tagGroup SexAvignon - A Hidden History

Avignon - A Hidden History


My employer would be sending me to France. It's not that I don't mind the French so much, but I had a rather bad experience there that had left a bad taste in my mouth. In this economy though, I am very thankful that I have the job that allows me the opportunity to do international travel. Let me give you all a little background into why I am being sent to France in the first place. There is a couple that have a rather large collection of items of that belonged to Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. They want to make a sizable contribution to the museum for which I work.

So why would I include this story of acquiring historical pieces in the Sex Story section? The real reason is to come later in the story. If you think that historians are as dry and dusty as the materials they collect, you are seriously mistaken. I was sent with my coworker April, who was tall and thin with shoulder length brown hair and deep blue eyes. We were given plenty of meetings on how this was the most important acquisition that we had had ever gotten, and how we were to be on our best behavior. We were also given the lecture on personal responsibility towards one another. It was the no fraternizing policy lecture. We were supposed to be all business. This is not a pleasure trip in any way, shape or form.

We were whisked away to the airport by a private limo. I thought to myself so much for having no fun. Let the games begin! We were given first class tickets, so we went to the lounge to have some pre flight cocktails. I talked to April to find out that her family had settled in the Dakotas from Montreal. "So, you're part French?"

"On my mom's side," she said.

"This must be a dream come for you then?"

"Let's hope so," she said with a smile.

We boarded the flight, and we served some excellent drinks before we even got off the ground. We had some time to discuss the details of trip. We also discussed the couple that we were to meet. As the flight progressed, I began to feel the alcohol work it works it magic on me along with the altitude. The dinner was followed by some vintage of wine. I didn't realize how important wine would be on this trip.

When the trip started out, I was just another foolish academic historian hell-bent on furthering his career at the expense of everything that he held dear. That was until he met his match with April. She was just as equal in her determination to succeed, and this turned me on. Why hold her back? I love a woman with power. I sat looking at her as she slept next to me on the plane looking as helpless as a lamb. I could just eat her up. Maybe I will. Oh, God! I thought. It must be the all the alcohol going through me. About this time I felt the sense of sleep over take me.

I was awoken in a prone position with a pillow under my head and a blanket under my head. The seats folded back to form a bed. April had awoken to find passed out and taken the time to tuck me in to bed. Bless her heart. Our flight was due to arrive in Paris at 3 PM local time. We were to meet our contact the next day. We could rest and get acclimated to the time change.

Paris, God I'm in Paris again. The last time I was here was so long ago. I was stationed in the US Air Force in Germany. I had always wanted to go to Paris. I took two years of French in high school. I had a crush on my French teacher. She was short with short dark hair and big dark eyes. She had the sexiest accent I had ever heard in my life. I had made up my mind then and there. If I ever gotten the chance, I am going to Paris. I had a pass for four days. Before I went, my friend had been there and took a photo of a body that had been dragged out of the Seine River. He said that it could have been due to the French Mafia. This did not deter me to sleep with a French woman. While I was there, I went where the Moulin Rogue, was. I got lured in to this club where these two lovely ladies asked that I buy them a drink. I bought them two drinks a piece. The bill came, and it worked out to over $200 in US dollars. I wanted to get fucked, well congratulations; I just got fucked by the mob. I thought about the photo. So instead of fighting it, I paid it off with much regret. They almost took my train ticket, but I wouldn't let them get that. I went into the bathroom to collect my wits. I had just freaked. They took all my money. When I left the place, I went to the Embassy, and I got an emergency loan. I ran into a group of Americans who were heading to Germany later that night. I paid my hotel bill, and got the hell out of there. I have not been back since that weekend.

I could not tell April my tale of almost debauchery, for it may just set her off. Remember, we are supposed to keep this professional. We take a cab from De Gaulle into the city to the Tonic Hotel Paris Louvre where we have two adjoining rooms. This way we can have a large suite yet have our privacy. We had the bellhops bring our bags up to the rooms. I do my usual ritual by taking off my shoes socks and letting my feet breath. I unpack my suitcase and set up my laptop. I send off a message to let them know that we made to Paris in one piece and we are settling in for our task at hand.

After showering up and a change of clothes, I knock on April's door to see how she is doing. It seems that the jet lag did a quite a number on her. She was acting kind of loopy. She had stripped down to her underwear which were white against her tan skin.

"Are you feeling OK?" I asked.

"Yeah, kinda sorta I guess," she mumbled.

"Did you take anything?"

"I had a couple of bottles out of the mini bar." She said.

There were a couple of empty bottles of wine in the trash. I approached her to see if there was any thing I could to help.

"Hey you're pretty cute," she said. "Come here ya big stud."

The combination of the wine and jet lag made April horny as ever. Regulations be damned. Let the Good Times Roll. I took her in my arms, and she wrapped her arms around me and she planted the wettest kiss on me. Her tongue began exploring my mouth as she pressed her mouth hard against my lips. I had no choice but to reciprocate. I held her tight in my hands. What seemed like an eternity, she came up for air with the look of hunger in her sapphire eyes. She reach took my hand lead me to the bed shedding her underwear on the way. I lay down besides her breathing in her beauty. My hands found their way to her small but firm breasts. She moaned in pleasure as I gently rubbed her nipples. I took her tits into my mouth and licked and sucked as if I had an Oedipus complex to work through. I licked down her flat stomach to her neatly trimmed pussy. The aroma that escaped was as sweet as cinnamon from a bakery. It had me salivating for more then a taste.

