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Avengers Ass-emble!


Contents: MMMM/F, Consensual Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Female Masturbation, Humor

Note: This story takes place immediately following the events of Avengers (vol. I) #1, published by Marvel Comics.

Note: This story was originally written under the name of Necromancer, but I’ve decided to use the new name Doctor Insanus. It has more of a corny, comic book-type of feel that I’m trying to put in my writing.

If you’ve made it this far, you probably know what’s in store for you. Needless to say, this is not a story for minors. So, if you are not 18, or if you ARE 18 and are offended by graphic descriptions of various sexual acts, then for crying out loud, GO AWAY! Consider yourself warned.


The battle was over. Loki was defeated.

The Avengers made their way to the New York mansion that Tony Stark had set aside for use as their headquarters. A feeling of exhilaration was shared by all of them. Thor, of course, felt the pride in earning a noble victory over a mighty foe. Iron Man was already making plans for the next series of upgrades he would implement in his armor. The Hulk just wanted to kick some ass and get something to eat. Ant-Man couldn’t believe that he had finally reached the big leagues! Fighting alongside Thor & Iron Man! The Hulk! How much bigger does it get? As for the Wasp, she wanted to get a shower and fix her hair. All that fighting had gotten her so sweaty!

"You boys may not mind, but I simply have to get cleaned up! Can you imagine a picture of me looking like this ended up on the front page of the tabloids?" She brushed aside a strand of sweaty hair from her face and sniffed. "I’m all stinky! Iron Man, where’s the bathroom? I’ve got to get out of these nasty things!"

"Down the hall, last door on the right." Iron Man chuckled. To be honest, he was smelling kind of nasty himself. Being stuck in a tin can while you battled for your life wasn’t the most pleasant way to spend your day. He made a mental note to himself: add some sort of ventilation system in the next model.

As the Wasp made her way to the bathroom, her teammates settled into the mansion, admiring the exquisite design and furnishings their new headquarters contained.

"Truly, this be a home worthy of man or god," Thor stated. "We owe this Anthony Stark a debt of thanks."

"It’s the least I... the least he could do, Thor." Iron Man smiled beneath his armored faceplate. Especially since I am Tony Stark, he thought. "He sees this team as the front line in the defense of humanity."

Ant-Man leaned back in his chair. "Well, I for one can’t wait to set up my lab and get to work. I’ve got some ideas on how to make myself and Jan more valuable players."

"I’ll see to it that you get everything you need, Hank." Iron Man replied. "Just make a list of all the equipment and I’ll pass it along to Mister Stark."

"Bah! All this talkin’ about equipment! Just point me in the direction of the bad guys, and get outta my way!" The Hulk had been in the kitchen, but he returned now with enough food to feed a small elephant. "All I need is some grub and a place to eat it!"

Thor and Iron Man exchanged a glance. This could develop into a problem, Iron Man thought. The Hulk is a powerful ally; arguably as powerful as Thor himself. But it wouldn’t take much to set him off. Then we’d be in serious trouble.

Oblivious to the tension around him, Hank Pym pondered what new revolutionary advances he would make in the field of biology, and how they would make him a more powerful asset for the Avengers.


Meanwhile, Janet Van Dyne had discovered the spacious bathroom and was admiring the marble hot tub that dominated it. She smiled; this was going to feel incredible after such a long, hard day’s work. She slowly unzipped her skintight costume, exposing her sweat-soaked skin. Turning toward a large mirror that dominated most of the far wall, she admired her reflection.

She was a beautiful young woman. Although she was a newcomer to this superhero business, she had already become quite famous for her form-fitting costumes. A number of pictures of her had appeared in several magazines, and with the shortage of female crimefighters nowadays, demand for her was growing steadily. She had made every effort to satisfy her fans, designing her own costumes to make them as sexy as possible while still maintaining as much dignity as she could.

As her costume fell to the floor, she gripped her pert tits and pressed them together. Although they weren't especially large, her petite figure made them appear fuller than they actually were. Each was topped with a perfect round nipple about the size of a quarter, growing erect as she slowly caressed them. Turning, she admired her curvaceous young ass. She had a beautiful butt, and more than one man had dreamed of filling it with his throbbing cock. Truthfully, Jan often had this dream herself; she had almost asked Hank to try it, but he was so strait-laced. What would he think?

Jan smiled as the warmth of the bathroom seeped into her body, her tired muscles already beginning to relax. Steam filled the room, making it appear she stood in the center of a dense cloud. Soon, she could barely see herself in the mirror. Oh well, she thought. I really should get cleaned up; I feel so nasty!

