tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 27

Auntie Mabel Ch. 27


Jazz slipped back into bed with Mabel, she had enjoyed the party and making love to Jane.

She had also enjoyed being fucked by Sam, and had just now fucked Sarah, and incidentally taken her virginity.

Jazz was now a tired girl, her love hole was throbbing because of Sam's big cock.

It had throbbed many times before so she ignored it, and snuggled up to Mabel contentedly.

Her arm slid over Mabel's sleeping body, until her hand found a soft warm breast.

Jazz didn't think of her love hole as her arse, she only had one hole instead of two, so chose to think of it as a source of pleasure.

Jasmine or Jazz as she liked to be called, was a "Phet thee sam", neither male or female but a third gender.

In the past she would have been referred to as a "Kathoey" but with the influx of western ideas, that term had been degraded to mean a male transsexual.

Jazz was actually a "Sao praphet song" which loosely translated from the Thai, meant that she had a female identity.

The bottom line was that Jazz was a woman with a cock, a chick with a dick.

She was a successful model, not only in Thailand but also around the world.

Her slim build and startling height, enabled her to literally stand out from the crowd.

She was the perfect clothes- horse for the fashion industry; she had the gift of making anything she wore look glamorous.

Jazz was very glad she had contacted Mabel, if she hadn't she would no doubt be sitting alone in some hotel room.

She gently kissed Mabel as she slept, Jazz was very grateful to this sweet sex mad little woman.

She planned on showing her gratitude in a sexual manner, as soon as practicable.

Sarah slipped into bed with Alison; she was still sleeping.

Her pregnancy had various drawbacks, and one was that she got tired quickly.

Sarah just lay beside her thinking about Jazz, she had never expected to ever be fucked, and certainly not by a Lady boy from Thailand.

Her cunt was throbbing and a bit uncomfortable, but she assumed that all women's cunts felt like this after a good fucking.

It had been a good fucking, and Sarah was surprised that after all these years being a straight forward lesbian, she had enjoyed Jazz's cock so much.

Sarah had been stretching her anus using a butt plug for a while now.

She had planned to let Alison bugger her with a strap on as a special treat. She felt a bit guilty when she considered allowing Jazz to be the first to fuck her up the arse.

Jazz had already taken her virginity, so perhaps she could also be the first to bugger her.

Snuggling up to Alison's back she fell asleep.

One of the drawbacks of being a sixty year old woman, was having to get up in the middle of the night for a pee.

Mabel quietly slipped out of bed without waking Jazz, and went to the loo.

On her way back to bed she heard at pattering at the window.

It was raining; Mabel loved the rain, she loved to watch the raindrops running down the glass.

She also loved to walk in the rain naked.

In her old house she had enough land that she could stroll about naked in her garden without anyone being able to see her.

Since she moved into the village she hadn't been able to do this, and only now realised that she missed the freedom of being nude outside.

The tiger in her soul demanded a walk, and she crept downstairs and stepped out of the back door into the rain.

The night was warm and the rain felt very erotic on her naked body, as she strolled towards the stables.

She considered letting her hair down, but that would stop the rain from hitting her skin.

She stood on the grass, and with her arms held up in supplication to the Rain God, spun around in the moonlight.

The raindrops hitting her skin, felt like little soft kisses all over her body. Her sensitive nipples grew hard, as they were stimulated by the small teasing impacts.

She could feel the water running seductively down her naked body.

It was evolving and growing from individual drops, to rivulets.

They ran down between her breasts, across the smooth expanse of her belly, and into the dense golden bush that nestled between her legs.

From there it poured down her inner thighs to the grass.

Mabel was a very erotic person; she loved sex in most forms.

She was something of a primitive as regards religion, still accepting the possibility of a God for each elemental force.

If she worshipped anyone it was probably Diana, the goddess of the hunt.

In another age she would have been regarded as a witch, for running naked or " Skyclad " in the moonlight.

Mabel knelt on the grass, and allowed the rain to patter over her back and bottom.

She reached behind and pulled her bum cheeks apart, to allow the raindrops access to her most private parts.

The feeling of rain on her anus turned her on, and her cunt juices began to flow and mix with the rain.

