tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAwakening of Rebecca from Belmont Chapel

Awakening of Rebecca from Belmont Chapel


Hello my name is Rebecca Mae Martin Mishler. I was born in the year of 1972, the second child of a very conservative Mennonite family. I have two brothers Peter and Jacob, both are younger. I also have two sisters Sarah and Rachel.

For my entire childhood we attended church on a regular basis, three times each and every week. My parents were very strict, we lived by the good book and towed the line...or else. This type of strictness usually leads to making a few bad or improper decisions.

My senior year in college, I met a man by the name of Jason Smith. Jason wasn't raised in the Mennonite church and didn't have the same upbringing or background or even values that I'd been raised with. He was wild and crazy and enjoyed getting into mischief. Which he did quite frequently. You know the old saying, opposites attract. Well after a little under a year...And against my parents best wishes we were married outside of the Mennonite church.

Soon after my son Jason Jr. was born, then two years later my daughter Ellie Mae came along. And Well...as could be expected things didn't go so well. Jason wasn't into being a parent and started drinking heavily and as time passed by things only got worse. Jason was killed in a drunk driving accident right after our daughter Ellie was born. "He was the drunk driver." Luckily it was a single car accident. So...there I was, a single mother with two small children to raise and no help or father figure available.

For the next several years I concentrated solely on raising my children, no time for other distractions. But you know, it's funny how things usually work out. With both children older and finally in school, I met my current and life long love David Mishler.

Dave had attended the same church as me and my family, I just hadn't noticed him until the time was right. One morning after church we started talking and we really connected. He was sweet a bit shy but very intelligent and good looking. Six feet tall, dark complection and big brown eyes you could get lost in.

After a short courtship we were married, this time with the my fathers and the church's blessing.

My family including my children all loved Dave, and everyone could tell that he adored me.

I'm sorry for being so long winded but I feel it's relevant to my story.

Anyways all of that was fourteen long years ago. I'd taught school for the first twenty years after college and before we could afford for me to retire. I'd taken a part time job in a small clothing store and worked in the office three nights a week, usually Thursday through Saturday. That's where I met Tony. Tony is a handsome young man, a freshman in college who also worked at Yoder's General Store. He was tall and very good looking and always smelled wonderfully. After the store would close, it would take me an hour or so to do the cashout and reports. Often Tony would come into the office and sit with me as I did my paperwork. He was friendly outgoing and very intelligent. As we talked sometimes he would rub my shoulders or stroke my leg. Tony was a flirt to say the least.

And what could I say, being older than Tony...I enjoyed the attention of a much younger man, what woman wouldn't?

One evening as I was closing out the cash drawer, Tony walked up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. Ah I was expecting a nice soft shoulder rub.

But this time instead of rubbing my shoulders, his hands slid down around the front of my blouse and he started unbuttoning my blouse. Surprised I asked him, "What are you doing Tony?" I didn't stop him I just asked him.

Tony took a deep breath, "don't kid yourself Becca, you know as well as I do we have a connection, a sexual tension between us." he paused, "You can feel it as much as I. I can feel your heart racing," He said as he cupped my breasts squeezed and finished unbuttoning the next to last button then the last one.

He spread my blouse wide open and again put both hands on my bra and breasts. I took a deep breath, oh my... what was I going to do? Nothing like this had ever happened before, not even close! My heart raced as Tony unhooked the front clasp of my bra. As he separated the cups, my breasts fell out fully exposed. Tony reached down and stroked both breasts and squeezed them gently. He ran his fingers slowly across and around both nipples and then tugged on them gently. My heart was pounding so hard, I thought it would explode.

Stepping around to the front, he leaned over and started sucking on my nipples, one and then the other. "He paused, "I just had to see your nipples Becca, your large and lovely nipples," he said as he chuckled nervously, "they are constantly trying to show themselves through your bra regardless of the amount of padding!"

Well shoot, I knew my nipples were large, that's the reason I've always worn such a heavily padded bra, just trying to hide them! I guess I hadn't realized just how much they were still visible.

Tony had pulled up a chair and sat down beside me. I knew I needed to stop him...but I just couldn't. I don't know, maybe my relationship with Dave had become dull or boring but for whatever reason, I just couldn't stop him. This was the most excitement I'd felt in years and either wrong or right, I was enjoying young Tony's attention. This boy was younger then either of my children and he found me both sexy and attractive! That was a good feeling, a high even.