As I dove in with my tongue a blazing, she had taking my erect cock into her mouth. She was scraping her teeth on the head of my cock as she put it her mouth. She continued to lick up and down the shaft while nibbling on it. I moved her to where she was laying on top of me and she was straddling me face. I licked her as she was the spoon after making cookies. She was a delicious treat to savor every drop. I spent some time probing every nook and cranny of her pussy with my tongue. I also started to use my finely trimmed nails as probes into her pussy. I am rather gifted in the ways of my fingers. I have long thick fingers that give me an advantage to probing the private area. I manage to finger fuck her while rotating my thumb on her clit. April started to cum all over my face as she stroked my cock with her hot mouth. My balls started to tighten up and, I told her I was cumming. I rolled over to fuck her face as I let loose a huge wad into her mouth. She swallowed it up willingly.

We laid there spent. I gave her a big kiss. April looked liked she need a real good night's rest. We had more travel to do to meet up with our clients. She said that she would rather sleep alone, but she loved our time together. I couldn't ask for anything better at this time. I looked out the window and saw the lights of the city. Paris: the city of Lights, the city of Love. Well, this trip is certainly starting of better than I could have imagined I thought. I asked if I could put in a wake up call for her. She said sure, so I left her with that. I went back to my room. I put in my wake-up call and turned in.

The next morning came with the promise of a new start of a love affair from last night and the excitement of meeting the rich and powerful benefactors. After the morning regiment of talking to the office and emails, I knocked on April's door to see if she is ready for the day. She seemed a little preoccupied. I told her that it is that jet lag. She said "No, it's not that. I think last night might have been a mistake. I get a little carried away when I drink wine."

"Oh, OK. No Problem." This news kind of hit me hard, but I have to roll with it and not let it get me down. I guess. Hmmm. "Oh yeah, we are need to get going. We are scheduled to take to the train to Avignon. This is where we are to meet the couples that have some very rare items for the museum. I will fill you in on it on the train."

"Fine," She said.

We got a cab at the hotel, but I could feel some hostilities in the air. It was like a bad feeling that hung like smog. I tried to dismiss this as my own side effect of jet lag or the lack of coffee, but when we got into the cab it was bit more pronounced. The silence between us was deafening except for the French radio station that the cabbie had playing as we weaved through the narrow wet streets of the Parisian morning.

We got to train station with time to spare. I asked April if she wanted anything thing to drink like coffee or tea. She just glared at me and shook her head no. I went to a small stand and ordered a cup of coffee. This was nectar of the gods. It was so strong that it refused to reflect sunlight. I think a long drive in the country is just what she needs to calm down. We had first class tickets so breakfast is included in this trip. I am really hungry since we missed dinner from last night. Yeah, I know I have a girl really upset with me because I took advantage of the situation. It was very pleasurable, but I hope that I am not a selfish pig in this. You know I really don't know what she is feeling, I guess the only thing that I can really do is be supportive as best as I can.

The train is one of those super fast trains that travel up to 200 miles an hour. I remember taking the train in Germany where you could easily look out the window to see some scenic landscapes unfold outside your window as you pass by. This train is more like a airplane on tracks that rips at high speeds. We settle in to our seats.

"I am heading to the Dining Car. Would you care to join me?" I said not really expecting an answer.

"That would be nice. My blood sugar is a little low. Besides, I have never been to a Dining Car before." She said.

"Well, it is this way."

We worked our way through the train passing by many different people. You could spot the citizens from the tourists on the train. This activity seemed to brighten April's mood. We got to our table and the menus was all in French. I have a good sense of what I am reading but most of it was educated guess.

"Do you trust me?"

"After last night? No."

"I meant with the menu."

"Oh, that. Well let me see it."

I gave her the menu, and she poised the same question to me.

"You're not going order something strange like escargot are you?

"Oh, don't be a baby."

"In that case, Yes, I do."

April ordered the most fabulous spread of food that had eggs, cheeses, and sausages with croissants. There was also the most delicious breakfast coffee I had ever had. Our conversation over breakfast was more about the business of the day.

"Like I said on the flight coming in the contacts names are Francois and his wife Suzette. They own a Chateau outside of Avignon, and they have some personal effects of both Franklin's and Jefferson's when they were ambassadors for the United States back in the late 1700s. They felt it important that our museum have these items. You can thank personally, because thanks to their generous gift, this is why we are able to have the first class accommodations. I had spent some my time in some hell holes getting some important artifacts, but when a chance comes along like this, I am very grateful. Oh, and about last night...."

"Don't worry about it. I just like yanking your chain. You know how bossy I am." Oh yeah that endearing quality. It takes a while to get used to it. It is on to Avignon.

End of part one

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