tagErotic HorrorAwakening of Cael

Awakening of Cael


This is a little side story while I'm finishing my other chapters, hope you like it!! just in time for Hallowwen.

I knew what I was doing was wrong. Dwelling deeper and deeper into these unknown mysteries of the world was dangerous. Scientists worked every day with their research, trying to solve all the myths that we live within this modern world. Everyone wants to know the truth, but no one ever stopped to think what would happen if they did uncover one of the most feared myths of all time. I soon realized that there was a reason no one knew about vampires, but I don't regret my decision.

Most of my life I spent searching for evidence to prove that all of those scary stories we use to hear when we were little were true. Allot of people claimed that they've seen Bigfoot or a sea monster, but there were never enough evidence to support their answer. I've traveled the world, visiting remote places to try and track down one of these legends, but with no luck. This has always been my dream job, but one of the disadvantages was that you almost never get a day off.

It was 31 October 2011, Halloween, and again there wasn't any time for partying. We've just entered a tomb type cave, hoping to find something that would point us in the right direction. We have already uncovered a stone slab that had some sentences engraved on it, it was Latin. "Cael Branston, 1564-1899. He who opens the tomb will suffer greatly." This discovery made my adrenaline pump and I needed to go down further in the tomb. Thanks to years of research I already knew who this Cael was.

There were legends that vampires used to walk this earth, but no one ever found proof. Cael is the reason I wanted to enter this profession. It has always been my ultimate goal to find the resting place of Ceal Branston – to prove that vampires did exist. The fact that Cael's tombstone said that he lived a couple of hundred years made me believe that we were finally going to have evidence that there were such a thing as vampires. When I read the warning message on the slab I felt a chill run down my spine, knowing that people put there for a reason, but it was properly just a way to keep grave snatchers away.

As we went further down the tomb, the temperature dropped and it was very cold. This tomb was built in a cave and it had so many passages we were afraid to get lost inside. The floor and walls were made out of stone and some burnt out torches were hanging from the walls. We were the first humans to set foot in this tomb since Cael was buried in 1899, that's an achievement! I could feel my excitement building up as we go further down into the tomb. My crew brought all the equipment with us – we like to study our findings in the environment where they were found, not take it to the lab. As we walked down this never ending passage I saw a faint glow in the distance. We walked faster down the passage and saw that the torches on the walls were lit and burning brightly.

I turned around to face my crew, "How is this possible? These torches couldn't have been burning for that long?"

They were just as confused as I was. My first instinct was that someone else was in this tomb too, but then again we were the only ones able to open it. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to move ahead, despite the concerns of my crew. After a few more minutes of walking, we entered a large room. The first thing I saw was that the torches were burning here too and then I saw skeleton bones lying in a pile in the corner. These people were locked in this cave and left to die, but what killed them? Maybe starvation? As I was examining the bones, I noticed a big stone coffin in the dark side of the room. My face lit up and my body tensed, I knew I found what we were looking for. I rushed over to the coffin and examined it. The stone was weathered but still strong enough and the same Latin warning was engraved onto the coffin. I called my crew to help me open the coffin.

After struggling for a few minutes, we were able to remove to lid and we couldn't believe what we found. There lied the most beautiful man I've ever seen. It looked like he was buried yesterday; he wasn't even decomposed. I sent my crew back to the car to get the necessary equipment while I examined the body. He was the most perfect creature I've even seen. His skin was so white and his hair the exact opposite; pitch black. He had the most perfect defined jaw line and cheekbones and his lips looked so kissable. They didn't even bury him with a shirt, just his black pants and boots. He wasn't built like these airhead guys that think the bigger the muscles, the bigger the attraction. No, he was built lean with just enough muscle in the right places to show he was a true predator.

The ultimate predator.

I just couldn't figure out how he died. There were no stake wounds or any other sign. According to my history vampires were either burned by the sun or staked thru the heart. Cael had no wounds or damage to his skin, in fact his skin had a certain glow. I walked over to the pile of bones again and tried to figure out what happened.

There was no evidence how Cael was killed and there was a pile of bones on the opposite corner of the room. Maybe the people that killed Cael left a few humans in here for him to feed... but then again why would he need to feed if they killed him... unless... HOLY SHIT!!! Cael isn't dead... HE'S JUST SLEEPING!!! They couldn't kill him!!!

