tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 24

Auntie Mabel Ch. 24


Sarah and Diana were frantically rushing around, in preparation for the housewarming party that evening.

As there were going to be twelve people coming, Sarah had called in a catering firm to lay out a cold buffet with a free bar.

The firm's operatives had just finished setting up the big sitting room as the party room, and had left.

Alison had bought a state of the art sound system when she refurbished the farmhouse.

At the moment the strains of a soothing concerto, were wafting through the house.

The combination of Sarah's organisational skills, and Diana's sheer energy ensured that everything was ready on schedule.

With a last look around, the girls decided to hit the showers before changing into their party finery.

Alison had spared no expense on the farmhouse; she had installed a wet shower room.

This was a completely tiled room, with four shower- heads to give plenty of room.

Alison couldn't bear to be enclosed in a little glass box.

Sarah and Diana were enjoying a relaxing shower, when Alison came and stood by the entrance to the shower room.

She had just dropped Sue off at her home, and was quite happy to stand and watch her two lovers showering together.

'Come and join us dear,' invited Sarah.

'Thank you Sarah darling but I am very tired, and will go and have a lay down before getting dressed for the party,' replied Alison smiling at two of her favourite girls.

Alison was tired; she had been on an emotional roller-coaster during the last hour and was mentally drained by it.

It had taken a great deal of courage to confess her duplicity to Mabel.

She had really needed to be whipped, to completely ease her soul, but understood Mabel's argument that the baby mustn't be risked.

Leaving the girls soaping each other, Alison went to bed.

Diana was soaping Sarah; she started off by just doing the areas that Sarah couldn't reach.

Sarah was daydreaming about Sue, and didn't notice when Di started to soap her front as well.

Sarah was really enjoying her life now, she had a lover and partner in Alison, she had a young lover in Jane, and she now had a new mother and lover in Sue.

Remembering what Sue had been doing to her; caused her to unconsciously press her pubes towards Diana's hands, as she was daringly soaping Sarah between her legs.

'What do you think of Jane's mum Sue?' she asked Diana.

'I love her miss, she is so kind to me, I wish I could get to know her better,' replied Diana soaping down Sarah's long legs.

'Are you excited about the party Di? How long have you known this man Steve?'

'I don't know him at all miss, he is just a friend of Jonny, and he is coming to stop me being the odd one out.'

Sarah surprised Diana by hugging her,

'You are not the odd one out in this house Di; I would be lost without you.

I am useless at running a house, and I really appreciate all your hard work since you came to live with me.'

'Thank you miss, I thought you didn't like me,' replied Diana puzzled.

'What on earth gave you that idea, you silly girl,' asked Sarah.

'When Miss Alison offered me to you; you said you didn't want me.'

'Oh Diana, that was only because I was a bit put out by her presumption in using you a some kind of sex toy for me.

I like you very much, in fact as I now seem to have a new mother, I would like to consider you as my sister if you would let me.'

Diana hung her head in shame before Sarah.

'Oh miss I would love to be your sister, but I have to confess something first.

That night when I slept in your bed, I made love to you while you were sleeping.

I am very sorry but I couldn't help myself.

Your body is so beautiful and slender compared to my big heavy one, I love to look at it and feel it.'

Sarah couldn't be angry with this girl-woman; she again hugged Diana and told her that she forgave her.

'I wondered why I was so wet when I woke up, I thought it was because I was dreaming of someone,' Sarah said stroking Di's hair fondly.

'I also refute your assertion that you have a big heavy body, you have a woman's body and I find it beautiful,' she continued.

Sarah was soaping Di's breasts as they were speaking, and noticed that her large nipples were hard and stuck out above the soap suds.

'I have never seen such big nipples Di, have you always had these?'

Diana giggled 'Of course miss, you can't buy these in a shop you know.'

'Cheeky sisters get their bottoms spanked, what I meant was that Alison, Jane, me, and even Mabel have never had children.

Consequently we all have little girls nipples.

Sue and Doreen have had children, and I know that Sue has big nipples, as I'm sure doe's Doreen.

When I first saw your nipples I thought perhaps you had been a mother,' said Sarah.

'No Sarah I have always had these, I wish I didn't they have caused me a lot of trouble during my life.'

'Why is that Di?'

'When women get aroused their nipples harden and protrude.

