tagIncest/TabooAunty Catches Me on the Rebound

Aunty Catches Me on the Rebound


Our family property and farming business is based around a manor house which has been in our family for over two hundred years, at some stage in its life we had lent 70% of it to the military, initially they used it as a hospital then divided it into forty six apartments as officers accommodation, all but four of them are very up market and mostly rented out to business tenants, between £2000 & £15000 per month. There is also a well equipped gym and swimming pool, we have a waiting list so we rarely have an empty apartment.

My grandparents were keen nudists and encouraged the family to follow suite, which we all do to some degree. When they passed away within two weeks of each other Dad, his two brothers and sister inherited the business, most of us work here and live in the remaining 30%, which consists of 12 suites plus a big kitchen, some offices, dining room, a communal lounge and the grand hall which in typical farming tradition at 33x66ft is 1/20th acre.

I lost my cherry to a girl three years ago, since then I've had six gay relationships, I really think of myself as being gay but the funny thing is: I always missed my partners not having tits to play with and lust after, just like any red blooded straight guy. I suppose it's a bit of a contradiction and therefore label myself as bisexual.

Cutting to the chase, at the age of 22, my latest relationship broke up as the result of yet another row with him, I simply returned home as I had done several times previously but this time it was at 1am and when I found someone sleeping in 'my' bed I headed for the lounge to bunk down on a sofa. Aunty Annie was there feeding her granddaughter and watching a film on TV. She has always been the one to deal with the emotional aspects in the family whereas Mum has always been the skinny girly type, a bit flighty and scatterbrained and forever on a strict diet. In fact Aunty Annie had always been more of a mother to me than my own mother had.

After the baby was returned to bed, I cried on Aunties shoulder, well actually if I'm being honest here I cried on her tits which are massive, massive with a big M and having just seen them being used to feed my niece I soon hugged and kissed them and found myself sucking milk from them till the film finished. At that point she offered to share her bed with me, which I happily accepted and went to sleep with my head snuggled to her shoulder and a hand holding a breast.

I realised it was just getting light, "Sorry Telly (I couldn't say Terry when I was tiny and the name stuck) your hard willy was too irresistible."

I replied with something silly like: "Your welcome," before I was awake, before I realised Aunty Annie was straddling me with my dick inside her. Once I was awake she stepped it up a gear and started grinding her clit hard against me till she came with lots of oo's, ah's and grunting.

"Oh sorry Mum," said a voice from the door, "I didn't realise you had someone here." We both laughed after the door closed!

"Now it's your turn, would you prefer to be in my bum?"

"Just as we are is good for me, you carry on what you were doing," I reached up to play with Aunties big breasts again and a couple of minutes later with more oo's & ah's, Aunty Annie and I came together, "That was awesome Aunty." She leant forwards and laid on me with a breast on each of my shoulders for a kiss which felt delicious.

"Let me go and find out what Beth was after, anyway she needs to know I fed kiddo during the night."

With that Aunty Annie casually left her bedroom stark naked, having committed incest with me, without a mention of it, that was when I realised she had even put a condom on me.

Being honest with myself I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Aunty Annie and had often sat to watch TV with her in various states of undress as we share similar tastes in drama, humour and smut, and as mentioned earlier our whole family have never bothered covering up indoors.

Once I had got over my break up there was a lot of flirting going on, namely from Aunty Annie 52, her daughter Bethany (Beth) 31, Uncle Charles daughter Denise 32 and Uncle Edwards Son Frederick (Fred or Freddy but likes to be called Frederica as he is also gay) 33.

One day while cutting wheat I saw a sheep floating in the lake and called over the radio for assistance, Freddy drove down, when he got there I stripped naked & swam out to the sheep with a rope then he pulled us back, we dumped the ewe in the back of the truck then laid down in the warm sun to dry off.

Beth returned from a shopping trip and seeing us stopped to chat, she is also well endowed, I estimate something like 36F but no one actually knows because she has never owned a single bra. She was dressed like Daisy Duke and lying beside me flirted wildly, teasing me with her tits. In no time I was turned on and sporting my modest hard on, then she knelt astride my legs and gave me a lovely titty fuck. Right on cue the radio squawks into life asking if Freddy has finished as the truck is wanted at the house for another job.

