the fireplace.

After her first orgasm, he had fucked her arse again and kissed her bum.

Then he had fucked her arse yet again, but without the kiss.

Both times, she distinctly remembered her arse being filled with hot cum.

Sue remembered asking him jokingly where her second kiss went.

He had said what kiss?

Sue had assumed that he had simply forgotten it, in the excitement of buggering her for the first time.

She would have forgotten the kiss herself, if she hadn't noticed muddy footprints running from the patio doors to the fireplace.

She hadn't spotted them, until she was hoovering the next day.

Again she had assumed it was Bill, walking into the house without wiping his feet.

However that was very unlike Bill, he was very careful of the lounge carpet as it had been so expensive.

Sue had put the puzzle to the back of her mind, and almost forgotten it until now.

Sue couldn't help but watch John's big cock, as it rammed into arses and cunts.

She had slipped her hand inside her knickers at some point.

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