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Authority of Head of Household


This is an opinion article. Although I write about gender roles for men and women, I do not discriminate against my LGBT friends. They too can choose a role in a relationship that best fits them in how they identify. What I am merely speaking on is traditional foundations. I hope you enjoy and I really appreciate the feedback and what you what like to read from me in the future.


Take into consideration Survival of the Fittest, Natural Selection, gender roles, and gender appropriate behavior. In nature, as male and females, we have gender specific instinctive behaviors and abilities. All the while, we also have behaviors that are also learned either from our direct exposure to who raised us (parents, grand-parents, etc) and societal culture as represented through mass media and the adopted ideas carried over into day-to-day practices and beliefs.

Husbands, take back your rightful place as Head of Household:

Men are born natural leaders.

Fight for and earn back your place on top. Be a man of dignity, calm demeanor, love and most of all Total Authority. Lead by selflessness and instill discipline in your household. Strive for structure and lead your household by making decisions that always places the best interests of your wife and children first.

Show your wives how valuable they are by embracing their instinctual feminine place in nature, treasure their softness, and respect the gift of their submission and obedience.

Chivalry is not dead. It's just stuck in limbo.

Chivalry is a learned behavior and also a gift from good men that women need to earn back. Chivalry is the responsibility of both husbands and wives. But their roles and their behaviors and actions of chivalry differ. Kindness, sweetness, and caring love flourish through mutual acts of chivalry between Head of Household and his wife.

Chivalry is a mating dance. Chivalry is sexy, seductive, and strengthens the integrity of a strong, loving but firm traditional lifestyle. Yes, she can open the door herself, pull a chair out, open the pickle jar, and take out the trash. But as a strong leading man, do you really want her doing that? Do you want others to see her doing that in your presence? That's not sexy. For her or for you. Definite subconscious mood kill.

Chivalry is foreplay all day long.

And nothing turns her on more than when your big strong arm opens the door for her to slip past you. It's in that brief fleeting moment of realization that she has a strong dominant protector that sends her over the moon and back. If she isn't used to it, train and discipline her to stand and wait for you to open it for her.

Let's bring sexy back shall we?

Women, free yourselves from unnecessary stress and burdens and follow your internal instinct to submit to and be led by a strong man of character and dignity.

Women, are born with an instinct to submit and to be led. No matter how independent and professionally successful we may be. Our submissive instinct is repressed and over the last couple of generations we have been mentally re-wired by the cycle in mass media and society to feel ashamed to fulfill this role.

Women, imagine how good it would feel to free yourself of decisions after a long day of work, or running around caring for home, kids and domestic responsibilities. You will find peace in trusting your husband's decisions and ability to provide, protect, and to lead.

With less decision making on your plate, which leads to stress and exhaustion, you will also find that your sexual appetite comes back ten-fold. Yes, I'm telling you that you get to take shit off your already full plate and get rewarded for it! How do you go about it? It's simple, let him lead. Let him be the man, and allow yourself to take of the unattractive, constricting and uncomfortable pants. Those pants weren't meant for you to wear anyway!

For thousands of years, the traditional family structure in regards to the roles between husbands and wives has proven successful (throughout the worlds many cultures and belief systems).

The mass commercial distribution of the '50 Shades of Grey' trilogy awoke a sleeping desire in women they had long forgotten. Fighting what mass media and society has re-wired them into understanding as normal. There is no equality between men and women in regards to marriages.

Men lead, women follow. Authority and submission.

With that said, I am not implying in any way that women are second class citizens, or that they are not intellectually capable of being a successful business person, independent and "can do it all". We just forgot how to act like graceful ladies by embracing our natural innate instinct to be led in our domestic roles in marriage. When I say marriage, I mean lifestyle. Day to day happenings, domestic responsibilities, child-rearing practices, and the intimacy between Head of Household and his wife.

As for myself, I've been "doing it all" and I am so fucking tired I couldn't wait to give up the reigns and take my proper place in the passenger seat. It just took a strong man who was sincerely caring, loving, firm, and had my best interests in mind to kick me off my throne and show me how liberating it is to do what was so natural in my core being in the first place. Gifting submission and obedience to a deserving man comes as easily as breathing. I am the neck and He is the Head. I've never been so happy in my life.


The Bible outlines the order of Authority as God first, husband as Head of the Household, who leads through the word of God, andthe wife who submits and is obedient to the wisdom and guidance of her husband (Head of Household).

Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) is a lifestyle that more and more Christian couples are embracing and strictly practicing. Building a strong disciplined foundation for the success of their marriage and family structure. These are the most strict traditional roles as seen throughout history. Spanking the wife for maintenance and discipline are commonly practiced and embraced and consensual between the spouses.

Domestic Discipline (DD) is a lifestyle embraced by even more couples. As is the same for CDD, DD may incorporate biblical practices and worship written into the rules of the Head of Household, however it is not strictly structured around the actual teaching of the bible. It is however, an extremely traditional foundation designed to strengthen the unyielding trust, bond, and love between spouses. And yes, maintenance and discipline spankings are some forms of correction that are practiced and adhered to, thus 'Domestic Discipline'.