Beth drove off in the truck, leaving me unsatisfied, I started to dress but Freddy stopped me & gave me a blow job 'To finish me off' then left in the car Beth arrived in, I dressed and continued with the wheat.

Later that evening Freddy and his wife Fiona (yes I know he is gay!) were having another of their 'discussions' about their sex lives so I took their two older children outside to play with the rabbits, after a while she came out and stood beside me watching them playing, we chatted about it and she was obviously upset so I put my arm round her shoulder, pulling her closer till her head dropped to my shoulder, "I don't know why I stay with him, we have made love only once in four years."

"Hence you have a four month old baby."

"Yeah... hence."

"Well you know he's gay," I added, "but I don't think he's being seeing anyone, do you?" there was no answer. "He gave me a blow job earlier."

Fiona cut in quickly: "Yes I know, he said..." There was a long pause, "Come on kids time for a bath." They came over as good as gold and we all went indoors.

An hour later I'd helped bathe them and read them a story, they were both in bed asleep. I made myself a large JD & coke and sat in the big lounge looking at the TV guide, Fiona came to find me, took a big slug of my drink, "That was silly, I haven't had a drink since I found I was pregnant, that'll go straight to my milk," then placed her head on my shoulder again and asked: "Should I be worried?

"About a drunken baby?"

"No," thumping my chest, About Freddy and me."

"I think he makes a terrific Dad if that's anything to go by... but I don't know if that's enough to make him a good husband."

"Me neither!"

I kissed the top of her head, left my mouth there, inhaling the faint smell of smoke from a bonfire. We sat like that for ½ hour. Aunty Annie entered the nearly dark room and put the light on, "Oh sorry I didn't realise you're in here, you two ok?" silence, "Should I go?"

"No no, I'm getting worried about Freddy and me."

"Ah," butted in Aunty, "That." She sat the other side of Fiona and placed her arm on the back of the sofa, behind Fiona and me. "He makes a great dad, but as you're not getting any why don't you find yourself a bloke and have an affair? The solution sounds too simple to me."

Fiona turned quickly to Aunty, "You reckon, how would that go down though?"

"Oh Fi, we all know the score, he's as bent as a nine bob note, sorry Terry, and personally I'm surprised you're still together. Everyone here wants to see you and Freddy happy, go find someone to tickle your fancy and let Freddy do the same, you don't have to divorce or anything."

Auntie's phone rang: "Hello... yes... which one... I'll sort it ... OK that should fine." She pressed the red button, "So missy now what was I was saying?"

"Have an affair."

"Hmm, that's right... Erm that was 2F, reckons he's just put the light on in the hall, it flashed very bright and all his lights have gone off except the bathroom, could you have a look please Terry?"

"I'll go too." Said Fiona rather too enthusiastically.

"I thought you might want to!" Aunty had a glint in her eye, "And where is the fuse box for 2F?"

"2D." Fiona and I said in unison.

"And who is staying in 2D at the moment? No don't answer that Fi, I've seen the looks you have been swapping with the new guy in Donaldson's flat!" This had all passed me by; in fact I don't think I had seen the tenant.

"Does look good though doesn't he?" Said Fiona blushing.

I stood, "Aunty scrolled through the phones directory and waited for an answer, "Good evening, I'm sorry to disturb you this is Annie from the office... your neighbours lights have gone off and it sound as if they have tripped a breaker... oh good, would it be OK if we... thank you very much." She put the phone down, "Hold your horses, 2D's in the bath so he's expecting us in 20 minutes," I sat down. "I suggest you have a quick bath yourself young lady." Fiona upped and left like a ferret up a drain pipe.

20 minutes later Fiona had showered and dressed in a short red skirt and white T shirt with no bra and we were standing outside 2D & 2F, she looked nervous and before we knocked she misquoted from Captain Oates: "I'm just going inside and I may be some time." Both doors were opened simultaneously, I heard the very enthusiastic invitation 'oh hi come in come in' from 2D, she entered quickly and the door closed behind her. I entered 2F and the lights came on but not the hall so I unscrewed the glass shade to remove the dead bulb, replaced with a new one from the store cupboard by the stairs, checked it then replaced the shade after wiping it out...

"OK Aunty that's done, I've put it in the diary, where's Fi?"

"Not with you?"