I realized I wasn't an homely woman, Five feet six inches tall, green eyes, medium length dark brown hair 120 pounds, 36D 25 36. People say I looked great for my age... But this ...and with a nineteen year old boy? I should make him stop, I should, I know I should I just couldn't.

As he licked and sucked on my nipples he slid his hand up my skirt. Again I should have resisted, but I didn't. He grabbed the front waistband of my panties and pulled down. I raised up off the chair as Tony slid my undies to my ankles. He raised my skirt and look underneath and smiled, then returned to sucking on my nipples one at a time.

I felt his finger as he located my clit. I moaned softly, and spread my legs slowly for him not to notice. I didn't want him to see the pleasure and how eager I was in receiving his attention no matter how wrong it was.

Sucking on my nipples he started fingering me. I couldn't help but wonder as I reached down and felt his red hot throbbing cock through his slacks. Long and skinny it was moist at the tip, leaking through his slacks.

It didn't take long at all, as I climaxed my voice quivered as I moaned. I finally grabbed his hand and asked him to "stop please stop Tony!"

Then with a faint smile I said, "Tony I think you should go now, that was nice, but we shouldn't have let this happen." Guilt had already set in. Being raised in a strong christian home, it's amazing what guilt can do to a person.

Tony stood up, "I'm sorry Becca, it's all my fault, but I just couldn't help myself. You're such a beautiful and sexy woman." He said as he disappeared through the doorway. "Night Becca, see you next week."

There I sat frozen my mind was still racing, far too busy to pay attention to anything else Tony was saying as he left the store . Crap, it had all happened so fast. I was wrong and should NOT have let it happen. But it had happened, crap! Geeze, what was I going to do now. I'm still in love with Dave and Tony well Tony was just a fantasy ...a dream, although the fantasy had became somewhat a reality tonight.

The drive home took twenty minutes...which seemed like twenty seconds tonight. What was I going to tell Dave. And Tony, I'd forgotten, I wasn't working this coming weekend, at the least that would give me a little more time.

This coming weekend was the Martin Family reunion. The family was meeting at Turkey Run State Park. Oh crap, speaking of that I still had a lot to do to get ready for that!

It was late when I arrived home, Dave was already sound asleep. It was Tuesday evening before Dave and I finally had a chance to talk privately. Sitting at his computer, I sat on the bed next to him.

Nervously I said, "Dave I have something I need to talk to you about. I need your undivided attention for the next several minutes or so."

Dave smiled and closed his browser, "ok Becca, what can I do for you.?"

I lowered my head, "something happened at work Saturday night that I need to tell you about." I raised my head and looked him in the eyes. You know I've told you about Tony and me and how we flirt a lot." Dave nodded his head. "Well honey, it went a little past flirting this past weekend, and and I'm sorry I'm so sorry!"

More concerned now Dave turned towards me and said, "go ahead Becca, tell me about it."

More nervous than ever I said, "further than it should have gone Dave, he sucked on my breasts and fingered me." There...I said it!

Dave was quiet, much quieter than I had hoped. He looked at me, "he sucked on your breasts and put his hand down your pants and you let him Becca?"

"Yes Dave I did, I couldn't stop him even though I wish I had. I know I should have, but having someone that much younger than myself and well I took it as a compliment. I know it was wrong...and I promise it will never happen again Dave, I am truly sorry. My flesh and my mind were weak, but that's no excuse."

Okay that was probably a stupid thing to say, but sometimes teachings feed into you from the years of being raised "by conservative parents," it just finds its way out.

It was a minute or two before Dave finally spoke, "Well Becca...I guess I can understand. If I were to put myself in that same situation I may do the very same thing. I'm not sure I could tell a beautiful young girl no, or stop her either...so I guess I get it. I'm a little disappointed, but I still understand."

I stood up and kissed his cheek, "I am truly sorry and thank you for being so understanding Dave." He stood up and gave me a big hug, I loved Dave's hugs. He slapped my bum as I headed towards the shower.