I actually find, even though my pain sensors are very real, that my body reacts positively regardless if I am spanked for discipline purposes or for sexual play. I have even found that on days where I have been moody and perhaps rude at times and received a series of hard discipline spankings, I walked away feeling great, as if my spankings washed away my stress that caused my bad mood.

Besides, all women crave a good spanking from time to time. Perhaps the design of our well rounded and thoroughly cushioned asses were designed for just that. We can take it. I sure can, and so should you.

Bottom line, Domestic Discipline is an intimate traditional lifestyle that not only embraces but requires the Traditional and Total Authority of Head of Household and the Total Submission and Obedience of the wife. Do not be misunderstood, the communication and shared discussions of decisions are done between spouses, however the Head of Household has final say on the decision at hand.

I should not fail to mention that while DD may fall under the BDSM category, it is not BDSM. DD is a 24/7 lifestyle between monogamous married couples, whereas most participants of BDSM center it on sexual arousal and sessions. Now, throw some BDSM in the sexual explorations of a DD lifestyle and EXPLOSION! Men, you'll have her following you around like a lost innocent puppy dog awaiting her next treat. That's how you train her!

Living a DD lifestyle is a wonderful experience, where discipline must be enforced by Head of Household and will be gratefully received by the wife. So much more can be said on this topic, however, that will be reserved for another story.

Natural and proper roles of men and women in society.

The family structure has disintegrated on a mass scale. With that said, Female Led Relationships are unnatural and men are falling victim to these roles as their masculinity has slowly been stripped from them through societal evolution between the feminist movements and the mass media. Nothing turns a mentally strong and sexually healthy woman off more than a man who does not own his masculinity and therefore is inclined to yield to the authority of a woman.

Ok Ladies, raise your hand if your pussy just dried up thinking about that concept?

Ya, mine too!!!!

Join the "No Bullying" Campaign and stand up for the preservation of men's masculinity.

We as women cannot expect and feel entitled to a "good man" if we are constantly tearing them down and stripping them of what qualities make them a "good man".

No wonder many women are shouting that chivalry is dead. The last 3 generations have seen an increase in divorce rates, single mothers, and a collapse in the traditional family structure. No doubt many men are waving the white flag and throwing chivalry out the window. These manners have been lost in the upbringing of boys and girls. If it's not taught to boys by their fathers, or to girls by their mothers, how do we expect men to behave as strong leaders and gentleman, or women as submissive and graceful ladies?

There are more and more Millennial females coming of age and well into their late 20's that lack the basic skills of preparing and cooking meals, house cleaning, and chivalrous manners. Why, you ask? Because they lacked the proper training, or examples of behavior, in their youth as to how to run a household, respect a good man, and therefore lack the maternal instinct to parent properly. Setting off a domino effect with the next generation.

The women's movement is killing the foundation of family, home, and marriage.

Women can still work outside the home and find independence. Fight for equal pay, you deserve it. Ideally, it would be in the best interest of raising children for the woman to remain home and fulfill her domestic and maternal role and proper raising of her children to ensure the success of the next generation. Understandably, especially if you live in states like California, two incomes are quite often the requirement to afford basic living. However, there is absolutely nothing shameful in downsizing so the wife can stay home. If you ask me, that is in fact true leadership and a very honorable, admirable, and responsible thing to do (and damn sexy if you ask me) After all, a true Head of Household will always have the best interests of His family in mind.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could go back to the 1950's and rewrite history before the feminist movement took hold and went in a whole other direction?

Take pride in your natural feminine roles, maternal abilities, and domestic responsibilities. Be obedient, submissive, thoughtful, and always kind hearted. Our strength as women shine when we embrace those natural characteristics that would otherwise come so easy to us.


I would like to add, that I read this article to my female Millennial cousins on a girls trip to Santa Cruz, California while lying on the beach in Aptos (ages ranging between 21-27), and to my greatest surprise, they all agreed, applauded even, to every opinion and point I made in this article.

My response to these young women was very simple, "Change the views of our society, live the lives and roles in your relationships you feel are natural to you." Perhaps, and just maybe, it's not too late to balance out the traditional lifestyle with those opinions of the feminist movement?

These Millennials, which I so blatantly called out in my article for lacking the qualities, in my opinion, which make a good wife, mother, and life partner, are indeed yearning for the opportunity to live out their lives in this exact role. The reason perhaps is that what they have found as lacking or missing in their lives and/or up-bringing were the exact qualities I am encouraging them to embrace.

Time to make a change and take a stance. Take back, without shame, our natural born gender roles.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/16/18

This lifestyle is natural and works for us!

My husband is kind and good hearted and a natural leader of our family. He is a good father to our three young children. I strive to keep a clean and orderly house and care for him and the children. Wemore...

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by Anonymous05/12/18

Yeah, right.

There are no "natural" gender roles, psychology is a science without definition. What do you know about every woman's or man's desire? Have you conducted a global research including all 7.6 billion people?

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by Anonymous02/12/18


Seriously, an indoctrinated person. This is all Bible BS. Just as many men are passive non-leaders as women who are born leaders. If we had more people like you we’d be in the 1950s again.

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