"No'o, you don't think...?" I shrugged my shoulder and raised my hands at waist level in a questioning gesture. We sat and chatted for about an hour then Fiona returned with a Cheshire cat grin on her face and nipples poking out like they were trying to disassociate themselves from her body, she sat between us on the sofa. "So?"

"So nothing."

Really?" Said I. Fiona blushed.

"Nothing? Said Aunty, "you've been gone an hour."

"He was making coffee."

Aunty gave a nipple a little twist, "Well missy these don't get to look like this on their own... and T shirts don't turn themselves inside out, either!"

"Oops busted. Well I've found he's a tit man and likes breast milk!" clenching her fist and pulling down, "Bring it on."

"And what else?"

"No that's all."

"And how do you feel now?"

"Alive Aunty, alive."

"Good girl, now go lay with your husband and tell me in the morning how you feel."

"Thanks for understanding, oh by the way if I need to can I rely on you to feed Finlay if I run out of milk?"

"Of course," with a nod. Fiona left the room still with the Cheshire cat grin. As soon as she had left Aunty and I looked at each other, our chins dropped, "That was a bit quicker than I expected!"

"Me too Aunty, me too. Now talking of milk," I started undoing her clothes and suckled till I felt my tummy filling. "How about a fuck too?" Aunty stood and held out her hand.

We showered together, she collapsed star shaped backwards onto her bed, I lifted her legs to the vertical and planted my mouth over her magic flower, sucking on the clit, and her lips then licked up and down a few times and jabbed my tongue in and out rapidly. "Come and fuck me Telly." I ignored her and continued licking then put one leg down so I could use fingers on Aunties pussy too, sometimes on her clit and some time inside her. When her other leg became too heavy to hold up I lowered that too and it settled over my shoulder which meant I had two hands to play.

I felt her getting very wet and introduced more fingers till I had my whole hand inside Aunty, she was getting very worked up and I saw her nipples started leaking so cleaned them with my mouth and suckled some more. All of a sudden she had a massive orgasm and forced my hand out of her pussy as she contracted during a spasm.

"Put a condom on and fuck me will you? I need to feel you inside me now." I did as she said and moved on top of her, finding myself in an unexpectedly loose orifice I knelt up and lifted her legs again and holding them tight together found her loose hole became much tighter again and I humped comfortably, her legs were getting heavy again so laid them over my shoulders which means I was able to hold and caress her breasts and her clitoris. She closed her eyes and started with her oo's and ah's again which spurred me on, I filled the condom with a dozen or so spurts and somewhere in the middle of that Aunty Annie got very tense, squeezing her legs together, hurting my neck but most important having another of her big orgasms, the result of which she straightened her body which lifted her bum high and off my cock, I finished her off with more rubbing of her pussy lips and clit.

I felt hands each side of my waist and some big breasts against my back, that and the sound of Beths voice shocked me: "I heard the noise and came to check on you Mum... Sorry I didn't know you two were doing things together... It looked like you both enjoyed it... I certainly enjoyed watching."

"Get out will you, cant I have any privacy here?"

"Sorry Mum, see you in the morning... night night." Followed by the sound of the door closing.

"Sorry about that, she is not used to her mum having a life."

"No... I'm not used to performing to spectators either... I love the way you come, I think you're really enjoying this."

"Oh yes, oh yes, I haven't had a partner in 5 years since hubby died, but he never lasted as long as you so I've never had time for these sort of sensations."

"Glad to be of service mam," lifting my head in a boasting attitude, "Glad you like."

"Welcome home Telly, now put me down so I can have a piss."

"Sure thing mam," in my best Elvis impression and saluting, "Sure thing." We both went to the toilet and cleaned up, where I disposed of the condom then returned to bed snuggled together and woke at 6:30am.

"Mmm'mm, sleep well?"

"I remember snuggling together and waking in the same position but that was is it, how about you?"

I'd quite forgotten what it's like to sleep and wake with someone, this bed feels so big on my own, you're welcome to share it anytime you like, did I say welcome home Telly?"

We both sat up propped on pillows against the headboard, "Nice to be home Aunty Annie, feeling hungry?"

"Hungry for what,? that is the question."

"Breakfast, what else?"

Aunty reached out to my cock, "This for a start, though I'm not so sure about the ring, has it ever caused any problems?"

