tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 29

Auntie Mabel Ch. 29


Author's Note.

Apologises to my readers especially the ones in China, for the delay in writing this chapter. I have been having a lot of trouble getting my other Novel, "Dr. Snip" (Erotic SF) through the site editors lately due to the controversial nature of the story. However things are now back on track. If you like Mabel, then I know you will love Gloria "Queen of Sex".

I certainly do.

Regards Dr. Snip.


Alison was a bit pissed off at John, he was the fucking father of her baby and couldn't come and fucking visit her when she asked.

Her cunt was aching for his cock, they had agreed that he was only going to fuck her up her bum whilst she was pregnant, but she really needed a good old fashioned cunt fucking.

She slammed the phone down in a hormone-fuelled rage, and stormed out of the farmhouse into the garden.

Sarah and Diana had learned to allow her to be on her own, when these unreasonable rages took her.

After she had calmed down, they would both have to make love to her. Alison liked to have her cunt and arse licked simultaneously by them both.

She liked Sarah to lick her cunt, whilst Diana licked her arse.

She sometimes pulled Sarah's hair painfully when she finally orgasmed, but Sarah put up with this because she needed Alison in her life so much.

Living with Alison had been a complete change of life for Sarah.

Before Alison had exploded into her life, she had been a lonely, troubled, alcoholic woman.

It was only the fact that she was a genius; that had enabled her to function in the world outside her horses.

She wasn't good in stressful situations, and thanked God for Diana.

It was always Diana who could cajole Ali into a better mood, Sarah tended to run away from conflict if possible.

Only in the past few days, had Sarah discovered a stronger woman inside herself.

She had needed Diana to show her that she could be dominant, if she only had the will to try.

However this new Sarah was still very fragile, and needed a subservient person to bring out the dominatrix in Sarah's soul.

Alison by contrast was a naturally dominant personality.

As a powerful woman in the Oil industry, she had learned to get her own way in a man's world.

Sarah could boss Diana about with impunity, but she was too scared of Alison to try and impress her will on her.

Sarah knew that Alison loved her but there always had to be a dominant one in any relationship, and Ali was the dominant one in theirs.

Diana kept an eye on Alison, who was standing in the garden and swearing at the world in general and John in particular.

Sarah went into the kitchen and reaching into the fridge, pulled out a bottle of wine and poured a large glass to calm her nerves.

She didn't drink half as much as she used to, but still found comfort in alcohol.

Doreen had walked away from Mabel's house, a totally different woman from when she had entered it.

Her life had changed completely in an hour; she had asked her old friend Mabel to show Doreen what lesbians did.

Mabel although not a real lesbian, had fucked enough women in her life to show Doreen the ropes so to speak.

She had certainly taken Doreen into areas of her sexuality; that she hadn't known existed.

She was exhausted from Mabel's lovemaking, and all her holes were well used.

Doreen hadn't realised how much lesbians depended on strap on toys, to make love to each other.

Doreen had only been fucked by her husband Sam's big cock, all her sexual life.

She had never fucked around with anyone else, unlike Mabel who she believed would fuck a tree branch if there weren't a cock handy.

Doreen was a good and faithful wife, if not a very sexual one.

It was at Sarah's party, that a mystery woman had seduced her.

She had made Doreen orgasm so completely, that she knew she was destined to become a lesbian.

When Mabel was fucking her with her big strap on cock, the sight of her naked breasts bouncing about in front of Doreen's eyes had brought on a massive orgasm.

That orgasm seemed to continue in waves, all the time Mabel was fucking her cunt and later her arse.

Doreen had felt a bit embarrassed kneeling naked in front of her old friend, knowing that Mabel was going to stick a big strap on cock up her arse.

She had also been a bit embarrassed, when Mabel explained the rules of anal sex to her.

As a no nonsense woman, Doreen saw the sense in cleaning her arse before having something rammed up it.

She made no protest, when Mabel sent her into the bathroom to clean herself for arse fucking.

Mabel had fucked her in every hole; she had also lain on her back and had Doreen bouncing up and down on Mabel's big rubber cock.

Knowing Mabel was watching her breasts bouncing wildly; excited Doreen tremendously.

