tagLetters & TranscriptsAutumn, Across The Miles

Autumn, Across The Miles


My selfless husband,

An anxious autumn arrived today and brought with it the loveliest hues of browns, yellows, and reds. I don't imagine the desert offers you much in an assortment of colors? I watched crisp leaves, accompanied by a warm breeze; scrape across our driveway and neglected lawn, directionless and without purpose. A reflection of how I feel when you are not near me, the days are dull without your presence. In your prolonged absence, I pined for you emotionally as always, but yesterday I felt a different ache stirring within my body. It was a delectable sensation, similar to when you would run your velvety tongue gently across my clitoris; I felt it whenever I thought of you. The entire day was checkered with thoughts of us intertwined, resulting in a pair of saturated panties!

The crotch of my lace panties was sticky with remnants of my hunger for you, and I found the scent intoxicating, a natural aphrodisiac! I tasted it, wiping my index finger down the center of the marinated cotton panel, and tentatively licked my finger. The sweetness was tinged with tanginess, and I thought it tasted good enough to be served over vanilla ice cream. I felt shameless when I thought of you baby, your moss green eyes fringed in dark lashes, the coarseness of the stubble on your face in the late evening, and the roughness of your hands. I wanted to climb the dining room walls, overwhelmed by a craving for your well-endowed cock; I evolved into a Venus with powers of seduction, sensuality radiated from every pore.

I savored every delicious pinging within, the indescribable level of horniness boiling beneath the surface. When night finally fell, I went to bed early and wore nothing but my desire for you. I smiled slightly when I closed my eyes, stretching my body out flat and eagerly spread my legs. My hands were guided by the memory of your hands, caressing my heavy breasts, tweaking each sensitive nipple before sliding down my ribs and stomach, squeezing my rounded hips, ample bottom, and soft thighs. Your long fingers gently swirled around my silky auburn muff, gingerly stroking my clit until I was poised to orgasm. Strategically, you eased off and slid your adoring fingers into my creamy canal; your trigger finger drenched in my carnal passion. For half an hour you raised me to the brink of severe pleasure, and tormented me with such affectionate cruelty.

With each denial of an orgasm, my neediness to climax became insatiable. The most corrupt thoughts spawned from the union of lust and depravity occupied my mind. I craved the taste of your cock, its sensual scent and unique texture, crying for it the way a baby cries for its mother's milk. Your hands steadily masturbated me, and I was spread out on our marital bed bereft of modesty, the covers I once hid from you under, flung to the side. I thought of how you once pleaded with me to let you show me the golden rainbow, and how I had flatly refused. Last night, I thought of you throwing me into the bathtub, urinating on me as I willingly leaned into it! The hot, pungent stream aimed at my face and shoulders, the acrid taste leaked into my readied mouth. After you finished, you lifted me out lovingly by my matted, auburn hair and forced me down on my knees. You shoved your soft prick into my opened mouth and I dutifully cleaned you cock and restored it to a full erection. You rewarded me by playfully smacking me in the head; followed by furiously masturbating inches from my urine soaked face, my hair tangled in your painful grip. I reveled in your groaning, grimaced at the tightening hold of my scalp, and relished the words of love you growled as you rubbed one out just for me. Several seconds pass before your steamy semen dispersed like silly string from a can, and still, you weren't satisfied. You demanded more, tossing me back into the bathtub stinking of your piss and cum, and ordered me to shower. I did as I was told in a frenzied fashion, because I needed to be fucked. I was laced in a straight jacket of lust.

I stood before you, naked and damp in our tiny bedroom. A thunderstorm brewed outside, the lightening illuminated your heavenly, hairy body and the dog tags on your broad chest. I remained still, and watched you lie on your back, and raise your knees to reveal your tight anus. Obediently, I bent my head, parted my lips, and tongue tickled your sensitive rectum. Your body tensed and relaxed in response to my probing tongue, delicately splashing saliva around your lovely, blush pink rosebud. When enough lubrication was applied, my tongue served as a miniature prick. I violated your tender sphincter muscles and indulged in oral sodomy. You approached another climax, but I no longer felt subservient. You already had an orgasm, and I had not. I withdrew my tongue and straddled you, digging my knees into your strong sides. You grunted uncomfortably, and it amused me. I struck you hard in the jaw, twice; the lightening allowed me to see the look of shock on your perfect face. I pulled on your dog chain, choking you, until I heard your heavy, labored breathing over the storm raging outside; I released the silver chain and studied your swollen manhood.

I adored your penis, inhaling the seductive scent of your beautiful balls, nibbled your sexy shaft and noted each individual ridge. It was the very tip that caused me to swoon; a mushroom shaped crowning glory, silky smooth with droplets of honey, tempting me to suckle. I sampled your seeds, and then swallowed you whole, working my mouth like a vagina with a tongue. I felt the tickle of you pubic hair on my nose, lips, and chin with each oral thrust. I released you from my mouth when you felt ready, and mounted you, lowering myself down and soiling your cock in savory cunt drippings. I was fucking you uninhibited and raw, when an eerie silence enveloped me. Physically, I was riding you but spiritually, I was in a holy place. My orgasm ripped through me and when I opened my eyes, you had disappeared, as did the storm. My body stuck to sweaty sheets, a wet circle soaked into the mattress beneath my shaking thighs, and my fingertips were pruned. I fell asleep and woke anew, but as always, I missed you. Stay safe, and hurry home my sweet soldier, and we will indulge every fantasy I ever refused you, I promise! I love you, now and always.

Your devoted wife,


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