"No it was sore for a few weeks but ever since it's felt really good, if you don't like it I can take it out if you want."

"It's the first piercing I have come across except ears, I guess I'll get used to it." By now she had worked me to full erection, said "I need your cock inside me," slipped a condom on me and mounted me, my head was buried deep between her massive breasts. In no time at all she had a little orgasm truncated only because I filled the condom and the need for a pee prevented me from letting her go any further. We both used the bathroom and went to the kitchen to find a number of people there in various states of dress and differing stages in their breakfasts.

The main topic of conversation seemed to be the approval of Fiona's actions last night, Freddy was very quiet though. The topic soon changed when Beth asked Aunty Annie if she enjoyed last night too, we both went red and there seemed to be a lot less approval for us, even more so when Mum came in and found out what's happened.

I spent most of the day cleaning out drainage ditches with a little Kubota digger and Uncle Edward driving a tractor and trailer getting rid of the spoil, Denise brought us lunch and the three of us sat in the warm sun to eat.

I should perhaps describe Denise at this point, she is a big girl at 6ft and has made herself into the spitting image of Penelope Cruz, when she is dressed up to go out she turns heads wherever she goes, at home without all the posh clothes and make up she becomes a real tomboy and would be the first of us to pull an engine apart, she will happily drive around all day in any of the vehicles we have and for a while she was part of a banger racing team which used one of our barns and fields. Like Beth she will be out there dressed like Daisy Duke but unlike Beth she always wears a substantial bra with loads of uplift and mega cleavage.

The conversation soon turned to Uncle Edwards Daughter in law Fiona and I was pleasantly surprised at his acceptance of the situation, however the subject of my relationship with Aunty Annie was met with less than complimentary comments which I had to fend off but was unable to defend and I was glad that Denise started asking about the recent modifications to the trailers tipping mechanism and whether the hydraulic ram was long enough. After lunch the rest of the days work went well and we packed away by 4:30.

I showered and went into town to meet up with some friends for a drink and told them the situation, their reactions were all along the lines of 'go for it but be careful' which cheered me up a bit.

By the time I took a taxi home I was quite drunk and feeling hungry, the only person still up was Beth feeding her baby. I made us both a cheese sandwich and I sat with them.

"Good evening?"

"Good, yes ta. Hadn't seen two of them for two years, they'd been away on a gap year, or two, hah."

"Where'd they go?"

"South... Oz, New Zealand, South America, South Africa... South."

"OK, sweet... Tell me, how pissed are you?"

"Fairly, six or seven beers and a dozen or so shots, why?"

"Need to talk about this thing with you and Mum."

"Yeah, maybe not tonight babe, I think I'm too far gone for that

"Look Terry, Mum has been quite low since Dad died, that's the main reason I let her feed Berni as much as she does, but she's on such a high at the moment since you've been back, it's great to see her like this but I'll be honest with you, I'm scared she will get hurt."

"If it's the truth we're looking for, I'm scared too for all sorts of reasons but tonight I'm pissed and mostly I'm scared of saying the wrong thing, right now I think you've got fucking gorgeous tits and I think I need to go to bed." The next I was aware of was waking at 4:15 still on the sofa with a pillow and a duvet. I went for a pee and returned to the warm duvet.

I was awoken at 8:30 by Dad bringing me a coffee "Terry we need to have a chat."

"Yep ok Dad, everyone wants a chat with me but can we wait till the room has stopped swimming around please, any idea what I'm supposed to be doing this morning?"

"Long field Ditches with Eddy."

"Oh shit!"

"Don't worry Denise has already gone out with him, you know how she likes the feel of the Fordson between her legs!"

We both went to the kitchen and found plenty of fried food keeping warm "Oh good, I'm starving." and tucked in.

"Now I need to talk to you about Annie."

"Sorry Dad not now, a bit later when I've lost this hangover, yeah?"

"Sure thing."

I spent the day doing little odd jobs around the place and was feeling quite pleased with how much I was achieving, especially the corn blower in the grain store which has been causing problems for several years. After lunch I resumed the chat with Beth and as always enjoyed seeing her ample tits. "One of the things that scares me is that I have spent the last three years fucking with other guys and now end up in my Aunties bed, it's confusing the hell out of me."

"Now on that subject, is it unreasonable of me to ask if you practise safe sex?"

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