Men see this and think it is because of them, and they act accordingly.

My nipples are always protruding, and men think I fancy them and act accordingly.

I have been raped by men many times, because they did not believe me when I said I didn't want them to fuck me.'

Sarah felt very sorry for Diana, she realised how very lucky she had been in her own life.

Despite her own problems which were legion; she realised that compared to Diana's life she had it easy.

'I think we both need a cuddle Di?' said Sarah.

'Oh yes please Sarah, I would love to be with you.

Will we have time before getting dressed?'

'We won't get too excited, I would just like to make love to my new sister for a while.'

They dried off and went to check on Alison, she was sleeping the sleep of the mentally exhausted.

They went to Diana's room and cuddled up on her bed.

'What would you like to do to me Di?' asked Sarah kissing her.

'I would like to play with your bottom if I could, I would only lick you and kiss you there,' answered Diana truthfully.

'Kissing and licking is hereby allowed,' giggled Sarah.

'What would you like to do to me Sarah?'

'As we're being honest, what I would really like to do is to bite your bum.

Only lightly but I would like to mark your bum cheeks with my teeth.

I once asked Jane if she would let me do it to her, but she said no.'

'Why Sarah, you surprise me; that is such a dominant thing to want to do to me.

Would you like me to be your slave-girl, and do whatever you tell me to do?'

Sarah was shocked; Diana had just revealed a part of Sarah's psyche that Sarah hadn't known was there.

She was amazed at her body's reaction to Diana's question.

The thought of Diana doing whatever Sarah asked of her, had caused Sarah's vagina to become so wet that she could feel her juices running down the inside of her thighs.

Diana could see that Sarah had become very embarrassed over this, and hastily tried to reassure her that she wasn't offended by the suggestion.

'Sarah I have already been a slave girl to many people, all men.

You can imagine what they ordered me to do for them.

Being your slave girl would be a nice change for me.

We could keep it a secret between sisters if you prefer.'

Sarah could hear a note of pleading in Diana's voice; it was as if she wanted to be submissive to someone.

'What about John, I thought you did what he told you to do already?'

'Jonny has released me from service to him, he doesn't want me to be his sole property anymore,' Diana said sadly.

What the fuck have we stumbled into here thought Sarah.

She was a very intelligent woman, and had a degree in business with a second in psychology.

She knew about dominant and submissive personalities, but she had never thought of herself as a dominant.

Perhaps she wasn't, except in the presence of such a submissive as Diana seemed to be.

'Wow this is getting a bit deep here Di my love, you lay on your back and let me lower my bum onto your face.

You can be licking and kissing my bottom, while I am biting yours,' said Sarah taking charge.

Diana relaxed, she felt better when someone else took charge of things.

She licked her lips, as Sarah's virgin anus was lowered towards her mouth.

Diana was shocked to see a rubber object stuck up Sarah's bottom.

'Sarah, what's this stuck in your bum?' asked Diana.

'Oh my God, Di I had forgotten about that.

I asked Sue if she would help me stretch my anus for Alison.

That thing is a butt plug, it stretches ones anus if used long enough.'

Diana giggled; she certainly didn't need a butt plug to stretch her anus.

She had been buggered so many times, that her arse was as flexible as her cunt.

'May I take it out please, it will be easier for me to lick you without it in.'

'Of course you can Di, I have been wearing it for so long that I forget its there,' said Sarah.

Diana gently pulled the device out of Sarah's arse.

Her anus was definitely stretched, for a few seconds Diana could look inside Sarah's bum, before her muscles contracted and her anus looked as normal.

While her arse was being French kissed by Diana, Sarah was trying to work out a way that she could bite Di's arse.

At the moment she had a good view of Di's hairy cunt, but her arse was out of reach of her teeth.

Diana's protuberant clitoris was in easy reach, so Sarah gently clamped her teeth onto this sensitive knob and bit it ever so gently.

Sarah heard Diana gasp in pain but ignored her, as she bit deeper into her tender clitoris.

Diana was forced by the discomfort to lift her legs right up, until her knees were touching her breasts.

She held them there by hooking her arms behind her knees.

This brought her arse within range of Sarah's teeth.

She released her bite on Diana's clit, and opening her mouth wide, sucked a mouthful of Di's bum cheek between her teeth.

Sarah growled to herself, as she bit Diana's arse hard enough to mark it.