She had the desire to open herself to the Rain God, and lay down on her back on the wet grass.

She opened her legs wide, and reaching between them pulled her cunt lips apart.

This allowed the rainwater that was running down her open legs, to gather in her vagina and fill it to overflowing.

Her clitoris was throbbing with need, and she found her fingers rubbing over it.

At first she rubbed languidly; and then faster and more urgently, as her need to orgasm grew.

Out on Sarah's lawn in the moonlight and the rain, Mabel screamed in orgasmic delight as she came for the Rain God.

Her naked body writhed on the wet grass, as the waves of pleasure flowed through her.

She was seen only by the Moon; the God of the Rain, and Steve as he was walking back to the car.

Steve had recently had a fantastic experience; he had fucked and buggered Diana.

She had sworn her love for him, and he was feeling on top of the world as he kissed her goodbye and walked out into the rain.

Steve was a town boy; he rarely went into the country at night.

If you asked him what he might expect to see at night in the moonlight, he may have guessed at the odd Owl or Badger.

He would have bet money that he would never have seen a naked Water Nymph, writhing on the wet grass in passion.

The Moon was temporarily obscured by a cloud; as he stood and watched this amazing event.

He couldn't quite make out who it was, orgasming in the rain.

Steve was surprised and a bit proud, to feel his cock thickening at the sight of this naked woman coming in front of his eyes.

It had only been an hour, since he had shot his cum deep into Diana's willing cunt.

This situation was so unexpected and erotic, that his cock demanded to be involved.

Mabel was still deep in the throes of her orgasm when she saw a man's figure standing over her.

The Moon was behind him and she couldn't see his face.

'Take me,' she demanded opening her legs to him,'take me now, I need your cock in me.'

Steve finally recognised the naked woman as John's Auntie Mabel.

Steve was a Tit man, and Mabel had plenty of Tit for his eyes to admire. Her big breasts were wobbling about delightfully, as she orgasmed on the grass.

With a growl of anticipation and lust, he released his cock from his trousers and knelt down between her open legs.

She was beautiful; he could see her face clearly in the moonlight.

He hadn't taken much notice of her at the party, due to his obsession with Diana.

He now noticed her brilliant blue eyes, and lovely heart shaped face.

He tore his eyes away from her breasts, and admired her golden cunt.

The raindrops caught on her pubic hair, sparkled in the light of the Moon.

She arched her body thrusting her cunt up towards his naked cock.

She cried out in ecstasy as his cock thrust deep inside her.

He was surprised, as the heat of her cunt enveloped his rain-wet cock. She held him close to her naked body, as he drove his cock into her. Steve hadn't realised just how tiny this woman was, until his big cock hit up against the neck of her womb.

She gasped at the impact, but wrapped her naked legs around him to keep him from withdrawing out of her cunt.

She needn't have worried; he had no intention of stopping until he had fucked this woman into another orgasm.

He sucked her nipple into his hungry mouth, as he pounded his cock into her.

He was rewarded by her screaming out in passion again; and the feel of her hot cunt juices squirting over his balls.

'There's a good girl, come for me; squirt your love juice over my balls' he whispered into her ear as she convulsed beneath him.

Mabel was ecstatic she hadn't come like this for ages, she didn't know who was fucking her, and this added to the dreamlike quality of the moment.

She hadn't felt this wanton in years.

She reached between her legs, and grasping the big cock that was in her cunt pulled it out.

Lifting her legs right up, she guided it between her arse cheeks and into her anus.

Steve had just fucked Diana up her arse earlier that night, and now this tiny woman wanted his cock up her arse as well.

He was too far gone in lust to argue, and simply thrust his cock up her arse as hard as he could.

Mabel groaned loudly, as she felt her anus stretching to accommodate this thick hot cock.

She held onto her ankles to expose her bottom to his assault, and moaned in passion as he fucked her up the arse.

Steve was still on a high from his domination of Diana.

As he felt his cum demanding to be released, he pulled his cock out of the woman's arse.

Moving up her body he gripped her hair, and guided his swollen cock into her gasping mouth.