She had orgasmed in front of her eyes, her cunt juices gushing out of her and soaking Mabel's pubic hair.

Her cunt had never done that for Sam, it was the female component in the sex that made all the difference for Doreen.

She had also really enjoyed sucking Mabel's nipples until they stuck out hard and swollen for her.

But the best type of sex as far as Doreen was concerned, was when Mabel just used her fingers in Doreen's cunt to finger her into orgasm.

Just when she thought she couldn't come any more, Mabel had thrust her finger up Doreen's arse.

With Mabel's fingers in her cunt and arsehole, Doreen was slammed into a multiple orgasm that lasted until she screamed at Mabel to "Fucking stop you dirty cunt".

Doreen very rarely swore, and it was a measure of her new sexual personality that she swore at Mabel in her ecstasy

Mabel had also licked Doreen's cunt, and had Doreen lick hers.

Doreen was surprised at how nice a woman's cunt juices could taste, and didn't hesitate to swallow Mabel's juices greedily.

At the end of the session Doreen was totally satisfied; and feeling as if she was floating on a cloud.

Mabel then told her the news that would really change her life.

Doreen's son John; had made Lady Alison Armatage pregnant.

At first Doreen thought Mabel was joking with her, she knew that Alison was a full-blown lesbian and had never fucked a man in her life.

How the fuck could her young son have possibly had sex with her, let alone impregnate her.

The outraged mother in Doreen rushed to the fore, and she interrogated Mabel until she had heard every detail of the weekend at Alison's.

Mabel had decided that if Doreen was to become a full member of the group, she should know an edited truth about her son and Alison.

As was her nature however, she didn't mention the fact that John had fucked all the women in the group except for Sarah.

Mabel reasoned that Doreen didn't have to know anything except how Alison had become pregnant by John.

With Alison's previous permission, Mabel painted a story of drunken seduction.

In which an older woman tricked a young innocent boy into a sex game, and then fucked him as he lay bound and blindfolded.

Alison knew this version of the truth wouldn't endear Doreen to Alison. However she loved John so much, that she wanted to deflect Doreen's ire from him if at all possible.

As Mabel had planned, Doreen was feeling so fucking marvellous after her marathon fucking, that she was in the best possible mood.

At the end of the day she admitted that her son was eighteen and a man. Although she was very disappointed in Alison, she was thankful that Alison was a rich and successful woman, who wouldn't drag her son down into debt and misery due to a moment's weakness.

With many kisses and thanks Doreen had left Mabel and walked home, her mind full of conflicting thoughts and ideas for the future.

Jane was in a bad mood, as far as she knew John was with Alison keeping her happy.

There was nobody keeping Jane happy tonight, even Jazz was still in London, and Sue was visiting Mabel.

She decided to have a nice long bath, and then have an early night.

Her dad was on the computer, so he just nodded when she told him her plans.

He said he would bring her up a glass of water when she was ready to sleep.

She kissed him and went upstairs to the bathroom.

Bill was surprised when the phone rang, and Sue told him she was staying over with Mabel tonight.

He had no problem with this and told her so.

As he hung up the phone he discovered he had an erection, his cock was already looking forward to fucking his daughter tonight.

Bill crept upstairs and listened outside the bathroom door.

He could hear Jane splashing in the bath, and visualised her big naked breasts all soapy and wet.

He wanted to open the door and look at her, but controlled himself with an effort.

He would see plenty of her later, when she was asleep.

He went back downstairs, and mixed a measure of sedative into her bedtime glass of water.

A while later he heard her call to him that she was ready for her water, and he took it up to her.

She was sitting up in bed in her dressing gown; he knew that she was naked under it as she slept naked.

His hand shook with suppressed lust, as he placed the glass on her bedside cabinet and chastely kissing her goodnight left the room.

Jane was embarrassed with herself, since she had become sexually active with John and the group she had become something of a cock watcher. She had always been aware of the erections her breasts gave the men in the factory.

She had learned to outwardly ignore them, whilst being secretly pleased at her effect on the males that surrounded her.

Thus it was that she noticed her dad had a hard on, as he placed her water on the dressing table.

She knew that her mum had been fucking her dad more often lately; this was due mainly to a feeling of guilt on Sue's part.