I filled the tub with water instead. As I soaked, I thought about Tony. Even though it was wrong. I couldn't help but think about the excitement, the rush the thrill I felt that evening. It's been to long since I felt that kind of excitement. I really enjoyed the attention. Hum, I needed to think of something to spice up our marriage, I think our relationship has become... you know somewhat stale...but what could I do?

I'd fallen asleep while Dave was still seated at his computer. A Little after two, I was awoken by the feel of cold steel against my breast, Dave was cutting my tee shirt! I laid still, trying not to let Dave see that I was awake. Dave continued cutting my nightshirt, finishing at my neckline.

When He'd finished, he opened my shirt, exposing my naked body. This was something new..something exciting. Secretly I was enjoying Dave's attention. Dave then cut the waistbands of my underwear and folded the front down exposing my vagina. My heart raced.

Next, Dave buried his face between my legs, by now he knew I was awake.

He located my clit and started licking sucking and nibbling on it aggressively...darn that felt good. Umm so nice. It wasn't long before I climaxed, I reached down and grabbed his hand "enough Dave enough, please stop please." I begged him. He wasn't listening. He started licking sucking and biting me frantically, after the initial soreness it all started feeling good...real good!

I climaxed a second...third and even a fourth time, the last time I don't really remember. I either passed out or fell sound asleep from the ecstasy and the intenseness of my orgasms. They were awesome to say the least!

It was nine am when I awoke again, Dave had already left for work. I still couldn't get past the fact that Dave had been up past midnight last night! He is never up that late...never!

Maybe it was because of what I'd told him. Maybe something else...that just wasn't like him, hum.

I couldn't help but wonder what he'd been up to. Coming out of the bathroom, I headed directly towards his computer.

I sat down and opened his browser, nothing special popped up. Hum, but in the left bottom corner I noticed a tab "Flickr." I knew Dave had a Flickr account, so did I. We both had pictures and friends there and shared a number of our pictures.

I clicked on the tab, the browser opened. I sat there in total shock, there was a topless picture of me the last picture uploaded to the group . The picture appeared in a group titled, "Admiring men of the Beautiful Martin Women." With twenty seven members in the group. I sat there staring at my exposed breasts and my large nipples. It was a minute before I noticed a few of the other pictures beside mine. My sister Sarah along with her daughter Krissy. Sarah was sound asleep "just as I'd been," when Dave took my picture. But Krissy, well Krissy was wide awake and completely exposed and smiling about it!

Hum, my nephew Eric must have taken the pictures of his mother and sister...he had to, I couldn't think of anyone else who could have had access to them.

I continued looking, Debbie, cousin Will's wife was in the first three pictures uploaded to the group. Debbie was a beautiful woman, a dark blond, Five Feet Six inches tall, a hundred and sixty pounds. A beautiful full bodied woman, a very confident woman.

The second picture was of Debbie, totally naked with hands on her hips, smiling at Will as he took her picture. Debbie's pubic hair was shaved clean, hum something different.

The third picture was interesting and very sexy! Debbie was bent over elbows on the bed. The picture was of her behind and showcased her vagina exposed artistically between her lovely thighs beautifully. A very erotic photograph.

Anyways as I continued looking at the pictures, pictures of my aunt Cathy, cousins Mary and Jennifer, Cathy's daughter Meg. Ok, Uncle Tom and Cathy didn't surprise me, they've been swingers for years. We all knew, "of course my parents didn't approve," but we all accepted them as was.

My younger brother Peter's wife Beth, topless with a big smile...hum, I wondered if she knew about the site...oh crap, it just dawned on me, My nephew Eric, my brother or brothers may have seen my pictures! Hum, earlier this spring Dave had caught me getting dressed, I was wearing my pink bra and matching thong and my black thigh high stockings, I had just put my white blouse on still unbuttoned. It ended up being a very nice picture. I was proud of it and when Dave asked if he could share the picture with some of his closest friends, I thought it would be ok, as it didn't show much more than me in my two piece swimsuit...just a little sexier.

That was the first picture Dave uploaded to the site...But this...and now, I hadn't given Dave permission for this picture. Maybe this was my punishment for Tony?

I doubted it, but I was confused. Here we were, two days from the start of the Martin Family reunion, and Dave had just exposed me to "The Admiring Men Of The Beautiful Martin Women." Oh brother!