'Taste your arse Aunt Mabel' he demanded, as her lips closed around his leaking knob.

Mabel felt his cock withdraw from her arse, and then thrust itself between her lips.

She sucked frantically on it, sensing that it was going to explode with cum at any second.

At the moment of ejaculation, Steve withdrew his knob from her mouth and shot his cum over her beautiful face.

Jet after jet, of hot cum splashed over her gasping face.

It ran into her open mouth, and she had to close her eyes as it splashed everywhere.

She heard him groan as his balls emptied onto her face.

When the last drop had dripped from his cock into her gasping mouth, he just knelt over her.

His head was hanging down in weariness, as his sexual exploits of the night caught up with him.

Steve shakily got to his feet, and without bothering to tuck his cock away walked off into the night.

He got back to the car, and slowly and carefully drove home.

Mabel lay on her back in the rain, she ran her tongue over her lips licking up the mysterious man's cum and swallowing it.

The rest of it, she allowed the rain to wash off her face.

She had never had such an orgasm; it had shaken her body and her soul.

She didn't even want to know who it was that had fucked her.

She barely remembered him calling her Aunt Mabel, in his passion but she had never seen his face, hidden as it had been in the Moon's shadow.

Her heart was pounding, as she slowly rolled over onto her knees.

She again knelt on the grass with her naked arse to the Moon.

This time it was to allow the cool rain to ease the burning of her abused anus.

When she could, she got carefully to her feet and walked slowly back into the farmhouse.

Going to the bathroom she dried herself with hot fluffy towels, and then went to sit by the dying fire in the lounge.

Her body was still on a high from the sex, and she knew she wouldn't be able to sleep until she had calmed down.

Sitting in front of the flickering flames, she recalled a part of her life that had started when she had chosen to go naked for a fortnight in Monaco.

She was reminded of the time that she had to hide for a while, from a gang of Conmen in Monaco.

They had tried to con her out of a lot of money, only to find she had switched the suitcases before they did.

When they thought they switched the case full of money for the case full of magazines, they were in fact handing her their money.

In her Thirties Mabel was a ruthless Gold digger, and had learned a lot about Cons from a retired Con artist she was fucking.

She was beautiful, and needed an escort to get her into the Casinos without them recognising her.

He was rich and lonely; she considered that they made a perfect pair.

What she hadn't bargained for was the fact that this particular gang had police connections.

Mabel also had the disadvantage of being easily recognisable; most Con women could wear a wig, or dye their hair.

Mabel refused to dye her hair, which was golden and also hung down her back to her ankles.

She had to find a place to hideout until the heat died down, and she could drive over the border into Italy.

She chose to hide in plain sight in a exclusive nudist camp, in a town called Menton.

It was close enough to the border, to give her a fighting chance of escape if things went pear shaped.

She had "borrowed" her lovers Maserati; and booked herself into the camp for a fortnight posing as a porn star on retreat.

It was hidden in the woods, and was guarded by security patrols to keep out the peeping toms.

All the members were very rich and guarded their privacy.

Once she had booked into her room, Mabel put her hair up in a complicated bun that disguised its length as much as possible.

She wasn't too worried about men noticing her hair; as her secret weapons would distract them.

Wearing only a pair of sandals, she confidently walked out of her room and into the bar.

Mabel had chosen to represent herself as a porn star for three reasons. One, she had been a porn star albeit only for one film.

Two, she had the body of a porn star, she was only five foot tall and slimly built but had the firm breasts of a much bigger woman.

Men looked at her breasts, and hardly noticed her beautiful heart shaped face with the brilliant blue eyes.

Three, she knew that men would be attracted to such a woman, and Mabel needed men to be flocking around her.

It satisfied her soul.

This was the first time she had ever been in a nudist camp, if she had expected a room full of well hung studs she would have been disappointed.

Most of the members were getting on in years, the men had sagging bellies and the women had sagging tits.

However there were a few interesting specimens of manhood leaning up against the bar.

These were the young gigolos who frequented such clubs.

They were there to service the older ladies, and lived off their largesse.

They saw her as she entered the room, and as one their cocks stiffened to attention.