Diana's squeals were muffled by Sarah's bottom, which was pressed down firmly over her mouth.

Sarah was surprised and pleased to see Diana's cunt leaking juice, as she became turned on by the erotic pain.

Sarah released her bite, and looked at Diana's arse.

The imprint of her teeth was like a brand, an oval of red indentations blazing on Diana's white skin, marking the girl as Sarah's property.

Looking at this erotic mark, Sarah recalled with relish the feel of Diana's tender flesh between her teeth.

Suddenly without warning, the wave of power she now had over this girl, caused Sarah to orgasm, splashing her cunt juices over Diana's naked body.

Sarah gasped for air as her orgasm flowed through her body.

She wanted more, so bit Diana's other cheek to leave a matching brand.

Sobbing with pain, part of Diana also accepted that she now belonged to Sarah.

The realisation was so liberating, that she found her own orgasm carry away any shame and replaced it with acceptance and love.

Sarah sat up, causing her naked arse to press harder onto Diana's face.

She just sat there for a moment, gently grinding her naked arse onto her slaves face.

Then she rolled off and lay on her back with her legs open.

Diana gasped for breath as Sarah's arse lifted from her mouth, she had been suffocating but hadn't complained.

'You have been a naughty sister Diana; you have made me wet myself.

Please lick me clean down there.'

'Yes Sarah, sorry I didn't mean to do that,' apologised Diana as she licked cum and cunt juice from Sarah's groin.

Sarah's body was buzzing from this new- found sense of sheer power.

'Diana, before you get dressed I want you to run naked to the tack room for me; in a drawer you will find a collar for a dog.

Please fetch it here for me now,' she asked slapping Diana's naked arse lightly.

With a smile and a final kiss on Sarah's cunt lips, Diana ran naked out of the bedroom and out of the back door of the farmhouse.

She could feel the chilly evening wind blowing across her breasts, as they bounced about.

Her nipples, always big, became even more pronounced as they stiffened in the cold.

Walking into the tack room she found the drawer and opened it.

Inside was a studded dog collar, it was new and had a little disc hanging from it.

Holding it in her hands, she realised what Sarah was going to do to her.

Diana was going to be collared like a pet dog.

A wave of shame; was immediately erased by a greater wave of lust that swept over her naked body.

She grunted in surprise as another orgasm flooded through her.

Diana watched as her cunt juices ran freely down her legs, she had to sit down on an old saddle to allow her legs to steady.

The feel of the leather saddle against her naked arse reminded her of her ride with Mabel, it seemed so long ago now.

So much had changed for her and for the entire group since that time.

Her legs steadied and she stood up, she used a handful of hay to rub the cunt juice from her legs.

Looking around, she noticed a small horsewhip leaning against the tack room wall.

She picked it up and ran it between her legs, the feel of the leather parting her cunt lips was very erotic and her breathing became heavier.

Diana considered disobeying Sarah and not bringing her the dog collar.

Sarah would be angry with Diana, and would bend her naked over this saddle.

Using this whip, she would slash it across Diana's arse until she was screaming in pain.

The thought of being sounded beaten; caused her to orgasm explosively.

As the rush of passion filled her body and soul, she thrust the handle of the whip deep into her soaking cunt.

She wanked herself hard and fast, to prolong the exhilarating orgasm brought on by her feelings of submission.

Diana decided to take the whip to Sarah with the collar; she might find a use for it later.

Sam veritably bounced into his house; John was pleasantly surprised to be given a smile from his dad.

'Where's the delectable Doreen then?' he asked smiling at his handsome son.

'Getting ready dad, she's been getting ready all day,' John replied.

John watched in amazement, as his dad ran up the stairs to get himself ready for the party.

Sam caught Doreen in her underwear, considering various dresses.

He crept up behind her and grabbing her tits, swung her around and onto the bed.

'Sam!' she scolded, ' what on earth are you playing at, you could have given me a heart attack doing that.'

Sam looked at his wife lying on the bed in her bra and panties.

She wore a white bra, with matching white cotton knickers.

Sam realised that he had forgotten what Doreen's cunt looked like; it had been so long since he had seen it.

To his wife's amazement Sam pulled off her knickers, and opened her legs to take a good look at her cunt.

Doreen was so shocked by his actions, that she just lay there with her legs open while he studied her private parts.