She sighed as she slowly lowered herself into the steaming tub. The water in the tub was frothing, tiny bubbles massaging every inch of her body. Gasping, Jan spread her legs and savored the sensation of thousands of bubbles caressing her most tender regions. Gripping the sides of the tub, she pressed her pussy against the small intake where the water gushed into the tub. Powerful streams of frothing water erupted against her sweet cunt, tickling her clit. She slipped a hand over her mound and gently rubbed it, adding to her pleasure.

The bubbles seemed to be licking her all over, sliding across her pussy and even reaching the tiny pucker of her asshole. She lifted her legs, placing her feet over the edge of the tub, spreading her delicious cheeks even farther apart. Now her asshole was completely exposed, and she felt the frothing water actually fill her rectum. As a particularly strong surge of water reached her nether regions, she shuddered in ecstasy.

Frantically, she began moving her pussy against the incredible, licking bubbles. She wasn’t disappointed as her throbbing clit was brought to new heights of stimulation. Just a little more, she thought. Just... a... little...

"Ooooooooh god," Jan moaned, her entire body convulsing as an incredibly powerful orgasm wracked her body. Quivering with ecstasy, she threw her head back and allowed herself to be carried away on waves of pleasure.

"Yes... oh FUCK yeah... ohhhhhhh..."

She groaned as her body spasmed with each orgasm. Again and again, she felt her pussy and asshole clenching, then relaxing. She quivered with the sensation of her asshole squeezing the warm water from her bowels. The water seemed to envelop her, caressing her entire body from head to toe before releasing her.

Slowly, as if floating back to earth on a silvery cloud, Jan slid deeper into the water. She moaned softly as a last spasm of bliss passed through her, and then she was done. With her mind at least clear, she began to think of new opportunities for pleasure.

Barely half as old as Hank, Jan saw the Avengers as an opportunity to meet all kinds of dreamy guys. Hank was really cute, and she owed him everything, but the chance to be around that hunk Thor... it left a girl breathless! She didn’t really know Iron Man, but she had seen his boss on TV, and he was a walking dream! The Hulk... well...

Jan smiled. The Hulk definitely wasn’t her type, but she imagined there was a part of him that she would admire greatly. She had noticed the prominent bulge in his tattered pants after the battle with Loki, and despite herself she had felt a strange urge to...

She sat up with a jolt. What was she doing? She wasn’t seriously fantasizing about the Hulk? The Hulk?

Boy, Jan thought, I really do need to get laid!


"So I’ll have the lawyers draw up the paperwork and we can look it over. If everyone agrees, we’ll put our names to it, and the Avengers will be official." Iron Man stood in a corner of the living room, addressing his teammates. Thor sat on one end of a large sofa, the Hulk on the other. Hank had risen from his chair and was examining the large fireplace on the opposite wall.

"Sounds good, Shell-Head," he said. "I guess if we’re going to work as a team, we’ll need to set down some guidelines first."

"Yea, verily," Thor added. "Such an assemblage will no doubt grow both in numbers and in power. The day will come when conflict may ensue, and mayhap the work we do here today will bring order."

The Hulk just sighed. "All this talk! When do we start smashin’ things?"

Iron Man looked at the Hulk, not for the first time feeling disdain for the emerald giant. "Look, Hulk, we don’t go out picking fights. We’re here for the needs of humanity! Whenever a threat that’s too much for any one of to handle comes along, we’ll be here for each other."

"Bah! There ain’t a threat that the Hulk can’t handle with his own two fists!"

The tension was ready to break open into something even worse. Hank looked at the Hulk with genuine fear. Thor was beginning to rise, and the Hulk went to his feet in an instant.

"Right here, blondie! Make your move!"

"Thy power is great, green one... perhaps the greatest that any mortal hath ever possessed. But step carefully. Thou dost face the God of Thunder, Son of Asgard, Lord of Storms! Thou dost face THOR!"

Iron Man moved to step between them, until he realized that he was trying to impose himself between the two strongest men on the planet. What the hell am I doing? he thought. We’re talking about Thor and the Hulk here! I don’t know if even my armor can withstand that sort of punishment!

The two titans stepped closer, and the entire room seem to shudder with the effort of containing their combined power.

"Shit," Hank whispered. If they couldn't stop this little disagreement before it erupted into a full-scale war, it might not stop until the entire city was flattened. He sure as Hell couldn't do anything against them, and Iron Man would get creamed trying to break them up.

Suddenly, a clear voice broke through the haze of rage.