That thought struck me like a lightning bolt and I started panicking. When I turned around to look at Cael again, all I saw was an empty coffin. I tried to get my legs to move and run, but they didn't register. I started scanning the room for Cael, but I couldn't see him. I felt this huge knot in my throat and sweat beads were forming on my forehead. My heart couldn't stop racing and I tried to control my breathing. Suddenly I heard a voice from behind me in the corner.

"Welcome to my home Little One."

Quickly I spun around and saw him; those white eyes staring back at me, watching my every move. His mouth was covered in blood and I started panicking.

He just smiled at me, "Your friends tasted deliciously, thank you for bringing me a treat."

"Please let me g-go, I promise I w-won't tell anyone."

He walked closer to me and smiled again, "Oh but I won't let you go, your mine now."

In a flash he was in front of me, holding me against his body. I tried fighting him, but it was no use, he just pulled me tighter. I could feel his hardness pressing against my stomach and I panicked again. He forced his tongue into my mouth, kissing me with such force and passion I could feel myself getting wet. He was the perfect man and ever since I saw him in the coffin, I secretly wanted this to happen. I could tell he was surprised when I kissed him back and savored every kiss. His kisses traveled down to my neck, licking and sucking at my most vulnerable place on my body to him. I gasped as he bit lightly into my neck, not enough to draw blood, but sent a shock of pleasure down my body. Cael tugged on my clothes when I looked again I was naked against him. The coldness of his body against my body gave me Goosebumps and everywhere he touched my skin it burned with passion. All I wanted was him inside of me and if he killed me at that moment I wouldn't even notice. Cael laid me down on the stone floor and climbed on top of me. I could see hunger and lust in his eyes and I knew what was going to happen next.

"They couldn't kill me, so they decided to throw me in here and think I would starve to death. I was their king and they thought they could kill me. There was one problem; I can't die, I'm the first vampire ever created. Every Halloween I awake from my sleep and try to find a way out from this tomb. You my Little One... you were here... and now you will be mine."

I knew what Cael meant; he is going to make me his mate and strangely I was okay with that. I wouldn't mind spending an eternity with this man. With one hard thrust he plunged his cock into my wetness and I was in heaven... or hell. After all, an undead creature was fucking me that's probably evil. I could feel every vein on his cock slipping past my lips and he was huge. Cael waited a few seconds to give me time to adjust to his size and then slowly he started pumping me. While he was fucking me we got back to the kissing and it was crazy, I wanted more. I turned my head to the side and offered myself to him. For the first time I saw him give me a full smile, with his fangs peaking out.

Cael lowered his head to my neck, his cold breath making me shiver, "I'm glad to see that you already know where your place is."

"Please Lord Cael, turn me. I want to be with you."

Cael kissed my neck, "And so you shall."

After those words left his mouth my heart beat sped up and I felt a sharp pain in my neck. For a moment I wanted to run away from him, but soon the pain was replaced with pleasure. I guess the legends were true; if a vampire fucks you and feeds from you at the same time, you will experience pleasure you didn't even know existed. The pleasure was so great I was already near my orgasm and Cael kept slamming into me at inhuman speed. Soon I felt myself explode and waves of pleasure washed over me, sending me over the edge again. After the third time of climaxing, Cael tensed up and shot his ice cold load into my womb. We both cooled down and Cael remained on top of me, stroking my face with his hand gently. At that moment I felt something strange happen. I felt so close to Cael and the thought of leaving his side made my heart scream. I guess that's what happens when you become a vampire's mate.

"I'm so glad I found you Little One. What is your name?"

"My name is Alexa, your majesty."

"Well Alexa, you are mine now and you will stay mine for eternity. In a few hours you will change and then we can go find the others. It's time for vampires to rule this Earth again."

"Can I tell you something?"

"Yes Little One?"

"I-I love you Cael, even though I don't know you very well." I couldn't believe I just said that to him, but I knew it was true.

"You are my mate now, of course will you love me. You were the one that saved me from this tomb and for that I repaid you by making you my mate. I love you too Little one."

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