When Sam had first met Doreen she had never shaved her pubes.

She thought it was a rude thing for a girl to play around with her pubes.

Then for some reason a few years later, she had decided to trim them a bit to stop her cunt hairs from being visible when she was wearing knickers.

He found himself comparing her normal looking cunt, with the golden glory that was Mabel's.

Seeing her husband staring at her naked cunt, made Doreen place her hand between her legs to cover herself.

'What the fuck are you doing Dor, you don't need to cover your cunt in front of me,' said Sam astonished.

Doreen was stunned into obedience, and took her hand away from her pubes.

'That's better, you have a lovely cunt Dor, show me your tits please.'

Doreen was going to change her underwear anyway, so she sat up on the bed and took off her bra.

Her large breasts bounced free of restraint, and Sam realised that his wife was still a fucking good looking woman.

'How long has it been since we fucked Dor?' he asked.

'Sam, what on earth has come over you, why are you acting like this?' she asked in a worried tone.

'You are a beautiful woman Dor, how long has it been since I've fucked you?' he reiterated.

'I don't know, a while I suppose.

You've been tired a lot recently, and I didn't think you were interested in that sort of thing.'

Sam had just shot his load into Mabel's mouth, so his cock was limp. However he knelt down between his wife's legs and kissed her cunt.

'You smell nice Dor,' he said licking her cunt lips slowly.

Doreen blushed furiously, as she felt his tongue licking her down below.

His hands reached up her body and grasped her large soft breasts; he squeezed them as he continued to lick her cunt.

'You know I don't like you doing that,' she complained.

'But you taste so nice Dor, I love the taste of your cunt.

Do you remember the first time I fucked you?

It was in my car, and I just pulled down your knickers and fucked you from behind.

Everything is such a rush when we are young, I never took the time to kiss and lick you before ramming my cock into you.

Perhaps if I had you wouldn't hate it so much.'

'I don't hate you doing it Sam; I just get embarrassed.

I might be smelly down there, I know I'm ok now because I have just come out of the bath, but otherwise I would be cringing if you licked me there.'

'Hey, I love the smell of your cunt, I don't care if its clean or sweaty,' Sam said as he slipped his fingers into her.

Despite herself Doreen's cunt had got wet from his attentions, and his fingers slid inside her easily.

'You still have a tight little cunt Dor,' he whispered fingering her deeper and faster.

'We can't do this now,' she gasped ' you will get me all sweaty and sticky down there.'

Sam ignored her protestations and knelt by her side.

He fingered her faster and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

Doreen felt confused, but her body was reacting to Sam's fingers and sucking mouth.

Good feelings were radiating out from her cunt to all parts of her body.

She unconsciously opened her legs wider, surrendering herself to him.

'Come for me Doreen, come your cunt for me.

I want to feel your cunt juices on my fingers.'

She didn't know what was going on here but her body did, and she felt the unfamiliar spasm of her orgasm explode across her body.

As it hit her she grabbed a pillow and used it to cover her face.

It muffled her screams of passion, as she thrust her cunt onto her husband's fingers to push them deeper inside her body.

Sam watched his wife coming for him; he wished he hadn't come in Mabel's mouth.

He really wanted to fuck Doreen, as she lay there naked and sweaty after her orgasm.

He amazed himself by still fancying Doreen even with empty balls.

Sam leant over and kissed his wife,

'Thank you darling, if we had more time I would fuck you senseless.'

Doreen just lay there naked and panting, she was wondering why the fuck she hadn't got Sam to do this to her sooner.

Mabel was with Jazz, choosing clothes to wear to the party.

'You can always borrow any of my clothes if you want,' said the 5ft tall woman to her 6ft 5" tall friend.

'Well thank you Maybell, I might just wear one of your full length evening gowns as a tee shirt,' she replied smiling down at her friend.

'Tell me my sexy little friend, how long have you and Sam been fuck bunnies?'

'We are not fuck bunnies, we just have some history between us that needed to be resolved,' answered Mabel.

'Do you have a serious partner Maybell?'

'I thought I did, but she chose someone else just recently.'

Mabel trusted Jazz, so she thought it best to fill her in on the relationships within the group, so she wouldn't inadvertently step on anyone's toes.

By the time she had finished explaining the situation, Jazz was sitting down with her head in her hands.

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