She was so fuckable it was almost a cliché, when they could wrench their eyes off her large bouncing breasts, they were mesmerised by her golden pubes.

Mabel had been blessed with thick wavy hair, it was a pure golden colour and her pubes were thick and golden to match.

She could have been wearing a golden thong; the effect was the same.

Whereas all the other cunts in view were clearly visible, Mabel's labia were tantalisingly hidden.

Therefore the men's eyes had to strain, to catch a glimpse of her cunt lips as she walked towards them.

Mabel was in cock heaven, they were all out on display for her.

Every one of the cocks was hard, and the studs made no effort to conceal their interest in this stunning blond.

It was a pleasant change to be able to see what the men had in their pants.

In the past Mabel had been seduced by a virile looking man, only to find when she pulled out his cock that it was puny.

These studs made their living from their cocks, and every one of them was a good-sized specimen.

She was about to choose one as a companion for the evening, when a man walked into the barroom.

She was aware of him simply by the way he walked.

He must have been in his early fifties, but his body was stocky and powerfully muscled.

His hair was thick but greying, and he was hung like a bull.

His large balls were covered in grey hair, as was his chest.

He radiated power and confidence, and the bartender had his drink ready for him before he reached the bar.

'Good evening Mr. Steele,' greeted the bartender.

'Evening John,' replied the man as he took his first sip of the day.

His eyes scanned the room until they fell on Mabel.

His sharp green eyes, met her brilliant blue ones, and she felt a connection between them.

Inside Mabel was a steel Tiger; she called upon its strength when she was alone and scared.

If she was a Tiger, then this man was a Lion.

He sauntered over to her and held out his hand.

'Ah an American I believe,' she said before he could speak.

She took his large hand in her tiny one, and observed that his hands were strong and had calluses on the inside of his thumbs.

'I would guess a racing driver?' she said looking him in the eyes.

Alan Steele was taken aback by this observation; this little girl had identified his country of birth, and his profession accurately.

His general interest in this beautiful woman; suddenly became focused on her.

She had to stop herself stepping back a pace, as he directed all his attention on her.

'Alan Steele Miss, I am pleased to meet you,' he said smiling at her.

Mabel noticed that he was looking at her face, and ignoring her naked breasts.

Also his cock was seemingly unconcerned, about being in the close vicinity of a beautiful naked woman.

She was impressed, this wasn't lack of interest on his part it was more a case of sheer confidence in himself.

He didn't need any blatant show of lust for her; it was evident in his eyes that he suddenly found her interesting and desirable.

She also found herself attracted to this experienced man, and decided that he would be her escort for the evening.

Over the following drinks she discovered that he was a racing driver as she had deduced from the distinctive calluses on his thumbs.

There was also the fact that she had bribed the register clerk, to allow her to check swiftly through the guest list.

Mabel had realised early in her career, that information was the key to success.

Alan Steele was a well recognised name in Indy Car Racing.

He was of the same generation as Al Unser, and owned his own Racing team and raced in the Indianapolis 500.

His team was Steelspeed and was well respected in the world of Indycar Racing. Alan's money came from the Oil Industry and he chose to spend it on racing cars.

The Indianapolis 500, is one of the most prestigious motor races in the world.

It is held annually in May, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Thirty-three drivers, race each other for 500 miles, making 200 laps around the racetrack.

Speeds during the race can exceed 240 mph.

It took a special kind of man to compete successfully in such a demanding and dangerous sport.

Alan Steele was such a man and it showed in everything he did.

His chosen sport was so stressful that he came on retreat once a year to this refuge. Here he could let his hair down and return to basics.

Mabel felt she could trust this man and confided to him that she wasn't really a porn star, but was in fact in hiding from the police.

To her surprise he burst out in laughter at her nerve and honesty.

Alan was really becoming very interested in this complicated lady.

His body wanted her badly, and his spirit recognised that she had the same feminine attributes to compliment his own masculine ones.

Under his gentle questioning, he learnt of her adventures with the Conmen and her attempts to escape them.

The more he learnt about this fascinating and obviously experienced woman, the more he was entrapped in her gossamer web.

It was comprised of beauty, intelligence, wit, humour and last but not least sheer sexuality.

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