Jane loved both her parents, but if push came to shove then she had to admit she loved Sue a little bit more than her dad.

Being a Doctor he hadn't been around a lot when she was growing up, and lately he seemed a bit strung out and twitchy.

If she didn't know better, she would have thought he was on Speed or some other type of drug.

She had often lain on her bed listening to Bill fucking her mum, Sue was a noisy fucker and moaned and howled during her orgasms.

They used to fuck in the kitchen, until Sue and Jane started having sex together.

Now Sue didn't care if Jane heard her fucking.

Jane had often wondered what her dads cock looked like, was it as big as Johns?

She had never had the nerve to ask her mum, even when they were fucking.

Thinking about cocks had made her moist, and she slipped off her dressing gown and settled down on the bed ready for a good bout of masturbation.

She had a big vibrator, but lately preferred to use her fingers to play with her clitoris and cunt.

She usually thought of John's big cock thrusting into her cunt to get herself going, but tonight she couldn't get her dad's cock out of her mind. Surrendering to the inevitable, she fantasised about watching Bill fucking her mum up the arse.

She knew he did this because Sue had told her.

Bill also whipped Sues naked arse, leaving red welts that Jane had seen and tried to kiss better.

Thinking of her dad's big cock ramming up her mum's arse, combined with the stimulation of her fingers, brought on her orgasm and she bucked and writhed naked on the bed as it flowed through her.

Afterwards she lay tired out and with a dry mouth, she gulped down her water and snuggled under the covers.

In a short while she was fast asleep.

Bill had rushed to the garage to make the final preparations for his session with Jane.

For some reason he stripped naked, and after watching the clock for half an hour to ensure she was sleeping, he finally crept up the stairs to her room.

Listening outside he heard nothing, so gently opened her door and saw her glass was empty and she seemed asleep.

He checked her pulse and eyes, to check she was in a deep drugged sleep.

Pulling back her covers, he once again saw her naked for him.

'Hello my sexy baby, do you want to come and play with Daddy in the garage? What's that you say Jane? You want me to carry you down to the garage and fuck you, whatever you say dear.'

Sliding his arms under her naked body, he lifted her in his arms and carried her downstairs to the garage.

The hospital trolley was waiting for her, and he laid her limp body on her belly.

Taking a big dollop of lubricant he opened her arse cheeks wide and oiled her anus thoughly.

He enjoyed the feeling of her arse gripping his finger, as he pushed it into her anus and rotated it to stretch her bum hole.

Bill's cock was throbbing with desire, and he slipped a strap under her breasts and two more, one for each leg.

He adjusted them so they were taut, and then lowered the trolley leaving his daughter hanging in mid air, her arms and head dangling, her limp body suspended by the wide straps.

He remembered the video camera, and turned it on ensuring it had a good view of Jane's naked body.

He was a bit concerned about her head dangling, so using a thinner strap he tied her long hair to an overhead beam.

Now her hair held up her head, and her mouth was just right for fucking.

Walking around to her head he rubbed his cock over her face and into her slack mouth.

' What's that you say Jane darling,' he said to her unconscious body, 'Let me suck your big cock Daddy, Oh very well then open wide for Daddy.'

The feel of her unresponsive lips on his knob, made his cock rigid, and he pushed it into her mouth until he felt his knob hit the back of her throat.

The sedative he had administered to Jane numbed her gag reflex, and he found he could push his cock deep into her throat.

She instinctively breathed through her nose, when his cock filled her gullet.

Bill pushed his cock deep into her throat, until her slack lips were pressed hard against his balls.

He began to fuck her mouth and throat, watching in amazement as his entire cock disappeared into her mouth.

'How's that darling is Daddy's cock big enough for you? Is it bigger than your boyfriends? I bet he doesn't stick his cock right down your throat like this doe's he?'

He found he could hold her big dangling breasts, as he mouth fucked her. He squeezed them hard and pinched her nipples, as he fucked her mouth. The sight of her naked arse reminded him he had other holes to fuck.

He pulled his cock out of her throat, and moved around her body until he was standing between her legs.

From this position he could clearly see her anus and cunt, both were in the perfect position for fucking.

He decided to leave her arse for the end of this session, that way he could squirt his cum up it.