"Now, boys, don’t you think you can find a more... constructive outlet for all that nasty tension?"

In unison, the four Avengers turned. And in unison, their faces registered absolute amazement.

Standing in the doorway, completely naked, was Janet Van Dyne. Her body still moist and pink from her bath, she ran her hands through the tangles of her wet hair. As the men admired her naked body, they noticed the bald mound of her cunt. Jan smiled to herself; she had paid her stylist a little extra for an extremely close shave, and she hadn’t been disappointed. Even across the room, the stunned heroes could make out the pink lips beneath it, glistening with moisture.

"Jan... what..." Hank stammered.

"Just doing my part to keep the team together, lover." Jan smiled. "You boys got yourselves all worked up... and so did I. What do you say we work out all this tension in a more pleasant way?"

"Hell, yeah," Iron Man said. As Tony Stark, he had admired the sexy young heroine for some time now. This was one tight young booty he wanted to add to his list of conquests.

"Aye..." Thor smiled. "To the victors go the spoils. So says Thor!"

"Bah! I don’t really give a fuck what ‘says Thor!’" the Hulk grunted. "I just see a hot piece of tail, and that’s somethin’ I don’t get much!"

"Now wait just a goddamn minute here!" Hank spouted. "This is my... my girlfriend here!"

"Oh, poop!" Jan pursed her lips, hands on hips. "Hank Pym, I’ve got the chance to get fucked by the most incredible bunch of guys in the world... including you, sweetie. You want to make me happy, don’t you?"

"Well, sure, Jan. But..."

"No buts, Hank! Well, I guess there’s my butt..."

"Oh yeah!" Iron Man said, already removing his armor.

"Yeah! And I want all of you inside of me and all over me!" Jan walked into the center of the room. "So, what’s it gonna be, lover? You know you’ll always be my number one guy. I just want these guys to have their numbers, too!"

"Well, I... what?" Hank was completely flustered now. Iron Man put his arm around Hank’s shoulders.

"Forget it, Hank. Just go with the flow. Sometime, Mister Stark will have to explain women to you."

"Ummm... okay." Hank began undressing.

Jan kneeled before them, watching with great interest as each man removed his uniform. She gasped as the Hulk actually ripped his pants off, exposing a truly gargantuan cock. Even at half-mast, it was still as large as any she had ever seen. Fully ten inches long and growing, it was larger than her forearm. Thor simply removed his own skin-tight pants, not even bothering to discard his helmet or shirt. His cock throbbed, ten inches long and very thick. Jan’s fingers went to her cunt, working her clit frantically. Hank had removed his costume, and stood before her with his own seven-inch member. She smiled at him; she had grown very familiar with his cock in recent months. It had filled her sweet pussy numerous times, and it was the perfect size to bring her to one orgasm after another. Despite its relative smallness (in comparison to the monsters she was facing today), she felt genuine fondness for it.

"FUCK!" Iron Man fumbled with his bulky armor. "That’s IT! The first chance I get, I am definitely replacing this goddamn thing!" Finally, he unfastened the last restraint, and most of his armor fell aside. Only his helmet and chestplate remained. Jan admired his body. While not as perfectly-muscled as Thor’s, it was athletic, well-defined. And she noted with approval the eight-inch shaft that jutted from beneath his thick, black pubic hair.

"Okay, boys. Let’s have ‘em!"

She opened her mouth to receive Hank’s familiar cock, and her hands went to Thor and Iron Man’s pulsating rods. Hank gasped as she ran her wet tongue along his shaft, leaving a trail of thick saliva from tip to base. Then she took each of his balls into her hot mouth, sucking them carefully but forcefully. He hissed, unable to hide his pleasure as she worshipped him. Jan showed great talent in stroking Thor and Iron Man while slavishly sucking Hank’s cock. They looked down at her with approval, as she warmed them up. Her soft hands worked slowly but steadily, giving them exquisite pleasure without any immediate danger of orgasm.

Hank’s knees started to buckle, but his teammates caught him. As they stood, their arms around each other’s shoulders to offer support, they all looked down at the sexy young woman who was giving herself to them. She abruptly removed her mouth from Hank’s leaking cock and engulfed Iron Man.

"Jesus," Iron Man groaned as Jan sucked him. For the moment, she ignored Hank’s purple prick, allowing him to regain control.