Here I was, getting ready for the reunion, I'd give the secretaries report and the prayer before lunch...in front of everyone. I bet that all the men would be thinking about was my nipples and my breasts! My picture had twenty four views, seventeen favorites and a dozen comments.

The comments were all nice, with Will leaving three of them, hum?

And he wanted to see more of me. Yikes. :-/

Before closing Dave's browser, I found the password and address for the website.

I bookmarked the page on my computer.

For the rest of the day, I ran errands did my laundry and shopping for the reunion. I'm responsible for the eight cabin rentals, plates, silverware napkins supplies etc.

By the time I was ready for bed, Dave was already in bed sound asleep. I'm not sure if the day just ended in that manor, or if I wanted it that way. I still wasn't sure what or if I'd say anything to Dave about the pictures or the website.

Wednesday was even busier than Tuesday, picking up the bread, meat and condiments along with finishing the secretary and treasurer's report. By the end of the day, and after reading more comments on Cathy's, Beth's and Meg's along with Sarah's and Krissy and Debs pictures. Everyone's comments were all positive and very polite. It really did look like these were "Admiring men Of The Beautiful Martin Women!" Finally after a day of turmoil, I finally decided to roll with it. Just act like it never happened, or that I knew about the site, just be cool.

Thursday morning, I was up before eight. I put on my robe and was pouring a cup of coffee when The doorbell rang. Hum, I wondered who that could be?

I opened the door, there stood Tony. Well I certainly wasn't expecting to see him today.

"Ah hello Tony, what's up?" I asked him in a very surprised manor.

Tony smiled, he reached out and untied my robe. Unlike the first encounter I quickly caught the sash before my robe could fully open. But Tony didn't hesitate, he removed my hand and grabbing the robe at my shoulders removed it from around me dropping it to the floor. I stood looking at Tony in only my panties.

"Damn Becca," Tony said, "I couldn't stop thinking about you since this past Saturday...I just had to see you again, I couldn't get you off my mind."

I stepped back, "Tony, before you say or do anything else I..." it was too late. Tony picked me up and laid me on the dining room table. He ripped my underwear off and had his pants around his ankles before I even knew what had happening, darn him. Removing his briefs, his cock sprang forward fully erect. It was a nice looking cock. Quickly he buried his white hot cock inside my vagina before I had a chance to protest...darn!

Holding my thighs he started screwing me, ok I hate the word...but he started fucking me!

Stroke after stroke, his eyes were fastened firmly onto my nipples and breasts, watching them bounce and giggle. I never planned on this or wanted this to happen, Tony wasn't supposed to be here today! But darn...darn if he didn't feel good. A handsome young man with a nice young cock screwing me. The angle was perfect ... as I came at the very same time as Tony. We both moaned and squealed "yes oh yes," in unison as he finished. It was intense so intense, damn it! Oops, sorry about the language.

Tony leaned over and started sucking on my nipples, I laid back onto the table and enjoyed his taboo attention, it was wrong but? After a minute or two passed Tony spun me around like a rag doll face down on the table, he entered me from behind. He started fucking me again, this time violently. His groin smacked against my rear, hanging over the table again and again. Over and over. My breasts were being violently rubbed over the cold tile tabletop. My nipples were even more solid and swollen.

Tony let out a big moan when he came the second time. Finally he slouched over onto my back. Darn...it had all happened so fast...way too fast to stop. Besides I'm not sure I really wanted to stop it if I could have. He was so young so handsome, I shouldn't have I know...but I would have been a fool not to!

As I turned around Tony softly kissed each nipple and said, "ah Becca, you were better than I'd dreamed you'd be. You are truly a magnificent woman."

I kissed his neck and said, "you better leave now Tony," grabbed my robe and headed towards the bedroom. I was full of guilt and still had a lot to do before leaving for the reunion later on.

As I tidied up a bit before taking my shower I remembered my cup of coffee that had been interrupted, I returned to the kitchen. Before arriving I heard noises, creaking and loud moaning. I peered around the corner, there on the dining room table was Ellie Mae...just as I'd been earlier. Her robe spread wide open and her ankles resting on Tony's shoulders, he was now screwing my daughter! Well darn, at first I was jealous, how dare he... but quickly realized I had no basis for jealousy. Ellie was much closer to Tony's age than I ever was. And they have known one another for years. But I didn't have any idea of this happening before now.

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