'What's that you say Jane, you will have to speak up because I'm standing between your naked legs looking at your arse. You want me to stick my fingers up your cunt and arse hole? Oh very well as you insist.'

He thrust his fingers up into her cunt and fingered it gently.

As before even in sleep, Jane's cunt reacted to this stimulation by becoming juicy.

Leaving two fingers in her cunt, he also inserted two fingers into her bum fingering both simultaneously.

Soon her cunt and arse hole, were well stretched and ready for fucking.

'You want Daddy to ram his big cock into your little cunt? OK then here it comes.'

Ensuring the camera got a good view he pushed his cock deep into her tight cunt, and holding her body firmly began to fuck her hard.

He could see her big tits bouncing madly under her, as he fucked her limp body.

He loved this, she was so tight, and he knew he could do anything to her without her protesting.

The sight of her little anus was now too tempting.

'Very well Jane, you want it up your bum do you? Oh well I suppose I can do that for you.'

He pulled his cock out of her cunt, and thrust it between her bum cheeks and into her anus.

Bill rammed his cock right up her bum until his balls hit her arse.

Her arse was so fucking tight, it was almost squeezing the cum out of his cock.

He was getting far to close to squirting, so he pulled his cock out of her arse.

He went into the sitting room to get a drink, and cool his cock down.

She was left dangling, as he made himself a strong drink and popped a pill to keep him alert.

Walking about naked allowed his cock to soften, and soon it hung down between his legs swaying as he walked around the house.

When he was ready he returned to the garage, to find Jane still deeply asleep and dangling in the air.

He knelt down and took her nipple into his mouth; he squeezed and sucked on her breasts until her nipples were hard and swollen.

His cock was now swollen, and he again stood behind her and thrust his rigid cock back up her bum.

It was just as tight as before, and he fucked her arse long and hard relishing the feel of her anus gripping his shaft tightly.

It was too erotic for his control; he could feel his cum wanting to explode from his balls and pour out of his cock into her arse.

'What's that daughter, you want to taste your arse and swallow Daddy's cum? No problem just let me pull my big cock out of your arse, and then you can kiss it.'

He pulled his cock out of her arsehole, and thrust his finger up her relaxed anus.

He found he could fit additional fingers into her arsehole, until he had four deep inside her bum.

Her arse was gaping wide, and he moved her round so the camera could record her gaping hole.

Bill stood in front of Jane and turning her head to one side positioned his cock ready to squirt his cum into her open mouth.

'Would you like to see your Daddy wanking Jane? OK then watch my big knob and see my cum squirting out into your mouth.'

Bill rubbed his cock briskly in front of Jane's face until he felt his balls contract as his cum jetted out of his knob.

He held her head steady, and watched as his jets of cum squirted into her open mouth.

'Drink your Daddy's cum my darling daughter, swallow every drop like a good girl.'

He groaned in pleasure as his balls emptied into his daughter's mouth. Eventually he was empty and stood there with his cock limp and satisfied.

He reluctantly replaced the trolley and untied her.

Leaving her lying on her belly he wiped her cunt and arse.

He then carried her back upstairs and laid her back on her bed.

Bill tucked the covers around her, and went back to the garage to clean it up.

The next morning Jane woke with a cold, at least she thought she was coming down with something.

She had a very sore throat, and her mouth tasted horrible.

Her whole body ached, and her arse still seemed to be tender from her buggering the day before yesterday.

She must be getting old she thought, as she slowly got ready for work.

Sue wasn't the only married woman who was labouring under a load of guilt.

She was now joined in sin by Doreen; who had just been unfaithful to Sam for the first time in her life.

Doreen hadn't counted her sex with the mystery woman, as she hadn't initiated that encounter.

However she certainly had known what she was doing, when she went to see her friend Mabel.

She had gone to see Mabel for the express purpose of Sex, and had been well and truly fucked in all her holes.

This morning her cunt and arse were throbbing uncomfortably after her experiences of the previous night.

She felt so guilty, that she made Sam a big breakfast and took it up to him as he lay in bed.

As he tucked into his bacon and eggs, she sat crosslegged on the bed and decided to tell him about John and Alison.

She was surprised that he took it so calmly; little realising that Mabel had already told him earlier.

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