Jan inhaled the musky odor of Iron Man’s balls. He had been stuck in his armor all day long, and he had built up quite a sweat. She didn’t care, though. In her lust, it only served to arouse her even more. Taking her lips off his shaft, she began tonguing his nuts, savoring the salty flavor of his sweat. He groaned as she took each of them in her mouth, slipping her tongue across them. She began to slowly jerk on his cock as she licked the underside of his sac in an effort to coax as much sperm as possible from his pulsating meat.

"Hey! What the fuck is this?" The Hulk stood behind her, his cock now fully erect. It was fully fifteen inches long and at least three inches in diameter. He stroked it slowly, a thick drop of pre-cum leaking from the slit.

Jan stopped sucking Iron Man for a moment and looked back over her shoulder at the jade giant. "Oh my," she gasped. "I’m really sorry, Hulk, but that monster won’t fit in any of my little holes. I can give you a nice handjob, though."

"Fuck that! I’m not gettin’ by with a damn handjob while you’re sucking these bozos off!"

"Well, what do you have in mind?"

"I’ll tell you what I have in mind!" He grabbed Jan and pulled her off the floor.

"Hey!" Iron Man cried. "Just what are you trying to pull?" He had been enjoying the enthusiastic blowjob Jan was giving him, and now this big gorilla was butting in!

"Shaddup, tin man. I’ve got a plan!" Flipping Jan onto her back, the Hulk straddled her. He slid his enormous cock between her tits and begin sliding back and forth between them. Understanding immediately, Jan smiled and pressed her boobs together to better accommodate her massive partner. The Hulk sighed with pleasure as he fucked her tits, his cock so long that it easily reached her mouth. Jan ran her tongue along the tip, lapping up the thick drops of pre-cum that were already seeping from it.

"Uh... Uh... Uhhhh..." His thrusting grew more frantic as the Hulk got closer and closer to orgasm. Jan grew somewhat afraid at having over 1000 pounds of gamma-irradiated meat pounding her tits, but the Hulk was being very careful not to hurt her. What a sweetheart, she thought, wrapping her lips around the end of his cock and sucking as hard as she could. She was rewarded with a groan of ecstasy from her emerald lover.

"Yeah, that’s it. Keep sucking it! I’m gonna cum!"

Showing no mercy, Jan took more and more of his cock into her mouth. It was too large for her to take that much, but she was able to get about three inches of it inside. Straining her jaws to the limit, she let him fuck her mouth. Grunting and groaning with the effort of containing his orgasm, the Hulk finally lost the battle.

"AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!" he roared, throwing his head back. "Hulk... CUMMING!"

Immediately, Jan felt her mouth fill with thick, creamy cum. There was so much of it, and it was so hot! She gulped it down by the mouthful, but it just kept coming. Afraid of gagging, she pulled her mouth off his cock and jerked it off, sending streamers of cum across her face. Within seconds, her face was completely drenched, and cum dripped from her hair. It filled her mouth, her nose... it even flowed into her ears and filled them. She continued swallowing as much as she could, but it seemed as if the Hulk would never stop cumming!

"Oh yeah! Take it, you little bitch! Take it all over your fucking face!"

Gradually, the gusher of cum slacked off; it continued to ooze from his cock as Jan stroked it, but it no longer splashed across her face. Now it gathered on her tits, soaking them completely. She giggled with delight, happy that she was responsible for this copious ejaculation.

"Jeez, Hulk, I think you really needed that!" She said as he fell off her, landing on the floor beside her with a thunderous crash.

"But look at her!" Iron Man shouted. "She’s got cum all over her! I mean, I’ve heard of sloppy seconds before, but, Christ, that’s ridiculous!"

"Oh phooey! Don’t be so grouchy, Shell-Head! I can take care of this." Jan began scooping up as much of the Hulk’s cum as she could, smearing it across her fingers and slipping them into her mouth. Licking them clean, she scooped up another batch and did it again. As Thor, Hank, and Iron Man looked on, she ate every drop of cum that the Hulk had deposited on her. Finally, smacking her lips, she gulped down the last of his sticky seed.

"There now, isn’t that better?"

Iron Man shrugged. "Well, sure, I guess. But how am I gonna top that?"

Jan smiled. "Oh, I’m sure you’ve got a few ideas."

"As a matter of fact, I do. For right now, let’s pick up where we left off."

She turned back to Iron Man, licking his sweaty balls while she stroked his cock. Behind the faceplate, his blue eyes burned with lust, and she met his gaze and held it. A small stream of pre-cum dribbled down his cock, and she sucked the end of it into her mouth. Then, pulling away from him, she slurped the sticky streamer off his shaft and swallowed it down. With a smile, she turned to Thor and ran her tongue over the head of his throbbing meat.

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